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“Being named Top Orthodontist is an honor. Thank you to the Richmond community for all your support.� - Dr. Larry Scarborough

11934 W. Broad St. | Suite 210 | Henrico, VA 23233 | 804-672-8607

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In the past 30 years, I have performed over 20,000 facelift, eyelid and facial rejuvenation procedures on many amazing patients. My top two priorities are alwaayss safeety and na natural results. It’s my life’s work and paassionn, whhich makess it such a special honor to be voted a TOP MED D by Sttyle reeaders. I have the best patients in the world, and I lovve all your faces! – Dr. Joe Niamtu


CosMeTIC eTIC FACIAl FA sUrgery ry mt III,I, DMD Joe Niamtu, MD

804..9334.FFACE CE (3223) 22 LLoveThatFa Tha Board Certified, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery • Fellow, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

Thank you for honoring us as one of your Top Meds! Congratulations to each talented and caring professional who has been named 2020 Top Meds. It’s an honor and a privilege to serve this great community alongside you.


WE ALERTED OUR LOYAL READERS AND FANS... that we were taking votes on who they considered their “Top Meds” for 2020, and they turned out by the thousands to type in their choices online. This sharing of who they consider their “Top” in almost every medical modality is extraordinary, and each of these medical professionals should feel proud that the public wanted to honor them in this way. This is not a scientific poll, nor a result of graded feedback, it is the organic outpouring of respect Style Weekly readers have for the health community and the desire they have to share who they consider Top Meds. There were no “drop-down” lists of choices, so each of these professionals was identified and recognized by readers typing their names in on the online ballot. We appreciate all that you do, Top Meds of the Richmond area – keep up the outstanding work!


Dr. Robert Call Dr. Patrick Powers Dr. Kelley Von Elten ANESTHESIOLOGY

January 29, 2020

style weekly

Dr. Laura Aisenberg Dr. Paul DeMarco Dr. Cathy Harrison Dr. Jay Shah Dr. Kyle Smith Dr. Todd Stevens



Dr. Christine Browning Dr. Carolyn Burns Dr. Brian Holdaway Dr. Mark Johns Dr. Peter Ro Dr. Daniel Schneider Dr. Craig Vranian


Dr. Robert Berube Dr. Cara Corbelli Dr. Janine Scherm DENTAL SURGERY

Dr. Peter Appleby Dr. Catherine Crighton Dr. Rocio Lopez Dr. Eric Roper Dr. Brian Spears Dr. Eugena Waggoner DENTIST

Dr. Brent Rusnak DERMATOLOGY

Dr. Victoria Gross Dr. Donna Hepper Dr. Eileen Kitces Dr. Georgia Seely Dr. Margaret Terhune


Dr. Matthew Bartholomew Dr. Kevin Connelly Dr. Randy Geldreich Dr. Kenneth Hickey Dr. Joseph Mason Dr. Jessica Morton Dr. Amy Whiffin Dr. Dean Williams ENDOCRINOLOGY

Dr. Robert Castellucci Dr. Douglas Johnson Dr. Kelsey Salley FAMILY/GENERAL PRACTICE

Dr. Melanie Boggs Dr. Laura Burijon Dr. Eric Haacke-Golden Dr. Christopher Hayes Dr. Michelle Headley Dr. Virginia Kladder Dr. Douglas Klassett

Dr. Amy Marshall Dr. Christopher Ogburn Dr. Patricia Ryan Dr. Donald Sanders Dr. Shelley Short Dr. John Siedlecki GASTROENTEROLOGY

Dr. Harjit Bhogal Dr. William Brand Dr. Rufus Davis Dr. Robert Flynn Dr. Jonathan Gaspar Dr. David McGroarty Dr. Richard Mitchell Dr. Robert Mitchell Dr. Bimaljit Sandhu Dr. Scott Woogen GYNECOLOGY

Dr. Susan Dausch Dr. Alice Hirata Dr. Laura Pendlebury


Dr. Virginia Boothe Dr. Leanne Yanni INTERNAL MEDICINE

Dr. Ruma Adams Dr. Francesca Glynn Dr. Aysha Habib Dr. Judith McKenzie Dr. John Port MEMORY CARE

Dr. Joelle Makon NEPHROLOGY

Dr. Peter Condro Dr. Todd Gehr Dr. Daran Glenn Dr. Anne King Dr. Karl Koenig Dr. Brian Peppiatt Dr. Trudy Rickman Dr. Domenic Sica


Dr. Vineeta Sood Dr. Martin Starkman NEUROLOGY

Dr. Alison Alford Dr. Jonathan Bekenstein Dr. Brian Cameron Dr. Soundarya Gowda Dr. Catherine Ham Dr. Daniel Hardy Dr. Joseph Kim Harris Dr. John Hennessey Dr. David Jaffe Dr. Edward Leaton Dr. John O’Bannon Dr. Kenichiro Ono Dr. Sanjai C Rao Dr. Thomas Smith Dr. Jonathan Snider Dr. Scott Vota Dr. Robert White Dr. John Wittman NEUROSURGERY

Dr. Peter Alexander Dr. Brian Cameron Dr. Matthew Mayr Dr. Katrina Murphy NURSE PRACTITIONER

RN Meghan Doyle RN Leslie Ferree RN Kristine Ashley Garcia RN Karen Gardella RN Lindsay Hawkins Ms. Emily Hogan OBSTETRICIAN

Dr. Susan Dausch Dr. Alice Hirata Dr. Monica Powers


Dr. Virginia Boothe Dr. David Buxton Dr. Kelly Lastrapes Dr. Leanne Yanni PEDIATRICS/GENERAL


Dr. Vikram Brar Dr. Paul Bullock Dr. Stephen Busch Dr. David Chandler Dr. Theodore Wu OPTOMETRY

Dr. David Chandler Dr. Cristy DeHoff Dr. Richard Douglas Dr. Mia Fripps Dr. Bruce Kiraly Dr. Michael Kish Dr. Christopher McGarry Dr. Peter Nardone Dr. Alexandria Nielson Dr. Robie Robinson ORTHODONTIST

Dr. Larry Scarborough ORTHOPEDIC

Dr. Kennedy Daniels Dr. William Nordt Dr. Shannon Wolfe OTOLARYNGOLOGY (EAR, NOSE & THROAT)

Dr. David Cross Dr. George Tarasidis Dr. James Tyson PAIN MANAGEMENT

Dr. Micah Allen Dr. Jawad Bhatti Dr. Peter Crane Dr. Erik Davis Dr. Charles Gibellato

Dr. Melaney Caldwell Dr. Mark Cerabill Dr. Lora Christian Dr. Miriam McAtee Dr. Karen Saunders Dr. Christina Seliskar Dr. Mark Shreve Dr. Anne Marie Tull Dr. Jocelyn Vergara PLASTIC/COSMETIC SURGERY

Dr. Louise Ferland Dr. Joe Niamtu Dr. Travis Shaw Dr. Burton Sundin Dr. Reps Sundin PLASTIC/RECONSTRUCTIVE

Dr. Lesie Cohen Dr. Lewis Ladosci Dr. Brian Le Dr. Burton Sundin Dr. Reps Sundin PODIATRY

Dr. James Baldwin Dr. David Binder Dr. Jonathan Brantley Dr. Kristin Gingrich Dr. Julie Greenwood Dr. John Kadukammakal Dr. Patrick Sapini Dr. James Shadbolt Dr. Scott Vantre Dr. David T. Weiss PSYCHIATRY

Kristine Ashley Garcia Dr. Lindsay Hawkins Dr. Rehan Saleem


Dr. Eric Braen Ms. Marianne Cox, LCSW Dr. Leila Islam Dr. Cynthia Jenkins Dr. Sharlene Johnson Dr. Rebecca Kiefer Dr. Rehan Saleem Dr. Jennifer L. Salluzzo Dr. Andrea Stern Dr. Allison Twente Dr. Carrie Walker Dr. Deidre Whittle Dr. Bernadette Winters PULMONOLOGY

Dr. Jamie Hey Dr. Michael Mistretta Dr. Douglas Puryear Dr. Jeremy Schenkein Dr. John Sentz RADIOLOGY

Dr. Catherine Buhler Dr. Jean Dufour Dr. Jawad Hussain Dr. Adam McLaurin Dr. Daniel Radack Dr. Jeffrey Keith Thompson Dr. Alfredo Urdaneta SPORTS MEDICINE

Dr. Rishi Bala Dr. Katherine Dec Dr. Martin Dominguez Dr. Keith Glowacki Dr. Joelle Makon Dr. William Nordt Mr. Brandon Ream Dr. Jeffrey Roberts Dr. Harry Shaia Dr. Jody Smith Dr. Shannon Wolfe Dr. Pamela Wratchford SURGERY/BARIATRIC

Dr. Osvaldo Anez Dr. Nathan Lee Dr. Colleen Nash Dr. Gregory Schroder Dr. Clifford Smith Dr. Jennifer Tran


Dr. Leo Gazoni Dr. Paul Wehman SURGERY/COLON & RECTAL

Dr. Christine Bouchard Dr. Paul Charron Dr. Joseph Coury Dr. Cary Gentry Dr. Paul Ghaemmaghami Dr. Peter Miller Dr. Sean O’Donovan Dr. Alex Seamon Dr. Crawford Smith Dr. William Timmerman Dr. Andrew Vorenberg SURGERY/GENERAL

Dr. Christine Bouchard Dr. Matthew Brengman Dr. James Daniels Dr. Clifford Deal Dr. David Dougherty Dr. David Galpern Dr. Ryan Goeke Dr. Vic Goradia Dr. Bryan Johnson Dr. Gerardo Mendez Dr. Jim Pellicane Dr. David Roberts Dr. Michael Rose Dr. Melvin Schursky Dr. Michael Wind SURGERY/ONCOLOGY

Dr. Cecelia Boardman Dr. Clifford Deal III Dr. Ruth Felsen Dr. Amelia Grover Dr. Johnny Hyde Dr. Rocio Lopez Dr. James Pellicane Dr. Randal West SURGERY/PEDIATRIC

Dr. Christopher Kim Dr. David Lanning Dr. H. Robert Tuten UROLOGY

Dr. Michael Byrne Dr. Quinn Lippman Dr. Mark Monahan Dr. Scott Rhamy Dr. Anthony Sliwinski

style weekly

Dr. Kumar Abhishek Dr. Sherman Baker Dr. Cecelia Boardman Dr. Jori Carter Dr. Yuvraj Choudhary Dr. Joseph Evers Dr. Emma Fields Dr. Elke Friedman Dr. Sharon A. Goble Dr. Pablo Gonzalez

Dr. Rosalia Lomeo Dr. Stephen Long Dr. Joelle Makon Dr. Daniel Martin Dr. Vidya Raghavan Dr. Ben Seeman Dr. John Snyder

January 29, 2020


Dr. Madhu Gowda Dr. Kelly Hagan Dr. James Khatcheressian Dr. Nathan Langer Dr. James Pellicane Dr. Edward Brent Perkins Dr. Andrew Poklepovic Dr. Purvi Shah Dr. Gary Simmons Dr. Craig Swainey Dr. David Trent Dr. Angela VanLandingham Dr. Will Voelzke Dr. Randal West


Affiliated Dermatologists of Virginia is pleased to congratulate Dr. Donna Hepper on being chosen by Style Weekly’s online voters as “Top Meds” for Dermatology!! Our dermatologists are all Board-Certified in Dermatology and fellows of the American Academy of Dermatology. They are qualified to address all general, medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology and dermatology procedures. We now offer same-day, New Patient appointments, and accept most insurance carriers. Call (804) 264-4545 to make an appointment today.


Shelley K. Hoover, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.A.D. | Thao Julie Tran, M.D. F.A.A.D. | Diem Wu, M.D., F.A.A.D. Donna M. Hepper, M.D. F.A.A.D | Brittony L. Blakey, D.O., F.A.A.D | Samantha R. Martin, FNP-C 7811-7813 Shrader Road | Henrico, VA 23294 | (804) 264-4545 |

Meet Riley, She loves snacking, especially on chips. Chips are a no-no since she has braces. One afternoon while enjoying some delicious fried potato goodness, Riley experienced a crunch, and it wasn’t from a chip. One of her brackets had popped off. At Virginia Family Dentistry, our team of orthodontists are available for everyday emergencies and had her bracket fixed same day. You can find Riley good as new and back to her regular routine (sans chips) to which we say... Chip-Chip-Hooray!

e ful! k i a M aut e e W sB ie d Bo

Burton M. Sundin, MD / Reps B. Sundin, MD

Specializing in... Liposuction, Renuvion J Plasma Skin Tightening, CoolSculpting®, Breast Implants, Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck and Mommy Makeover, Face and Neck Lift, Eyelid Lift, Rhinoplasty, Infini Non-Invasive Face and Neck Rejuvenation, Botox®, Fillers, Skin Care, and Chemical Peels.


Thanksfor VotingUs Top Meds!

For every up, down and space between, we’re here for you. Thank you Style Weekly readers for voting VWC’s Dr. Laura Pendlebury the “Top Med” in Gynecology. | 804.288.4084

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