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HATS OFF TO HEALTHY HAIR Toni & Guy Bulimba is celebrating a milestone with its customary focus on follicles. TONI & GUY is one of the most trusted and respected names in the industry, so excitement is building over the 10th anniversary of its Bulimba hair salon. The salon’s colour technicians and stylists offer a diverse range of services and the salon is regularly listed as one of Brisbane’s best. Led by salon owner and art director, Kevin Hobbs, the Bulimba team boasts more than 50 years’ experience between them, and are dedicated to ensuring each client leaves the salon with picture-perfect hair. As well as the full range of label.m products (including the new organic and sulphate-free

ranges), Toni & Guy also offers a new Wella product range, ‘System Professional’s EnergyCode™ Complex’, which is designed to re-establish the hair’s natural lipid balance and protect keratin. The result? Hair that feels reborn to a virgin state, is visibly healthier and more responsive to touch, styling and colour. Extensive scientific research lies behind the development of this new line. The hair’s energy profile is mapped, allowing the hair technician to prescribe a unique energy code from more than 174 million combinations. The result is a personalised care system and transformative beauty treatment. 

Sarah Simmons, Kate Comiskey, Gabby McCosker, Kevin Hobbs, Seolwon Han, Jhanda Avenell & Marie Iona

Whether you’re searching for a chic new cut, the newest hair colour trend, or an indulgent and nourishing hair treatment, this is the team to speak to. The style team at Toni & Guy Bulimba are proud to have reached a milestone, and look forward to providing high-level service to their customers during the next 10 years. TONI & GUY 5 WAMBOOL STREET, BULIMBA P 3399 3545 TONIANDGUY.COM.AU

LUXURY SKINCARE What is it about luxury skincare that tempts so many of us to empty our pockets? PAYING $100 FOR a small tub of face cream may seem extreme for some, but for others it is a necessary price.   It’s certainly true that the price of skincare products varies greatly, but why? Most simply, skincare products target two consumer types: those who will make do and those who demand the best. There’s no case to be made that luxury products are life-or-death necessities, but some of them may actually be worth your precious pennies. Being aware of your skin type is the first step when considering taking the plunge. For some skins, plant extracts are dangerous, thick creams are a risk, and perfumed products are a definite no. Those types should lean towards brands like Drunk Elephant (C-Firma Day Serum, $116), Sunday Riley (Good Genes Acid Treatment, $154), Chanel (Blue Serum, $155) and Aesop (Elemental Facial Barrier Cream, $60) to arm their skin against a busy lifestyle, regular makeup use, and hormonal breakouts. Taking advantage of free samples helps

before committing to a purchase. And speaking to a dermatologist is a good way to make sure you’re caring for your skin in a way that will keep it healthy. And maybe it’s a coincidence, but almost all the better products have a bit of a price-tag. It’s also possible that good marketing and online hype help create that impression. Regardless of how you feel about luxury skincare, we can all agree on one thing: there’s nothing like a soothing face mask to lift your mood.

Aesop Skin elemental facial barrier cream 60ml $60

Chanel blue serum $155


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