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How to Wear the Mesh Fashion Trend This Summer

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March 2018


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Contents Never give up

Never give up ISSN 2347-1980

9 772347

How to Wear the Mesh Fashion Trend This Summer




The story though is a work of fiction yet the writer hopes that some day it becomes an inspiration for someone in a distressful situation and gives the strength to come out triumphantly.

How to Wear the Mesh Fashion Trend This Summer

Orienne Brown


The story though is a work of fiction yet the writer hopes that some day it becomes an inspiration for someone in a distressful situation and gives the strength to come out triumphantly.

Women should have enriched with irons & vitamins to remain evergreen 08

More than excess existence of Hormonal changes in Women, nutrients for growth and immunity are descended dramatically. If it does not occur naturally then also it’s bad effect on the body growth and beauty.

Kapoor this for good and sound sleep 09

Camphor is a flammable white solid with strong aroma. The Scientific Formula of camphor reveals the solution of Its contains as C 10 H16 O which can be found mainly in Huge Evergreen trees


March 2018

We experience a sudden surge of offer, discounts, themes and workshops around Women’s day every year. Social media is abuzz with trending hashtags like the ones below.

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Style hut cover story

Never give up

The story though is a work of fiction yet the writer hopes that some day it becomes an inspiration for someone in a distressful situation and gives the strength to come out triumphantly. A story by Dheeraj Kale

MODEL: Pratiksha Rai

The day commenced like any other day that morning. Himani was scurrying around the house finishing her daily chores hastily to leave for office in time. Despite of the massive backlog at work, she was still looking forward to the day. The reason was her college friend, Ranjana. Ranjana had recently got engaged and was throwing a party exclusively for their six-member girl gang at DLF Cyber Hub in the evening. The fond memories of her college days brought a wide smile on her


face while she locked the main door and hurried out through the stairs. She plunged herself in the ocean of those wonderful memories after sitting inside the autorickshaw. She still couldn’t believe that out of all, Ranjana was getting hitched. Ranjana was the one who sapped out their brains through her constant clamoring about all boys being the same and that girls should keep away from them. “You know they all have a one-track mind. Bloody lech-

ers.” her most repeated punch line uttered with an extremely disdainful expression on her face often threw the girls into a fit of laughter. Ranjana’s outlook towards men often made her the butt of all jokes. She was teased by different names, ‘Sister Ranjana’ being the most commonly used in their group. Himani’s thoughts about her friends and the joyous moments shared with them in college often made her completely oblivious of her surroundings. Indeed that was the best time of her life and she treasured every single memory. She was extremely excited about Ranjana making that invaluable revelation today about her transformation from a misandrist to a woman in love. While the autorickshaw waded through traffic clogged roads, Himani enjoyed the nostalgia of reliving her college memories. In spite of the hectic and exhaustive day at work, Himani was still afresh and enthusiastic about her evening rendezvous. It was six thirty in the evening. Himani was out on the road in no time walking briskly towards DLF Cyber Hub, which was just a ten minute walk from her office building. Himani pre-

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ferred to walk whenever she got a chance. She had always been fond of taking long leisurely walks while she was in Chandigarh with her family. But ever since she moved to Gurgaon two years back after accepting a lucrative job offer in a leading MNC, she had learnt to compromise with her interests. It was this city’s dusty and a perennially under-construction infrastructure, which killed her fondness for long leisurely walks. Himani made her way through the plethora of cars queued up to enter the parking zone. She felt much relieved after reaching the spacious and open-air courtyard lined up with all the trendy and elite pubs and restaurants on each side. Ranjana had aptly chosen a hip and cozy bar-cum-restaurant factoring in the perfect ambience of the place and ease of accessibility for her friends. Himani had visited this place earlier on two other occasions with her office colleagues. However, this time it was different. This time she was her real self – at ease and excited. She finally pushed the door of the snazzy barcum-restaurant and adjusted to the dimly lit place with

March 2018

Style hut cover story

wide eyes searching for the familiar faces of her friends. Audible sounds of feminine laughter from a far corner caught her attention and she knew she was late. Ranjana, Sujata and Shruti seemed to be even more excited than Himani by the sound of their laughter. They had noticed her standing in the doorway and were waving at her animatedly with their pearly whites showing visibly. Himani bowed her head, slightly embarrassed and shot straight to the corner with an uncontrollable grin stretched wide across her face. They stood up and hug her one by one welcoming her warmly and cheerfully. “Hey!! Where is Sonali? I thought I would be the last one to walk in.” Himani said taking her seat next to Ranjana on the large couch. “Ohhhh….so you have lost the chance to show how important you are, poor Himani….. Well, she is on her way probably stuck in a jam….you know, the usual evening hour rush” said Ranjana. “Ok…but I am not going to wait for her, Ranjana because it is getting unbearable now. I want a word by word detailed report on who is this guy who had the guts to win you over. Tell us when, how and where did you meet him?” Himani said trying to look serious, hiding her excitement. “What!?!……What are you talking about?” Ranjana said with suppressed laughter pretending to be ignorant. “Oh….C’mon, you idiot, now don’t be a bore. You never shared anything on Whats App and I will never forgive you for that.” Shruti complained suppressing her smile. “C’mon, tell us about your bloody lecher. Does he have a one-track mind?” Sujata teased Ranjana and all of them burst into laughter over

March 2018

the cliché. Ranjana retorted “Hey… .Heelloooo….. He is no lecher and he does not have a onetrack mind. That’s why he is mine.” They all laughed out loud at the expression on her face. Just then Sonali entered the restaurant hastily and joined the gang. Himani had a great time after a long while just like those glorious college days. But great times normally fly in a jiffy. Finally, Sonali checked the time and went hysterical. “Oh my god, it is 10.30!!…’s going to kill me.” Sonali was about to get up when Ranjana intervened, “Hey hey hey….wait for a second! I have got something for you guys!!” She picked up the big shopping bag lying next to the couch and began pulling out stuff from it one by one. The first thing to emerge was a slick makeup kit for Sonali, who was always very conscious of her great looks. A genuine leather purse followed soon after for Shruti, who was generally teased for being the biggest miser in the group. Next, came out a pair of trendy shades and a beautiful blue silk scarf for Himani who didn’t think twice to go out for a walk even in the sweltering heat and finally a hamper of exquisite assorted chocolates for Sujata who had a permanent sweet tooth. It was time once again for the girl gang to part. Sonali, Shruti and Sujata left together. Ranajan’s fiancé was coming to pick her up and she wanted Himani to come along to be dropped back home. Himani didn’t want to bother them and tried persuading Ranjana several times, but she was adamant. Ranjana’s fiancé called to inform that he was round the corner and they can step outside. Ranjana and Himani crossed the parking lot and

stepped on the road outside. Several cars were queued up to enter the parking lot. The road outside was badly congested with traffic. After five minutes Ranajana’s fiancé called again to inform that he will take another few minutes due to the heavy traffic. While Himani and Ranjana were waiting at the roadside, an autorickshaw appeared suddenly out of nowhere and pulled over in front of them. The man inquired from inside

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if they needed a ride. Though he was barely visible in the low streetlight but all Himani noticed fleetingly was that he was a dark complexioned, middle aged man with stubble and a hoarse voice. Ranjana refused without looking at him. But for Himani this man was offering her the only chance to rid herself from the guilt of causing inconvenience to her best friend and give her some peaceful moments with her fiancé. She turned to-


Style hut cover story

wards Ranjana who was craning her neck to look beyond the deluge of vehicles for her fiancé’s car. Himani held Ranjana’s arm lightly and said in her most persuasive tone, “Ranajana, please let me go….This will save you guys from a lot of trouble. Look at this traffic mess. Please don’t worry about me….I promise I will call as soon as I will reach.” Ranjana tried to argue but gave up finally looking at the logjam on the road. Himani quickly hugged Ranjana and boarded the autorickshaw. She waved at Ranajana as the autorickshaw drove off from where it had seemed to appear. The cacophony of roaring engines and honking faded away behind as the autorickshaw advanced. Himani was exhausted and a slight headache surfaced as a residual of her busy day. She closed her eyes to relax for a while. A few moments must have passed when suddenly Himnai felt as if something brushed against her breast. She woke up with a sudden jolt to find the autorickshaw parked at a dark, deserted place. The sound of traffic was replaced by the sound of night crickets. The autorickshaw driver was sitting beside her. He had a villainous smile on his big dark face clearly reflecting his intentions. Himani immediately jerked off his hand and tried to sit up straight but he was towering over her. He pinned her down easily and continued touching her inappropriately. Himani tried to push him away with her hands and scream for help. But his heavy hand pressed against her mouth ruthlessly almost choking her in the process. A scuffle ensued as he forced himself upon her and she struggled like a little girl trying to break free. He was strong and harsh. She gath-


ered up all her strength and began using every part of her body to free herself. Finally she succeeded by kicking in his groin with her knee. A hoarse moan escaped his mouth and his grip loosened. Himani managed to set herself free and fell outside the autorickshaw on the ground in a desperate effort to escape. She had barely stood up on her feet and regained her balance when he appeared from behind and grabbed her slim frame in his strong arms. He threatened her to shut up and flashed a knife in front of her face. He pressed the pointed edge against her neck slightly and Himani froze instantly due to the pain. He dragged her a few steps away and pushed her on the ground. Himani fell face down on the ground. As she tried to sit up hastily, he kicked her down and got on top of her. Before Himani could react he grabbed her wrists and pulled them up over her head. The razor sharp edge of the knife was now back on her throat while he kept clutching her skinny wrists in the steely grip of his other hand. Himani could barely move beneath his weight. The same devilish smile appeared on his face and he asked her to cooperate and promised to set her free. Her vulnerable body gave up as she crumbled under his heavy weight. For a moment she thought about complying with his wishes. At least she would be able to walk free and unhurt after the ordeal. She began to howl. This made him confident of his victory and her defeat. He brought his face closer to hers. Sweat ran across his big dark face. The pungent smell of sweat and an unbearable stench of Bidis and Gutkha, burned Himani’s nostrils. She felt nauseated. His rough stubble abraded against her soft skin like thorns. At that point, Himani decided that

she will not give up. She won’t be a weakling just because she is a woman. She would fight back and die fighting this beast if need be. An idea flashed in her mind. She loosened up her body and became still as if dead. The man raised his head to look at her suspiciously. A smile appeared on Himani’s face. The monster grinned in response exultantly. His hand gradually released her wrists from his iron grasp and moved down slowly to unbutton her shirt. Himani didn’t retaliate this time and instead placed her hands on his back in an embrace. Her willingness elated him beyond his senses. Now he completely forgot about the knife using both hands to unbutton her shirt frantically. Himani slowly shifted her arm from his back to the ground and with a little effort got hold of the knife. The first jab of the pointed blade rammed deep inside the thick flesh of his waist and managed to puncture his right kidney. He let out an agonizing shriek and got off her writhing in pain. Himani got up swiftly. An electrifying charge ran through her veins seeing him in pain. The desire to inflict him with agonizing torture grew stronger within her for what he had put her through. The sharp pointed metal slashed his soft abdomen next, mangling his innards. Blood gushed out like a hot spring and scattered all over the ground. He cried out in excruciating pain, groaning and begging for her forgiveness. His heavy body trembled uncontrollably jerking like a fish out of the water. Himani’s third and last strike was powerful enough to thrust the entire metal inside his chest cavity. The bones of his rib cage cracked with a strange repulsive sound as the knife slashed through his heart. Himani twisted the knife mercilessly with her

Style hut

fragile hands as his violently quivering limbs came to a halt. Himani stood up and looked around. All she could see was trees and shrubs covered with a dusty haze through the dark. There was no human witness to what had just happened. She wiped the blood off her hands and face with the tissues in her bag and quickly fixed her clothes and hair. She was about to get out from there when the blood-soaked knife lying on the ground caught her eye. It was the only thing which rescued her tonight in this godforsaken place. She picked it up and wrapped it in the silk scarf gifted by Ranjana. After running blindly through the woods for a short while, a cluster of lights caught her attention at the edge of the wide road. Himani kept her pace in the direction of the lights and caught her breath only once she reached the brightly lit, invigorating spot. A host of elite restaurants and fast food joints lightened up the ambience. It was well past midnight yet the place was bustling with activity. Families in hordes with a mix of elderly, youngsters and noisy kids were all over the place. Himani took a sigh of relief and slowly entered a dimly lit café so as to avoid unnecessary attention to her disheveled look. She headed straight to the washroom as soon as she entered the café to fix her look. The blue scarf gifted by Ranjana came handy this time in covering up her blood stained shirt. After making sure she looked like just another face in the crowd, she came out of the washroom and went straight up to the counter. The lanky boy at the counter asked with a sheepish smile, “What would you like to have today, Ma’am?” Himani returned his smile and asked for a cappuccino. His smile felt reassuring.

March 2018

Style hut fashion

How to Wear the Mesh Fashion Trend This Summer Shalini Chopra Summer's always brings up great fashion trends, and this time its MESH Trend, which has a sort of sporty 90's vibes having material that has narrowly spaced opening allowing air to pass through keeping you cool and dry in extreme hot and humid summers. If the above reason still doesn't impressive you, Mesh can give you another benefit of looking sensational and seductive. Best way to pull it off with flat footpiece, a simple T shirt dress with a netted bodice would just be a perfect attire for a brunch date, and when paired with high heels and bit of flashy jewels would get you ready up for evening parties. Mesh toe booties are just too sexy and looks unexpectedly beautiful. There are multiple choices available with mesh for each mood of look a women expects to have. If you want to stand out and differently show off a little of your skin, go for a top that would have a lil bit of mesh on desired areas and pair it up with shorts or simple trousers and heels. Not only this you can use mesh as a bathing suit coverup, which will let you show off your curves brilliantly. Not only this for all sports and gym freak girls out too can hook up to a sporty chic look by paring a legging that has mesh panels with sneakers and your choice of sweat free tee. You will look trendy plus have comfy intense workout session.

Casual lovers!!!...

Simple easy and quick mesh style would be to pair a mesh sweater over a tank with a pair of jeans and some classy flats. If you dream to wear a crop top but may be because of that poking belly you avoid the look...Here we are giving you a cool idea of fulfilling your dream. Grab on to a mesh top that has mesh patterns on the bottom showing less of your stomach and you can survive the look with a pair of trousers and flat or

March 2018

heels or sneakers...any thing of your choice and comfort, will be a trendy casual date look. Are you a skirt lover??? Hurry !!! And own a full mesh skirt, and look different and pretty all at once. Another trendy mesh piece is a jacket which could go easily with any dress and all together

Style hut

look classy. There is alot every fashion lover could experiment with mesh and make it a trend. Looking beautiful and trendy is all women right!!! So grab on to any of the mesh style trend ans look classy and sassy!!!


Style hut health

Women should have enriched with irons & vitamins to remain evergreen By Anjan Kumar Samal More than excess existence of Hormonal changes in Women, nutrients for growth and immunity are descended dramatically. If it does not occur naturally then also it’s bad effect on the body growth and beauty. In this situation women should immensely take care of their needed diets in which there should be more need of Vitamins and Minerals and Irons. Scientifically and Biologically the lack of Iron leads to LACK OF blood cells. Iron even pushes the life-air, Oxygen in human brains and Body-Muscles which even happens in case of a Woman. Approximately in the Women’s Age Group of 19-50, there are in fact low level of needed Nutrients are found due to multiple complex reason. Especially during pregnancy in their growing ages, the immense utility of available BodyNutrients in various parts of their body like Muscles, bones and other important cells seek it’s huge requirements. Consequently it leads towards an unwanted health hazards for women like Tiredness, Headache, Skin fade, increment and decrement of hunger, joint pains and even feeling helplessness and awkwardness to breathe in about which our sisters and mothers across the world need to know and take care.

VITAMIN-D:-Milk, Paneer, Dahi(Yogurt), Oranges and Natural Fruit Juices.)

(Eat these: Mushrooms, milk, almonds, curd, soybeans, beans etc.)


Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the heart and the right and absolute work of the brain and healthy eyes. Due to lack of it in your body, problems in the joints, rise in cholesterol level, stress, asthma, weakness and problems are starting to occur. (Eat these: Apart from walnuts, you can use linseed seeds and oils, canula oils and soybean oil. However, more calories are obtained from oil and nuts. So take only a limited quantity.)

It is quite natural in Medical Sciences in lacking of Riboflavin is common which otherwise also known as VITAMIN-B2. It is an antioxidant that keeps digestion and skin healthy. Both in young and older days, Women need it barely as much as I MG ON DAILY BASIS. It’s deficiency causes irritation of the eyes and itching around it. The skin around the face, lips, mouth starts to damage as an old one.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Alike Children, women also don’t like to drink milk on regular basis .And it also has been experienced that in all most all the cities of India including rest of the world, Girls and Women walks out of their homes covering up their faces and other body parts which obstacles VITAMIN-D to get into their bodies. VITAMIN-D IS IMPORTANT FOR ABSORBING CALCIUMS .Due to lack of this , the immunity strength of Women’s physic get ruined. (Suggestive intakes to have required Calcium and


Style hut

Image Courtesy:


March 2018

Style hut health

Kapoor this for good and sound


Style Hut Feature

Camphor is a flammable white solid with strong aroma. The Scientific Formula of camphor reveals the solution of Its contains as C 10 H16 O which can be found mainly in Huge Evergreen trees known as ‘camphor laurel’ in Asia (Indonesia’s Island Sumatra and Borneo). This ‘Camphor Laurel’ also popularly called as ‘Kapur Trees’(Trees of Camphor ). Instead from trees and wood it also can be produced synthetically from a Oil called ‘Turpentine’. Time to switch over from Scientific circumference of ‘Camphor’ to its social and Medical uses. If any one does desire to have a sound sleep after a hectic day, Camphor can fulfill this desire due to its Medical usefulness. Camphor has also its rich influence and importance in Hindu Religion’s traditional rituals and worships. This is also an important part and parcel of worship system of Hindu Religions. Kapoor (Camphor) is also used to protect old woolen fabrics from insects, in the chilling winter season. Apart from all these, Camphor also has many medicinal properties and usefulness. It is helpful in keeping both body and mind perfect and balanced. Kapoor (Camphor) is a beneficial natural medicine to get rid of unwanted joint problems, burns and for many other health related problems it is a perfect Solution. Let us have a complete knowledge and awareness about the various benefits of Camphor.

March 2018

your pillow and have your desired sound sleep without any interruption.

Open up your closed and Congested Nose Experts urge that colds are common in winter. In this particular cold ridden situation blocked nose, uneasy in breathing and sneezing really trouble all of us. Camphor is the best solution to get rid of all of these unwanted Health Problems. Warm up some water in a Bowl to get this instant solution. Now cover up your head and bowl with towels such that the steam can not go out. Now just absorb this stem pulling this in the way of the nose.

Beneficial to hair growth:

Experts say that there can be many reasons for not have a proper growth of hair, but this problem can be dealt with easily by Camphor-oil. Mix the camphor-oil with your liked hair oil and apply in your hair on regular basis. This increases blood flow to the skin of the head, which helps in the growth of the hair.

Get rid of the scabies itching:

Experts believe that skin causes redness due to itching. To cope up with this, add Camphor-oil with water and apply it on the affected area. By doing this for a few days, you will get rid of this itching soon.

Effective to get rid of mosquitoes:

Camphor Keeps the mind perfectly calm

Medical and health experts say that sleep deprivation is one of the common problems of nowadays in this hectic and busy life style. Camphor oil’s smooth aroma and smell is effective in keeping the mind calm and bringing a perfect better and sound sleep. To avail this just put some drops of camphor oil on

Style hut

Experts believe that dengue is a deadly disease caused by bites of mosquitoes. To avoid this, it is necessary to protect against mosquitoes. CamphorOil is a great way to kill mosquitoes. For this, just burn the raw-camphor in the room and close all the windows and doors. It (Burning camphor) helps in killing mosquitoes hidden in the corner of the room and prevents them from malignant diseases such as malaria and dengue.


Style hut food

SUMPTOUS STRATEGIES We experience a sudden surge of offer, discounts, themes and workshops around Women’s day every year. Social media is abuzz with trending hashtags like the ones below. Women’s day be bold beauthentic international womens day women change the world Bethe change gender inclusion gender diversity women leadership. So what is one thing that changed about you every 8th March? How many Woman Leadership Programs have you attended so far? Are you part of any ‘Back to Work’ initiatives for Corporate Women? Did you register yourself for that most talked about “Women Entrepreneurship Summit” in town? How many Women Business Meets or Women Business Network Meets have you attended so far? From Women Centric Movies to Sports; women have been leading different fields. We have been recently in the limelight for me-too campaign. We have been lucky to be part of an ecosystem that allows multicultural diversity, funding opportunities, mentorship and boot camp initiatives. I was fortunate to be spearheading many such initiatives. Forget the gender diverse role or gender inclusion at work, I am happy to have made a difference in many lives with my experience. My experience as a Solopreneur, Mother, Speaker, & Writer has made me the individual I am. I am known to be a positive thinker, happy soul, engaging speaker, a transformation coach & a powerful networker. I am thankful to each man/boy who trusted me to coach and mentor them for personal growth. I am grateful to each woman /girl who believed in me and made me a part of their growth journey Be it transformation or metamorphosis; we have done it together.


by Sandhya Pathak

Man or Woman didn't make a difference.We made the journey successful with joint efforts. I am not waiting for another Women's day to work on my Self Growth. I am not waiting for special day to make me feel beautiful as a mom. I plan to implement everything I learnt from being a mom, daughter, corporate woman, freelancer, writer, blogger, speaker, foodie, host, speaker & coach in my day to day life. Great Job! If the answer is yes to all the above questions. WHAT NEXT? Pressforchange is the theme for International Women’s Day in 2018. So what are the couple of strategies we can adopt to makeithappen? I have some recipes for Sustaining Change which works and if it does not change the ingredients or the temperature or the ratio. You may come up with a new recipe for success. Please don’t forget to share with the tribe. The idea is to press for change be it work or home wehave to make it happen now. NOW IS THE TIME TO WORK TOGETHER & CREATE AN ECOSYSTEM FREE OF SOCIAL BIASES AND UNCONSCIOUS BIASES.

So here are some well-known recipes which will help you make it happen. Today I am sharing some unique and quick strategies as a foodie mom.

Rice Kheer StrategyCollaborate and not Compete. We all know how to make a simple rice kheer. The more the milk blends with the rice the better it tastes. Right? And you don’t forget to stir it in intervals to avoid sticking together or burning.

Style hut

Use this strategy at workBlend your skills with people who complement you. See the magical benefits of working in collaboration. The only thing you need to ensure is you keep stirring it in between to avoid sticking together. What is the stirrer here or rather who the stirrer here is? For example- You are good at ideas and innovation, collaborate with a tech geek to give shapes to your ideas. Seek feedback from people who work with you, work on their feedback, incorporate those changes and stir again. Eventually you get an extremely tasty Rice Kheer. You get a great product or service with this strategy. Tip: Occasionally you can use Milkmaid (Condensed Milk) to get that exquisite rich taste. May be not cost effective most of the times. Once a year we can plan to get an individual with phenomenal success or remarkable fame to endorse your collaboration. Stir her/ his recommendation and be ready to sell your product again with uniqueness.

Golgappa Strategy We always demand customization to suit your palate. “Bhaiya thoda meetha chutney aur Dena”. We all remember this. Don’t we? We always want the perfect mix when it comes to eating

March 2018

Style hut food

golgappas. Use this strategy at workCustomize your product and services for your target audience. Work on innovating the services. For Example- You think you have great product like soft quality linen bedsheets. Customize the designs with a quote of customer’s choice or her/ his brand logo. Works as a great Diwali or a New Year gift. This customer will be your repeat customer. Tip: You may have to give a free golgappa

at the end; don’t fret over it. Top it with chaat masala Give a complimentary bedsheet with customer’s kid’s name embroidered or friend’s name printed.

Vada Pav theoryFind Fun and Energizing ways of creating a balance. Don’t we love the green chutney and authentic garlic coconut dry chutney in our Vada Pav? The overall result of Sweet Buns, Spicy Potato, Tangy Chutney and Crunchy Garlic Chutney is sumptuous. Find innovative and creative ways of energizing yourself to create a powerful end result. Think of creating an imbalance in Vada Pav, make it spicier or make it tangier; the end result may not be great.

March 2018

For example- Network, Coffee Meets, Book Read Sessions, Gardening Workshops, anything that you relate to or you are passionate about. Find out time to learn new skills not only professional but something just to create long lasting relationships. Tip: Occasionally please make time for professional platforms like Business Meets, Women Summits, and Free Public Workshops to know the other industries better. This additional chutney in Vada Pav will help you create new taste or make you aware of different taste you are not used to. So creating a fun way of creating work balance will keep you energized. It is a great tool for Self-Motivation.

Gulab Jamun with Ice-Cream Break the norms/ Work on your Limiting Beliefs. Who loves this combo? I surely love the perfect mix of hot gulab jamuns with mouth melting Ice-cream. Someone worked on breaking the norms of not mixing hot and cold food. m Someone experimented with these two desserts to create a lip smacking killer combination. How to use this strategy at work

Experiment with your services and products. Offer your experimented combination as a compliment with your best seller. Have we not reused our left over dals to make crispy cutlets and healthy Dal Paranthas? Why do we fear to try such lethal combination in our professional life? TIP: - Work with a coach/ mentor / influencer to see what limiting beliefs you have. Set yourself free from all fears. Work on mindsets that is stops you from growth.

Plain Simple Dal Strategy Not all days will feel special and great. Don’t we all love to have simple dal on certain days of the month? I crave for Steamed Rice and Home Cooked simple dal on some days of the week.

Style hut

How to use this strategy at work There will be days in a month when nothing special happens at work or home. The day seems normal. Why are we so shocked and surprised with normal days? Why do we find normal days boring and unusual? The common responses for a question like ‘How was your day?’ is ‘Nothing special, the day is as usual’. Don’t expect some drama and action to happen every day. Feel thankful for normal days.

Tip: - On these special NORMAL days’ at work or home don’t try to make it special and happening. Enjoy the solititude and calmness in that normalcy. Don’t forget to follow this diet... mFeast on compliments mGo on a Word Diet mDiet on Procrastination mDiet on Interruptions mDiet on Asking for Freebies mDiet on Asking for Discounts mFeast on appreciation mHave more servings of laughter & chitchats. mHave daily dose of fresh air in nature “When a mompreneur is passionate about food and her business such interesting & successful strategies are cooked and created.”


Style hut beauty

They wish for a magic wand that helps them grow hair faster. On an average, healthy hair grows anywhere between 46 inches per year. So, we have some unheard tips that would help your hair grow faster than this. Follow these tips religiously and get long, silky and smooth tresses like never before!

Give it a proper wash

Over-washing or irregular cleaning is often a hindrance for hair growth. Improper washing affects the quality of your hair, which further curbs hair growth. It is recommended that people with dry hair should wash their locks not more than twice a week. On the other hand, those having oily hair should consider washing every alternate day. Massaging conditioner onto your scalp increases the blood flow, eventually boosts hair growth. Moreover, use lukewarm water to avoid hair damage.

Limit hair styling treatments

Most common obstacles in way of long tresses are overuse of harsh chemicals, and excess hair styling treatments that


include curling, perming, straightening, crimping, and more. These procedures directly attack and weaken hair roots, which prevents further growth. In addition, hair becomes brittle which leads to breakage. Moreover, do not get carried away with commercials related to expensive products and always opt for the ones that are mild and meant for your hair type.

Trim your hair

liver, beans, and soy.

Hair growth vitamin

Follow a nutritious diet and consider taking a multivitamin once a day. It will help to fulfil those bodily requirements that a healthy diet may not be able to provide. Whether you want to grow your hair for an upcoming event or just because you had a bad haircut, a multivitamin pill is a fine decision to help your hair grow faster.

Get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks to ensure it is damage-free. This does not mean reducing your hair length, but it is advisable to get rid of unsightly split ends as they hamper the hair growth. Regular hair trimming is the key to have faster hair growth, and it also increases your hair volume.

Role of diet

Maintaining a balanced diet is of utmost importance for hair growth. In general, your diet must include all essential vitamins and minerals. In order to have long, healthy hair, consider having eggs, cereals, green vegetables, and some dry fruits. They will provide much-needed iron and vitamin E. Since hair is primarily composed of proteins, stick to a protein-rich diet containing fish, yoghurt,

Style hut


By Hina Khurram

Effective Hair Care Tips That Help In Hair Growth

March 2018

Style hut events

Rahul’s “Mother and Kids Day out” event evokes overwhelming response

Sharma, Kavita Arora, Yogi Arora, Hina Shukla, Mohit Arora and Rimpy Gupta. I feel equally elated to have Jivraj Gupta, Kayra Goel and Myra Khanna as our Special Guest of Honour in the Kid’s category. No event is possible without the support and

blessings of associate partners and sponsors. Being no exceptions, we too have managed to organize and conceptualize a big event such as “Mother and Kids Day out” only with the unrelenting support of our associate partner ‘The Red Velvet Column’.”

Time to clear the stage once again for the house of talent Ms. Runki Goswami, known for her Telegu compositions such as “Ni andelasandarilo” and “Teen maar beatulakki” and Hindi compositions “kabhieajnabithi” and “Ab naahichanda” and also bringing that nostalgia alive by singing Farida Khanum, Salil Choudhury, Geeta Dutt and various others. Taking the talent baton forward and making India proud, the Gurugram-based Music Director and singer will now dazzle the music lover with her spell binding performance but this time on international stage. With her controlled and mastered vocals, Runki, will set up a majestic mood with her journey from north to south through a myriad of rustic folk songs of India in its original form; thus engaging the international audience in musical expression with mul-

tiple language. In the upcoming concert in Nehru Centre, India High Commission, London, Runki will celebrate Indian Folk in its original form. This is on the same lines of for her folk performance in India International Centre New Delhi, which garnered huge applause leaving people asking for more. Given that a different dialect is spoken, a new belief and story told in every bend ofa kilometre in India, Runki will try and relive some of those which are now either lying latent in the memories of the older generation or left un-nurtured by the new. The upcoming live performance at India High Commission – Nehru Centre London on 30th May 2018, will surely be enchanting for all music lovers as Runki will musically hop in and out of Indian States with almost 20 folk songs in over 10 different languages.


Budding city based entrepreneur Rahul Khandelwal curated and hosted a splendid event themed “Mother and Kids Day out” on 11th March’ 2018 at Radiance Motel, Chattarpur, New Delhi. The fun frolic event evoked an overwhelming response as esteemed guests came in good strength despite it being a ‘Sunday’. The key idea behind the event was to showcase the loving bond of mother and child. Dressed in their resplendent best, mothers and kids from all walks of life descended under one roof at Radiance Motel to showcase their colossal talent and passion. Keeping in mind the fact that March throughout remains centric around women’s day festivity and celebrations, Rahul has curated various concepts pertaining to women issues under the aegis of his flagship brand “Elite India Model Management Pvt Ltd”. In a short time span of five years, Rahul has man-

March 2018

aged to carve a niche for himself, and expertises in organizing fashion shows for kids. Not the ones to give the critical issues concerning women a miss, Rahul effectively combined the fun themed event by embedding a deep rooted message of women empowerment for the society. In order to achieve his goal, he has sagaciously chosen to pay accolades to the power of women by aligning with a well known NGO named "We Welfare Society" as a Cause partner. Rahul henceforth, would add more dimensions to his women and child series of events. Elucidating more on the same, Rahul says, “At the outset, let me begin by conveying my sincere gratitude to all our sponsors beginning from “Pockets & Pigtails” to H&S Designers By Hina And Sarina, and Mazhar Rizvi for all their generous support. It’s a matter of immense pride and delight to have elite people on board such as Neha Kala, Bipin Sharma, Shikha A.

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Style hut events

And the crown goes to…

The most awaited moment is finally here. Miss Philippines Sophia Senoron was crowned the inaugural edition of Miss Multinational 2017/2018 during the finals of the pageant held at the Kingdom of Dreams in Gurugram, India. She defeated twelve other contenders for the title. First runner-up is Miss Germany, Saskia Kuban and 2nd Runner-up is Miss India, Shefali Sharma. National Pageant Director Arnold Vegafria went to the host country to personally witness another achievement for the Philippines after he also flew to Bolivia for last Reina Hispanoamericana won by another one of his titleholders, Teresita Marquez. Miss Multinational is an annual international beauty pageant for girls across the world. The pageant which focuses to “Discover Starlets”. Girls from more than 20 countries took part

at this beauty pageant. After the crowning ceremony Miss Multinational after party was held in Play boy tap, Gurugram. It was a fashionably lit party filled with glam and glitter. Miss Multinational is an initiative by Glamanand Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Nikhil Anand, is the Chairman of this event Co. Glamanand Entertainment Constitute of the young but experienced professionals with innovative perspective towards the dogmatic, predictable, boring and inferior fashion events.

Ankit Sharma

Saskia Kuban



Niz Gautam

Miss Multinational models


Sophia Senoron & Nikhil Anand

Style hut

Sophia Senoron

March 2018

Style hut portfolio Heyaan Malhotra Age:3 years | Weight:17 kg | Height: 36 inch Complexion : fair | Hair color: dark brown Date of birth: 16 October 2014

Sartaaj Singh Manchanda

D.O.B: January 5,2017 Age: One Year Weight: 11.5 Height: 82 cm Complexion: Fair Hair Color: Light Brown Father’s Name: Mr. Anupreet Singh Manchanda Mother’s Name: Mrs.Puneet Kaur Manchanda

March 2018

Style hut


Style hut portfolio

Shaurya … as the name says… Brave and heroistic. Though he is only 5 , he is super smart. He very well knows how to make me happy by making me smile with his words, surprise me with his acts and amaze with his innovative ideas and questions. At times I refer Wikipedia to answer his queries. I am a working professional and most of the time i am in guilt that weather I am giving sufficient time to him but he has always superceded my thoughts. He has always been on his own (independent),very confident and super organised. His dazzling eyes ,bold walk & majestic looks , extraordinary chirps and quirky ways makes him magnetic all around. He has always been a star performer wherever he is, be that studies, atheletes, stage shows or posing for clicks. He is very sharp, jolly, happy go Lucky child who is always outgoing in every area .He is very friendly, inquisitive and very well

knows what he wants .His hobbies are playing indoor-outdoor games and collecting different toy cars. Observing his talents I believe modelling is one area that is best fit for him and this is something he is enthusiastic about. He loves to do and explore more. If I have to describe him in few words that would be : Brave, strong, affectionate, innovative and MY HERO. I wish him all the very luck in this venture. I strongly believe that he will be a shining star in this persuit aswell.


Shaurya Katyal

DOB 5 SEP 2012 Weight 28kg Hight : 3ft 11 inches Complexion Very Fair Hair colour : Black Father Name : Nitin Katyal Mother Name : Gurpreet Katyal Contact:

Ridaan Malhotra Age:8 years Weight 28 kg Height: 51 inch Complexion: Fair Hair colour: Black Father’s Name Bhuvnesh Malhotra Mother’s Name Charu Malhotra


Style hut

March 2018

Style hut portfolio Delisha, as the name speak for itself, she warm the cockles of the heart. Though being only Three years old, she knows how to steal someone's thunder says her Father, Mr. Mudit kumar who is a businessman. Her captivating fashion sense makes her the fashion icon and the trendsetter. She is an intelligent, sharp and a bright kid who is quick on the uptake and work the things out for herself. Her independent attitude makes her a "Master piece of beauty with brains". She is very sociable and outgoing kid from the very beginning. Now with each passing day, she has become more energetic and vigorous. Her love for brush & blush makes her an amazing makeup junkie. Letting us know her likes & dislikes, intrests & dislikes each and every want makes us feel she is more grown up as a kid. She is our "baby blogger" says her mother, Ms. Shweta Kumar. As the term suggest, she is more keen towards posing and yes she

knows each & every pose and gestures. No wonder, she is an absolute 'DIVA'. We wish you self-confidence & firmness to face the challenges. We will be always there to guide you and will be your support.

Pankhudi, as the name itself enough to explain what does it mean, a petal of flower which is there to spread joy all around. Everyone gets smile on their face as they see Pankhudi near them. As flower does it work like a pure and free feather, Same Pankhudi filled with liveliness and enthusiasm. A mother is always the first choice for the baby, the baby girl longs to be in your arms. There is a very little chance that your baby girl will adore and admire someone else and nothing is sweet than this isn’t it? She is very particular about her dressing and behavior. Sometimes she help in younger brother to dress up well, which shows a

March 2018

Style hut

quality to be model. She use to mimic the actress and try to dress up like them. She being a good learner captures the moves of models and practice them. She believes not only in hard work but smart work as well. She is always up for helping others in such age where normally other children plays a greedy role. At last, i wish all the success to my daughter and hoping that god too has a successful plan for her which she will surely achieve and will shine like a star. We have understood so far that having a baby girl is a great opportunity to a mother.

Name - Pankhudi Gupta D.O.B - Aug18, 2013 Age-4.5 yrs old Weight- 14kg Height- 3ft 3inchs Complexion-fair Hair colour-Black Father's name- Mr. Rakesh Gupta Mother's name - Mrs. Babita Gupta


Style hut portfolio Aanya Kapoor

Age :3 years DOB : 25th November 2014 Complexion: Fair Hair Color: Golden Brown Father's Name : Ashish Kapoor Mother's Name : Kirti Kapoor

The name Aanya is derived from the Russian word Anya which means with Grace. This little princess stands true to her name and emulates grace, style and panache. She is a true diva and loves fashion to the core. Modelling comes naturally to her and she loves being in front of the camera.Her God given trait was evident right at the time of her birth when she raised her head and started looking around with a prominent pout on her lips. Always conscious of her appearance and she refuses to leave home till she wears the best of her dress.She can easily copy every step of the actresses she sees on television without any retakes. A true Diva she is!

Vironica Kakkar (PIHU) Meaning of her name says a lot about her "Victory Bringer", she is truly a child who conquers for her victory. She truly deserves to be a child fashion icon as she is very much confident and energetic. As we all know the days are gone when kids used to wear everything and anything that their parents used to choose for them, now kids love to be dressed in their own fashionable dressing style and their are may options also available now to pamper your child and in the same way Vironica is very choosy about her clothes. She loves to wear clothes of her own choice. She is just 4yrs but she loves to dance and to do make up a lot. She knows how to make different natural poses in front of camera and when to change the pose. She is so approachable that our neighbors know us by her name


Style hut

as we are Vironica's parents. She is very fond of junky food like pizza (her all time favourite). "Her smile makes our day" says her parents Mr. and Mrs. Rajat Kakkar. She is the child with whom you cannot stop yourself without being chatting with her. Her lovely smile, quirky and chirpy ways, cute looks nd sparkling eyes makes her fascinating everywhere. In last we Rajat Kakkar and Neha Kakkar (your parents) wish you all the very best for your future in this modelling industry, we wish you success in this path very soon. This is true that courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts. That's what little girls are made of... we love you our little joy of bundle, our sweet princess. Thank you for coming into our life and making it so special.

March 2018

Vol II, Issue XX

"If I find the constitution being misused, I shall be the first to burn it.�

16-31 January, 2018 Pages 08, Price Rs. 5/Faridabad (NCR)

Vol II, Issue IX 01-15 August, 2017 Pages 08, Price Rs. 5/Faridabad (NCR)

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

Happy Republic Day

Padmavati An excuse for politically motivated violence Vol II, Issue XVIII 16-31 December, 2017 Pages 08, Price Rs. 5/Faridabad (NCR)

By canceling the re-petition of states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana etc., the Supreme Court has restrained the controversial Sanjay Leela Bhansali film 'Padmavat' on its release.


A defeat worth celebrating? 







99/BJP 83/INC+ 44/BJP 24/INC+ 




,1&^ ,1&^ ` `


 '^` ,1 ,1'^`

% -3^ %-3^  ` `



The supreme demiurge of India’s court under the clouds of controversy: SC


email id:

With Indian banking sector currently under stress, gross NPAs are expected to rise from March 2017 level of Rs 8 lakh crore to Rs 9.5 lakh crore as on March 31, 2018 i.e. about 10.5 per cent of total advances, while stressed assets are expected to be at Rs 11.5 lakh crore, noted a just-concluded ASSOCHAM-Crisil joint study.

November, 17 - Ist Issue Pages 08, Price Rs. 5/Faridabad (NCR)


Study forecasts gross NPAs to rise to Rs 9.5 lakh crore by March ’18

Vol II, Issue XV

%73^` %73^`


%63^` %63^`


1&3^` 1&3^` $,1+&3^` $,1+&3^`

5636^` 5636^`

Mahinder Singh Rathod

127$^` 127$^` 2WKHU 2WKHU  



% -3^` %-3^`

Himachal Pradesh

,,1&^` 1&^` ,,1'^` 1  '^` &30^` & 30^`


% 63^` %63^`


127$^` 127$^` 2WKHU 2WKHU


* Partywise Vote Share


Before 2019 General Election Congress BJP have to face the battle of Assembly Elections .This row of victory by BJP will continue in future is really difficult to analyze now. It is also like a hard nut to crack that whether BJP’s victory March will lead towards their desired dream of making India Congress free???

The Crowning of the Gandhi Scion  

Is this Electoral Victory of BJP in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat an another Milestone towards their prime Objective of Congress Free Nation. After getting massive victory in the 2014 General Election, It is assumed as well as believed that BJP’s Central Leadership managed to follow the Path of Victory somehow after the count down of Final result of this Twin State Assembly Elections. The party that led the country’s Freedom Movement may not today as it’s stature was the then period, but still this Party’s glorious tradition echoes on each political Battlefield today. After

being sworn in as the National President of the Congress Party this Twin-Assembly Election was absolutely challenging in which Rahul Proved his metal. Even before Being the President, Rahul had openly accepted this Challenge. Political Pundits should not forget that during the last Himachal Pradesh Assembly Election Rahul took the charge of Campaign and could able to manage to win his Chief Ministerial Projection of Mr. Virbhadra Singh during his tenure of Vice President in the Congress Party. But in this Twin-State Election Challenge, realizing the importance of Gujarat, Rahul devoted more in Gujarat than Himachal Pradseh which also clearly reflected in the final result of count down in this Twin State Election. In the Last Loksabha Election, Indian Republic had had witness this Twin- Face (Rahul Gandhi & Narendra Modi) as the projected leadership under which this Election was fought. Switching over from the position of Vice President to the President, not only his own image but also the entire Congress Party’s image of trust, believe and faith lies on Rahul Gandhi. Now even the distress of defeat and the glory of Victory he is solely responsible that he knows better than any one. Therefore in the future course of Politics, his Strategy must be

The blasphemy of Sexual Abuse Against Minors

Among the POLITICAL statements  like politics IN the same family party and Dynastic tagged Politics, finally The Prince of Congress Party (Yuvraj) Rahul Gandhi took the crown of the Congress chief. After several years of waiting, Rahul Gandhi became a Congress president ...

A shocking incident of sexual harassment against Minor School goers inside the temple of Education in Primary Government School of Odisha once again unveiled the vicious circle of Sexual Harassment and abuse in Indian Society. India’s deep rooted cultural heritage ...

Vol-1I, Issue-IX, Published for the period 01-15 August, 2017. Printed & Published by Virender for and on behalf of Karamvir Kamal (Owner) from 2569, Street No. 2, Jawahar Colony, N.I.T, Faridabad, Haryana and printed at Joy Printers, 3G-142, N.I.T. Faridabad-121001, Haryana. Editor Karamvir Kamal* (responsible for selection of news under PRB Act 1867). RNI No. HARENG/2016/67803. Executive Office: 431, Saraswati Vihar, Gurugram-122004, Haryana. Contact +91 9212 46 0446, 9899 73 1532, Email: | email id:


Vol-1I, Issue-XVIII, Published for the period 16-31 December, 2017. Printed & Published by Virender for and on behalf of Karamvir Kamal (Owner) from 2569, Street No. 2, Jawahar Colony, N.I.T, Faridabad, Haryana and printed at Joy Printers, 3G-142, N.I.T. Faridabad-121001, Haryana. Editor Karamvir Kamal* (responsible for selection of news under PRB Act 1867). RNI No. HARENG/2016/67803. Executive Office: 431, Saraswati Vihar, Gurugram-122004, Haryana. Contact +91 9212 46 0446, 9899 73 1532, Email:

Vol-1I, Issue-XX, Published for the period 16-31 January, 2018. Printed & Published by Virender for and on behalf of Karamvir Kamal (Owner) from 2569, Street No. 2, Jawahar Colony, N.I.T, Faridabad, Haryana and printed at Joy Printers, 3G-142, N.I.T. Faridabad-121001, Haryana. Editor Karamvir Kamal* (responsible for selection of news under PRB Act 1867). RNI No. HARENG/2016/67803. Executive Office: 431, Saraswati Vihar, Gurugram-122004, Haryana. Contact +91 9212 46 0446, 9899 73 1532, Email:

email id:


wisely worked out with his utmost maturity to win the further political battle ahead. The responsibility of defeat in these current state assembly Elections lies on Rahul’s accountability which can be never denied. We should not also forget the victory of BJP in Himachal Pradesh is not at all a miracle. It is just a traditional political result which has been repeating in the way of ‘Water Cycle’ since more than two decade. As per this tradition, 5years of past Congress regime switched over to BJP for an another 5 years. Even voters, Political Leaders including parties can’t deny that this win of BJP in Gujarat is just manageable as BJP’s claim of as many as 150 seats has been punctured. It is absolute to believe that each and every issue of this NAMO’s Home-Land was positive and in favor of BJP but despite of all these positivity and better political Equations ,BJP only could manage to win over 99 Assembly seats out of total 182.This manageable victory reflects and reveals the Political truth of Gujarat BJP really lost as much as 16 seats in comparison to their last time Assembly Election seats had gained in Gujarat. And Congress having numbers of negativity could able to win 19 more seats in comparison to the last Assembly Election result in Gujarat.

Bihar Politics


Modi magic and other takeaways from India's bellwether Gujarat elections

Vol II, Issue III 01-15 May, 2017 Pages 08, Price Rs. 5/Faridabad (NCR)

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is set for a sixth outright win in his native state of Gujarat. Here are some takeaways from what is a substantially reduced victory: ... | email id:

Pradyumna Murder Case:

Haryana Police failed to Clarify CBI The National capital and nearby area including the entire North India once again experienced the poisonous smog and smoke. The level of pollution is so high and lethal that people of Delhi fear to come out of home. By Anjan K Samal

Unprecedented killer smog terrorized the capital city again

CBI‌ is the Apex investigating Agency of our Country. When the common men look unsatisfied due to inaction of the Police and do not faith on the working style of the police department, then they opt and urge for the CBI enquiry. Politically CBI may be tagged as a caged Parrot of the sitting Government ,but still people of India have the ultimate faith on this biggest Investigating agency. CBI has proved its credibility once again by solving the Gurugram Murder Mystery of Pradyumna and proved it’s irony that Why is it different and better than the rest of the agency?

"Anti black money day is a joke..." -Swaraj Abhiyan Swaraj Abhiyan demands disclosure of action taken on big cases, SIT report on Black Money, cash deposits by political parties and leaders postdemonetization. ‘Anti Black Money Day’ is a joke, instead we need concrete action on black money, including on Paradise Papers expose.


Honeymooners' Delight Setting the wedding date is never an easy task and so is deciding the honeymoon dates and destination. This time of the year is the best time to get hitched. This is the ideal season and perfect time to begin your love journey. Winter Weddings are unique and special in many ways. One gets to explore the best treasures, glory and colors of our country during this season.

Vol II, Issue XI 01-15 September, 2017 Pages 08, Price Rs. 5/Faridabad (NCR) | email id:

Judiciary Passed, Government Failed Are judicial courts the only way to maintain law and order?

The Baba Culture of India An opportunity for Writers / Journalists / Bloggers / Content Developers & all Creative youngsters to Vent their Views

Do you have a passion for writing articles or content on social, political, economic, national or international issues? Do you like to write about sports, entertainment, lifestyle, education or any other topic of your interest but have never got it published? Do you think you can make a difference in the society through your writings? Then you are invited to share your articles, writings or content with us and if we found it appealing enough, we will publish it in our fortnightly tabloid.

Vol-1I, Issue-III, Published for the period 01-15 May, 2017. Printed & Published by Virender for and on behalf of Karamvir Kamal (Owner) from 2569, Street No. 2, Jawahar Colony, N.I.T, Faridabad, Haryana and printed at Joy Printers, 3G-142, N.I.T. Faridabad-121001, Haryana. Editor Karamvir Kamal* (responsible for selection of news under PRB Act 1867), RNI No. HARENG/2016/67803. Executive Office: 431, Saraswati Vihar, Gurugram -122004, Haryana. Contact +91 9212 46 0446, 9899 73 1532.


Vol-1I, Issue-XI, Published for the period 01-15 September, 2017. Printed & Published by Virender for and on behalf of Karamvir Kamal (Owner) from 2569, Street No. 2, Jawahar Colony, N.I.T, Faridabad, Haryana and printed at Joy Printers, 3G-142, N.I.T. Faridabad-121001, Haryana. Editor Karamvir Kamal* (responsible for selection of news under PRB Act 1867). RNI No. HARENG/2016/67803. Executive Office: 431, Saraswati Vihar, Gurugram-122004, Haryana. Contact +91 9212 46 0446, 9899 73 1532, Email:

Vol-1I, Issue-XV, Published for the period 01-15 November, 2017. Printed & Published by Virender for and on behalf of Karamvir Kamal (Owner) from 2569, Street No. 2, Jawahar Colony, N.I.T, Faridabad, Haryana and printed at Joy Printers, 3G-142, N.I.T. Faridabad-121001, Haryana. Editor Karamvir Kamal* (responsible for selection of news under PRB Act 1867). RNI No. HARENG/2016/67803. Executive Office: 431, Saraswati Vihar, Gurugram-122004, Haryana. Contact +91 9212 46 0446, 9899 73 1532, Email:

email id:


CLASS MUSLIMS Sparsh Upadhyay

Inside A Spell of Rain: Past’s emotion Present’s misery

Reminiscence back to the days of late 80’s or late 90’s clearly brings in In order to understand the status of Indian front of our eyes a jovial scenario, Muslims in the country, a report prepared by where a spell of rain was like Committee’ a bless- headed by Rajinder Sachar ‘Sachar ing quite frequently sought for.submitted Rain to Lok-Sabha on 30 Nowhich was during the summer vacation vember 2006days is helpful, this commission was appointed 2005 by the then Prime Minister was more sort of a rainbow of inemotions. It was all about enjoying the aroma of the first drop of water falling on the dry soil, engaging oneself in the enigmatic tales and stories narrated by the octogenarian grandmother or in the incessant talks with our siblings and may be in a game of chess or ludo.


Manmohan Singh. The report focuses on the latest Social, Economic and Educational condition of the Muslim Community of India. The findings of 403 pages report had many findings and suggestions; it clearly said that they are facing a ‘development deficit’and that this com-

Does removing the red beacon Everything overrides when it comesmeans to lights out for the VIP culture? national interest & security

munity faces discrimination by the Government and the majority community. ‘They regularly have to prove their nationality and that they are purely nationalist, Muslims religious symbolism has also been in question, ‘burqha’ and ‘topis’ have not gained them anything other than suspicion. Women have been confined in the four walls and have been furthered suppressed by Muslim males, there has been a wide boycott of Muslims after every riot and that made them marginalized, and not only that, they have been made to feel as if they don’t constitute India. While the constitution did give them the right to manage instructional affairs but that guarantee could make no difference, and their education trend has been confined to the ‘Madarsas’ only’. The committee further presented some facts related to the social and economic condition of Muslims. The report did give a new way to requisition the policies and interrogate into the incapability of governance, it could very well be regarded as the guiding factor in the quest of ‘developmantalizing’, if taken seriously, it might open our eyes as well. The community which has had the scar of underdevelopment being inscribed in its fate’ The identity of a community is the most important assets which was promised to be secured by the constitution makers and it was believed that the promises would take an accurate shape, but the post ‘60s stories reveal how a Liberal Democracy remodeled itself, by way of Politicization and Poor Governance, forcing us to look at this religion which skepticism, it remains a religion which could be considered as one which exists, and at the same time doesn’t. It existence is realized just before the elections when and the next 5 years passes off with no substantial efforts to uplift them, leaving them in darkness. For Political Parties, they are just means (and not the ends) on the way to their own advancement. As the central government changed in 2014, and the news was out that Muslims in large number have voted for BJP (the so called

Education or Extortion

The months of March, April and May are the months of session beginning in schools. The beginning of the session is always followed by hue and cry of the parents. Parents raise voice against the revision of the fee structure which shows hike in fee.

‘Hindu Nationalist Party’ in India), speculation started as to why suddenly the same Muslims started supporting the person who once was blamed for killing 2000 Muslims in Gujarat? How it became possible for Muslims to change their view in 12 years? The answer lies in one simple understanding of the recent orientation of middle class Muslims. The middle class Muslim is raising and this emergence of them wants development, growth and peace, they want to breathe in the fresh air and which needs and overall revamping in a democratic country, destined to lead by secular deep seated set of values. In Modi, people expect such a leader, but for him it won’t be that easy as it might seem. He not only has to change the certain religiously held prejudices of Muslims but also has to show the practicality of the promises he made in his election Manifesto. Modi has to realize that it is the duty of the government to ensure that no ‘puppy comes and dies’ on the way to development, no matter who is driving the car. However the said statement was said to be false and not said by Mr. Modi; and such mentality doesn’t deserve to be promoted. I believe that the time has come when Muslims should start living the kind of life which they deserve to live or for that matter anyone who has been marginalized deserves and this could be ensured by us, the people along with the Governments, the effective policies taking in view their history would pave way for their development, this would also require a thorough inquiry of post-colonial treatment towards them. This Minority community needs our attention and it’s up to us as to how to respond to their call. At last I would like to remember a song from an Indian Movie‌

â€œĂ€UôÇU¸ô ÂˇÂ¤Ăœ ¡¤è Ă•ĂŚĂŒĂ°Â´ ÂˇÂ¤Ăœ ¡¤è Ă•ĂŚĂŒ Ă‚ĂŠĂšUÌÙè Ù° ÎþÚU ×ð´ Ă§ĂœÂšĂ°Â´ÂťĂ° Ă§Ă—ĂœÂˇÂ¤ĂšU Ă™Ă˜Ă¨ ¡¤ãUÌÙè ĂŁUĂ— çãU´ÎÊSĂŒĂŚĂ™Ă¨, ĂŁUĂ— çãU´ÎÊSĂŒĂŚĂ™Ă¨â€?

Liquor ban on highways

The directive principles of state policy in the Constitution of India (article 47) state that "...the State shall Endeavour to bring about prohibition of the consumption except for medicinal purposes of intoxicating drinks and of drugs which are injurious to health".

Both individual freedom and privacy are very important but it cannot be unqualified as everything overrides when it comes to the national interest and security, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Mr Kiren Rijiju said at an ASSOCHAM event held in New Delhi.

70 Years of Independence‌

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