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SOCIAL MEDIA OVERHAUL Instead of going on a digital detox, transform social media to suit what you value most in life, writes Hannah Doody. INCREASED GLOBAL AWARENESS of mental health and mindfulness has resulted in a shift towards critical assessment of social media. People are asking, “Is there a different way I could be spending those few minutes in my day? How is the content on my feed impacting my health and mental state?” The internet is flooded with articles about how quitting social media can change your life, but something about going cold turkey for this medium doesn’t resonate with me. Maybe it’s the fact that my work relies heavily on social media, or perhaps it’s because I’ve always

been told to set realistic, achievable goals (which, let’s face it, doesn’t include giving up Facebook). Social media is a part of our lives whether we like it or not. Instead of trying to remove ourselves from it completely, why don’t we force it to adapt in a way that supports our deepest values as humans? Design thinker Tristan Harris examined this idea in a TED Talk last year. He points out that technology often interrupts us from what we really mean to be doing. At work and at play, we’re constantly distracted by pings and pop-ups, and instead of helping us better manage our time, it often feels like our tech is stealing it from us.

Is 2017 the time to sell?

Tristan discusses a design concept that filters messages, depending on your state, to create conscious interruptions instead of mindless ones. While this movement is still in the early stages, we can start minimising the negative impacts of social media by turning off any immediate notifications. Without the regular prompt to check social media, we can carry on with our day. There are many ways that our tech can evolve, for better or worse. Personally, I hope we don’t continue down a road where apps compete for how much time they can take from us. Let’s focus on technology that encourages time well spent.

Place Agent Shannon Harvey answers four top questions about selling this year. What can we expect in 2017? The results of Brexit and the US election are rippling through the economy. We will have to see if America’s rise in interest rates is mirrored in Australia. Will the “housing bubble” burst in 2017? Housing markets always rise and fall. Do your research, if it’s your dream home and you plan to live there for years, maybe paying an extra $20k is worth it. But if you are looking to on-sell for a profit in the near future, perhaps hold out for the right price.

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Is 2017 a good time to sell property? Yes. It will be a great time to upgrade. The modern family home with a small yard is soughtafter so 2017 will be a great time to cash in if you are looking to sell. What advice would you give to someone looking to sell? Stand out from your competitors and advertise to as many people as you can to find the best buyer!

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STYLE | January 2017  

Style Magazines Style is a vibrant, monthly magazine capturing the essence of the metropolitan lifestyle in Brisbane.

STYLE | January 2017  

Style Magazines Style is a vibrant, monthly magazine capturing the essence of the metropolitan lifestyle in Brisbane.