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Vested fashion: Build your style around your vest. Leather vest, boots and bag pulls your look all together. Being in tune with your look: A white linen tunic brings a casual cool. The skinny: Slim it down with a pair of leggings or skinny jean. The city slicker: Ride it out with a pair of riding boots for a little urban cowgirl chic. Bag-it-and-tag-it: Sling a bag over your shoulder for all your fashionista gear. Finish line: Finish your look with a fun long necklace and make it pop. Back to Basics: Vest with top and jeans.

Fashionistas love the styles from the street. Scandalous fashion collections are inspired by party-hard individuals who dare to be different. Designers - who had associated themselves with high culture find inspiration in the vulgar masses. Some might say that they co-opt rather than create trends. Whatever the reason for fashion's obsession with the street, keeping an eye on it has never been easy. Strolling around town is tough on the shoe leather, and only insiders know just where to look. The print media, meanwhile, has been of little help. Fashion editors are more likely to devote what pages they have to the fashion establishment (which pays for advertising) than to nameless but chic pedestrians. Until Now! StyleTasteFun makes possible fast and cheap people-watching through internet digital photography. This street-fashion site sprung up in a world where Fashionistas are quickly proliferating. We seek to capture the joys of people-watching and offer an experience that's more like lounging on a park bench than flipping through a fashion magazine. For one thing, we aren't label-conscious.

StyleTasteFun! Volume 1, Issue 1 !

Trends: Every season has its defining styles and trends. From a certain genre (bohemian or menswear, anyone?) to specific pieces like the ones highlighted in this post, there are always certain looks that can immediately take us to a seasons. Depending upon where you live, however, some seasonal trends may be obsolete or simply unwearable due to weather conditions. Lucky for all you cold-weather Fashionistas, this is a great season for you - it’s filled to the brim with fashions that are both totally adorable and warm! Here are a few of the hottest trends for that we’ll surely remember in future years.

Infinity scarves, single circles of continuous knit fabric, are popping up everywhere: they are great for layering and adding extra warmth, they’re also totally fun and cute. An infinity scarf is more than just an accessory: it can truly be the cornerstone of your look. A bright scarf, for example, paired with a white tee and jeans and thigh high boots is a look that packs a serious style punch. Another great feature of the infinity scarf is its versatility. You can pull its sides over your shoulders to create a sweater-jacket, pull one section over your head and leave the rest draping on your neck. These scarves mix fashion with function. They’re a true must have.

StyleTasteFun! Volume 1, Issue 1 !

StyleTasteFun Issue 1  

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