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POPCORN TIME Grab your treats from the snack bar, find your seat and mute your phone; Sarah Taviani has the top picks of January’s new-release movies. JANUARY 1 ASSASSIN’S CREED Oh, sure. Just save a guy from execution and then teach him assassin moves from his ancestor. How could that possibly go wrong for you? PASSENGERS Two hibernation pods open 90 years early on a long trip to a colony planet. Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt fight the problem with their good looks. JANUARY 12 COLLATERAL BEAUTY A man mourns the death of his daughter by writing letters to Love, Death and Time. His friends help Love, Death and Time come to life for the express purpose of making everyone cry. JACKIE This biopic follows Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis as First Lady and in the aftermath of her husband’s


assassination. Everyone agrees Natalie Portman is perfection and that’s all that matters. JANUARY 19 LION Five-year-old Saroo boards a train that takes him thousands of miles from home. He returns to India 25 years later to find his family. Dev Patel puts on the best Australian accent ever. What awards can he win? Nominate him for them immediately.


JANUARY 26 SPLIT James McAvoy plays a murderous human with 23 different personalities. We cower in fear. LIVE BY NIGHT Ben Affleck directs and stars in a movie where he no longer has to smile or feel joy. He seems pleased about it. READ MORE ONLINE



STYLE | January 2017  

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