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Hi Daley/Charlie, tell us a little about Ludo, what gets created inside these walls? We create animated shows, TV series and soon we’ll be creating our first movie. Lately we’ve been creating books, toys, clothes and stickers too. Where does the name Ludo come from? We think Ludo means play in Latin and if we’re wrong it means we’ve named our company after a board game. We also love Ludo because it’s our second favourite character in Labyrinth. Goblin King Pty. Ltd was taken. How many employees do you have at Ludo? We have about 50 designers, boarders, artists, directors, animators, editors, production managers and producers.  It has peaked at about 70 when it’s gotten really busy. They’re all brilliant people and every day we’re lucky to do what we do together. It also means we have about two birthdays a week which means a new cake every couple of days. 

Something people wouldn’t know about the studio? We love what we do but we also work hard. We’ve grown pretty steadily over the past five years. This year we’ve had to move to a bigger space in the AC Drapers building in the Valley. It’s a beautiful space but something people don’t know is that it’s actually haunted. The laughing when you’re in the office on your own at night is terrifying - but it helps us know which jokes are working or not in Bluey. 

Bluey into their lives and home. Everyone at Ludo worked so hard to deserve the success but it’s just not something any of us ever expected. We love getting letters and hearing from all the families across Australia who love Bluey. We’d love them to know that we love making Bluey as much as they love watching it together. We also want them to know that we’re working hard to make sure every new part of Bluey, including books and toys are of the highest quality and made with love. 

What projects are you working on right now? This year we’ve got four new shows coming out. A couple of months ago we started Season 2 of Bluey with Joe Brumm for ABC TV Australia. Bluey’s just about to launch on Disney + around the world later this year. It’s the only Australian show they’ve got so we’re excited to see if people around the world understand Australian. There’s also our new SBS drama, Robbie Hood with Since1788 and Dylan River. It’s Robin Hood set in Alice Springs. You can check it out on SBS ON DEMAND.

Favourite project to date? A few years ago we had a meeting with Disney in Cannes, and we didn’t have anything to pitch. We came up with a show over a cheeseburger about twenty minutes before the meeting. We thought it’d turn into a real ‘Hollywood’ story and that we’d tell the story of how we came up with the show at our Oscar speech. Anyway, the show was so bad, and the pitch was terrible - and even worse, Disney were so kind about what was wrong with the show too. It’s a favourite because it’s just a funny story of failing really badly.


What have been some of your career highlights? I think it has to be the time the Queen visited the studio last year. She snuck out of Windsor and flew to Brisbane all on her own. It was just to high-five everyone on our Emmys and our first Logie. It was a really magical experience for everyone. We didn’t take any photos out of respect for Her Majesty.  What drew you to working in animation/ comedy/digital? It’s all the story and the people. We follow the people we love, who make the stories they love. So far, those stories have been comedy, digital and animation.  But we’re just about to start our first feature film and our first hour drama series too. We love The Beatles quote, “If you give me a tuba, I’ll bring you something out of it”. We don’t really mind what we’re making as long as we love the story and the people.

Best part of coming into work each day? Just the lift ride up to the studio where for a moment we think it might break down and we’ll be stuck. The thought that we won’t have reception and we’ll be unreachable for a few hours is probably the best part of coming into work each day. Every morning we cross our fingers.

What does a typical day look like at Ludo? For the past five years or so it’s been pretty common to do a twelve to sixteen-hour day. We love it but we also need to fix this up soon or we’ll die. Our happiest days are filled with collaborating with people we love at the studio. Other days are filled with putting out fires around the place. BLUEY

Stuck in traffic, where does your mind wander? Why did Sizzler shut down? Why haven’t we been back to the moon? What would happen if we just left the car here and walked to work? Just regular people stuff.  How does it feel to be a part of the most popular show in ABC iView history? We’re honestly overwhelmed and so appreciative to every family who has welcomed




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Style Magazines. Style is a vibrant, monthly magazine capturing the essence of the metropolitan lifestyle in Brisbane.

Style | August Issue  

Style Magazines. Style is a vibrant, monthly magazine capturing the essence of the metropolitan lifestyle in Brisbane.