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GROOMING DOWNTOWN Your best bet: Waxing

It would seem only natural that the other area tied for first in the least attractive area for excess body hair would be the hardest and most awkward area for you to reach yourself - the back. Chances are, you’ll want to consult a professional for this one. Afterall, there is nothing as unsexy as saying, “Hey babe, can you help me shave my back?”

When most people think about male grooming and “manscaping”, this is the first area that pops into everyone’s minds and with good reason. This area is often protected more than the Pentagon and the thought of a blade coming anywhere near it is nothing short of terrifying. Shaving is an option but we wouldn’t recommend it because it

may cause razorburn and ingrown hairs. We suggest you take either the trimming path or go the waxing route, although most will go for the option of trimming. A small pair of scissors or lightweight razor can be used to trim and thin out the area without too much fear of any accidents. If you do however decide to give waxing a shot, we don’t recommend doing it yourself and would highly suggest seeing a professional to avoid any….”damages”.

Q: Are there any health Don’t use deodorant, perfumes precautions to keep in mind? or alcohol-based products for at least 24 hours after A: It is important that waxing waxing. It is recommended is never done on clients to use sun protection for the taking Accutane and is not 1st day after the waxing to recommended for clients avoid any hyper-pigmentation. taking Retinol A, or other types of skin thinning acne Q: How often do I medications. If medication need to get waxed? A few quick tips for before is being taken, consult your and after getting waxed: dermatologist prior to waxing. A: Typically you will need to get waxed every 4 to 6 weeks... • Hair growth should be at Q: How should I take care go any sooner and you will least 1/4” of my skin after waxing? remove some of the hairs but • Take Tylenol 30-45 minutes not all of them, which will before your appointment A: After waxing, avoid tanning, throw off your waxing schedule (optional but if it’s your first extended sun exposure, and will not give you clean wax time, it’s probably a good idea) scented lotions, perfumes, or results. Let it grow too long • Stay out of the sun 24 hours colognes for 48 hours. You and you may need to trim but before and after waxing will also want to avoid hot this will also be a little bit more service showers or baths, sauna and sensitive. But still it depends on • Avoid exercise and extreme steam room use immediately how fast your hair grows. That heat (sauna, hot tub) 24 hours following the service. This can varies from person to person. after waxing service traumatize & burn new skin.


BACK Your best bet: Waxing

Now we know body hair grooming is nothing new, but not everyone knows the necessary facts or steps prior to being waxed. We consulted Mary Miljan of Aroma Wellness Clinic and Spa in Toronto for a few pre-waxing tips and some answers to common questions.

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Summer 2012

Text: Josh Cawston