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SKIN SOLUTIONS with Dr Heather Jenkins


Laser focus

Oh my goddess – say om!

One laser is good but two (or more) may be better! Many skin concerns such as pigmentation, loss of volume, redness, fine lines, spider veins, uneven texture or acne scarring are tricky to treat with skincare products alone, but in-clinic treatments such as lasers can target them on exactly the right level below the skin’s surface. There are countless varieties of laser technologies, all with different wavelengths and varying power densities. Although many lasers can treat a variety of concerns, I find that stacking our lasers gives our patients the best results and delivers a beautiful luminous glow with fewer visits. For example, I use one kind of laser to target rosacea and broken capillaries that can be particularly bothersome around the nose and midface and follow up with a different kind specifically tailored to brighten and tighten your skin and gives effective results with less downtime. THE SKIN LAB LVL 12, MORRIS TOWERS 149 WICKHAM TCE, SPRING HILL P 3832 4370 THESKINLAB.COM.AU



I don’t know about you, but I love indulgent spa and wellness experiences during my getaways. After recent events, it’s a must-do. Lifestyle-inspired travel is more than the destination and activities, it’s a respite from the everyday. From baths in ancient Rome and pilgrimages to the Dead Sea, travellers have long sought health remedies, serenity, and tranquillity. There’s something so primal about sand between your toes at a barefoot hideaway in the Maldives or decompressing under a rustling rainforest canopy enjoying an Indigenousinspired spa treatment using Australian native botanicals. My favourite is a mindful photography retreat in the Tuscany hills strolling through the vineyards, indulging in vino and regional farm-table cooking classes. Time to book a holiday? Contact me to discover more about wellness holidays – all itineraries intentionally personalised, of course! TRAVEL MANAGERS ROSE FEBO P 0401 221 737 ROSE.FEBO@TRAVELMANAGERS.COM.AU