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THE FUTURE OF FASHION Edda Hamar of Undress Runways sat down with Caitlyn Spanner to discuss the future of the sharing economy and how her newest project is set to revolutionise the fashion industry.

WE SHARE HOUSES through Airbnb and cars through Uber. And as of this year, a new and innovative way to share clothes will change the way we consume fashion. Edda Hamar, the founder of Undress Runways (Australia’s largest sustainable fashion runway event), will launch the Undress sharing platform early this year. Since its inception in 2011, Undress Runways has gone on to hold national runway shows, create sustainable fashion label Vihn, and publish a yearly magazine called Naked. A trailblazer in her field, Edda was named a UN Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Goals 2016-2017. Along with a dedicated team, Edda has shaped the way we look at sustainable fashion in Australia. Now, she’s turning her eye to transforming the global fashion industry. The Undress platform will be a seamless online peer-to-peer marketplace where users will be able to list, discover and borrow clothes. Open to users from all around the world, the service will also offer a review system much like Uber’s. “The future vision (hopefully not too far in the future) is that Undress will become a global community that can travel anywhere in the world,” says Edda. The Icelandic-born CEO says Undress users could visit her home country, for example, with 14

minimal luggage, and tap into a local’s climate-appropriate wardrobe. Edda also hopes to partner with Uber, allowing users to be picked up from the airport by a car carrying all the clothes they need for the duration of their stay. A car would also drop them back to the airport and return the clothes to the owner. “The idea is to bring back this value of quality and appreciation for good clothes,” Edda says. “We’ve lost the appreciation of the design process and loving a piece because it lasts.” Getting to this point has required Edda and her team at Undress Runways to adapt and evolve in order to remain relevant. In addition to the launch of sustainable label Vihn, Undress Runways has introduced technology to the business in order to keep up with current government focus on innovation and start-ups For Edda, it’s a simple matter: “Rather than getting people to change the way they behave, why don’t we just change the product?” After launching the Vihn label, Edda and her team felt that they still weren’t ticking all of the sustainable boxes. “While sustainable and ethical fashion is important and that’s the way everyone should be designing and producing, we’re still adding more stuff,” says Edda. “Everyone is still adding, and when you’re adding it’s going to end up in nature.”




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