Style | December 2021

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FIVE IN ONE Getting one brand off the ground can be tricky enough, yet Ana Piteria has managed to do it with five stunningly exceptional labels! As the mastermind behind the famed Reliquia Collective, Bethan Warrior chats to this powerhouse creative on how she makes it all work.

Hi Ana! Back in 2015, you were already well established as the head of PR agency OMGFIVE (now, Sueno Communications), what inspired you to make the shift to start your own jewellery brand? During those early years at the agency, I noticed a gap in the market for affordable jewellery that still felt special. At that time, most jewellery offerings were cheap chain stores or much more expensive bespoke pieces. I wanted to create a range that appealed to everyday wear and reflected the vintage-inspired aesthetic that I am so fond of. These days you’re known as the mastermind behind beautiful Reliquia Jewellery, but many people may not know you have four other brands under your belt. Could you tell us how they happened? Reliquia was the first brand and it exceeded my expectations in terms of success and interest. We had some key pieces like the star sign necklaces and spiral hoops that really cemented the brand. The launch of Valet Studio in 2017 has allowed me to play with

different aesthetics and materials. Valet Studio is all about colour with unique resin pieces, which led to the creation of Respiro Studio – initially a range of cute, resin bags. Since then, Respiro has expanded into other materials like satin, leather, and beads. Blanca arose with a desire to offer a full “Reliquia look” BLANCA and further speaks to the aesthetics that I personally love and align with. It seemed logical to build the collection on oversized shirting, statement collars and stripe sets that would complement the accessories. Tying all the brands together is a respect and love for vintage, heirlooms, and European influences.


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