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HOW UNDRESS WOR KS CREATE A PROFILE SEARCH FOR FASHION REQUEST TO BORROW GAIN APPROVAL BORROW AND PAY HAVE THE CLOTHES DELIVERED THROUGH RIDE-SHARE APP WEAR THE GARMENTS That’s why Vihn’s second collection will be exclusively for borrowing. This is an exciting concept for designers and consumers alike as it means there’s increased opportunity to create beautifully-crafted, one-of-a-kind designs rather than a small mass-produced collection that could end up as waste if it goes unsold. A concept like Undress was inevitable, and the adaptable attitude of the Undress Runways team only helped to speed up the process. Learning and evolving alongside the consumer has ensured that the needs of everyone involved in the supply chain are met. It has also allowed the goal of sustainability and ethical production to remain at the forefront. Edda hopes the sharing economy will change the rate of demand. With quick and easy solutions,

people will no longer need to look to fast fashion for a brand-new and exciting outfit. “The idea that people want something new to wear on Saturday night will never die,” says Edda. “Undress means that people can keep loving fashion without even realising that it’s sustainable.” Edda is unsure how the sharing economy will impact the developing nations that manufacture fast fashion. The luxury sector that relies on exclusivity may also see some changes with the introduction of shared clothing. Whatever the future brings, there’s no denying that a sustainable, streamlined and stylish method for buying and selling fashion is exciting. Welcome to Undress and the future of fashion!




STYLE | January 2017  

Style Magazines Style is a vibrant, monthly magazine capturing the essence of the metropolitan lifestyle in Brisbane.

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