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More bloggy goodness Welcome to the sophomore issue of Style Sample Magazine! As I type this, the first issue has over 160,000 page views and counting, which is a testament to the growing strength and influence of the fashion blogging community. We rock!

Before you do that, though, you'll definitely want to check out the great articles featuring The Glamourai, an exciting day in life of fashion PR, a social media-savvy blogger in business, as well as tips on writing first-rate posts and taking amazing photos.

One of the reasons I started SSM (that's how insiders refer to it, dahling) was to create opportunities for fellow fashion bloggers to do what they love-writing, editing, designing, etc.--while featuring the best and brightest in the online fashion space. For Issue #2 I wanted to offer even more opportunities to contribute, so I'm extremely excited about the fact that over 25 bloggers were a part of this issue!

I'm always interested in your ideas and working on ways to help you do what you love, so go to to fill out the quick "What do you want to do?" survey and give your feedback!

To that end, you'll notice a few new additions--a news section, a separate contributor page, and a fun trend editorial. If you're a fashion blogger, you can be included, too: send your information to or sign up to contribute!


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Blogs to Watch



Featuring My Idea of Fashion, India's World, Jay Vintage, and Je Ne Sais Quoi.


Trends: Summer Heat Six great bloggers let us in on their favorite ways to beat the heat. Edited by Fajr of Stylish Thought


A Day in the Life Fashion PR professional Beka of reLYME leads us on showroom visits, brainstorming sessions, and lively after parties.




Blogging + Business Crosby, the media mastermind behind PR Couture, explains how blogging helped her career blossom. By Sarah of Looking Sharp!



Emerging Designer Portuguese designer Carla Coquenim displays the darling clutches from her Cozy Handmade line. By Morena & Chelsea of Too Haute to Handle


Feature: The Glamorous Life


The Glamourai lets us in on the secret of what makes her so...well, glamorous! By Kim of Cupcakes and Mace


Tips & Advice


14 10

When it comes to blogging, writing is half the battle. Ceri of Style Eyes gives us some tips.


How-To Maddie of Sprinkle Diary shows us how to take delectably quirky photos.


Notes from the Blogosphere One Question, Three Bloggers with Diane, Sonya, and Marcella Edited by Breck of Fashion Without Guilt Quotable!




contributors Sarah Sudar Fajr Muhammad

Stylish Thought Fajr Muhammad bka Ms. Thought is a writer, fashion lover and aspiring know-itall. When she's not strapped to her laptop or on Ebay, she can be found spending too much money on shoes, dancing to Prince, and conducting “research� for her blog Stylish Thought.

Morena & Chelsea

Too Haute to Handle Aspiring models, selfproclaimed vintage addicts and just pretty alluring girls in general, we share a love for writing as well as the dream of becoming editors for Vogue. As California bred girls, we were definitely meant to meet each other.

Breck Bennett

Fashion Without Guilt Breck Bennett is the creator of Fashion Without Guilt, a blog dedicated to bringing affordable fashion to the masses.

Looking Sharp! Sarah is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and currently a student at Point Park University working on her Master's Degree. When she's not blogging or writing, she can be found shopping at independent boutiques around Pittsburgh and writing on her blog Looking Sharp!

Maddie Maschger

Sprinkle Diary Maddie Maschger, aka. Sprinkle started blogging to find likeminded creative people Ceri Heathcote and shares her Style Eyes photography, writing, Ceri Heathcote art, & personal provides fashion moments. She lives in blogging and internet the Midwestern US, marketing through her but hopes to someday company Heathcote reside in a big city, Communications. She chasing her dreams. also writes her own You can find her blog, Style Eyes. blogging at SprinkleDiary or at her etsy shop, Imagine Pirineos.


Kim L.

Cupcakes and Mace Kim aka Ms Constantine is a blogger and jewelery maker from Wellington, New Zealand. She has recently given up on the corporate world and is pursuing her dream of being able to play with trinkets and surf the net for a living.

Liz Fulghum

East by West Liz Fulghum is a designer living and working in Nashvegas, Tennessee. She has a passion for style and great design, and an unhealthy obsession with typography.

NEWS Interesting news, information, and announcements from the fashion blogosphere



Independent Fashion Bloggers has gone from a blog to a social network featuring message boards, user profiles, and image galleries in addition to the helpful tips and contributions that have always been a part of the network.

The Glamourai has collaborated with Shrimpton Couture to design an exclusive capsule collection of jewelry for the online vintage emporium. It doesn't stop there: More of The Glamourai's gorgeous one-of-a-kind jewelry made from vintage materials can be purchased online at

Founder Jennine Tamm notes that the transition was necessary to keep up with member growth and continue to make IFB "a relevant fashion resource for bloggers." Current IFB members can update their profiles and newbies can join in the fun by logging in at




Photo: Philip Waterman

Modcloth is sponsoring a vintage inspiration contest on From May 22-June 22, Chictopia members can upload one of their vintage inspired outfits and tag it as “vintage inspired� during the upload process. Two winners will be chosen to receive $100 gift certificates to ModCloth.

StyleBubble's Susie Lau will live blog from Britain's Graduate Fashion Week, which takes place June 7-11, 2009. Susie's blog (as if it isn't already on your blogroll) is


Got news? Send your tips to


BLOGS TO WATCH Fresh faces and unique concepts in the world of blogging rnia Califo

My blog is fashion for the body, and for the soul. It all starts with a positive outlook in order to cope in this crazy world! What's your favorite part about blogging? The ability to communicate with so many diverse people all over the world.

JE NE SAIS QUOI Why did you start blogging? I discovered the fashion forums on the 'net and spent a lot of time posting. Starting my own fashion blog was a natural progression for me. Who do you hope to reach? I love communicating with people all over the globe who share similar interests. I have met some fantastic people through my blog who I would like to meet in real life some time in the future. I also have a lot of students who read my blog . It is great to be a "big sister" to some of them and give advice when they ask for it.



uis St. Lo

Why did you start blogging? I started blogging because I found that a number of sites were recommending cool things to see and do and actually making a living out of it. I've been telling my friends and family about cool things to check out all my life! I've turned many people on to new artists like Ledisi, as well as new restaurants, hotels, etc. India's World is just a continuation of what I've been doing for years and years.

My friends are not into fashion and through my blog I get to share my fashion thoughts and opinions with other people who share the same love.


MY IDEA OF FASHION Why did you start blogging? I started blogging because I needed to share my passion for fashion with someone.

With the downturn of the job market ( I've worked in media sales my entire working career), I finally had the time to bring India's World to life. Who do you hope to reach? I hope to reach cool people that love to hang out and do different things, and who have the disposable income to support and enjoy a wide array of activities like entertainment, fine dining, travel, shopping and the like.




Who do you hope to reach? Other fashion-conscious people from all around the world. I would love it if people saw my blog as an inspirational source. What's your favorite part about blogging? I love so many things about blogging! Meeting new people through the blog is awesome, when I get recognized on the streets it just amazing, and sharing my love with other people is the best feeling ever!

What's your favorite part about blogging? I like it because it gives me a creative outlet to connect with my friends and business associates. I mean, I reach enough people to fill Madison Square Garden on a monthly basis! That me makes me feel good. And I like growing things besides my children!

Why did you start blogging? I love looking at other fashion blogs and always wanted one of my own. So I thought I would start one. Who do you hope to reach? I hope to reach people who love fashion but don't have the money to spend on designer clothes. I want to show that you can shop at thrift stores and inexpensive outlets and make the clothes look modern and rich. What's your favorite part about blogging? My favorite part about blogging is inspiring people to think outside the box. If you'd like to be considered for “Blogs to Watch�,complete the online submission form!




Heart Shades,

Gemma, Sika Fair Trade Sundress “It’s a great retro style with a bold and beautiful summer floral print. I think it's a style that you can dress up, or down.” Bracelet, USE-UK

Sika dress, Jane Goldsmith

Vegetable Ivory Bracelet “I love chunky jewellery for summer. It's eco friendly and I think the hot pink and brown give it a graphical 80's vibe that's great for this season.”

Mona, APC Sandal,


Gladiator Sandal “This gladiator is the ultimate hot weather staple. Pair it with all things summer from maxis to minis--this sandal offers great versatility”

Jessica, Lolita Heart Shades “This summer you won't find me without my BlackBerry, some shades and a hat. I've been rocking my red heart Lolita shades from Topshop quite a bit as well.” Cardamom Mint Shampoo “The Standard Hotel on Sunset Blvd. has this stocked in guests' rooms. I am trying to track down the full sized bottle!”

Kiss My Face shampoo, Neon Nail Polish “You don’t have to rock 80’s neon from head-to-toe. Simply put a little pop-art in your mani+pedi with these brilliantly bold colors & spring into summer.” OPI polish,


We asked six fashion bloggers for the hottest ways to stay cool. Edited by Fajr Muhammad of StylishThought Wedge Sandals “My current faves are these striped wedges I got few months ago.”

Floral bustier, Opening

Aimee, Cropped Top “If you're worried about a little tummy just wear it with a high rise jeans/pants!”

Ev'Yan, Fedora Hat “I bought one from H&M a little bit ago, & I can't stop wearing it. I love to pair it with everything, from ripped jeans to frilly dresses.”

NARS Shrinagar lipstick,

NARS Lipstick “The 'Barbie Pink' lipstick has been popping up lately on the coolest celebrities and itgirls. It gives any old outfit a pop of great colour and brings your face to life after the deeper hues favoured in colder months.”


Party Dress “This style by Australian brand Witchery will not only will it be perfect for the warmer weather but after it starts to get cold again, some black opaque tights and a blazer or leather jacket will keep the pretty dress looking edgy for another season.” Dress,

Lush deodorant Coconut Deodorant Powder “I cannot stop wearing it. I prefer it over any other deodorant, & I don't think I'll ever go back to the drugstore brands. I especially like the coconut smell. It's so summery.”


If you'd like to contribute to the next trend editorial, fill out the online submission form!



Day in the Beka of reLYME Life:


reLYME's Beka graces us with a glimpse into the whirlwind world of New York fashion public relations. I live in Manhattan, and work in the fashion/beauty department at a social media firm. I take part in helping fashion and beauty clients expand their brand via social media. My fashion blogs, reLYME and Full On Style, have opened up a lot of doors for me, and have actually allowed me to work in the industry that I work in. My interest in fashion began when I was in the fifth grade and I received my first fashion magazine subscription (it was Seventeen, and Luke Perry was on the cover). From then on, it was love.

I launched in 2008 as a hobby, and quickly became enamored with the online fashion community. I have been able to meet so many lovely people and attend high-profile fashion events as a result of my blog. My personal style isn’t necessarily influenced by what is in, but rather what feels like me. I am drawn to subtle details, and delicate patterns. I love vintage, especially clothing from the 60’s. I like to wear things that make me feel like a girly girl juxtaposed with a tomboy/girl-next-door. However, most days, I just like to be comfortable in a babydoll dress and cardigan.

6:30am I wake up and write three pages in a journal, check emails on my iPhone, and get ready.

8:00am I chose to wear an empire waist burgundy sleeveless sweater knit dress with a double layered mesh-like skirted bottom, a gray cardigan, and silver strappy sandals.


Oops, nearly forgot to pack some fruit. Off to work!

8:30am I arrive to work, check more email, Google Alerts, RSS feeds, Facebook page. Time to create today’s to-do list!

10:30am Conference call with fashion client. Putting the finishing touches on a big launch event! Head to desk to work on next steps while listening to the new Yeah Yeah Yeah’s album on iTunes.

11:15am Brainstorming session with pmmake colleagues. How can 3:00we the most out of social media for a client’s upcoming product release?

12:45pm Help put together a social media best practices document for client before heading to lunch with the lovely fashion bloggers from StyleItOnline and Shoe Daydreams. I post another Twitter update while chatting it up over my brown rice avocado sushi roll.

3:00pm Head to client showroom for a video interview. It's so exciting to see the new line before it hits stores! Truly amazing detail and design!

5:45pm Touch up makeup and hair. Head to launch party for designer client’s new line. I decide to take the subway uptown to he event.

7:45pm The event is fantastic! I’ve chatted with so many awesome fashion bloggers. The food is delicious and the DJ is rocking!

8:15pm Head home, check emails and Twitter on iPhone. I arrive home, eat dinner, and write a blog post.

10:00pm I read a chapter of a classic lit novel before drifting off to sleep...

Connect with Beka online at reLYME and Full On Style


PROFILES Emerging Designer:

Carla Coquenim of

Inspired by whimsical memories of her childhood, Portuguese designer Carla Coquenim uses fanciful fabrics ® to create her line of handmade By Chelsea & Morena of Too Haute to Handle clutches.

Cozy Handmade

Bright colors and energetic patterns feature prominently on Cozy Handmade Inspiration clutches. The Portuguese native explains the origins of her whimsical designs:

“Since I was a little girl, I always watched my mother sewing or embroidering so I am very influenced by those childhood memories.” She notes, “I used to help her hand sew her projects, always with the promise that I’d never lay my eager and clumsy hands on her sewing machine … So I guess it all started back then!” She's Got Personality! As if Coquenim’s painstakingly gorgeous designs weren’t enough to rave about, you can add personal charisma to that list. No wonder her husband is willing to put up with her "crazy business." “Actually I drive my husband crazy,” Coquenim affirms with a smile, “because I’m very messy and there are small pieces of fabric and thread all over the place.”


Working as an event coordinator occupies much of her time, but Coquenim says she just tries to work on her clutches and bags on her days off and during any spare time she has. She’s quick to say, “Gosh I wish I had more of that,” referring to the spare time issue.

It’s an amazing era we’re living in, with no boundaries to creativity, inspiration, or information.


arla Coquenim, the talented designer behind the line Cozy® Handmade, caught our eye with the many handmade designs showcased on her blog. Coquenim’s predilection for exquisite textiles and flourishing prints is translated into the gorgeous clutches and bags sold at her Etsy shop, Fadas y Princesas. (Translation: fairies and princesses.)

No Boundaries Carla and her lovely business deserve all the best. Surely many will be inspired by this self-proclaimed "vintage addict" to pursue their dream as a designer or crafter. She says it best: “I’m very excited about this designer and crafter boom worldwide promoted by amazing internet communities like etsy. It’s so very stimulating to know that somewhere across the world there’s someone who relates to you and to your work. It’s an amazing era we’re living in, with no boundaries to creativity, inspirations or information.” Hopefully, the whole world will soon discover and relate to her enchanting creativity. Carla and her Cozy® Handmade line serve as quite the inspiration. Find Carla online at: and etsy.

PR Couture By Sarah of Looking Sharp! Starting PR Couture While completing her Master’s Degree in Communication at San Diego State University, Crosby focused her research on fashion PR, but found very little online chatter about this niche field. Six months after graduating, she established PR Couture in December 2006 as a way to continue her focus and share her passion. She developed web content with the goal of making a “central hub for those interested in or working in fashion PR.”

I value and respect the voice of bloggers as well as the power of social media, and I think that comes across in my communication.

One afternoon, Crosby bought the domain, installed WordPress, customized the blog’s first theme and asked an illustrator friend to design the logo. While PR Couture was thrown together in a weekend, it has evolved into a respected online source for fashion publicists, designers, students and educators.

Crosby is recognized as a leader/educator in fashion PR and her site has paved the way for career advancement and her eventual transition into social media professional. Getting a Foot in the Door “I happened to start blogging right about the time when fashion bloggers were gaining influence and PR companies were starting to take notice.” Crosby is currently the Social Media Strategist at Red Door Interactive, an Internet Presence Management company. “It's beneficial for [Red Door] to have me on the team because I can speak to both sides, having secured online PR and engaged brand communities through social media, as well as integrating the practice successfully on my own as a blogger."

Career Success As a social media professional, Crosby’s typical day consists of a combination of strategy meetings, social media engagement, and occasionally breaking into song with her team because “things are more fun when you sing them!” Crosby’s success is an inspiration to all of us. The best advice she has is to “engage in Twitter, write a blog, do free PR for your friend with the cute handbag line. If the opportunities aren’t there, look for ways to create them on your own terms.” You can visit Crosby online at and tweet her up at

Photo: Erika Doria

Crosby of

From fashion marketing and PR, to blogger and social media professional, Crosby of PR Couture has proven that bloggers have game in the world of social networking.

Photo: Erika Doria

Photo: Will Hansen

Blogging + Business:




Life 14

With a whimsical writing style and a fantastic eye for mixing jewelry and prints, The Glamourai is infusing the blogosphere with effortless glamour. By Kim of Cupcakes and Mace



elly is The Glamourai – a stunningly chic New Yorker living a life most girls can only dream about. She is a freelance stylist, a designer for a high-end fashion house, a popular blogger, and she recently started selling her one of a kind costume jewellery on Etsy. Growing Up Glam There was never any question Kelly would grow up to be stylish. Her dad would “baa” like a sheep when they drove past the mall to embarrass her--it was important to Kelly’s parents that she grew up with a sense of individualism and didn’t end up just another girl in the crowd. They were obviously very successful in laying the foundation for Kelly to take off. Creativity was a focus from a young age and Kelly was fortunate enough to have her gift for art fostered by a private drawing and painting tutor. Her childhood dream of being a classical painter may not have come to fruition, but she’s using a different canvas to paint her picture now. Becoming The Glamourai Kelly had been following blogs and thinking about starting her own for a long time when she was out with friends at the Chinatown Brasserie one night “[we were] all dressed as new-wave geishas, and a friend started calling me ‘The Glamourai’. The name stuck and the next day I started the blog.”


high caliber readership as to include Elle editors!

enormously flattered “I wasto discover I had such a

Since The Glamourai’s inception in August 2008, Kelly has been featured on The Sartorialist and even referred to as The Sartorialist’s muse. A quick Google search brings up the multitude of interviews and blog mentions that followed.

"The community of fashion bloggers is so large now that you need to find your point of difference, and develop your own opinions. A blog is public so you need to make posts that will be helpful and keep people coming back."

Although The Glamourai is relatively new at less than one year old, the way it has moved up the ranks of internet fashion blogs and onto the radars of fashion blog readers so quickly is a testament to Kelly’s out-there, attention grabbing style. If her blonde on top/dark underneath bob doesn’t catch your eye, one of her chunky self-designed necklaces certainly will.

The Glamourai blog is a visual feast—imagery is the way Kelly works. Aesthetics are paramount whether she’s searching for a teacup in a junk shop, admiring a mural on the street, or bringing attention to the stylish women she looks up to. Women who she says set themselves outside the standard fashion cycle, whose style transcends time, age, and trends. Women like Iris Apfel, Loulou de la Falaise, Diana Vreeland, and Edie Beale.

All of Kelly’s readers are special to her and she loves the feedback they give her and the dialogue they share. The biggest validator though, was being approached by a reader asking if she was The Glamourai. “She turned out to be a writer for Elle Magazine and more than anything, I was enormously flattered to discover I had such a high caliber readership as to include Elle editors!”

About the Author

Advice & Inspiration Kelly's best advice for budding bloggers is to be yourself.

Kelly is no hypocrite when it comes to fashion advice. Her fashion philosophy is to “embrace color and print, but keep the silhouette simple. Mix eras.” Mixing patterns is something she does regularly and with ease, a feat not easy to achieve. She advises us to choose one statement accessory, and build around it. “Other than that, I say ignore everyone else’s rules! Really stylish people have never asked for approval.” The Glamourai — both the blog and the woman — is all about dressing up and glamorizing life on your own terms.

Connect with Kelly online at, etsy, and Modepass.


TIPS & ADVICE WRITING The Importance of Good Writing by Ceri of Style-Eyes When writing your blog, it is important to remember that there are many fashion blogs out there. If you want people to read your blog and keep coming back, you need it to be easily understood, interesting and unique. Without all of these qualities, your fashion blog is likely to get lost amongst all of the others in the blogosphere and get very few repeat visitors. Here are some key points that will help you engage your audience when writing a fashion blog:


Use accurate punctuation, spelling and good grammar. This is vital--without it people will not understand the point that you are trying to get across and they are unlikely to take you seriously. Use your spell checker but do not be completely reliant on it! Remember to read through your post before publishing.


Combining your own opinions with researched facts helps give your blog credibility and makes it a more interesting read. Try to provide links in the text to any websites that you mention in your post.


Find your own niche.

The most successful fashion blogs are those that have found their own niche rather than providing a similar commentary to everyone else. Think about areas of fashion that you are particularly interested in, and what you can do that will set you apart from the rest. Do you love vintage, spotting the latest up and coming designers or looking stylish on a budget?




Find your own blogging voice

Your voice is part of the character of your blog. This is partly what makes your blog an interesting read and what helps people to connect with you as a person. When you are writing, try imagining that you are talking to someone and use the language that really communicates how you feel.

Bite size posts

Try to keep your blog posts fairly short and to the point. Usually, 200-300 words is ideal―try not to write more than 400. People usually want to read short pieces of writing on blogs and may lose interest if the post is too long.

most successful fashion “The blogs are those that have found


their own niche...



Accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar

Short and concise sentences are generally much easier to read and understand than long rambling sentences. If a sentence makes more than one point or is too long, try splitting it in two.


How-To : Take Great


By Maddie Maschger, Sprinkle Diary

The captured image is something of allure; it’s a glimpse of hope, a shot at freedom. Through the simplest image are we able to connect with the artist and see through their eyes, if only for a second. The field of photography doesn’t require a V.I.P. pass—in fact, there’s no experience necessary! The pictures that seem to mean the most are those taken from the heart—the ones in which we can see everyday blemishes and deeply personal passion. To get you started, I've included some of my favorites, plus a few tips and tricks to get you snapping away like a shutterbug princess:


Try to resist the flash. This is ultimately the worst mistake you can make! No matter the lighting, using the flash will make you or your subject appear washed-out and greasy in the face, and add the dreaded red-eye. Gross! Most digital cameras have the option of changing the lighting automatically—check your manual. ●

I really like this photo, because it was one of those magical moments where I just happened to have my camera. I’d spent the last two hours baking cupcakes, and the way the sun hit the pink icing was practically electric. Thank God for zoom & detail!

Remember my advice for experimenting? This photo is a result of pure boredom. I grabbed my tiny turtle, Luella, out of her aquarium and plopped her onto a towel next to a glitter covered igloo dollhouse (Thank you, Dollar Store). Instant winter memories.

Start carrying your camera everywhere. Look for everyday beauty. Browse websites like Flickr and WeHeartIt for inspiration. Don’t be afraid to snap away as many shots as you’d like! With the fantastic invention of digital cameras, we don’t have to worry about wasting film. ●

Experiment. Try the unknown. This is so useful in developing your niche in the photography world. Cover your lens in pink saran wrap, attempt stop motion, or press different buttons. What’s the worst that could happen? ●

The color here is what makes the image. The cool and hazy feeling creates an almost eerie environment, but at the same time, maintaining the feeling of fairytales that all big cities seem to give off.

The same pink cupcakes as before, atop a fashion magazine. I try not to plan any of my photographs, but try to keep my camera at my fingertips at all times. I think it’s important to make life into a photograph, ready to be captured at any second.

Visit for more ideas.






Edited by Breck of Fashion Without Guilt


Sonya, No More Muumuus “My blog reflects my fashion inspiration in that I do spring/summer autumn/winter catwalk reviews every year, and then scour the shops for how to work the trends to a plus-sized body. I'm also influenced by people on the street, sales assistants and friends—my plus sized friends are some of the most stylish people I've met!”

How does your blog reflect your fashion inspiration?

Diane, Africana Wardrobe Diary “I set out to enlighten the blogosphere to that Africans are a stylish bunch. News of latest African designers would probably be outweighed by the news of poverty and strife that plagues most of Africa so news regarding fashions is not as popular. I’m inspired by my Nigerian heritage and nature as well as the American cultures, so my 'look' changes often, depending on how I feel.”

Marcella, Fashion Distraction

“I believe the two are almost synonymous; one is the cause and the other is the effect! I use my blog as an outlet for the all the things that I find inspire me. It’s a photo diary of sorts - looking back on my entries I can pick out the one element that inspired me to create the outfit around it in the first place.”


Funny/interesting/thoughtful comments from the blogosphere “I love your Mom, she looks like she should be on Gossip girl!” Seen on Sea of Shoes

“The importance of staying in touch with a sense of desire and desire-fulfillment, is major.” Seen on Mischief, My Dear/Dramatis Personae

“I have a humongous crush on those shoes. Not gonna lie.”


Seen on The Coveted

Profile for Style Sample Magazine

Style Sample Magazine June/July 2009  

Issue #2 of Style Sample Magazine, the magazine for and about fashion bloggers

Style Sample Magazine June/July 2009  

Issue #2 of Style Sample Magazine, the magazine for and about fashion bloggers


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