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“it’s not that easy, being green,” sings Kermit the Frog. While we’d agree there are inherent challenges in any eco-friendly endeavor, the rewards can benefit more than just you and your world now. Making environmentally-conscious decisions now can enhance the lives of us all for generations to come. Style Weekly’s annual Go Green Directory will give you a starting point, to solicit businesses in our area who have made the decision to create a positive impact. Whether you are choosing a salon, a realtor, a heating and cooling system for your business or home, or recycling, Go Green gives you a starting off point to reduce your footprint on the environment. Go Local, Go Green.

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Power green tip

Bicycling is a zero emissions way to get from place to place; as a cyclist, you will definitely appreciate clean air.

Andrea Levine

Certified EcoBroker®, Realtor®, ABR, GRI GREEN SERVICES: Earth Craft Single Family Accredited. Whether it’s new construction, renovation or development, I can assist you in an eco friendly environment. Knowledgeable in all facets, from building materials to improved indoor air quality to final finishes. Excellent resource base for marketing, contractors, energy auditors, products and related fields. Committed to helping both buyers and sellers in the Richmond region attain the goal of going green! One South Realty Group 1435 West Main Street Richmond, VA 23220 (804) 647-2828

with natural products. Try to make your own, or shop green tip Clean for brands like Method or Seventh Generation.

City of Richmond Dept of Public Utilities GREEN SERVICES: Advantages of having Natural Gas: Savings of using Natural Gas are considerably lower than using propane, oil and electricity; Natural Gas is a safe, green, clean burning green fuel that is produced here in the United States; our Natural Gas Territory includes the City of Richmond, Henrico County and parts of Northern Chesterfield. Our department will provide a gas line to your property at no cost if you use Natural Gas for primary heat (unless it extends over 100 feet). Please visit or call (804) 646-5250 for more information. 400 Jefferson Davis Highway Richmond, VA 23224 (804) 646-5250



Delta Temp inc. Geothermal systems use the free and renewable ground temperature instead of outside air to provide heating, cooling and hot water. A Geothermal system taps into this free energy with an earth loop providing savings up to 70%. Geothermal systems are efficient, environmentally-sensitive, and economical while providing exceptional comfort. DeltaTemp offers turn-key installation of all system components including units, loops, duct systems and controls for new and existing homes. DeltaTemp is a second generation family-owned and operated business that works to offer easy communication, prompt service, and flexible scheduling. DeltaTemp has been an exclusive WaterFurnace dealer since 1994 and the only WaterFurnace GeoPro dealer in the Richmond metro area. We specialize specifically on Geothermal system design, installation and service. DeltaTemp is a fully insured, licensed contractor and A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau. Ask us about a 30% Federal Tax Credit and 0% financing! P.O. Box 2156 Midlothian, VA 23113 (804) 739-5854

Dunlap & Partners Engineers GREEN SERVICES: Dunlap & Partners Engineers are “GREEN.” We are forward thinking, innovative and environmentally conscious Engineers providing mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection design services. We approach every project from the same perspective of “What If” we could make our environment and our buildings safer and more sustainable. LEED is in our every day vocabulary and our methodology encompasses and encourages our clients to see through our “Rosy Green Glasses.” We not only “Talk the Talk” but we “Walk the Walk.” Our staff includes (11) LEED Accredited Professionals. We hold in-house training sessions for preparation of LEED exams. We provide lunch and learn seminars related to LEED for our clients and team members. We do our part by recycling everything from, paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminum cans to recycling ink cartridges. Our true colors run “Green.” 2112 W. Laburnum Avenue Richmond, VA 23227 (804) 358-9200



BYOB green tip

Bring your own bag for grocery shopping, department store shopping and mall shopping.

Green Up your Community Fund Raising Opportunites! Rain Barrel

Compost Bin

Cut water bills Use stored rain to water your lawn

Average homes produce 650 lbs of kitchen/yard waste a year

Reduce energy spent at water treatment facilities

Reduce your load at the source by turning it into high quality odorless fertilizer and topsoil

All necessary hardware included, but homeowner will need to adapt downspout

Green up Your Community and Put Some Green in Your Bank Account! One-Day Truckload Sales or Reservation Sales are a great way for your organization to earn money while making a difference in your community.

Contact us NOW to reserve your Sale Date!

Four Season Recycling & Trading

Your partner in environmentally responsible solutions. | 804-314-9141

Farm to Family GREEN SERVICES: Year round farmer’s market and farm bus featuring local, seasonal produce, pastured/grass-fed meats, grass-fed dairy, eggs, artisanal pantry. USA Farm Shares. Non-profit Bus Farm Urban Farm and Agricultural Training Programs. 2817 Mechanicsville Turnpike Richmond VA 23223 804-767-8570

Reuse the back of school or work papers by putting them in

green tip your home printer, or cut them into smaller memo sheets for to-do lists.

Four Season Recycling & Trading, LLC GREEN SERVICES: Our SYSTERN Rain Barrel helps conserve municipal water supply and cut household water bills by up to 40%. The Earth Machine™ Backyard Composter is North America’s best-selling backyard compost bin. Our Compost Turner turns compost without resorting to the traditional back-breaking job of removing and reloading by shovel or pitchfork, and our Kitchen Collector equips residents with an attractive, convenient, full-featured kitchen collection bin of the right size and shape. 10264-B Sycamore Drive Ashland, VA 23005 (804) 550-3460



Green Air, Inc. GREEN PRODUCTS: Central VA’s top Geothermal Heat Pump Installer, also servicing and installing all types of Commercial & Residential HVAC. We do everything the “other guys” do, we just do it in an environmentally friendly fashion. 105 Sylvia Road Ashland, VA 23005 (804) 368-8543

Water and fertilize your grass less often. Over-fertilizing can

green tip damage your yard, is harmful to the environment and conserving water is always a good idea.

Red Salon Organics GREEN SERVICES: Red Salon Organics is an environmentally friendly and creative salon located in the heart of the fan. We are dedicated to aiding in the conservation and replenishment of the environment while upholding a standard of creative excellence surpassing many in our industry. 201 N. Robinson Street Richmond, VA 23220 (804) 353-1733




green tip

Use your ceiling fans throughout the year they can cut up to 40% on energy costs.



on green tip

Have a Family Game night to connect by turning off all TVs, video games and computers.

taylor steele GREEN SERVICES: Certified Earth Advantage Real Estate Broker serving the Greater Richmond area. As A Richmond Native with over 10 years experience, my aim is to give my clients’ exceptional service, knowledge and representation from start to … forever! Whether it is helping to identify which home features and building products provide greater energy, water and resource efficiency, to pricing a “green” home for Seller or Purchasers, I have the “know-how” to get the job done. 6726 Patterson Ave Richmond VA 23226 804-282-3136

Don’t Litter, it’s very harmful to animals and waterways.

green tip Plan a litter removal day, or join in an area event like the ‘James River Clean-up’.

Urban Grid GREEN SERVICES: Urban Grid is a Certified B Corporation that helps clients meet their sustainability goals through energy management solutions. Whether this is investing in renewable solar or wind power, building efficiency systems, or building intelligence, Urban Grid uses the latest technology to provide an outcome that is both environmentally conscious and economically competitive. Our clients are residential, commercial, industrial, non-profit, utility scale and government entities. We also work with architects and engineers to encourage energy management principles and products in new construction, retrofits and renovations. No matter how large or small the project, we take a whole building approach to help you meet your energy reduction goals. 3310 West Clay Street #100 Richmond, VA 23230 (804) 353-0491



VA Department of Game & Inland Fisheries SUPPORT SERVICES: The Habitat Partners© program of the VA Department of Game and Inland Fisheries provides technical assistance to businesses interested in establishing a Corporate Habitat. Department staff can schedule a site visit to provide guidance on the planning of new conservation projects on commercial or industrial properties. Find out how you can lower maintenance costs by reducing your lawn’s footprint, installing native plants, and naturalizing the landscape. 4010 W. Broad Street Richmond, VA 23230 (804) 367-6989

EarthCraft Virginia GREEN SERVICES: Working in partnership with the Homebuilders Association of Virginia, the EarthCraft Virginia Green Building Program has raised the bar in residential home construction. Developed specifically for the southeastern climate, the program serves as a blueprint for healthy, comfortable homes that reduce energy bills and protect the environment. Well respected as a technically sound, voluntary green building program, EarthCraft allows homebuilders to integrate quality growth management and environmental stewardship in their building practices. Houses in the program must satisfy stringent criteria for energy performance and conservation measures, plus must achieve resource efficient design standards. Every home is commissioned, field verified and undergoes diagnostic testing to certify as an EarthCraft House. Prospective homeowners have begun to recognize EarthCraft houses as more sustainable - homes that are a cut above the norm with assured comfort, lower utility bills and better indoor air quality. 1431 W. Main Street, Richmond, VA 23220 (804) 225-9843 •



come unplugged green tip

Unplug all chargers for cell phones, toothbrushes, etc. (they use electricity even when not charging a device).


idea green tip

Start replacing incandescent bulbs for new energy efficient 75% longer-lasting fluorescent bulbs.

Go Local, Go Green. Call these good people first: Real Estate

Andrea Levine One South Realty Group 1435 West Main Street Richmond, VA 23220 (804) 647-2828 Taylor Steele Virginia Realty & Relocation, Inc. 6726 Patterson Avenue Richmond, VA 23226 (804) 282-3136

Public Utilities

City of Richmond Department of Public Utilities 400 Jefferson Davis Highway Richmond, VA 23224 (804) 646-5250

Heating & Cooling

DeltaTemp Geothermal Heating & Cooling P.O. Box 2156 Midlothian, VA 23113 (804) 739-5854 Green Air, Inc. 105 Sylvia Road Ashland, VA 23005 (804) 368-8543

Alternative Energy Management Urban Grid 3310 W. Clay Street Suite 100 Richmond, VA 23230 (804) 353-0491



Engineering & Design Services

Dunlap & Partners Engineers 2112 W. Laburnum Avenue Richmond, VA 23227 (804) 358-9200


Four Season Recycling & Trading, LLC 10264-B Sycamore Drive Ashland, VA 23005 (804) 550-3460


Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries 4010 W. Broad Street Richmond, VA 23230 (804) 367-6989

Salon Services

Red Salon Organics 201 N. Robinson Street Richmond, VA 23220 (804) 353-1733

Farmers’ Market & Agricultural Training Services Farm to Family 2817 Mechanicsville Turnpike Richmond, VA 23223 (804) 767-8570

Go Green 2012  

Style Weekly’s annual guide to sustainable businesses, organizations, charities, and much more in and around the Richmond area.