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Inside Styled Right In the issue: 18 Water World

Fashion Director Sherri Garcia styles a dreamy poolside swimwear fashion fantasy.

25 Seattle Style Experts

Get to know the area’s top fashion bloggers and learn the secrets of their success and style.

41 Your Going Out Guide

Grab your girlfriends or your main squeeze and hit the town in style. We’ll tell you where to go and what to wear for the perfect night out.


• Truly flattering swimsuits • Summer sun protection • HOT nail trends • The perfect summer scent • Look your best this summer


Meet your new relationship guru! Lindzi Cox from ABC’s The Bachelor solves your real-life dating dilemmas.

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Meet the Foxs

Western Washington’s favorite morning radio hostess-with-the-mostest Brooke Fox and her husband Michael Fox get real about work, play and falling in love every day.


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From your stylist

editor’s letter

There are few places on Planet Earth more beautiful than the Pacific Northwest in the summer and few people more appreciative of a warm sunny day than Seattleites. After at least six months of perpetual chills and rain, we earn our summers, and we certainly don’t take them for granted. As stylists, we help clients transition from season to season, spending hours organizing and editing in other people’s closets. When the phone calls start coming in from excited clients wanting to pack away their heavy sweaters or shop for an upcoming vacation, we know summer is upon us. This issue is a celebration of longer days and warmer temperatures. We want to help you look and feel your best and also encourage you to get out and soak up every moment of the season. We tried to cover all your stylish bases, from protecting your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays to helping you look your best for a day at the beach or a night on the town. I’m thrilled to have the lovely Brooke Fox on the cover. Brooke really dove headfirst into her role as a cover girl, bravely posing in swimwear, which is most everyone’s worst nightmare. Brooke shared what makes her happy and keeps her smiling and feeling positive every day, despite her early mornings and busy schedule. Hint: his name is Michael Fox, and we got to meet him, too! (See Hot Child in the City, page 30). I’m also excited to have Lindzi Cox from ABC’s The Bachelor as a featured contributor to the issue. I first met Lindzi in Seattle at a Bar Method class (she was moving like an elegant swan, and I was ungracefully raising my left leg while the rest of the class raised their right), and I invited her out for happy hour--much more my scene!--to gab about her upcoming projects. I quickly realized that she not only has an untapped wealth of dating expertise, she also gives great advice (See Ask Lindzi, page 44). We had the pleasure of working with the talented photographer Rosemary Wagner on not one, but two fashion shoots. Selfishly, we viewed these shoots as an excuse to soak up some rays and play outside for a few days. And thankfully Seattle’s weather cooperated, giving us two gloriously perfect afternoons, the kind that make everyone want to leave work early, crack a beer and fire up the barbeque. Whether you enjoy this issue at work, at home or somewhere outdoors (possibly poolside, wearing a fabulous pair of sunglasses), we hope you enjoy! Don’t forget, if you have an iPad, you can subscribe to Styled Right on iTunes to get an enhanced HD version and a (super cheap) yearly subscription, so you can carry us with you, wherever you go this summer! Sincerely, Darcy Camden @darcycamden

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Styled Right Summer Playlist 1. “That Girl” Justin Timberlake 2. “The Stars Are Ours” Mayer Hawthorne 3. “Treasure” Bruno Mars 4. “Fancy Footwork” Chromeo 5. “Next to Me” Emeli Sande 6. “Made To Love” John Legend 7. “We Can’t Stop” Miley Cyrus 8. “Blurred Lines” Robin Thicke (feat Pharrell & T.I.)

STYLED RIGHT INSPIRATION: A. Sunny yellow nail polish is

our favorite hue this season. B. Don’t miss the delightful flick Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s. Our editors give it two thumbs up. C. Retro images of Frankie and Annette circa the 1960s inspired our Alki Beach photo shoot with Brooke and Michael Fox. D. The Beats by Dre portable pill speaker is the perfect way to tote your tunes to the beach or pool (we use it at photo shoots!). E. This summer is all about shorts! Pair with a chic blouse and your favorite heels for a flirty evening look. F. Beauty Editor Tiffany Lowry recommends Water Babies SPF 50 for kids and grown-ups. We love the iconic image on the bottle and the fact that it now comes in spray form. G. Headed to the beach? Don’t forget a fedora. This trend accessory will save your hair color from fade-out and shade your face.

“Donner Avec Amour” to give with love


Your WeddinG BY GivinG Back

p h oto Gr a p h Y


B a rB i e h u l l p h oto Gr a p h Y

G e t G o r Ge o u s G o o ds

The Four Seasons Hotel . Seattle BuY






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Get Hitched Give Hope n

k o ’ c lo c

Y o u r t i c k e t s a t W W W . G e th i tc h e d G i v e h o p e . co m

p r e s e n te d B Y : f o u r s e a s o n s h o te l , s e a t t le m e t B r i d e a n d G r o o m , p r i v e e v e n t s , l a u r e l m c c o n n e l l p h o t o G r a p h Y , c h r i st o p h e r f lo W e r s , B a r B i e h u l l p h o t o G r a p h Y , p e r f e c t lY p os h e v e n t s , h e a th o r i G i n a l

BenefitinG: dream foundation


YounG survival coalition

STYL-FM RADIO Feel Beautiful, Live Beautifully.

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TIF’SPICKS We all love to bask in the summer sun, but it’s important to protect your skin from harmful rays. Beauty Editor Tiffany Lowry shares her favorite SPF products to keep you safe and stylish. Click items to purchase.

A. B.

C. D.


Beauty Editor Tiffany Lowry Tiffanycolors. com

Tiffany says: “The SPF number on your product indicates how long you are protected in minutes. Just add a zero. SPF 20 means you are protected for 200 minutes, so reapply about every three hours.“


f i T -

A. Dermalogica SPF 15 wipes: SPF wipes offer easy non-greasy application and no goup. Great to use on your face, even if you have sensitive skin ($22); B. YSL Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick: Worth the splurge, this lipstick will drench your lips in color and shine. Plus, it contains SPF 15 ($34); C. La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra Light Sunscreen Lotion Spray SPF 60: All day super protection! Worth every penny ($36); D. ALBA Botanica Kona Coffee After-Sun Lotion: It hydrates and replenishes, plus the caffeine is an anti-inflammatory ($12); E. Aveda Inner Light Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15: It’s like wearing nothing at all, yet it evens your skintone with a weightless formula packed with vitamins and minerals ($22). Questions? Tweet Tiffany @tiffanycolors. STYLEDRIGHT 9


Seattle’s top facialist Susan Grace of Suite 300 in Ballard answers your most pressing skincare questions “I tend to get sunburned on my forehead and nose, even when I’m wearing sunscreen. How often should I reapply throughout the day and what SPF level do you recommend?” -Kelly, Snohomish, WA. I always recommend using an SPF 30 as part of your daily morning skin care routine. The SPF rating is a measure of time, not a measure of strength. Many sunscreens are now listing how long you can safely stay in the sun directly on the package. You should reapply as soon as your coverage time is up, especially if you are prone to burning. My favorite way to stay protected throughout the day is with bareMinerals Natural Sunscreen Powder. I keep it in my purse and brush it on whenever my skin needs a little extra love. It’s the best for impromptu walks around the lake or happy hour on the deck. Plus, it blends well over makeup so your skin will look flawless while maintaining proper protection.

“Is there anything I can do to reduce sunspots? Those dark patches I get on my skin seem to become more pronounced in the summer when I get a little tan. I’m specifically looking for a topical treatment as I would like to avoid laser or other expensive procedures.” -Sarah, Seattle, WA. There are many kinds of topical treatments for evening out pigmentation. My advice is to stay AWAY from any products containing Hydroquinone, as that ingredient is widely believed to be carcinogenic (cancer causing). Instead, I recommend glo-therapeutics Brightening Serum. Glycolic and L-lactic acid are combined with other natural lighteners to address hyper-pigmentation.

Susan Grace Suite300. com

However, when you are using a lightening product, your skin will be even more vulnerable to sun damage. So it is crucial that you wear sunscreen daily in accordance with your brightening serum.

“My daytime moisturizer has SPF 15 and my foundation has SPF 15. If I wear both am I getting protection equal to SPF 30?” -An, Seattle, WA. Sadly, no. Layering sun protection products is great, but know that the coverage will only be the higher of the two SPFs.

“Are there certain vitamins that can improve my complexion? If so, are there any ‘wonder foods’ that would be excellent for my skin?”-Allyson, Redmond, WA. Yes! We need to feed our skin internally to keep it looking as healthy as possible. Summer is an excellent time to nourish your skin by eating seasonally fresh fruits. Red, blue and purple berries contain Bioflavinoids, which strengthen capillaries and prevent spider veins. Apricots are a wonderful source of Rutin, which helps sustain the framework of our epidermis and has a dramatic impact on the overall health of our skin. Citrus fruits contain Vitamin C, a key component of collagen and elastin synthesis in our bodies. There are so many other beneficial foods to support a beautiful complexion that I could go on and on! You can read more about super foods for the skin on my blog. Click the page to visit Susan’s blog! STYLEDRIGHT 11


A. Diptyque Eau de Toilette “Do Son” ($88 for 50ml).

We love how light and airy this scent is. Spray once for daytime, layer it on for an evening out.

B. Laura Mercier Eau Gourmande “Fresh Fig” ($50).

Your Perfect Summer Scent In the summertime, we want perfume to match the season, something light, fresh and carefree. We test-drove a bunch of sunny scents, here are our favorites.

click items to purchase

This subtle scent presents an effortless sweetness that is neither heavy nor musky.

C. Fresh. Citron de Vigne Eau de Parfum ($38 for 10oz) This is our absolute favorite crisp citrus-y scent. ‘Nough said.

D. BRILLIANT! Kai Fragrance perfumed deodorant ($24).

We all need deodorant, especially in the hot summer. Rather than wear a deodorant that competes with your perfume, let this all natural, lovely deodorant BE your perfume.


B. A.

E. Gorilla Perfumes SUN ($14.95-$55.95).

Styled Right staffer says: “It’s fun! It smells a little bit like a cocktail. Great for a night out, but I wouldn’t wear it to work, unless you want your boss to think you’re storing margaritas in your desk.”



Westlake Center Aug 10-31st


Look Your Best This summer

Wardrobe stylists know that the perfect outfit can make us look instantly slimmer, taller, even younger; but a truly transformational beauty makeover involves more than just clothing. With summer approaching, we wondered greedily, “What ELSE can we do to improve our look?” Fashion Director Sherri Garcia gladly volunteered to go on a head-to-toe makeover mission. She spent a week experiencing every non-surgical beautification procedure we could think of and came back glowing with some very helpful notes. Whether you have a wedding or reunion to attend or just want to look your best in a bathing suit, here’s everything you need to know about our favorite instant beauty boosters.

WARNING: Use of these methods may cause increased confidence, incessant smiling and recurrant wolf whistles from complete strangers.

AIR BRUSH SPRAY TAN Where to go: Seattle Sun Tan What to know: Shave and exfoliate

right before you go. Do NOT apply lotion to your skin prior to tanning, as it prevents the tan from settling evenly. Your tan develops over 24 hours, so it’s best to go the day before a big event. Wait at least six hours before showering. You’ll notice a brownish color will wash off, but don’t worry: that’s just the cosmetic bronzers washing off, not the tan. Sherri says: “You’ll notice results

instantly. It does feel a little sticky and the tanning solution has a distinct smell. Since you have to wait about six hours before you take a shower, I recommend getting your tan done at night. That way, you can let your tan sink in while you sleep and take a shower first thing in the morning.”




Whitening Pen ($49.99) What to know: This professional tool is easy to use. Apply a thin coat twice a day after brushing and see full results after two weeks. Instructions recommend to not eat or drink for 30 minutes after application, so a little planning is required.

extensions, available at Sally Beauty Supply ( What to know: Clip-in hair extensions are non-permanent and easyto-use. You can put them in yourself with a little practice. Opt for Remy extensions (aka real hair), because it blends best with your own hair and styles more easily. You may want to take your extensions to your hair stylist to get them trimmed up for a more natural look.

What to use: Phillips ZOOM!

Sherri Says: “The Phillips ZOOM!

pen is super easy to use. It’s not an instant fix, but I did notice dramatic results after a week, and my friends even started commenting on how white my smile looked, so I know it wasn’t just noticeable to me.”


LUSTER NOW! toothpaste is an instant tooth whitener. It colors your mouth blue for a moment, then washes away to reveal dazzling white. ($7.99)

What to use: Satin Strands clip-in

Sherri says: “I went to YouTube

and found lots of great videos to teach me how to put the exten sions in myself. It took a little practice to be able to fasten them firmly so that the clip wasn’t noticeable, but once I got the hang of it, I had a lot of fun wear- ing long, luxurious locks.”



3507 Evanston Ave N Seattle, WA 98103 (206) 632-3602 What to know: It hurts! But not as much as traditional waxing. The salon gives great advice to help you manage the pain. They even distract you with a sweet treat, like a lollipop to take the edge off. They say limit caffeine and alchohol intake before you go in and eat a good meal. Taking an Advil an hour before you go in can help a lot. The sugar is body temperature, so there is no risk of burn. Don’t go if you have a sunburn. Don’t go if you shaved recently. Don’t go if you have excessively dry skin. Dry skin makes it virtually impossible to sugar effectively. Daily moisturizing and exfoliation are recommended.

Wellness (Edmonds, WA) (425) 348-9288 What to Know: This spa-like procedure involves wrapping your entire body to promote sweating. Arrive well-hydtrated because you will lose a lot of moisture. Wear undergarments that you don’t mind getting wet, and bring extras so you don’t have to leave in a soggy bra! You’ll notice results after one appointment, but five visits are recommended to achieve full effect and discounts are offered for purchasing multiple sessions.

Where to go: The Sweet Spot

Sherri says: “Give yourself plen-

ty of time for parking and initial paperwork, like visiting a doctor’s office or a really good spa. The staff is super helpful and friendly, and you’ll want to have plenty of time to get a thorough consultation before your procedure (it will make you feel so much more at ease!). I learned that sugaring is much more hygenic than waxing. They use a single ball of all- natural sugar wax, so there’s no double-dipping!”


Where to go: Healing Kneads

Sherri says: “After hearing sto-

ries of miracle weight loss, I was excited to try this. I didn’t experience extreme results, but I did lose an inch or two around my mid section, which is what I wanted. And I left feeling really relaxed with wonderfully soft and moisturized skin.”

We can’t all look like a swimsuit model, but we should do everything we can to boost our confidence and feel our best!

Where to go: Nowhere! 2BU Mobile Beauty Services comes to you (877) 2BU-0891 What to know: A professional stylist

will come to your home or place of work to give you a professional manicure and/or pedicure, and they will even bring a nanny along (per request) to watch your kids while you relax, so this is an excellent option for busy moms. They use non-toxic Butter London nail polish and they bring all the necessary tools to deliver salon quality service (NOTE: 2BU also offers other beauty services, such as massage or brow waxing).

Sherri says: “This is a waterless

service, so you won’t get a warm foot bath, which I usually enjoy. But my polish was flawless and my nails looked gorgeous for days.I also really loved the selection of nail polish colors offered.”

supermodel Bar Rafaeli, Sports Illustrated


136 102nd AVE SE | Bellevue WA | 425.502.8178


How to find the perfect bathing suit We can probably all agree that shopping for a bathing suit is torturous. The bad lighting, the confusing sizing, those icky hygienic panty liner strips. It’s a recipe for disaster and an errand that most of us dread more than a visit to the dentist. So here’s a simple style guide, a sort-of cheat sheet to help you find the perfect suit for your figure. If you have a large chest (C cup or above): Underwire is key, but wide or adjustable straps, seamed cups, halter tops and sturdy linings help support the chest, too. A two-piece is actually better than a one-piece, because the support band goes all the way around the back, so opt for a bikini with strong support. AVOID: Skimpy styles that lack structure, like triangle tops.

If you have a tummy: Look for suits that skim over the middle, like A-line tankinis or suits that have ruched fabric or built-in control panels to suck in your midsection and act like Spanx. AVOID: Tight-fitting bikinis, crop-top tankinis and low-rise or string bottoms.

If you have a straight figure: Details like ruffles, rings, padding and bold prints can make a straight body look more curvy. Bottoms with embellishIf you have full hips and thighs: ments bring attention to the hips and Look for a suit with eye-catching details create a waistline. AVOID: Minimalist above the waist, like bright colors or patterns, a deep neckline or jewelry-like designs and plain, solid colors (like all hardware, to draw attention to your upper black). half. Down below, opt for an arched leg line that hits about an inch south of the hip bone. AVOID: Boy shorts, one-pieces with side cutouts and bottoms with embellishments or ruffles. For more tips watch “Trendy bathing suits for every body” on KING-5’s New Day Northwest. STYLEDRIGHT 17

d l R o W R

e t a W


Wardrobe styling: Sherri Garcia Hair and Make-up:Tiffany Lowry Photography: Rosemary Wagner


ocal swimwear designers Adicora and Ihla prove bright colors and playful patterns are the summer’s hottest and most unique swimwear trends. Location: Kirkland, WA Models: Taylor Aflen & Luiza Farber Seattle Models Guild

When it comes to everyday style, function and comfort are key. Here, the gorgeous--and limber--ladies of Bar Method show us outfits that can really move.

LEFT: Strapless one-piece swimsuit, Adicora Swimwear. NEXT PAGE: Printed bikini, Ihla Swimwear.





ABOVE: Printed bikin with tassles, Adicora Swimwear RIGHT: Yellow bikini, Ihla Swimwear; Bracelets, Peridot boutique


Swink Style Bar Now two locations: Downtown Seattle 611 Stewart Street Seattle, WA 98101 (206) 682-7070 University Village 4610 Village Court NE Seattle, WA 98105 (206) 673-5070

Cue the dryers. Wave the wands. This is Swink, the first style bar to hit Seattle. Home of the quick, affordable beauty blast. Like blow outs. Lash extensions. Makeup. Bridal packages. Whatever you choose, sit back and relax. Let us take care of you. You leave chin up, shoulders back. So you, only better.

Bloggers Know Best Get to know Seattle’s top fashion bloggers


eet Dana, Mollie, Kate and Jess, four of Seattle’s most stylish and savvy bloggers. These trendy women have their fingers on the pulse of fashion, and they work hard to share advice and inspiration to thousands of readers every day. Here, they tell us--in their own words--how blogging has influenced their lives, their careers and their shopping habits. STYLEDRIGHT 25

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Tank: Zara Jacket: Aritzia Skirt: All Saints (via PoshMark) Shoes: Zara

Jess Estrada ---

Fresh Jess



started Fresh Jess in early 2008, while I was working as the Events Director for the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce. I did a lot of research about fun events happening in the city and wanted a platform to share with others. I still cover the latest and greatest events in Seattle, but I also like to highlight individuals who inspire me, books, new mobile apps, restaurants, boutiques and resources that I’m currently into. I also share my personal style, music tastes and things going on in my life. I call Fresh Jess my “living portfolio.” It’s brought me so many unimaginable opportunities, and essentially allowed me to create a career. Fresh Jess is for anyone who wants a unique perspective on life and style in Seattle. I have a strong (readership) base here, but have a lot of readers in other metro areas, like NYC, L.A., Miami and Chicago. I’ve also got quite the readership overseas and still can’t believe it when people come up to me and tell me they read Fresh Jess. It’s forever humbling! I like to call my style “West Coast Fresh.” I like comfortable, practical pieces that are unique in some way. I don’t mind taking risks and exploring new, independent designers or boutiques. I can never resist a good sale. As I’ve gotten older, I’m definitely more in tune with my body and will wear pieces I wouldn’t have dreamed of wearing five years ago. I look good and work hard on my body, so why not be proud of that? Money can’t buy you style. While this isn’t necessarily great advice for a teenager trying to fit in at school or adults trying to fit into a scene, this has always made me feel much more comfortable in what I’m wearing than any trend report could ever do. Be yourself. JESS ESTRADA

Blazer: GAP

Tank: GAP Pants: GAP Shoes: Dolce Vita

Mollie Ruiz-Hopper ---


started blogging in January of 2010. I was inspired by my friends and family who always asked me for fashion advice. Someone mentioned blogging, so I figured I’d try my hand at it. I love writing, so it was a great way for me to share what I love and connect with people. I write about fashion, lifestyle and philanthropy. I believe in living a happy life, dressed in clothes that make you feel great and finding ways to help make the world a better place. My blog is written for those who are interested in learning more about fashion and how they can incorporate giving back as a part of their everyday life. Fashion and philanthropy come together in so many different ways, and I’m excited to inspire my readers to go out and help make a difference in the world. I have grown a community of thousands of people who visit my blog every month. The best part of blogging for me has been all the travel and opportunity to meet people. My network has grown so much in these last few years with blogging, and to me relationships are priceless and long lasting. As soon as people started asking me for advice and writing to me with their questions, I was like “Wow, people actually are reading what I’m writing!” My style in general is classic with a twist, I love bright bold colors, patterns and pearls. Blazers and boyfriend jeans are big staple pieces in my closet, as well as sparkly high heels and Alexis Bittar jewelry. For a really great outfit all you need are three things: an amazing pair of shoes, a handbag and a great blazer. All the rest falls into place when those elements are in order. Kelly Osbourne told me that. MOLLIE RUIZ-HOPPER

Mollie in Seattle


Dress: Vintage Cardigan: Nordstrom Jewelry: Kate Spade

Shoes: Cole Haan

Kate Retherford ---

All Things Kate



started my blog in February 2012 as a way to share my personal style and love for jewelry & dresses. I blog about three times per week on topics ranging from personal style and dressing for your body type to body image, jewelry and the history of fashion. I believe that having style has nothing to do with your size and everything to do with your attitude. Last November I received an anonymous email asking if I was too fat to write a fashion blog. I decided to respond publicly to the email on my blog. I never could have anticipated the outpouring of support I received. To this day, that post is my most read, and I continue to receive emails and comments from readers about how inspiring and encouraging the post has been for them. While I love being able to sample new products, the coolest thing that’s happened to me as a blogger has been intangible. Through my blog I’ve created new friendships and made new contacts both locally and throughout the world that I never would have made prior to becoming a blogger. I’m not in it for the freebies, though it’s a fun perk. I do it because I love it, and I’ve met some amazing people because of it. I’m constantly trying to expand my style and wardrobe and push the limits of my personal style by trying new things. I think “no holds barred” is a good way to describe my personal style. I can’t count the times that I thought something looked absolutely ridiculous on the hanger, but once I tried it on, I found it to be one of the most flattering articles of clothing I’d ever worn. I try not to limit myself to wearing certain colors, cuts or brands, because you can’t judge a book by its cover. KATE RETHERFORD

Dress: American Apparel Bracelet: Value Village Tunic: RTH

Bag: Zara

Dana Landon ---

It’s My Darlin’


wanted a place to keep track of and share inspirational photos that I found online as well as photos I took myself. I would walk past these people wearing the most unique and well put together outfits going to and from work, and I wanted to document what I was seeing. For me, it is easier to visualize myself in a trend or a type of outfit when I see it on a regular person on the street rather than a model or a mannequin. I post once a day. I enjoy shooting street style photography the most, so that quickly became the majority of my blog’s content. Food is also a passion of mine, both cooking and dining out, so that makes an appearance every so often. I also sometimes post about events that I attend or stores that have opened that I like. It’s really exciting when people I stop on the street for photos already knew about my blog or were regular readers. This started happening the second year. I have such a wonderful group of readers.The blog has also given me the opportunity to take part in really fun events that I may not have known about otherwise. It is hard to make it to everything but it is always so nice to be invited. On any given day, I am most likely wearing a mix of thrifted or second hand items, an investment piece (this varies from a nice pair of designer shoes or a coat to a piece of jewelry I inherited from one of my grandmothers) and a basic that I picked up from Zara or J.Crew. Learn what works well for you and always prioritize that over trends. We all know how quickly trends come and go, so if one just isn’t working for you, skip it. DANA LANDON

Don’t miss It’s My Darlin’ featured Sundays in The Seattle Times. STYLEDRIGHT 29




Brooke enjoyed a delicious summer cocktail from BOKA restaurant+bar, click the page to get the recipe. STYLEDRIGHT 30



hotinchild the city two


Catchin’ rays with MOViN 92.5’s Brooke Fox


story by Darcy Camden photos by Rosemary Wagner

t’s a picturesque evening on Alki. The sky is the bluest blue, the temperature is a perfect 72 degrees, and a light breeze is sweeping across the sand. Brooke Fox, MOViN 92.5’s morning radio darling, is wearing a 1960’s-style bathing suit and standing in the Puget Sound up to her ankles, smiling sweetly and holding hands with her husband Michael as the setting sun casts a warm, golden hue over the entire beach. The camera clicks furiously to capture the beauty of it all. In this moment, Michael Fox decides to tell a joke. cont’d page 32


“I think happiness is something that you always have to work on. Honesty, compassion, empathy and gratitude are the best routes to get there.”

-Brooke Fox

Like Brooke’s suit?

Click the page to shop great retro & modern swimwear from DownEast Basics


Michael: “Hey, do you guys smell Snoo?” Peanut Gallery: “Sorry, what?” “It smells like Snoo. Do you smell it?” “What’s Snoo?” “Ha! I don’t know! What’s Snoo with you!?”

Together, Brooke and Michael Fox are the poster couple for Romance, complementing each other perfectly and supporting each other at every opportunity. We wanted to know as much about them as possible, so we asked them both to dish on While the majority of the Styled Right crew their life as newlyweds. opts to digest this joke in silence, Brooke Styled Right: You and your husband Michael giggles earnestly with a sparkle in her are adorable together. You seem like the perfect eye that says both “You’re adorable” and match! How did you meet? “You’re a dork,” and it is obvious to everyBrooke Fox: Our mutual friend Jenni Hogan one that their marriage is rooted deeply in convinced Michael to do a story about one of my friendship and laughter. radio events. Five glasses of wine later, we realWe asked Brooke to be our summer cover model because to us she represents all things sunny: she’s fun, bright, warm--and she dazzles. Thankfully, she embraced our idea of modeling retro-y bathing suits on the beach in keeping with our LucilleBall-meets-Kate-Upton concept. Equal parts funny and beautiful, that’s Brooke Fox. We also invited Michael, Emmy award-winning web videographer at KIROTV, and the Fox’s dog Tula to the shoot, making the whole thing a family affair. Our style team picked up some handsome threads for Michael at JC Penney, including pieces from Joe Fresh and William Rast (side note: who knew that William Rast is now available at JCP?), while Brooke played with a plethora of chic swimwear from DownEast Basics and Ralph Lauren. Her eagerness and outgoing attitude told us we could stick her in pretty much anything, and not only would she wear it happily and without question, she would make it look good. Brooke possesses a genuine lack of vanity and self-consciousness that is both rare and refreshing.

ized we had the same last name, and we were stuck (with each other).

SR: Where did you go on your first date? BF: My friends thought I was nuts for planning a date in the ever-romantic Mukilteo. Combine gokart racing complete with jumpsuits, a pub that serves steak on a stone and add LOTS of high school-style flirting, and you’ve got a recipe for love! SR: When did you know you wanted to marry him? BF: The first time I dropped the “L” bomb! I always had a rule that I would never be the first one to say those three little words. But when I met Michael, all that changed. It literally jumped from my heart and out of my mouth. It was all I could do to keep from yelling it! SR: How did he propose? BF: Our families were both together near Bend, OR for Thanksgiving. Amid the chaos of cooking, he asked me if I wanted to go on a walk. He seemed jittery, not knowing exactly which path to take. He found a juniper tree stump and said “Let’s take a picture.” He set up the camera, ran back over to me and then dropped to one knee. It was such a surreal moment of love and confusion. He said some beautiful words and put the ring his mother made on my finger. I said, “YES!” and did the crying/laughing/deliriously happy thing. Then he realized that, in the midst of his nervousness, he had no idea which way we had walked! Cont’d page 36 STYLEDRIGHT 33


“The secrets to a happy marriage are: listening, not always having to be right and a steady dose of humor.”

-Michael Fox


It took us 45 minutes of wandering through the juniper trees to find the house again. When we finally made it back, we got to make the announcement at the Thanksgiving dinner table to the people we love most. It was perfect. SR: What was the best part of planning your wedding? BF: I can’t decide if it was my mother’s continual attempts to get Michael to ride a camel in our wedding parade--he finally agreed the day before the wedding!--or my father turning my childhood playhouse into a bar! Michael and I took (wedding planning) on as a joint effort to highlight the love, fun and complete ridiculousness of our lives together. SR: Is it still fun to say “husband?” BF: YES! It sometimes feels like I’m playing pretend grown-up, and then I remember it’s real...and that makes me even happier. SR: What is one thing you learned about Michael since marrying him that you didn’t know before you were married? BF: That every game in the NBA finals is The. Most. Important. Game. Also, he is a man who will commit an entire year of his life to wearing only mismatch socks. On a sappy note, I have learned that I love him more and more with every day that passes. I feel like the luckiest woman alive. SR: What’s one thing you and Michael disagree about that will never be resolved? BF: The correct way to put the toilet paper on the roll. It should come OUT THE TOP! SR: How do you and Michael keep the spark in your relationship? BF: Communication, more communication, date nights and some sexy texting every now and again. Did I just admit that? SR: What is your favorite place to go on a

date night? BF: Anything new, fun and a little creative. Michael just planned a date for us at a Thai restaurant in West Seattle called Bang Bar. He brought my big sketch notebook. We each got a 10-minute time limit to draw each other. The guy sitting behind us was laughing so hard as he watched Michael sketch, and my portrait was something close to what a police sketch artist would draw after finishing a fifth of vodka. SR: What is the best part of your day? BF: Dinner, and that’s not just because I love to eat. Michael and I love cooking, turning on music and recapping our days. Summertime backyard dining with my hubby is my favorite. SR: What time do you get up in the morning? BF: Too early. Either 3:30am or 4:30am. SR: What’s your morning beauty/fashion routine? BF: When I only have to be on the radio, I literally grab the closest thing on the floor to the bed and put it on. Sometimes it ends up inside-out and I usually notice about three hours into the show. Does that count as beauty? If I have to be on TV with Dish Nation, my routine is: hit snooze button for 10 minutes, drag myself into the shower, put on the clothes I laid out the night before (I don’t trust myself at 3:45am to be able to put together and outfit) and then head to the station for hair and makeup. SR: What’s the coolest part of your job? BF: Connecting with people. It’s cool to know we offer listeners a break from their daily grind. Helping someone feel less alone because they hear us talking about something that they, too, are going through, or helping people laugh when they may be having a hard time is truly the best feeling in the world. SR: What’s the hardest part of your job? BF: Waking up. Period. SR: You have the #1 morning radio show, which means LOTS of people listen to you. What do you hope to contribute to their day? BF: Laughter, a little bit of ridiculousness and a heavy dose of escapism.

SR: As a public figure, do you feel pressure to look good when you’re out in public or at events? Do you ever stress about what to wear? BF: Should I? SR: What is the best beauty advice you’ve ever received? BF: “Smile purdy,” and “Pull your shoulders back,” thanks to my mother. SR: What are your MUST-HAVE beauty or fashion items? BF: An amazing under-eye concealer, a hot pair of heels comfortable enough to wear all night, a great SPF face lotion, the perfect red lip stick (Tiffany Lowry told me it’s MAC’s Ruby Woo) and a hair tie! SR: You seem like a very happy person! Happiness sort of radiates off of you, we can even hear it through the radio. What’s your secret to happiness? BF: I am happy. Thank you for noticing! It sounds cliché, but I really try not to sweat the small stuff and concentrate only on the things I can change. I do think happiness is something that you always have to work on. Honesty, compassion, empathy and gratitude are the best routes to get there. SR: It seems like most people really like you, but there must be some people who say nasty things. How do you handle the “haters?” BF: Thanks to a seriously amazing mother, I have a ridiculous amount of self- confidence. She made me feel invincible in all areas of my life: as a big-glasses-wearing dork getting hit by an egg salad sandwich on the school bus and as an adult radio host getting blasted for any number of things (the sound of my voice, my opinions, my “stupid face”). The only opinions that really matter to me come from my friends and loved ones. SR: What are your goals for the coming year? BF: Nesting! I just love the home we are making together. We have lots of home projects in the works. Professionally, I just want to continue with the momentum that our show has established. It’s such an amazing vehicle for really changing lives in our community, and I’m loving the ride! cont’d page 39 STYLEDRIGHT 37

Of course, this article wouldn’t be complete without hearing the man’s perspective. Knowing Michael Fox is a talented storyteller, we wanted to let him gush freely and in his own words about newlywed life with Brooke. So here’s what The Mister had to say (prepare to swoon!): Styled Right: How did you meet Brooke? What was your first impression of her? Michael Fox: I first met Brooke in 2009 at a happy hour event she was hosting. I was there covering the story for work. My first impression was, “Damn, this girl is sexy. She has a cute nose ring, nice curves, a great smile, and she seems to be flirting with me.” SR: Score! When did you first realize you wanted to marry her? MF: I honestly can’t remember the ONE moment when I knew I wanted to marry her. The moment I knew I loved her more than anyone I had ever laid eyes on was when we were

struggling to summit Mt. St. Helens on a horrible weather day. For some reason, I told myself on that day that I wanted to die married to this woman. SR: How involved were you in the wedding planning? MF: I wanted pizza as a late night snack, I wanted to pay tribute to our grandparents in some way, and I wanted to have a ring on my finger by the end of the evening. Beyond that, I learned quickly to say, “Yes, I really like that.” SR: What is the best part of being married? MF: Coming home each day and laying eyes on the woman I love. SR: Has your style changed since you started dating Brooke? MF: I now wear mismatched socks every day. SR: How would you describe Brooke’s style? MF: Versatile and beautiful. Cont’d page 49


Summer Dining Destination outdoor patio • local food + wine • house made infusions + handcrafted cocktails

complimentary valet parking

SUMMER GOING OUT GUIDE Best place to dance your face off

“The Woods” at Grim’s Provisions & Spirits 1512 11th Avenue Seattle, WA 98122

What to order: The Moscow Mule. Grim’s bartenders have perfected this summer classic of vodka, ginger beer and lime juice. Tastes like summer and offers a refreshing cool down after a sweaty dance session. What to wear: To start, you’ll want flat shoes or a low wedge. The dance floor in The Woods is, you guessed it, grainy wood, and it’s a deathtrap for high heels. It gets hot, so you’ll want to wear something light and airy. A lace t-shirt and vegan leather shorts offer an easy, moveable ensemble.


Best place to get giggly with your girls Von’s GustroBistro1000 Spirits 1225 1st Avenue Seattle, WA 98101

What to order: The French Open. You’ll get a martini glass topped with house-spun cotton candy, and your server will melt it down with Lillet, rasberry coulis and champagne (you’ll get your own little bottle), it’s the ultimate girly indulgence. Want something a little more serious? Go for the Brandied Cherry Manhattan. What to wear: A strapless jumpsuit is a comfortable yet sassy way to show off tanned shoulders. Grab a brightly colored jacket or cardigan and an envelope clutch, and you’re set.

Best place to meet new people Paint Nite Seattle (various locations)

Girls night Shop

Styled Right click to buy our favorite pieces

What to order: Whatever you want! The more you drink, the better your painting will look. Unlike other painting classes in the area, the price of food and beverage is not included in your ticket. What to wear: Nothing too fancy or irreplaceable, because you’ll be working with acrylic paint that may stain your clothes. A denim shirt over printed shorts and pair of comfortable sandals is just the ticket.


social SUMMER

In The City Stylish Networking For Stylish Women Cocktails | Swag | Networking | More

July 25, 2013 from 5:30-8:30pm Within SoDo, Seattle Women Only, 21+ $45




SUMMER GOING OUT GUIDE Best place to go for a hot date

date night

The Pink Door 1919 Post Alley Seattle, WA 98101

What to order: Start with a half carafe of house wine, then share your dinner Lady and the Tramp-style. The decitant house lasagna is a must-try. End with a shot of espresso over rich gelato, a night-time pick-me-up that will keep you wide awake until The Pink Door’s Burlesque show begins. What to wear: A printed, girly dress. Your inspiration? Sophia Loren on the Almafi Coast of Italy (Google it!). Then, add character with accessories: a colored sandal, an enamel bracelet, statement earrings. BCBG’s envelope clutch is the perfect shape to hold your date night essentials: ID, money, cell phone, lipstick.


Best place for a group date REVEL

403 N 36th St. Seattle, WA 98103 What to order: Everything. Luckily, the dishes are designed for sharing and let’s-all-eat-off-each-other’s-plates-style dining. Don’t be afraid to take a table outside, even on a chilly night. Your host will offer you a blanket if needed. What to wear: A jersey maxi dress is both easy and elegant. Comfortable and forgiving fabric will allow you to eat and drink to your heart’s content.

Styled Right’s


SUMMER STYLE TIPS Our best advice to keep you looking good, wherever you go

#1. When in doubt about what to wear, start with your shoes. Consider the events of your evening and pick the most appropriate and comfortable footwear, then build your outfit from the ground up. #2. Don’t overaccessorize. If you think it’s too much, it probably is. #3. Wear your hair up. Stay cool with a stylish top knot or ponytail (who wants to spend extra time with heat tools on a hot day?) #4. Carry the smallest possible purse. Don’t weigh yourself down with an oversize tote. #5. Don’t shy away from black. We worry about being too hot, but really, black can be perfect in light fabrics with colorful accessories. STYLEDRIGHT 43

Ask Lindzi You’ve seen her experience the ups and downs of dating on ABC’s The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad. Now, the fabulous Lindzi Cox answers your relationship questions and solves your real-life dating dilemmas. “Dear Lindzi, Help! I’m fairly young (in my mid 30s), and I’m divorced. I’m trying to get back ‘out there’ but whenever I tell men that I’m divorced, they get weird and bolt like I’m poison or something. Recently, I met a guy that I really liked, he asked me if I had ever been married and I said, ‘No.” He smiled, we had the best conversation, followed by a date, followed by a few more dates, and now we’ve been seeing each other for a few weeks. I feel badly about lying (but I’ve been totally honest about everything else!). Should I tell him I’m divorced? Or should I wait a little while to see if things work out? It still feels too early in the relationship to talk about marriage. I don’t want to scare him off.” -B.G.

Lindzi says:

Oh, girlfriend. This is a big deal. How you would feel if the tables were turned and a guy blatantly lied to you about being married? We all tell little white lies every once in a while, but eventually, lying wears on you, and you put up more and more walls to protect yourself and cover up your lie. If you really like him and want to keep seeing him, you need to tell him the truth immediately. Here’s one thing I know for sure: it’s a small world,


smaller than we realize. He will find out the truth eventually, and he should hear it from you and not his best friend’s girlfriend’s co-worker. Getting the courage to tell him the truth is going to be difficult and scary, but if this has any potential of being a solid relationship, he will understand and forgive you. Relationships are hard enough. Starting off dishonestly is not going to make for smooth sailing in the future. Even if the relationship fizzles out, you should still tell him the truth. If you’re not together and he finds out you lied about being married, he’ll think you are crazy, and he might tell other people!

You've got to kiss a lot of toads (trust me!) to find your prince, but if online dating feels like a job, then you should scale back.”

-Lindzi Cox

Follow Lindzi on Twitter @Lindzicox

“Dear Lindzi, I’ve been trying an online dating service, and so far I am not impressed. It seems like a lot of work-it’s almost like having a second job!--and the dates are only so-so. I don’t want to quit, but I also really don’t think I’m going to find my future husband this way. I get frustrated because I feel like I’m wasting my time. Do you think I should stick with it or try something else (and, if so, what else should I try instead?)?”-S.A.

Lindzi says:

Dating is supposed to be fun and exciting! Sure, you’ve got to kiss a lot of toads (trust me!) to find your prince, but if what you’re doing feels like a job, then you should scale back. Make it more of a hobby instead of a job. I truly believe that you will find love when you least expect it, possibly with the person you least expect. So be open to new ideas, let your guard down and--most importantly!--make the best of every date and situation you find yourself in. Live your life, spend your time doing things that make you happy, and make the effort to put yourself “out there” all the time, not just on dates. Talk to that cute guy sitting with his friends at your favorite restaurant. Say “Hi!” to the hottie you pass on the street on your way to work. A simple, flirty “Hi!” is less work that logging in to your dating site, and at least you’ll get an instant reaction. cont’d page 48

Want more Lindzi?

Check out her new blog Denim + Dimples for fun beauty, fashion and travel tips.

click here STYLEDRIGHT 45 39


Styled Seattle

Your Personal Wardrobe Stylist

Harness the Power of Personal Style

Tiffany Lowry

Hair & Make-up

New location!

600 Western Ave. Seattle, WA 98104

ask a stylist Question: “I love the look of white

pants, but I’m terrified to buy a pair because I’m afraid I will ruin them or or they will look bad on me. What’s the secret for keeping white pants clean and new-looking, and how can I avoid Visible Panty Line?” -K.D., Snohomish, WA

Stylist Answer: Don’t feel like you have

to own white pants. You can have a perfectly functional summer wardrobe without them (and many women find they’re more trouble than they’re worth). But if you truly love the look, opt for a pair of white jeans instead of another more delicate fabric, like linen or cotton. White jeans are fairly durable and washable and therefore less scary to own.They’re also thicker to hide lumps and bumps and VPL (Note: never wear white underwear under white! It’s the most visible. Nude is best). As far as care of white is concerned: don’t use bleach as it can yellow the fabric, especially denim! Use OxyClean powder or baking soda as your whitener. We also recommend washing your whites in cold water to remove new stains. Hot water can set a stain, cold water is your best bet!


“I’m heading to Disneyland with my family this August. It’s going to be a long, hot day of walking around. What should I wear? I don’t want to look like one of those tourists wearing socks and sneakers with shorts and a fanny pack, but I need something functional. Is there a stylish option?” -A.P. Olympia, WA

Stylist Answer: Thanks so much for

this question! We used it as inspiration for a recent New Day Northwest segment about packing for a summer family vacation. A day at any theme park presents a multitude of style challenges: you have heat, a lot of walking around, and you usually end up carrying items for your entire family. We get it. We think GAP’s roll-up boyfriend shorts are perfectly comfortable and stylishly modest. Pair with a tank top and lightweight denim or chambray shirt. A crossbody bag will allow you to have your hands free; look for one that zips all the way shut, so you don’t have to worry about losing your valuables on a ride or, worse, to a pickpocket. Finally, get a comfortable walking flat (check out REI for a great selection) and a fedora to shield your face and hair from sun damage! STYLEDRIGHT 47

Ask Lindzi Cont’d from page 45

“Dear Lindzi, I have a male friend who lives in my building, is fun to hang out with and likes to do many of things I like to do. I enjoy his company, but I’m not really attracted to him (actually, I’m more attracted to one of his friends, but that’s not my question). My question is: is it ok to ask my friend to accompany me to several summer weddings and events as my date? I don’t want to give him the wrong impression, because I fear that he might have feelings for me. I have to RSVP to these events soon and make travel plans, and since I’m not dating anyone right now, he’s pretty much my only option unless I decide to go alone.” -Anon.

Lindzi says: Of course, it’s ok to

bring him if you truly enjoy his company and want to spend time with him. But if you’re not attracted to him and don’t see it going anywhere, why would you want to bring him to functions as your date? Ever heard the saying Don’t bring sand to the beach? Besides possibly leading your friend on and killing any future chance you have of dating his buddy, you never know who you’re going to meet at the weddings. Weddings are prime hunting grounds for meeting people, so don’t be afraid to go solo. “Dear Lindzi, I’m dating a man with two kids from his first marriage. He talks about them all the time, but he doesn’t want me to meet them. We’ve been dating for almost five months, and I’m trying not to pressure him. But I am falling in love with him and it’s getting hard for me to hear about his children (he obviously loves them very much), knowing I’m not allowed to meet STYLEDRIGHT 48

them. It makes me feel like I’m not good enough or important to him. My friends are split: some friends think I should give it more time, let him introduce me into his family at his own pace; other friends think it’s a sign that he’s not serious about me and that he doesn’t think I’m ‘The One.’ What do you think?” -G.H.

Lindzi says:

I don’t have kids, and I’ve never dated someone with kids, so take this with a grain of salt: I think that it’s rather unfair to involve kids in a grown-up relationship, especially since they’re already dealing with divorced parents. Have you tried talking to him about this? Don’t say, “Why can’t I meet your kids?” Instead, ask, “Where do you see this relationship going?” If he doesn’t see the relationship heading down the Love road, then you’ve got your answer. I think this is an issue that deserves a lot of patience on your end. Not only is it terrifying for him to introduce his children to another woman, it is going to be scary for you as well. If he’s really “The One,” the decision to be a part of his family will change your life forever. Being a stepparent is a big deal. Before you put pressure on him, you need to make sure that you are ready. The fact that he’s taking his time to introduce his kids to you shows how great of a dad he is, which I think is a very admirable trait. Try not to stress over it too much. You want this introduction to be something you are both excited and ready for. Putting pressure on him might make him introduce you only because he is scared to upset you, and that’s not good for anybody. You want it to be for the right reasons. Play it cool and when the timing is right, I am confident everything will work out. For more advice from Lindzi Cox including fashion, travel and beauty tips, visit her new blog Denim + Dimples,

hot child in the city Cont’d from page 39

SR: Finish this sentence: Brooke looks so great when she wears____. MF: Nothing. SR: Describe your perfect date night. MF: Depends on the night, our mood, what’s going on. There are a lot of perfect date night scenarios in the Fox household. SR: What do you think is the secret to a long and happy marriage? MF: Listening, not always having to be right and a steady dose of humor. SR: What advice would you give to other newlyweds? MF: Stop, look your partner in the eye and truly take time to appreciate the adventure you are beginning with your life partner. Catch Brooke every weekday morning on MOViN 92.5’s “Brooke and Jubal in the Morning” from 6-10am, and visit Seattle Insider at for the most interesting news videos and stories of the moment.

In the next issue: • Our first-ever Music+Fashion issue with some of our favorite PNW artists • Fall fashion you can really afford. Get high-price looks for less • Our BEST holiday fashion and beauty advice EVER • How not to gain weight over the holidays. A plan you can stick to AND MORE! STYLEDRIGHT 49

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