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20th Century Women


POPCORN TIME Grab your treats from the snack bar, find your seat and mute your phone, Sarah Taviani has the top picks of June’s new-release movies. JUNE 1 WONDER WOMAN Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana. Gal Gadot stars in the kick-ass liveaction origin story we’ve all been waiting for. BAYWATCH Dwayne Johnson. Zac Efron. Priyanka Chopra. Lifeguard action comedies do not get any better than this. 20TH CENTURY WOMEN In 1979, Dorothea (Annette Bening) enlists the help of her tenants to raise her son. Her son is not remotely impressed by this tactic.

JUNE 22 CARS 3 An animated racing car has a midlife crisis while deciding whether to continue to race or accept some sweet sponsorship deals. And it’s actually compelling.

JUNE 8 THE MUMMY In a reboot of the 1932 movie, Tom Cruise takes his Mission: Impossible moves to Egypt and discovers why you should never wake a woman from her beauty sleep. JUNE 15 ROUGH NIGHT If your bachelorette party didn’t include the accidental murder of a stripper, then you clearly didn’t do it right.

UNA Adapted from the controversial play, Una tells the story of a young girl who seeks out the older man with whom she shared a sexual relationship when she was 12 years old. JUNE 29 THE HOUSE When you can’t afford to pay for your daughter’s college tuition, the only logical solution is to create an underground casino, complete with a fight night and hyped-up suburban patrons. READ MORE ONLINE

AVOID THE WINTER RUT Remember that saying ‘summer bodies are made in winter’? Well, get cracking, writes Elysha Medhurst ‘ENCOURAGE’ A FRIEND By ‘encourage’, we mean blackmail if necessary. Try using a post-workout coffee as a trade. It would maybe work on me. Would depend on the size of the coffee. WATCH A WINTER TRAINING MONTAGE Think Rocky IV, the winter montage scene. Trust me. You will feel motivated enough to go up against a Russian boxer named Drago. And ... motivated to buy a leather shearling jacket. EMBRACE THE WEATHER You will feel like such a boss for simply getting up

in the dead of winter. Imagine how amazing you will feel once you complete a workout. LAYER Winter fitness gear is all about layering. Did we mention how cute some of it is? Puffer vests, beanies and gloves … oh my! GOALS Set a goal for yourself that will help you get through the workout. A marathon, perhaps? Getting to the corner without passing out? Same. REWARD YOURSELF Now we would love it if this meant rewarding

yourself with something super-naughty like … a cronut. But sadly, no. Reward yourself in ways that won’t make your workout obsolete. TRY A WARM WORKOUT Have you done hot yoga? If not, winter is the perfect time to try. You spend the entire class in a seriously warm room. WINTER BEATS Nothing pumps me up more than a really good playlist. I like to imagine myself preparing for something super-important … like the Olympics. Not realistic? 27

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