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Out with the old and in with the new. Saved by the Bell: New Class Last year’s words belong to last year’s language and the new year’s words await a new voice. Out with the old and in with the new. Ahead lies the opportunity this season to start fresh and pave a brand new path. Take some time out and plot an execution plan for the next 12 months and put it into action. Whether it is spiritual, physical, financial, or mental. Take life by the reigns and make every day yours. The Saved by the Bell: New Class issue was inspired by the talented folk ready to take center stage and make an impact in a saturated market. Explore. Experiment. Inspire.

Nik Barnes Editor In Chief



RECORDBREAKER After much anticipation, Stylezine Magazine released it’s first ever swimsuit issue, The Bay, featuring some 18 - 20 male and female models of all shapes, sizes, colors and walks of life. The Bay is Stylezine’s editorial take on the lifestyle of visiting or living at the Bay. This issue will show readers that beach life doesn’t have to be boring anymore by putting a twist on it. “The Bay is our editorial take on beach life”, says Nik Barnes, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, “It’s like giving an alternative to what has become the norm for some through fashion, art and entertainment…. it’s breathing fresh air into the island bay experience.” The Bay is the followup issue to ‘Turning of the Tides’ featuring former Minister of Immigration, Branville McCartney, which broke the record that had just recently been set by ‘The Girl Next Door’, which featured Kristin McNeil, which recorded 20,000 hits in only two days. Now, the issue has recorded a whopping 2000 + readers and a record breaking 120,000+ hits in page views. Having being birthed in 2001 while Barnes was a student at COB and debuting it’s first issue in 2006, Stylezine has nearly doubled its new readers with each issue, with The Bay being its 20th issue since its inception. Following this issue will be the Back 2 School issue, which has become one of the magazine’s main-stay issues. “We are also planning a few things as stated, primarily the revamp of the website, but because we use a digital platform, we’re working on ways to make our magazine more accessible, interactive and appealing to readers and advertisers alike”, says Scharad Lightbourne, Art Director of Stylezine Magazine. Stylezine is accessible at and is iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry and SmartPone friendly. Readers can also follow the magazine on Twitter at and like it on Facebook at facebook/stylezinemagazine .


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Cover: DJ iGnite, Jean W. Joseph, Bravo Photography: ScharadL Photography Assisted: Huey Johnson, Deuel Newton Styling: Kedar Klarke Clothing: Tommy Hilfigger / Benetton / Obsession, FIne Threads Accessories, F.A.B. and Dash Shot on Location: Balcony Night Lounge

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MAKING THE COVER SCHARADL You know people always think that what I do is so cool and this shoot made me realize how amazing photography can really be. I mean honestly, who photographs some of the top house, dance and techno Djs in the land? I do! That’s right what made me so excited about this shoot was that EVERYONE knew how much I loved this genre of music. It started off at first with only 1 Dj, then that number slowly grew to 3 then to 6. It was supposed to be more but we opted to keep it simple for logistical reasons. We called up the Djs and had our initial meeting at Starbucks, Harbour Bay. They all showed up (eventually) and I had my pickings with them about being on time, as I usually do. Mayday and Bravo were the first to arrive to my surprise seeing as though they we spinning the night before. This was not your typical bright eyed and bushy tailed meeting, everyone needed to re-fuel themselves with coffee or some other caffeine filled beverage. Kedar came, in his usual time and introduced himself to the guys. We went over looks with them and explained to them why we had taken a particular style from other people and tailored it to that specific Dj. Usually, this is a fun process, but clearly Kedar had other plans. He basically tore down their egos, destroyed their sense of fashion and basically dictated to each of them how they would dress for the shoot. (Here is where it became funny)

Lerielle of F.A.B., cause we usually don’t do many shoots without her and even though we almost experienced a make-up artist crisis. We called in Tonya Williams who ALWAYS comes through for the style team. We were ready to go! With a simple white background setup, we shot Bravo, Ignite, B-Fox, Mayday, Ampero and Turbulence in fun and active poses, changing them in and out of different looks for the fall. Some of the guys REALLY transformed because we were so accustomed to seeing them in a simple tee and jeans ALL the time! It was ok though, this was a shoot for Stylezine and as my editor likes to say, “we change lives.” The shoot went great, running as smooth as a slicked back weave cap. Kedar shouting in one corner, I was directing in the other, a photographer snapping in the other while another photographer got video of the entire shoot. It was a typical set and I couldn’t be happier with everything that was occurring. There were a few shots that I instantly fell in love with (on camera) and that excitement drew me to shoot more and more. The shoot overall was GREAT and I can’t explain that any better. So to get a closer look at what transpired, click on the pic below to check out the behind the scenes of ‘Making the Cover.’

So the day of the shoot, I pull up next to The Balcony Night Club and started unpacking my equipment, preparing to transport it up some narrow stairs to my enjoyment. Luckily, my assistants were there and I just delegated while I went upstairs to map out where the shoot was going to be. But first I HAD to get my music going, my “house” music, so that I could feel the energy, get the vibe flowing and start shooting people (legally) for the benefit of the magazine. So as the bass bumped through the club, most the Djs had already showed up. Kedar set up his styling station along with


Government Name: Melisa W. Wilson Age: 24 Horoscope: Taurus Nationality: Bahamian Current Location: Sunrise, FL Vacation spot: Ibiza, Spain. Haven’t been there as yet so it’s currently my dream vacation spot. What’s in your ipod: Theophilus London, Above and Beyond, Sander Van Doorn, Wiz Khalifa, and The Naked and Famous. Defining career moment: Shooting with veteran model turned photographer, Ben Shaul, in the art district of Miami. Running into Omayhra Mota was pretty exciting as well! Star you’re compared to: Mostly Rihanna and sometimes Janelle Monae Turn Ons: Artists, intelligence, ambition, and piercings Turn Offs: Arrogance, Ignorance, and Complainers


p re s e n ta ti o n


o f


What inspires you? Well I try to find positivity in most things, especially when I’m rejected. I also tend to associate myself with people that are passionate about what they do in life..I let that energy rub off on me and it propels me to push even harder. Where can we find you?

Photographer Credit: Ben Shaul of Ben Shaul Photography Make up/ Styling: Krystal Hardy of Age of Aquarius Artistry



{How low can you go?}



By Cashera Rolle

The summer is just about over but you will still be feeling the heat, the humidity… UGHHHHHHHH!!! I’m sweating and I just got my hair done!!! I can’t take this… its time for a haircut!! About 90% of women trim their hair in the summer even though there are styles you can wear to ward off the summer heat. By far, cutting is the easiest option. When deciding on a new haircut the most important question you should ask is: “will it suit me?” A short haircut will get a lot of public attention. Comments such as, “Wow, you look so amazing. I wish I could go short. ” To “Damn, What the HELL were you thinking?” are to be expected. DON’T panic just yet. There are many ways to determine how you will look with a super short cut prior to heading down to you stylist. One cost conscious way is to check out online stylist software. By uploading a photo of yourself you are able to preview what you would look like with a bold, new, short haircut. Picking the perfect cut is not as simple as you think! I mean…. it’s not rocket science or anything, but there are a few things one must consider. Short hair ranges with the shape of you face as well as your height. In order to figure out which length works for you, these things are well considered along with your best and worst assets and hair texture.

I Goggled ‘How To Pick The Perfect Haircut’ and these are the top responses: ‘Super short hair on very tall women can look too masculine or it can look very powerful (depending on how you see it). ‘ ‘Short hair on women with round faces can make the round face appear fuller. ‘ ‘If you have a round face, grow your hair longer than your chin. If you have a pointy chin, avoid hair that falls right at the chin.’ ‘If you have great eyes, consider short hair with side-swept bangs that hit right at the eye. ‘
 What kind of hair do you have? Is it Dry, coarse, curly, thin, stringy, limp, oily, wavy, or fine? Thin or fine hair appears 100 times fuller with a short cut. No matter the texture, once you cut it, it will work. Seek volume boosting hair products to give your hair a filling effect. Another way to add volume is to place tracks of weave throughout the hair. Please ensure that the weave is the same texture as your natural hair. Coarse, curly girls need to weigh hair down with length because the shorter you go, the higher the frizz and fluff factor. However, if you opt to cut it…invests in curl maintaining hair products with built in frizz controllers already in them. You should also avoid bangs at all cost. Cutting in bangs is an invitation to fizziness. Straight hair can fall flat, but cutting in layers adds body. Bangs are a definite because they tend to fall best when the hair is straight. If your forehead is small, consider shorter bangs that fall well above your brows…but if you have a Tyra sized forehead like yours truly…. you can go crazy with the options. No matter your hair type, damaged hair never looks good. Cut it off. Always find inspiration from magazines, television…. and most importantly CELEBRITIES!!! Personally, I’m a STAN for every single thing Rihanna does to her hair (Except for the red bowl 14


cut….wth was she thinking?). I do believe I had every single cut of hers (except for aforementioned red mess of course) and rocked them with the same if not more confidence than she herself. She and I have the same face structure so it helps when I’m deciding what will or won’t suit me. When mimicking a celeb, look for the similarities between you and that person’s face frame so that if the cut didn’t suit them, there’s a strong chance that it won’t suit yourself. Ensure that whichever style you chose to go with is always well maintained. When my hair was super short I practically LIVED in the salon (not like much has changed lol) because I always wanted my hair to be on point. However, everyone isn’t deranged like me so you should consult with your stylist to ensure that you get the best possible cut, no…best low maintenance cut to suit your budget and lifestyle. It takes MAJOR confidence to wear short hair. Because most short looks are filled with lines, angles and structure, if you don’t have the personality to pull it off…you need to step away from the clippers. Rock a ponytail or something. Remember, a good hair cut masks your downfalls and promotes your best features.

Ladies, ever had dude pick you up for a date looking like he forgot where the brush, let’s not even say barber was? And you actually allow him to take you out, amongst people? If you are one selfish chick. *Sigh* I wasn’t going anywhere! If you’re walking side by side with me then you are a direct reflection of me. I LOVE me a well-groomed man. Braids and locks are nice, but there is something about a man that just got a fresh haircut that makes me want to.... (I think I need a minute) Okay, so where were we... Not only women obsess about their mane, believe it or not, some men focus more on grooming and styling more than we do. What you thought that doo rag was all about? Or ever showered at his crib and noticed that pricey shampoo he washes his hair with? What about his shaver...the high tech one with the fancy case? Didn’t notice? Pay attention. Even though he may not switch his style up as often as we do, he still takes pride in his appearance. Whichever style he chooses, we have to assure that it’s always neat and appropriate. Are you seriously going to sit in the chair and allow someone to just do anything with some clippers and a pair of scissors?

This video Can help you better understand what your barber/stylist should do before the clippers touch your hair. Ensure all equipment is properly cleaned before entering your hair.

Communicate to the stylist/barber what it is that you do or do not want. They are not mind readers. However, you can ask for an opinion on what they think is best for you. If the opinion differs from yours, try that of your stylist first! After are actually paying this person to make you good. You may walk out with the best haircut of your life. If you don’t like the cut, don’t worry.... it’ll always grow back!

I would hope not. Going for a short haircut is a whole different ball game from you regular visit to the barber/ salon. First and foremost, cleanliness is key. Never...EVER allows your stylist to even touch your hair with any random clippers. Because the blades are so fine on clippers, they are easy habitats for bacteria.



F.A.B. goes‌

back-to-the-future After weeks of F.A.B. challenges, online voting, tough eliminations and one uberF.A.B. photo shoot, participant AnaStacia Bethel was named the ULTIMATE F.A.B. DOLL and the NEW FACE of Final Accents’ F.A.B. Face 2 Campaign. Chosen for her fierce style, amazing versatility and ultra-F.A.B. abilities, AnaStacia proved challenge after challenge she was the one to beat. Now one month after the big reveal, this F.A.B. doll is on a mission to represent the F.A.B. brand and propel the accessories company into a household name locally, regionally and internationally. Check out this candid interview we had with the F.A.B. doll below. The images, themed Back-To-The-Future, are from her winning photo shoot as the NEW Face of Final Accents Boutiq.

Hair & Make-up Artist: Italia Williams, Costume Design: Phylicia Ellis, Accessories: Final Accents Boutiq [F.A.B.], Model: F.A.B. Face 2 Winner AnaStacia Bethel, Photographer: ScharadL.



AnaStacia Bethel F.A.B Face 2 Winner

Government name: AnaStacia Bethel Nickname: Stacia/Stace Zodiac Sign: Gemini Favorite food: This is Seasonal, but at present - Grilled Rack of Lamb with a side of Creamy Spinach Roasted Potatoes. What is your definition of a F.A.B. Doll? My definition of a F.A.B. Doll is one who through her ability, charisma and expressive style embodies the Final Accents Brand. She understands the importance of accessorizing and has a genuine appreciation for the fashion industry both high fashion and commercial. She’s knows how to go from plain to posh by perfecting her look with accessories. This means the F.A.B. Doll is the ultimate in Simple, Funky, and Chic. How do you plan to use your unique style to compliment Final Accents Boutiq? Genius question! Channeling what I’ve done throughout the F.A.B. Competition, I intend to use my unique style to not just wear the accessories but use them as a marketing tool for the Final Accents Boutiq. I want people to notice that my



style is distinctive because of these accessories, to view them as must haves pieces, and identify Final Accents Boutiq as the go-to place for the items. People will come to KNOW and LOVE this Brand and what it stands for! My Style + Final Accents Boutiq = One Dynamic Collabo! In the Next FAB Face challenges who did you think was your biggest competition? There was NO competition, because I brought the competition! If you could pick anyone beside yourself to win the competition, who would it be? I would have to choose Brooke Sherman. Based on her experience in this industry, accompanied by her outgoing personality, naturalness and style, if I didn’t win she would definitely be the next best pick in my opinion!

In a perfect world, every-one’s needs would be satisfied, and by needs I’m referring to designer brands, good health, fine wine and low calorie delicious meals. - AnaStacia

My definition of a F.A.B. Doll is one who through her ability, charisma and expressive style embodies the Final Accents Brand. - AnaStacia



Which kind of doll are you? Funky, Simple Chic? An ideal blend of all the above. What’s your one staple accessory you can never leave home without? It would be impossible to choose ONE, so besides my Blackberry and iPod, I never leave home without a trendy pair of earrings, and a big purse, which allows me to carry a portion of my life with me while I’m on the go. What are 5 things every FAB doll should have in their collection? 1. A Collection of Final Accents Signature Jewelry and Accessories 2. 5inch Stilettos (e.g. long heels, red bottoms) 3. A Freakum Dress 4. A Chic Blazer 5. An Amazing Pair of Jeans

Finish this sentence. In a perfect world… In a perfect world, every-one’s needs would be satisfied, and by needs I’m referring to good health, fine wine, designer brands and low calorie delicious meals. C’est la vie! What makes you blush? An unexpected compliment. If your closet was raided what would we find? Since I bounce between a number of styles, my closet consists of major mix and match possibilities. These include but are not limited to: Past and present trendy apparel, high waist skirts and pants (both business and casual), rompers, some retro inspired items, and a color wheel of shoes, the must have’s! I also have a lot of what I like to call ‘feel good clothing’, a variety of dresses/shirts/skirts/shorts. When I wear these outfits they’re a boost to my attitude, I know I’m rockin’ the look and ready for a runway. My close friends can definately cosign this!








The night was about to shut its eyes and begin to dream as we both wrestled our fatigue and managed to talk until three in the morning. For me, the last hour was vague at best and filled with moments of temporary amnesia. I did manage however to participate in that part of the conversation where we reminisced about the old drive-in theatre on Carmichael Road. We were both frequent visitors there years ago, where we watched one of our favorite movies of all time - “Annie”. Although we both enjoyed the nostalgic atmosphere reminiscing about the good old days, the awkward blanks told us that we each needed to head home. The next morning, the only part of the conversation that my thoughts held on to was the love we commonly shared for the drive-in theatre. Now, my “spider” senses were tingling. However, it didn’t hit me until lunch time when I met up with an old friend of mine. Somewhere between bites of my chicken and waffles and gawking at Dino’s 1967 Buick convertible, I got the idea. Tonight was going to be movie night - but this one would be one for the ages! After some major groveling, and explaining how I was such a hopeful romantic, Dino agreed to let me use his prized possession with more rules than those handed to a first time offender. With the sun submitting to the darkness, my plan began to take shape. She was oblivious to what had been the most intense 6 hours of my life. Not only was this one of the most original movie experience of all time, but it was also one of the most taxing ever. Making the approach to the cul-de-sac, I watched as she saw the giant projector at the front of my driveway. As we came closer she noticed the other cars with familiar faces that lined both sides of the road - a challenge that was the most difficult, but necessary, in order to add to the authentic feel of the evening. I had solicited some of our friends to help with this added touch,

and they jumped at the chance to skip down memory lane. Glistening in the distance was the pièce de résistance. We had positioned Dino’s flashback ride perfectly and she quickly abandoned the present to sit in the past. She was intrigued. With the top down and a warm blanket, we nested into the back seat. As the movie started, Annie of course, she leaned into me and her ‘thank you kiss’ was the best amuse bouche I had ever had.

With the new school year fast approaching, time for grown-up nights is quickly dwindling. One of the simplest but most fulfilling dates you can have is a movie night! Here are some tips for an exciting menu for that evening! 1. Take simple salted microwave popcorn and dress it with a packet of powdered cheese found in boxed mac and cheese. For an added touch, add a splash of white truffle oil available from any gourmet market. 2. Instead of sodas with high sugar content, try pulsing fresh fruit and honey in a blender and add club soda and a sprig of fresh mint for an amazing low calorie high flavor homemade soda. 3. Replace that regular mixed meat hot dog you have in your refrigerator with an all beef frank topped with some spicy chilli. (Don’t be cheap “bey”.) 4. Turn the a/c on full blast and warm your blanket in the dryer with a sachet of eucalyptus, rosemary and cinnamon stick wrapped in and old pillow case to scent it.

We hoped you enjoyed this article. Let us know what dishes you want Chef to create in the next issue. Tweet us @stylezine and let us know your opinion!

Chicken and Waffles w/ Powdered Sugar and Tabasco-Honey Butter (serves 4 people)

For this recipe you will need a deep pot for frying (with a candy thermometer) and a waffle machine. STEP 1: Take 4 pounds of free range chicken wings and cut into sections. Season with 3 cloves minced garlic, ½ cup heavy cream, 2 tsp. of Mrs. Dash salt free seasoning, 2 tsp. of Lawry’s seasoning salt, a pinch of cayenne pepper, a dash of fresh ground pepper. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours. STEP 2: To fry heat 4 cups of frying oil (I prefer soybean oil) to a temperature of 325°F. Cook the wings for approximately 8 minutes and place on a paper towel to soak excess fat. STEP 3: For the waffle mix, sift 3 cups of flour, 2 tablespoons of baking powder, ½ cup sugar and a pinch of salt together. Blend together 3 large farm fresh eggs with ½ cup of sugar. Then add 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract, 1 cup of milk, ¼ cup vegetable oil and 1 cup of water. Gently fold in the dry ingredients and combine ensuring that you do not over mix and make the batter tough. To make the waffle assemble using the manufacturers instructions for the machine. STEP 4: To make the Tabasco-honey butter, take 8 oz. of butter and allow to soften. Add 4 splashes of hot sauce and 3 tablespoons of honey. Mix together and refrigerate for 30minutes. STEP 5: Assemble the dish by placing a scoop of butter on the hot waffle, add the hot wings and bathe with powdered sugar. Serve with your favorite syrup. 28









S T O RY | S H E R R O N Y O U N G I M A G E S | L E O C R E A RY

We’ve all had nursery rhymes read to us and in our minds expeditiously jumped into those stories told to us by our parents when we were younger! They marinated and somehow we held onto those stories like they would come true some day and to my dismay for many children; so it has: A journey down the yellow brick road brought me to the enchanted world of Dr. Carlos O. Thomas at Pediatric Associates Bahamas Ltd. What from the exterior seems a quaint little cottage styled doctors office, transforms into a kiddy wonderland the moment you step thru the front door! Naturally his office fits his spirit. Having spoken with him, Dr. Thomas is a man of enormous whit in a small frame! He is gigantic when in the element of pediatrics and neonatology! Good is silenced here at Pediatric Associates…awesome is more like it! Here, you’ll find face painting for your kids as they wait for the doctor. They are weighed upon scales whose characters they can identify with and from there they step into just the opposite of an examination room, with each room themed and seasoned elaborately with oozing fun! From the fire engine room to the space ship room, fear is impossible here, as it should be! At Pediatric Associates service is designed with the kid in mind! Dr. Thomas put it quite firmly as he noted that while he is the medical brain behind this phenomenal burst of skittles it would be sinful to take the credit alone. Loretta his wife, reigns from our tranquil Bahamian waters and blushing like a kid in a candy store offered this statement: When God made man, I imagine that Carlos is exactly what he deemed they be like! I am his biggest cheerleader! She is his everything….. She operates as his Right Hand Woman, Interior Designer, Office Administrator, Business Partner, Wife and the mother of their 36


three beautiful kids! When asked how it feels to have her husband completely trust her to play such a intricate role in his practice, having lavishly provided interior design, and management structure to the business she responded by saying: I have proven myself. He is well aware of my capabilities so it was never a gamble. Having watched the demolition and rebuilding of his now dream home conducted by this HGTV Design Star, it was easy for him to envision the lightning bolt that would be created when his office was touched by his angel! It is a part of her and reflects her personality and how she feels about life she adds! Her knack for beauty and art coupled with his love for kids and his calling to pediatric medicine expels an empire of success! He makes it effortless to achieve excellence here; he’s easy to work with hence easier to provide a successful practice! - Mrs. Loretta Thomas Dr. Thomas moved here just twenty years ago. He is a proud native of Kingston, Jamaica. Thomas schooled at Wolmer’s all Boy School in Jamaica where he identifies having established his confidence and also where his character was built and interest in medicine began. He proceeded to the University of the West Indies to study Medicine, and is also an alumnus of the University of Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital where he did his pediatric residency and neonatology fellowship. Reliving his child hood, Thomas recalls at just eight years old having a pine for medicine noting that he was always drawn to medical television programs even at this tender age! Thomas is one of just 3 neonatologists within the length and breath of the Bahamas and serves well in this capacity.

We hoped you enjoyed this article. Let us know what you thought and it might end up in the next issue. Tweet us @stylezine and let us know your opinion!

Stylezine: How do you draw the line between your family life and your practice? Dr. Carlos Thomas: When you are a pediatrician people’s need for you extend beyond your working hours because children get sick at any hour of the day! We have what we call “the hospital phone” at home, so when it rings everyone knows it’s the hospital. My family understands my post and identifying with the strain that my career can easily pose on my family, I make it a point to take many mini vacations with my family to ensure that family is never abandoned! At home I am not Dr. Thomas, I am daddy! Hanging out with my wife and children brings me great fulfillment! Thomas is Board Certified by the American Academy of Pediatrics. He is also a proven Neonatologist hence able to identify with an abundance of pediatric diagnoses making him the ideal pediatrician! He has been a physician for 20 years and a post graduate trained pediatrician and neonatologist for10 38


years. He is an active part of the Salvation Army Advisory Board and mentors many kids but get this….. Thomas is also a proud member of the Bel Canto Singers ….YES PEOPLE HE SINGS TOOO! When asked why pediatric medicine, Thomas offered this: Medicine is my 1st 2nd and 3rd choice, I love it! No question I am in the right profession! There are people who aren’t sure they are in the right profession, I eat, sleep and think medicine! Pediatrics found me …and it fits like a glove! - Carlos Thomas Thomas describes his favorite pastime outside of his practice as spending time with family and watching a good suspense drama at home! He enjoys listening to music and playing golf with his best opponent, his son who like his father would like to be a

pediatrician some day and his daughter a veterinarian with her love of animals! They both are pianists and play occasionally in church. Like many parents I saw the twinkle in his eye as he discussed his kids…he’s so proud! Stylezine: What do you love about what you do? Dr. Carlos Thomas: I absolutely love to make people feel good! I like the idea of someone being sick, seeking medical care here and in departure feeling better! I thoroughly enjoy watching children grow and develop. Like a blank canvas (birth) I love watching children move from infancy to full fledged adolecents. It’s a rewarding experience to meet and speak with kids that I brought with Gods help into this world some 19 years ago especially those that came into this world in a premature state. There is nothing like it! I believe that the investment in children is the best investment any country can make! - Carlos Thomas IMMUNIZE? As a Neonatologist, Thomas visits and attends to critically ill, premature and term infants all too often! Some of them grow up, others are not so fortunate. Thomas strongly encourages immunization! Many children become ill and even die from vaccine preventable infections. You put your child’s health at risk by eliminating the immunization process. Whenever vaccine rates decrease , infections increase. Be wise, immunize! On his team and bringing his vision to life are Dr. Ayana Remmy-Taylor and Dr. Charelle Lockhart. Seems in meeting them, they too exude the same bubbly effect expedited by Dr. Thomas which adds to the ambiance and service experience. Thomas speaks to his constant thought of ways he can improve his practice:

When driving home, I’m constantly thinking of what I can do to take my practice to a higher level, to make it more efficient, and to reduce the wait time. I want to get to a place where as lovely as the office is; it pales in comparison to the excellent customer service we offer. I am pleased with our progress over the years; however complacency is the enemy of excellence. I want people to leave my office and go O - My - God! SECURITY AMPS IT UP…MAJOR! The security Craig Deveaux at this playhouse is one that leaves an impression even in arrival and departure at Pediatric Associates. When it rains he transports patients to and from their vehicles with an umbrella voluntarily! The bright and welcoming smile he wears seems permanent, completely outside of his expected duties. He identifies patients as they pass the office in their usual journey to work and school. A security that grabs the service baton on the outside and delivers it to the front desk along with a sick patient to experience the same WOW Factor within! Great Job Craig! Stylezine: What are 2 misconceptions you have found many parents have today as it relates to their kids? Dr. Carlos Thomas: Many believe that they should only visit their child’s pediatrician when their kids are sick! It is imperative that your child make routine health maintenance visits to the doctor as well as early in your child’s illness. Your child’s doctor may be able to prevent many illnesses if they have the advantage of seeing your child regularly and early. They are also able to provide age appropriate advice as well as additional information that may be vital that otherwise may not be identified. Youthful Health = Adult Health From magic wand of Dr. Carlos Thomas Chronic medical problems such as high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease are a big problem in our community.

Encouraging your kids to eat healthy at a young age will significantly decrease the possibility of them contracting these types of conditions! As parents we have to model good habits in front of our kids. If you smoke and tell your child not to smoke it’s pointless! He or she may not smoke in your presence but sooner or later, this will become habit for them as well. Your kids are more inclined to eat vegetables if you eat them often. We see many kids who are obese and children with nutritional habits that are bound to have long term impacts on their adult lives! CHILDREN ARE WHAT THEY UNDERSTAND If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting the explosion of enthusiasm found within Dr. Carlos Thomas you would agree that his career was well chosen! Having delivered my now three year old son “Storm”, I have had a first hand taste of the animated yummyness found here at Pediatric Associates. My son at two insists in his route to school, “Mom I want to go to the doctor” all because he remembers his last experience as one full of excitement and joy there! How do you match that? How do you come to terms with an experience that leaves you so puzzled with satisfaction that you’re eager to return! Dr. Thomas and his awesome team here at Pediatric Associates leave an impression that lingers and yet while still in its infancy, this business grows. It grows not because of the art within its walls but because these professionals make children their # 1 customer they take a stroll in the shoes of the parents and step out with a solution and best of all they’ve made customer service their first order of business! Dr. Carlos Thomas I am afraid your legacy lives today, instead of in your absence! People will identify you always as: A man who exemplifies excellence, who is passionate about his calling! A caring loving 40


and compassionate individual who practices his Christian Faith in a tangible way and above all else, a man who loves his family with all his being!

Doctor’s Orders Tips for preventing Juvenile Dengue Fever From the Toy Box of Dr. Carlos Thomas. Parents! Make certain you dispose of all liquid contained in external objects. Eradicate all potential housing for mosquitoes! 1. Dress the little ones in light colored clothing! 2. Keep your kids well dressed (cover as much as possible..eliminate the possibility of a bite where likely!) 3. Stock up on insect repellent…and USE IT, USE IT, USE IT !


AUGUST 2011 Welcome to the all new Full of innovative features and interactive media, we hope that viewing this site will give you an appreciation for our magazine. Please enjoy.



CYCLE The DJ is always the centre of attention in the club. He is that one person that the entire crowd looks to, and is the difference maker between a good time or a great time. We took some of your favorite Dj’s assess their current fashion sense, and transformed them by putting them in some trendy threads for the fall. images: scharadl makeup: tonya williams bfox accessories: F.A.B. styling: kedar ckarke grips: huey johnson | deuel newton clothing: benetton, tommy hilfigger, fine threads, obsession

Arthol “DJ Ampero” Gibson @Ampero Style of music? Ecletic. Live Remix/Mash-up heavy CD or Digital Music? Both, with digital being the preference. Biggest record that you played? Very crowd dependant this one Finish of this sentence. If i could have any job in the world it would be _______? The one I have now, Disc Jockey, with no monetary limitations and on a festival scale. 5 things you don’t leave the house without. My Swiss Army Knife. Pen. Money. Nexus S. Watch. Quote you live by. Sin all depends on what you believing in, faith is what you make it - that’s the hardest shit since MC Ren - Andre Benjamin





Donneisha ‘BabyD’ Fox Style of music? I’m pretty versitile so I can play a little of everything. CD or Digital Music? Both. Finish of this sentence. If i could have any job in the world it would be _______? To own my very own recording studio. 5 things you don’t leave the house without. A prayer, cell phone, keys, sunglasses and water. Biggest record you ever played? Oh! Aston Martin music!



Bryant “Bravo” Outten @Braahvo Style of music? I play for the people, so I love all styles of music CD or Digital Music? I rather Digital but I do have a rather large CD collection as well. Finish of this sentence. If i could have any job in the world it would be _______? The one I have now, Disc Jockey, with no monetary limitations and on a festival scale. 5 things you don’t leave the house without. BlackBerry, Money, Jump drive with Music, Hair Brush, Chains Quote you live by. Most people fail in life because they major in minor things. Focus on yourself, and stay out of other people’s business.

Sean “iGnite” Ferguson @therealDJiGnite Style of music? Versitile. CD or Digital Music? Digital. Finish of this sentence. If i could have any job in the world it would be _______? Really? I’d want to be a Sports Agent. (odd) 5 things you don’t leave the house without. Wallet, Earings, Cellphone, House Keys, Laptop Quote you live by. …the beat goes on!



Peter “DJ Mayday” Maynard @DJMayday99 Style of music? Pop, House, Electro, R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, & of course Bahamian Soca
 CD or Digital Music? Both … the digital life is a blessing, especially when traveling! Biggest record that you played? Michael Jackson – Dirty Diana (In the middle of a Hip Hop party)
 5 things you don’t leave the house without. BlackBerry, Money, Jump drive with Music, Hair Brush, Chains Quote you live by. “You give love you get love” - Me




Jean “ DJ Turbulence” Joseph @djturbulence242 Style of music? I play a wide variety of music inclusive (but not limited to) Reggae - soca - hip hop - classics - pop techno/house/dance. Lots of mixing and mashing and blending and looping. CD or Digital Music? I’ll start this off by saying I learned how to mix on cds when I first started. Although I love cds/vinyl I perform 100% digitally. I hate to hear a cd skip... I use control cd’s or vinyl, that’s about it. Biggest record that you played? in a day I hear about 40+ new tracks so there isn’t just one big record to me. ONE by SHM was a pretty huge track though if you have to have one. 5 things you don’t leave the house without. BLACKBERRY - Wallet - Headphones - Keys ....i’m forgetting something (i almost always do, lol) Quote you live by. “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”



KEDAR’s STYLE TIP Ampero- The best fall trends for men are great outerwear. I played with Ampero’s laid-back style and added biker jackets and paper-boy caps for a more refined look. 58


KEDAR’s STYLE TIP Turbulence- I considered this my “swan” makeover. From collegestudent gear to a refined gentlemen. Turbulence kills it in these perfectly tailored pieces.

KEDAR’s STYLE TIP B. Fox- Being the only female, I chose to accentuate her femininity and her awesome body. I’d love to see a woman walking down the street in just a trench coat and make it look that good!



KEDAR’s STYLE TIP Bravo- The “hood fresh” one of the bunch, I wanted to take him away from the oversized t-shirts and give him a tailored look that retained his bad-boy swag.

KEDAR’s STYLE TIP Mayday- Keeping it simple, I looked at single layers that works well for the fall. Sweaters and button-downs are still fall classics, but be mindful that they fit well! Mayday rocks it with bold accessories.



KEDAR’s STYLE TIP Ignite- Known for his baseball caps and urban wear, I just wanted to use him as an example of layering earth tones for the season.








respect to the…




(I wrote this for my inner Thug)

Pack up the swimming gear, put away the suntan lotion, get your last bit of beach thrills, catch that last flight home from wherever it was you went on summer vacation because... IT’S BACK TO SCHOOL! I say that with the enthusiasm of a sloth. Knowing full well all the headaches that go with back to school, from the traffic to the headache of school itself...for student, parent and teacher alike. Still though, it does hold some awesomeness in that oh so incredible feeling of the First Day of School! Reconnecting with classmates, talking about how summers were spent, and most important of all, checking out what kind of NEW SHOES you had on!!! This was/is a make or break moment in the life of a kid in school because if you came back to school in either old shoes, no-name brand shoes and or even worse... CHEAP SHOES... you might as well commit “shoecide.” In college this doesn’t matter as much but in High school...BRUH! You BETTER have on the right shoe or just forget it, you’re not cool and there is NOTHING you can do about it.

Once they got that classic “whale mouth” shape... they Hood Approved. I could go on and on about the usual drabble of what shoes are hot this school season and what brands offer the best shoe for long term

wear, but nah. I want to let those of you not from the Bahamas get a lil’ inside view of how they do it down here while giving Respect where Respect is due. It’s been almost four decades now and aside from Nike; no shoe brand has had more dominance in the Bahamas than Clarks (side note RIP Nathan Clark creator of the Desert Boot). But not just any Clark shoe design either, I’m talking about the O.G. “Whale mouth” Clarks! Yeah, I can hear the “fashionistas” now...”Yuck He’s talking about WHALEMOUTH CLARKS!!!!” But guess what? Like that Jay Rock song says; “You ain’t gotta like it but the Hood gon’ Love it!!!” The O.G. of “cool shoes” in THIS Bahamas, the shoe that has been the standard of youthful coolness, in some cases “Badness” across the board has been the Whale mouth Clark shoe. Its proper name is The Clarke “Nature” although I just learned that fact maybe two seconds ago (seriously), and its hold on the “Hood” in the Bahamas is stronger than steel. Not just one version of it either, the “L-stitch” set, the “I-stitch” set, cheese bottoms all of em! Once they got that classic “whale mouth” shape... they Hood Approved. No self-respecting male in The Bahamas today has not ONCE owned a pair of Clarks. If he hasn’t he needs to go check his nuts. From Rastas to Choirboys, Thugs to Them Light skinned Al B. Sure/Bran McCartney looking Pretty boys, if he’s Bahamian; he’s had a pair of whale mouth Clarks. Real Talk. Right at this moment there’s some young schoolboy saving his summer money to go buy the right pair of Whale mouth Clarks to begin his school year off proper. From the 80’s when you had to have them with your Lee Jeans and Diamond socks to the 90’s when we paired them with Dockers to the present where the youth now pair them with Dickies to pop off. Yeah, that’s right for all you kiddies out there who thought Vybz Kartel “brought out” Clarks, they been hot since that cool/creepy uncle you got was young and rockin’ them (most likely he still does?) Many of us have let go of this staple shoe in our wardrobe, even try to poke fun at it (*coughs* Scharad, lol) but that doesn’t mean its popularity in Hoods across Nassau is waning any. No sir. THAT, my friends are the mark of a real O.G. A true timeless classic that never goes out of style. Respect due.

In keeping with the O.G. theme for this edition of Kickz, these retro releases drop right in time to keep you fresh for the end of summer and Fresherrrrrrr as you enter the new school year!


August 10th. Nike Air Griffey Max Mariner. Being a fan of this sneaker myself. This colorway is anxiously awaited by sneakerheads the world over. I don’t know about those white laces, but swap em’ for some black ones and Bang they pop marvelous!

August 13th. Air Jordan 1 Phat Carbon Fiber. AJ1’s, Carbon Fiber, All Black. Nuff Said.

Sept 24th. Supra Skytop South Beach edit. Supra brand’s “O.G.” (Yeah not really retro) sneaker drops in the famed “South Beach” colors. The Sickness.




Ludwig Reiter - A wildly obscure brand out of Vienna Austria, Ludwig Reiter makes and extensive line of high tops and low tops in classic forms and designs in varying colors, from the mundane to the vibrant all in suede. Most likely places to find them are either in NY or Vienna Austria. Hey don’t get mad at me. I DID say they were “wildly obscure”


M U S I C T H AT I S P I R E D T H I S A R T I C L E …

“Hood Gone Love It” Jay Rock x Kendrick Lamar (click video to watch)

Think you got shoe game? You can message me on twitter @jimmycutlass and let me know your opinion!

Melanie Griffin 74


Government Name: Mrs. Melanie S. Griffin, M.P. Yamacraw Constituency Age:55 years old Birth City: Nassau, N.P., Bahamas Notable Events: 1. 1999-Appointed to the Senate of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas 2. 2002-Elected to the House of Assembly as the Member of Parliament for Yamacraw 3. 2002 to 2007-Cabinet Minister, serving as Minister of Social Services & Community Development 4. Responsibility for passage of major social legislation: 5. (a) The Child Protection Act 6. (b) Domestic Violence (Protection Orders) Act 7. (c) Residential Care Facilities Act 8. 2003-Founder, Eastern Community Association (ECA) (formerly Yamacraw Community Development Association) 9. 2007 to Present-Re-elected to the House of Assembly as the Member of Parliament 10. 2007 to Present-Appointed Opposition Parliamentary Whip Currently Working On: 1. Just completed Tenth Annual Yamacraw Basketball Classic – smashing success 2. Working on Back to School Programme 3. Constituency Projects to be funded from 2011/2012 Budget 4. U.S. Embassy invitation to participate in a Caribbean regional program on “Women’s Political Participation” in the United States October 9 – 20, 2011 “Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” It is widely accepted that you have to know where you have been to know where you are going. But in this new age where the youth seem to have little to no interest in their history how can you get them to buy into this thought? Knowing where you have been is a major part of the development of the identity and psyche of a people as they build their future. As the older generations pass on, much of the history of a country passes on with them. Although there may be history books, for the most part the wider population will never read them. There must be a national thrust by the leaders of a country to ensure that the history of the country is a part of the educational curriculum of the country. It must be taught, as a subject for which there is a national exam, much like West Indian History, Caribbean History, American History, etc. Along with a proliferation of national programmes designed to dramatize and portray the history in a very tangible and real way, the history of a country should be incorporated in its everyday life, socially, economically and culturally. This will not just educate young people about their history, but also cultivate in them the interest and a sense of pride in where they have come from, what it took to get them where they are and knowledge of where they should be going.

The youth around the world want what they think is owed to them and they want it now. Do you think it should be standard that you pay your dues before taking the reigns or does the hand on job experience make the best teacher? First of all, no one owes us anything in life and the downfall in society is that there are too many people who think they are “owed” and they have come to collect. Young people must be taught that we are only owed in life what we put into it. Advancement in life comes by focus, hard work and a willingness to learn. We must establish goals and work towards achieving them. More often than not we will find that once we prepare ourselves, the opportunities will open up for us. The Bible puts it this way, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you”. Matt. 6: 33. You follow Christ and do what is right; you experience his blessings and increase. You work, you get pay. Our job is to prepare ourselves, the opportunities will come and we don’t have to force them. Hands on experience cannot be dismissed; it is a good part of the training process. Outside the training process the risks and mistakes are too great. Preparation is not “paying dues” it is a necessary step in the road to success. Why is Child Protection Week just one week out of 52? Why is this not year round? The reality is that child protection must be a daily commitment. Our children are not just the wealth of our nation, they are our future. We must ensure at all cost that they lead healthy and joyful lives in a safe environment so they can become productive citizens. So I emphasize that child protection is a year round effort, however, one week a year is set apart to focus on and raise the level of awareness of this scourge on our society. There is also National Child Protection Council working along with the Department of Social Services to keep the focus going year round with the campaign “Operation – Protect Our Children”. The work of the Council includes visitations to schools in New Providence and the Family Islands, as well as the posting of signage and public notices on the highways and in the print media reminding the public about our duty to protect our children. What security measures can be put into place for children who are left home alone after school? Its not recommended that children under age 14 are left at home alone at any time and at all costs parents and guardians should make every effort not to do so. Where children are left alone parameters must be set. If the child or children must walk home, ensure they walk in groups and do not take shortcuts or isolated routes. Establish a set time for them to be home and to contact parents by phone to advise of their arrival at home. The should never tell persons by way of phone or at the door that they are home alone and should by no means open the door to anyone. Where possible ask a responsible neighbor to oversee the children. Children at home alone should not have access to matches or use of the stove or candles and should not play with knives or any other potential weapon or harmful

substances. A child at home alone is a very dangerous situation, particularly in today’s world. It should be avoided if possible. I would wish to see more community centers that provide afterschool activities and assistance with homework so that children could be monitored properly and engaged in positive programmes. Until then, parents must ensure the safety and care of their children is top on the agenda. First of all, no one owes us anything in life and the downfall in society is that there are too many people who think they are “owed” and they have come to collect. Young people must be taught that we are only owed in life what we put into it. Advancement in life comes by focus, hard work and a willingness to learn. We must establish goals and work towards achieving them. More often than not we will find that once we prepare ourselves, the opportunities will open up for us. The Bible puts it this way, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you”. Matt. 6: 33. You follow Christ and do what is right; you experience his blessings and increase. You work, you get pay. Our job is to prepare

ourselves, the opportunities will come and we don’t have to force them. Hands on experience cannot be dismissed; it is a good part of the training process. Outside the training process the risks and mistakes are too great. Preparation is not “paying dues” it is a necessary step in the road to success. A lot of prominent figures in the world eventually share that they were victims of some type of sexual, physical and mental abuse and millions more that go unreported. How can we curb this from happening and stop this cycle? Social scientists concur that a truer picture of the level of abuse is to multiply reported cases by three (3). Unfortunately this also means that many abused persons



do not benefit from some intervention to assist them in working through their problems. While some are able to lead fully normal lives, many become dysfunctional. How do we curb this? Education and awareness! There must be ongoing programmes and intervention, as well as public campaigns by the relevant agencies, as well as civic and social organizations to educate the public about abuse, the various types, how to identify it, which is most at risk, how to prevent it and how to get help when it becomes apparent. Programmes must be funded and staffed properly to ensure they reach the widest possible cross section of people. There must also be more training for the general public on provisions of social legislation. Can we stop the cycle? Maybe not, but we can certainly try to eliminate the instances of abuse for a larger number of persons and to reduce the pain and suffering of many more victims. What security measures can be put into place for children who are left home alone after school? Its not recommended that children under age 14 are left at home alone at any time and at all costs parents and guardians should make every effort not to do so. Where children are left alone parameters must be set. If the child or children must walk home, ensure they walk in groups and do not take shortcuts or isolated routes. Establish a set time for them to be home and to contact parents by phone to advise of their arrival at home. The should never tell persons by way of phone or at the door that they are home alone and should by no means open the door to anyone. Where possible ask a responsible neighbor to oversee the children. Children at home alone should not have access to matches or use of the stove or candles and should not play with knives or any other potential weapon or harmful substances. A child at home alone is a very dangerous situation, particularly in today’s world. It should be avoided if possible. I would wish to see more community centers that provide afterschool activities and assistance with homework so that children could be monitored properly and engaged in positive programmes. Until then, parents must ensure the safety and care of their children is top on the agenda. For many years you have implemented a Back to School program where you give neighborhood kids haircuts, school supplies and a party. Why did you think it was your responsibility for you to do this and for so long? It has been a joy, even before I was a Member of Parliament, to host a back to school programme and to provide assistance to families and children returning to school in this way. Often there are families, which for various reasons require such supplemental assistance. While it may not be the “responsibility” of the Member of Parliament, I believe it is a worthy cause, which allows me to participate in some small way in the educational development of children in my community. It also allows them to return to school with dignity and pride with focus on their schoolwork and not be encumbered by the fact that they don’t have what they need to work with. I also

believe that children should have a little treat before they return to school after summer and from Christmas break. God is good and I have always been able to get good sponsors who give willingly to these community programs and a team that works very hard to make it happen. Why for so long? There is no time limit on doing well, as long as God blesses us and we have the ability to bless others, we fail if we don’t.

making them who they are as others did for me. So yes, music and music programs can be positive influences in the life of a child, but as with everything else we must also be cognizant of the negative impact of some music and ensure we monitor what kind of music our children listen to and set some guidelines. It does not all have to be gospel, but it should be positive. What activities were you involved with as a child that you would recommend that helped prepare you for life today? I always had a lot of energy as a child and my mother and my grandmother were always finding positive avenues to channel that energy. I came from a family with strong Christian and ethical values. My mother ensured that we went to church. At church my grandmother who was a founding member and evangelist put me in the choir, the youth group, the usher board and the Sunday school. As a part of the Baptist Youth Fellowship, I was involved in Christian fellowship and sports. At school I became involved with organizations like Girl Guides, Circle K, Student Christian Movement, Student Council and the College of The Bahamas Union of Students. In the community, I moved around with my mother who was involved in politics, first at the branch level and then at the national level. In the earlier days, I worked in the straw market with my mother and later in a dry goods store downtown. Through all of this I learned teamwork, how to deal with different personalities and many other life skills. I don’t know when exactly it occurred to me that in many of the organizations I participated in; I was either the leader or a part of the leadership. As I reflect now, I know that was the case and I was always surrounded with people who were willing to work with me to achieve the goals of the organization. I was not then as a child and I am not now as an adult perfect, but my desire has always been to help others and to do what is right. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that it has always been the hand of God guiding my life, making me who I am and preparing me for my life today.

Do you think that music and music programs help the development of the brain of children or is it just another distraction? Music is a universal language that speaks directly to the soul. It is beautiful and it is powerful. It can be used for good and it can be used for bad. I have been a choir director for more than 25/30 years. Through the ministry of spiritual/Christian music, God has allowed a choir director, counselor, but a confidante, friend, role model and me to win many souls for Him and to be able to be to many young people. How do I know, years later, many have told me so, but more than that I have seen so many overcome the challenges of teen-age life to become such wonderful, focused persons with successful lives. It is a joy to know that I had even the smallest part to play in

Any final words? To young people I say, be yourself! While it is good to have role models to emulate, be yourself! Never just follow the crowd. If you want to experience success in life, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.” Put God first, love people in spite of themselves, and stay focused on your goals and work towards them, always striving to do what is right. Doors will surely open for you, you won’t have to force them.

THE CONSTELLATION PROJECT CONSTELLATIONS In case you haven’t heard of them before, Constellation are a group of Nassau natives, with a name that pretty much describes them in the way the dictionary would. Not along the vein of stars and astronomy, but as “a group of related ideas, characteristics, objects etc.” or in this case people. The group consists of five members and they all share a lot of the same raw talent and push, but each member brings their own flavor or feels so to speak to each track. Members include G-Five, Kelz, B-Eazzy, Finesse and Toogi. While Kelz, G-Five & B-Eazzy may be a little more well known for their solo work, Finesse & Toogi will show you why they were chosen to be apart of what they consider a super-group on their debut release. Constellation recently recorded 78


a mixtape titled “The Constellation Project” and released it via “Datpiff” a free online mixtape hub. If you feel like you haven’t heard from Five or Kelz in a minute well, here’s what they’ve been working on. A real grimy raw delivery of lyrics pumped over dope beats, oh and they do their own production. This mixtape brings their fans everything they remember from the “P. Lot Radio”, “Wet Money” & “Fifth Element” mixtapes plus a whole lot more along with just the right amount of that special something for you first time listeners out there who are new to the Wet Money family. The tape includes 13 tracks, minimal interludes and features spitters like SOSA, Slu2gz & ya’ boy M-Deez. It’s a must you check this one out.

SORRY 4 THE WAIT Lil Wayne With Wayne making his way to prison over the past year and working on a whole heap of projects while still being the front man for everything “Young Money”, Three push-backs on the release date of his fourth installment of “Tha Carter” series was inevitable. Though Tunchi made certain to do as much recording as possible before he began his incarceration and even managed to have his team drop an EP titled “I Am Not A Human Being EP”, it made no difference when he got out; The people still wanted more... they wanted the album. So, while Wayne was away his Young Money appointed CEO, Mack Maine made his way to twitter and announced Wayne’s next release, stating “Lil Wayne mixtape ‘Sorry 4 The Wait’ Coming Soon!!!” and with that; the fans continued their wait. Mid July, post Tunchi release; “Sorry 4 The Wait” arrives, and Wayne states that this one is strictly an apology to the fans for the constant pushback of “Tha Carter IV” album, hence the chosen title. In true “No Ceilings” fashion, Wayne grabs beats from everywhere for this one to make up the tape of twelve tracks. Tune even takes on Beyoncé’s “Run This World (Girls)” Joint, along with a few other popular releases like Drake’s “Marvin’s Room”, Big Sean’s “My Last” featuring Chris Brown & Meek Mill’s “Tupac Back” featuring Rick Ross. Wayne attempts to mimic the previous glory of “No Ceilings” and though this tape is not quite as good, it’s unmatched by other mixtapes released this quarter and something the avid Weezy fan will definitely want to cop. Carter IV drops August

A LITTLE OLD SCHOOL FOR YOUR NEW SCHOOL MARVIN GAYE How many times have you heard some good old Ray Charles, or Mahalia Jackson play, then look around to see someone nearby singing along and say to the person “What you know about that?”. Songs that invoke moments like those only seem to be heard at 5 a.m. on the Time Life network these days. The songs that your parents played at the reunions and family gatherings, the ones you miss but are so hard to find. If ever there were any artists that we all remember to conjure up feelings in us that we’d never felt before, Marvin Gaye would be one of them. When his “Got To Give It Up” comes on you can’t help but to bob your head and stomp your feet, and that’s only if your not fully entranced by the song and dancing wherever you are. This song is a classic from Marvin’s “Live at the London Palladium” Album and is a sure party starter. Want to be featured in SIDE B? You can message me on twitter @tkdadon #sideb and send me some music!


Doing your daily surfing of the net you can come across some crazy things you may have thought you just never would’ve seen and something that would make you wonder “How’d they even think of that”, well “Table Connect” is one of those things. This is simple one of the coolest pieces of furniture I have ever seen. The Table Connect slogan “Everything

Changes. Big Time” basically explains it all. You plug you iPhone directly into the table asif for charging and the fun begins on this 58” table screen. Every app, game and perk on your iPhone quadruples in size, making for endless possibilities with an already fascinating




device. The sad thing about it though is that the Austrian developers of the device are still simply in the testing stages, but it seems to be going quite well. The guys over at the Table Connect Company are still unsure about a price

range, but state that “The most expensive part is the display for sure”, pretty obvious I know. The app they’ve created so far only works with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 but the developers also plan on making it available for as many other devices as possible, but for now apple users are a priority. This table plays movies, music, shows pictures & makes everything bigger. Any apple user will definitely be looking forward to the release of the fun toy hopefully in the near future.

Here’s what we think are the next hot gadgets on the market. This will satisfy any tech’s tastes buds and keep you “in” on what’s hip.

Ok, so Nintendo, makers of the popular console; Wii™ decided to step their game up a little. Well of course! Since Microsoft and Sony jumped into the motion capture game play arena, both companies experienced a huge boost in sales after the Kinnect and PlayStation Move were launched. Since the launch of the Wii, Nintendo has definately been putting itself back on the map with its popular sports, fitness and dance games created for its platform. Every household was getting into the Wii because of its user friendly interface and multi-generational appeal. So what is the big deal about the U™? Well, The U™ sports this nifty game controller. Yes, we know, it does look like an oversized Wii controller on steroids which is essentially what it is but this mega centre of a controller has multiple functions. Its serves as a motion capture device, Wii controller, portable player, tablet and so much more. You have to see this thing in action to marvel at its wonder. It may catch on as well as it might now but we have a feeling that the Wii U™ will be just fine! See more of the Wii U™ here by watching this video.



he warmth of the sweet summer breeze caressed my face, and it was a welcomed gesture. I had been locked in the same position for the last hour, trying to move and not trying to at the same time. My body had longed for water, ice-cold water, and the feel of it against my warm skin, warm face and my extremely dried lips. The rain lightly beat

against the tin roof, seemly at the tune of a soft love song. I arched my neck, trying to find some sort of comfort from this disaster of a position that I was in, but nothing helped. Being considerate wasn’t paying off at this moment in time. My body was aching in areas I never thought existed and my throat had, passed the last level of dryness. I moved my legs slowly, trying to sneak from under this monster of a man, but that didn’t work, in his solid sleep, he actually stopped me and planted his



head right between my breasts. I had moved officially moved from the better position. I sighed softly, why was I done this to myself, pushing him off me would have been the sensible choice, but if I woke him up, I would only be reliving the past few past hour and a half and being tired, I was not going though that again tonight.

My genitals had reached the point of no return, it was at the point where sitting in ice water, would be my only comfort and my boyfriend, who was now resting on me, didn’t seem to want to take no for an answer. He sweaty body pressed against mines whiles he slept peacefully, if I wasn’t so uncomfortable in more ways than one, I could almost enjoy this moment. The summer had been long, and I hadn’t seen him in three months, it’s funny I missed him like crazy, but I enjoyed the time apart. It was a breather from

the everyday routine; we were like a married couple that couldn’t get enough of each other, but with less sex and more arguments. The break gave me an opportunity to appreciate him and all that he had been to me the past year, in which we had been in a relationship. It tested us both I am sure, but mainly speaking for myself, it tested me. There was eye candy everywhere, guys that looked like they were made just for women to look at and touch but with less popularity. I wasn’t sure at the end of the last school year, if I wanted to be his girlfriend any longer. You see; my boyfriend just happened to be the quarterback on the football team at the college we attended. Standing 6’3, he was mixed – a white mother and a black father. He weighed in at 235 pounds; his smooth caramel complexion and very sharp features had him very high on the radar. He was perfected built. Of course I deserved the best, but the amount of attention he had gotten wasn’t worth my

My boyfriend promised that there would be a grand finale after a quick power nap. I wasn’t enthused about that in any way, shape, or form. peace of mind. We spoke all the time, during the summer, and now at the second weekend of the new school year, I was basically locked under him. After barely surviving about two explosive hours of heart shaking, I miss you and NEVER want to be apart from you sex. My boyfriend promised that there would be a grand finale after a quick power nap. I wasn’t enthused about that in any way shape or form. This was why; I tried my hardest to not make any sudden moments.

My legs were basically loosing the supply of blood flowing to them and on top of that I couldn’t see anything in this tent. It was dark and the tin cover above our tent blocked the moonlight a not so useful addition, my boyfriend insisted on bringing. The only thing that gave me some sort of relief was the hole that was a result of him not zipping the tent all the way up. It brought in much needed cool air. I was trying to figure out, how I let him convince me to come in the mountains with him just to bond? This form of bonding had more to do with, deep strokes, hard sucking, and teeth breaking skin and intensely violent moments. This man had invited me up here and basically owned my body completely. He knew I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue this and he wanted to show me better than I was told. His grip on me seemed intentional. I supposed it was to make sure; I didn’t get any running ideas. I wasn’t going to run, at least not tonight. I then gently tried moving him off of me, but before I can move from under him, he reacted. His hands locked my arms over my head, as I lay under him. He took a deep breath and without saying anything he went straight to the left side of my neck. His breathe on my neck before he kissed really set of the actions that he was intending. I in a flash I was totally turned on, water was no longer on my mind. He was always a good lover; he made sure my needs were met first. Well I won’t get into any details, but lets just say, he turned me over on my stomach and after trailing his tongue from the base of my spine to the top and neck and biting my hips. Lets just say, even though, I wasn’t ready to take any more pressure, I took a second look at that and made sure it happened. The night ended with us being so beat we woke up after 3pm the next day. I woke up first and just lay there, taking him in. I loved him and I was willing to thug it out.that was until his cell phone vibrated and missing the call, naturally I check it for him, but when I picked it up, it had 10 missed calls, from his ex. And now he has some explaining to do… yeah I am not that overjoyed to be back to school. Sighs. And now here we go again.

Where Brains and Beauty merge words: sherron young | images: simon mott



The biggest misconception in modeling is said to be that “beauty and brains don’t mixxx!” There are more beauties that prove this statement true, than the handful of gorgeous stunt devils that stand in the face of this misconception and take it head on! Sure! Steve Urkel is a brainy dweeb but when the chamber is turned on and Stephan emerges fireworks begin! In this case no chamber required! This 25 year old Bahamian bombshell sets it a blaze! She’s a double major with a Bachelors degree in both International Business Management and Psychology. Fierce, she returned to The Bahamas scooping a post easily deemed above average and shortly thereafter being promoted to CSO (Client Support Officer) at an eminent offshore bank here in Nassau Bahamas. AT 25 LEAH, REALLY? DID YOU HAVE TO GO THERE? Leah stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall with a mid-frame of 27”. A Kingsway Academy Alumni with a passion for soccer and outdoor sports. In her words, “I dibbled dabbled with different sports but soccer is the only one I continued after high school and college. I’m currently getting back into shape after a slight detour or naughty vacation as some would call it from my disciplinarian routine of soccer and healthy eating. I recently began working out with G-Fit Academy who runs a boot camp here in Nassau but before that I played soccer all the time!”

I’m not perfect but I don’t claim to be! YUMMO FELLAS!.…IN RACHEL RAY!



teachers! I don’t believe it is because I worked harder but that I took advantage of the opportunities available to me. Leah, speaks to the endless support she’s received from her parents she notes “I couldn’t have done it otherwise” and when asked to provide us with one person in particular that has contributed significantly to her success that she’d like to offer a special thankyou to…“I’ll bend the rules a little bit by saying both my parents”… describing them as one unit! Leah was asked… What would you say to a popular high school senior and captain of the cheerleading squad just scraping a D in the classroom or the primary the school class clown who instead of catching a book in her spare time finds herself in front of Americas Next Top Model religiously? Leah humbly replied…“To those ladies I would say that education ought to be paramount! Schooling isn’t just about textbooks but also about discipline, social skills, and the application of knowledge. Just because you’re an ‘A’ student doesn’t guarantee success…you must have that drive and motivation. I’ve noticed that those who were determined and disciplined in school are those that took that same motivation into their careers and dreams and have excelled as I have and in some cases better.” Stylezine: You’re obviously a fashion model but do you consider yourself a positive role model? LDT: I don’t consider myself a model however I have three younger brothers and we all support each other. All I want is the best for them and having two godchildren and many younger cousins I try my best to live a life pleasing to The Lord. I’m not perfect but I don’t claim to be!


Stylezine: There are many, three times your age who haven’t seen even a morsel of the success that you have, what motivates your success? LDT: I don’t believe that I’ve achieved enough to ‘relax’ which in itself is intrinsic motivation. I was fortunate enough to have parents that pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone to greater heights, to have attended college and to also have had attentive

LEAH DIANE…U’VE JUT RAISED THE BAR! Her intelligence is definitely an element that is invisible when browsing her photos! People think on the surface, they think as far as they can see! If all they are able to see is beauty then that’s what you are just beautiful. This serves as unfair in many ways, it doesn’t provide an opportunity of display. Stylezine: Leah why do you think people believe the worst when you’re beautiful you’d think it would be the other way around? LDT: “Beautiful women, tend to be instantly stereotyped as conceited, arrogant, and/or dubbed as ‘princesses’. In actuality many of them are conscious of their bodies, having low self-esteem

and often enough this category is populated by more mango-skinned and curly hair beauties.” LET UM HAVE IT LEI LEI! Leah is accomplished! During high school she governed the position of president on her High School Graduation Committee. She served as a Prefect, and Co-Captain of her High Schools Softball and Soccer Teams! She was also a proud member of the Student Council @ Kingsway Academy and earned her place on honor roll as well as the Presidents List and Dean’s List whilst in college! YOU JUST GOT SERVED! I mean really, pretty counts for something…doesn’t it? Aside from the few like Leah who doubles it up with a heaping serving of both beauty and brains there are those who get by just fine without the brains but match Ms. Treco here with a common denominator …beauty!!!! So what’s the point, If you are able to reach the same star by ladder as by air craft? Beauty is much too shallow to qualify as the primary cause for any effect…brains is definitely a keeper… although beauty is a rather nice BONUS…..Clearly! Stylezine: Clearly the cameras love you Leah, the question is do you love the camera back? LDT: They do? (Chuckles) I don’t consider myself to be a model; I joke and say ‘I pose a lot.’ The only reason I’ve done any modeling as an adult is because I was approached. My first shoot was in 2006 by Gavvin Strachan, a childhood friend. I’ll admit I’m okay at it but making it a career is not in the books for me, it’s just a hobby! Stylezine: I wouldn’t have done the fellas justice if I didn’t ask …. Is there a prospective prince charming? LDT: Yes, there is! He’s wonderful and I’m blessed to have him in my life. I’ll leave it as that! SORRY GUYZ I GUESS THIS CHAPTER IS CLOSED! Stylezine: Is having your own family important to you right now? LDT: “Family is so very important to me! I’ve always wanted to be a great wife & mother, the best I can be! I have (at least) three great examples to follow and I can’t wait to honor their lineage by doing the same! Stylezine: A little birdie told me that your “spoogaloo” is a model as well, is there any truth to that?



LDT: Yes, there is truth to that. (big smile) Stylezine: Do you find that some are taken back by your beauty? LDT: Ha!…I’m usually quite oblivious so I would have no idea. I don’t think so though! SHE’S EVEN MODEST……! THE GIRLS ARE GONNA HATE YOU AFTER

I don’t think I’m a model… I just pose a lot! (lol) THIS MISSEY! For her, her beauty is an added bonus and operates as an undergarment to her success. Leah enjoys reading, writing (mainly poetry), soccer, scrapbooking, cooking, planning, swimming, scuba diving, & G-Fit Boot Camp! Leah was also a board member of the FNM’s Torchbearers Association. She has also voluntarily done missionary work in several different countries for six consecutive years. “My future expectations take me to a place where I am a wife and mother of four who works from my home office. I have so many interests, it’s difficult to narrow them down and focus on just one or a few” (she giggles). “Skydiving is definitely one of those things I’ve got to try before I leave this earth but I have a few business ventures on the back burner and hopefully two or three will successfully take off before then.” Leah gracefully pedals her way past many of her peers in to what many deem “The Life” (love), accomplished, a great job she loves (successful), and an awesome family support system this is the ceiling for many who have written their dreams down on paper! Great Job Leah you definitely make many of us proud to be Bahamian! Go to the top of the class, you just got yourself an A!



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