Noosa STYLE magazine - SUMMER 2019/2020 edition

Page 34

NS “Noosa makes me feel like a kid in a candy shop” Words Braden Currie

THE NOOSA HIGH Still Image : Graeme Murray

The variety, the flavours, the colours, the consistency, the natural and m an -m ade physical facets and environm ent combine into one of the m ost epic adventure and training playgrounds in the world keeping me in a consistent and unwavering state of what I call ‘The Noosa High’.


etting up camp in Noosa as an athlete with family, for a short-term training stint is too easy. It’s as if the trails, the food, the nature and everything it offers, and the vibes are designed specifically for this purpose. In most cases, they are, and then the rest is just pure coincidence; perfect alignment and crossover, satisfying both athletes, the athlete’s family and holiday punters. Winters are very settled and dry with perfect temperatures for training, guaranteeing you’ll get out doors and train every-day. I’m incredibly inspired by my environment, meaning it has the potential to positively or negatively affect my training effectiveness and efficiency. For this reason, one of the most valuable assets a good training ground needs to have is variety, to keep things interesting. Noosa 100% delivers on this front.



Within the township there is a vast entity of wide safe cycle lanes that lead you out of the main centre and onto the back roads, with so many options for cycling, it’s hard to define what ones are the best. But I think overall these are my two top favourites: * Ride from Noosa along David Low Way down the coast to Marcoola, and then head inwards onto the Sunshine Coast motor way before going over the Maroochydore bridge, taking the turn off to Bli Bli. This is the old 70.3 worlds circuit, which passes a café called Guru Life. Guru Life is the highlight of this ride; a café offering not only amazing coffee but also a unique culture; a sort of cyclist’s enlightenment that acts to enhance every km that follows on afterwards. The coast ride back to Noosa is the same route, but a great way to get home with the ocean in view over your right shoulder for most of the ride. * My second highlight ride takes you out the back towards Gympie via Cedar Pocket Road. I head on out through Boreen Point and onto Kin Kin, before hitting Cedar Pocket Road then onto the Old Bruce Highway which connects you back to Cooroy and then Noosa.