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The open kitchen features high gloss foil finish cabinetry from Altima Cabinets, gorgeous gleaming countertops from Creative Granite Works and high end stainless steel appliances from Midland Appliance.

while business is being conducted in the large area adjacent to the front entrance. The loft style condo also features two bathrooms, a large open kitchen, and massive living room, as well as a contemporary designed bedroom with sliding glass doors and ensuite. “The construction is fantastic,” enthuses Realtor® Gary Bachman, who together with Tom Hayward are marketing the properties from their offices at Century 21 Bachman & Associates. He points to concrete in the floors and walls throughout, granite in the kitchen, and engineered hardwoods in the display as examples. Large sliding glass doors from Fort Rouge Glass add plenty of wow factor to the master bedroom entrance and other areas of the display suite.

Indeed, a perfect example of the attention to detail can be seen in the large open kitchen where designers have included an impressive countertop flaming hearth to add to the décor. Here countertops are milled in Winnipeg by Creative Granite Countertops, a small local company that prides itself on its ability to craft unique one-off designs such as those found in 238 Portage. “For us, it’s all about being responsive to the needs of the design. We are doing several condos in the building and each has its own individual look designed to bring the kitchen to life,” says Creative Granite Countertops’ Scott Thompson.

Altima Cabinet Works Ltd., a company that prides itself in its semi-custom approach, manufactured the kitchen cabinets. “We build to fit and are known for quality. This is why SUNREX came to us for cabinets that met the needs of the high-end design of the display,” says Altima Cabinet Works General Manager Kevin Hourd. He reports they built cabinets that featured high-gloss foil finishes to provide the right accent for the kitchen and the right blend of wow factor to work with the rest of the open design. Another local company that is adding its input to design at 238 Portage is Midland Appliance. This Winnipeg-based distributor supplied the stainless steel appliances that help give the kitchen its clean well-balanced feel. The company reports that they are the exclusive distributor to SUNREX projects. “They buy higher end products for their projects to help them stand out from the competition. If your condo developer buys lesser quality appliances, where else did they cut corners?” suggests Derek Faraci of Midland Appliance, who comments further that condo buyers like having appliances from Midland because they offer a full welcome package to new owners to let them know all about their new kitchen equipment and who does the service. “The building also offers great privacy,” says Bachman. “Certainly the concrete construction adds to the quiet, but the fact that each residence is on its own floor is a big plus.”

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