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THE FIRST E-ZINE ABOUT PERSONAL STYLE CREATED BY REAL PERSONAL STYLISTS Styled Right is a publication of Styled Seattle: Your Personal Wardrobe Stylist in Seattle, WA. The team at Styled Seattle can be seen every week on KING-5 New Day NW talk show (KING-TV, 11am). Professional stylists Darcy Camden and Sherri Garcia have worked with over 600 clients and were awarded “Best Makeover Team of 2011 by Seattle Magazine.

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WE GOT A MAKEOVER! ENJOY OUR NEW LOOK, MORE GREAT CONTENT Dear Readers, Styled Right is pleased to debut our new look: new cover art, new logo, added features and more content for you. Many thanks to Seattle-based designer Emily Himmelright for re-imaging us and elevating our style! This magazine started as a small newsletter for the clients of Styled Seattle and has grown to a 30+ page publication featuring original fashion editorials, dynamic content and, of course, real advice from personal stylists. We welcome your feedback and hope you enjoy! Email us at:


“If we really love ourselves, everything in our life works.” -Louise L. Hay STYLED RIGHT PAGE 5

FROM YOUR STYLIST The more I travel to other cities, the more deeply I fall in love with Seattle in the summertime. Say what you want about the other nine months; there is no place more beautiful than the Pacific Northwest on a perfect blue-sky, 80degree day. Summer at Styled Seattle is a busy and interesting time. Our small office gets excruciatingly hot in the afternoons, so we start as early as possible in the mornings. By 1pm we’re usually in an air-conditioned store or, on very lucky days, an outdoor patio with a great view (fact: most of this issue was created over iced coffees and happy hour chardonnay). During the summer, our clients feel torn. They want to embrace summer, but they also want to prepare for fall. The cruel joke is that, once the weather finally gets warm here, fall clothing invades the stores, and we start swooning over coats and fabulous boots. Also, August—the one month we’d so much rather be outside than be stuck inside at a mall—is the very best month to go shopping. Gotta love the irony of it all! Fall will come soon enough, but this issue is dedicated to all the things we LOVE about summer and can enjoy today: fashion, beauty, food, color, great deals and pampering. And we love you, our wonderful readers. Thank you for sharing Styled Right and helping us grow. We promise to keep improving for you. Enjoy!

Darcy Camden

Chief Wardrobe S tylist, E ditor in C hief Twitter @Darcycam den STYLED RIGHT PAGE 7


{Clockwise; Top l eft to right} 1. Chief Stylist Darcy Camden and nutritionist Deborah Enos on set at New Day NW. 2. Hair and Make-up stylist Angela Caspers and Devani Freeman at Girl Power Hour’s annual Summer Social event aboard Waterways Cruises (photo by DMW images). 3. Reigning Mrs. Washington Jessica Riggs and contestant Larissa Long. 4. Dianne Dodson of Dianne’s Delights, Girl Power Hour founder Darnell Sue, Kat Kim (see “Self Improved” page 17), Personal Chef Kirsten Helle of Meda de Vida, Darcy Camden and Renessa Rios, Love CEO, author and radio host (photo by DMW images). STYLED RIGHT PAGE 8

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IN THE ISSUE Page 11 TIF’S PIC KS: Summer beauty must-haves from beauty editor Tiffany Lowry. Page 12 STYL E SPOTLI GHT: Meet Seattle’s Millionaire Match-maker Sophia McDonald of Sophisticated Matchmaking.. Page 14 SWIN K STYL E 101: Transition your hairstyle from day to date. Page 17 SELF IMP ROV ED: L OV E YOURSELF by image expert Kat Kim. Page 18 C ONSI GN Y OUR CL OSET Turn your unworn treasures into cash by Natalia Biner of Sell Your Sole in Seattle, WA.

Page 19 FASHI ON EDI TORIAL: Color Kal eidoscop e. Styled by Tiffany Lowry, Photography by Rosemary Wagner. Page 23 STYL E- OFF: Darcy and Sherri each tackle a fashion challenge, mixing patterns. Page 24 GETTING GL AM gorgeous lashes in a Wink from Tova Edwards, Bellevue’s reigning Lash Queen Page 26 SPA REVIEW ER The Spa at Willows Lodge in Woodinville, WA. Page 28 SERVING OF STYL E delish dish from Gourmonda Catering. STYLED RIGHT PAGE 9

photo by Rosemary Wagner

CLICK HERE to watch Tiffany Lowry along with Darcy Camden on Q-13 morning news SUMMER FASHION tips and tricks

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tif’s picks

Bea ut y Editor Tiffan y Lowr y shar es her summer must-haves

#1. #2.

#1 Givency Lip Balm. This rosy balm matches every skin tone and nourishes while giving you a supple plump lip. Bonus! You can also use it on your cheeks ($31.00, Sephora). #2 Julep nail p olish. “Leah” is the perfect fresh shade of green ($14.00,, and Julep’s quick dry nail polish cuts drying time in half ($14.00,


#3 May ebelin e Ey e Studio. This great summer eye palette has all the colors you need to transition from day to night. ($8.99,


#4 Origins Zer o Oil This instant matte finish goes on over your SPF moisturizer and under your foundation to minimize oil and shine. It works on even the most humid days. ($13.50,


#5 Stila C onvertible Cream Blush. A little flush of peachy pink is perfect for a day at the beach, because it won’t fade or run in the sun. ($25.00,

Tiffany Lowry (aka Tiffany Colors) is Seattle’s top hair and make-up stylist. She has shared her talents with MTV, KOMO, KING-5, The Oprah Winfrey Show, DirecTV, Q-13, Seattle Metropolitan Magazine and countless fashion shows and photo shoots. Tiffany has worked with Styled Seattle clients for over five years and collaborated on hundreds of client makeovers. Tiffany- col STYLED RIGHT PAGE 11

styleSPOTLIGHT: By Darcy Camden The team at Styled Seattle loves working with matchmaker Sophia McDonald and her clients at Sophisticated Matchmaking. We help men and women dress their best on every date. Sophia believes— and we agree!—that dressing in a stylish, flattering and alluring way can boost all-around confidence and result in successful lifelong love connections. Here she shares some of her best style advice for singles. Q: You are known as Seattle’s Millionaire Matchmaker. How did you get started? A: Before I started my matchmaking company, I was selling upscale homes with Sotheby’s International Realty. Real estate showed me that success is based on building relationships, and relationships are based on trust. Trust is the most important thing. I have a knack for getting people together, and I have an intuitive quality that makes me a successful matchmaker. I have a great ability to read people and learn a lot about them in a short time. When I meet two people and spend some time with them, I just know who belongs with whom, and usually have a good idea if they will like each other or not. I am very happy with the way Serendipity allowed me to find my true calling. In matchmaking, I found my passion.

Q: What is your signature style? A: Because I work in the love business, I can be as expressive and eccentric as I want, unlike the times in real estate when I had to wear suits and look professional at all times. I own a lot of evening gowns and cocktail dresses, high heeled shoes and extravagant accessories. I like a wild sexy look and pick pieces that are provocative and are sometimes too much for conservative Seattle, but I travel a lot and always have many opportunities to wear (my favorite items). I love being a woman—feminine, confident, classy—and I believe that personal style should reflect our inner self and not the latest fashion trend.

Q: What is the biggest mistake singles make when dressing for a first date? A: I truly believe that most relationships are built on first impressions, and a first date is a genuine opportunity to forge a strong connection with someone. The point of the date is not just to impress, it is to connect. Pick an outfit that will make you feel comfortable, flatters your best features and is appropriate for the venue you are going to. Something classy, simple and stylish. If you're unsure about what to wear, ask your date what he or she will be wearing.


SOPHIA MCDONALD As Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love.” Q: What is your best fashion advice for single men? A: One of the biggest complaints I hear from women is that men show up for a date with no style and take no time to look polished and dressed up. The men do not seem confident or serious about the date. Men should take time to dress up and make their date feel special. Wear clothes that fit and are tailored to your body. Don’t wear styles that are outdated. In addition to what you wear: make eye contact, have great posture and SMILE!

Q: What is your best fashion advice for single women? A: The biggest mistake women make

“When it comes to meeting the true love of your life, why not take the time to look your very best?” -Sophia McDonald

is that they dress to look like other trendy women, and they don’t think about what a man would like to see. A date is not a girl’s night out, and it’s not a job interview. A date is an engagement to go out socially with another person out of romantic interest. So look alluring and sexy; be a woman, wear a dress and enjoy being courted. Bring beauty and pleasure for your date’s eyes to enjoy! Take time to get ready for a date – get your hair and makeup done, manicure, spray tan, shape your eyebrows, pick the best dress that makes you feel and look your very best. Finally, smile with your eyes, because that’s where love resides! For more information on Sophia McDonald, visit STYLED RIGHT PAGE 13


Photo diary By Natalie Angelillo, co-owner of Swink Style Bar

During the long summer days, busy ladies often need to transition their hairstyles quickly for a big event or a night on the town. Here’s a simple daytime ‘do that transforms easily to become an elegant, trendy style for evening.

Starting point: This style can work with freshly washed and dried hair but is best with “second day” hair—ideal for a day or two after a blowout at Swink Style Bar.

Step One: Start with blown out or

Step Two: Tease the crown to get

straight hair. Add a little dry shampoo to roots and hairline. You can also add a bit of texturizing spray for volume and freshness.

volume at the top, pull hair to one side and braid (either a fishtail braid or a regular braid, your choice!). Tease sections as you go while braiding to keep hair from being too flat or for slightly more tousled look.

Step Three: Leave hair loose in front and spray the braid with hairspray to keep in place. It’s ok if a few pieces fall out throughout the day. STY LE TIP: Pair this cute, casual but practical style with a pair of hoop earrings for a clean daytime look, ideal for an afternoon event or a workday.

Follow Swink Style Bar on Pinterest for more great style pictures and tips STYLED RIGHT PAGE 14

Next : Transition your side braid to an evening ‘do in under 90 seconds!

Step Four: To quickly transition your side

Step Five: after pinning in place,

braid for a totally different—and more chic—look for evening, simply wrap the braided section forward around fingers and pin into a side bun with a few bobby pins.

gently pull hair to spread the braid out and make the bun bigger. Spray to hold into place. Don’t be afraid to use too many pins, you may need a lot.

Last step: gently re-brush the front and smooth the top and sides. Add some finishing hair spray to set the style in place. Glam up the look with a sparkly chandelier earring or other fabulous jewelry, and you’re ready for a night on the town. STY LIST NOTE: This style will likely turn out differently every time you do it, so try it often. There’s no “right” way to do it and it will vary on every hair type.

Your finished look! Click here to book an appointment at

Swink Style Bar

Now two locations in Seattle STYLED RIGHT PAGE 15

Click to learn more about Kat Kim’s Beauty Revolution

AB OUT KAT KI M: Kat Kim is founder and creator of the The Beauty Uprising, a global movement that is redefining beauty and changing the way women and children around the world look at themselves. She helps women to transform their mindset, body and personal image so they can achieve and manifest their dreams. Kat is a speaker, co-author, transformation expert, image coach, and Law of Attraction teacher. For free training videos on authentic transformation go to: STYLED RIGHT PAGE 16

SELF IMPROVED LOVE YOURSELF, Transform Your Life By Kat Kim The concept of self-love may seem elusive, sappy, even cliche. But self-love is simply the value we put on ourselves; self-love is self-worth. The biggest misconception about self-love (and why it seems hard to embrace) is that it suggests we are content with our current situation and have no desire to change. However, finding self-love is the key to manifesting positive change in our lives. We all want to change or improve in some way. Whether it is losing weight, improving our fitness, advancing our career or finding a romantic partner, there is always something we’re working on. This desire for change is a natural part of our evolutionary process. Change is a good thing. The question to ask is ourselves then, is this: Am I worthy of the change I seek? If we feel unworthy, our inner dialogue may sound like this: I can’t have a healthy body; I am not worthy of a good relationship; I don’t deserve to be spoken kindly to; I’ve missed my opportunity for happiness. Whether we experience these thoughts consciously or not, these dangerous beliefs manifest themselves in self-sabotaging behaviors such as overeating, overspending or being drawn to toxic relationships: all clear signs of a lack of self-love. Finding self-love is vital to personal transformation. We must believe the following affirmations: I am worthy of feeling attractive I am worthy of wearing beautiful clothes I am worthy of having a healthy body I am worthy of receiving love I am worthy of ___________________________ (insert your #1 goal) TRY THIS NOW: Spend 15 minutes imagining your life filled with all the things you want. Tell yourself you are worthy of these things. Ask yourself: how would having these things change your behavior? What would you do differently? When we deem ourselves worthy, we set into motion the thoughts, behaviors and actions necessary to manifest the things we want. And we show ourselves true love. STYLED RIGHT PAGE 17

CONSIGN YOUR CLOSET By Natalia Biner, Proprietress Sell Your Sole Consignment Boutique Let’s face it, we all have beautiful things that we don’t wear any more. Don’t let these treasures gather dust in your closet. Consign them and give them a second life. By doing so, another woman may find the perfect piece from your unwanted things. You can help someone else look and feel beautiful and use the cash to buy something new. It’s retail therapy you can feel good about.

NATALIA’S TOP TIPS 1. Select your items for consignment. Look through your wardrobe carefully and select items you no longer wear. If you haven’t worn it in a year, let it go.

2. Make two piles: Donation & Consignment. Donate older, flawed and outdated items to your favorite charity. Take contemporary/ designer items in excellent condition to a consignment store (items that you love but simply don’t flatter or fit).

3. Make sure your consignment is clean, pressed and on hangers. The better it looks, the more money you’ll get.

4. Select items that are in excellent condition. If you have new, unworn items to consign, keep the tags and original packaging, it increases the value.

5. Choose a consignment store that has the right aesthetic for your items. If you would want to buy from the store, the store is more likely to buy from you.

Sell Your Sole Consignment Bo utique 2121 Fi rst Ave., Ste 1 01 Sea ttl e, W A 98121 206 -443-2616 Open Mon-Sa t, 11am-6 pm Sellyo ursoleco

6. READ THE CONTRACT. Make sure you’re comfortable with the terms and payment options, and always ask if you can get your unsold items back.

For a li mi ted time, refer a co nsi gnor and get $50.00 credi t (visit sell yoursoleconsig nment f or i nfo). STYLED RIGHT PAGE 18

Pho to by So rrella Photo


Kaleidoscope A fashion explosion at Seattle’s Waterfront Arcade, voted one of the area’s top date night destinations.

Photography by Rosemary Wagner Hair, make-up and wardrobe styling by Tiffany Lowry Wardrobe by Tiffany Colors and Styled Seattle Locatio n: Seattle Waterfront Arcade

Style lessons from a 7-year-old By Darcy Camden I was in a client’s home helping her organize her closet and create outfits for her new job. While we worked, my client’s sweet 7-year-old daughter was in her own room “playing stylist” by creating her own outfits and taking pictures. Just as I was about to leave, the daughter grabbed my hand and asked if she could show me her favorite “looks.” She led me to her brightly colored room (I think I spotted a Justin Beiber poster on her door). And—oh-my!—her outfits were seriously brilliant. She mixed florals with stripes with polka dots and sequins. She accessorized boldly. In addition to being stylish, her outfits were fun. I gave her a high-five and asked her, “How did you know how to put your clothes together like this?” Her answer was so cute and so profound. She said, “Well, I like all my clothes and all my clothes like each other. All my clothes are best friends!” Pretty cool. Now when I shop, I don’t try to achieve perfection, I just try to find pieces that “like” each other. Creating outfits seems so much easier and possible and fun.

Tune in to NEW DAY NW every Tuesday at 11am to catch Darcy’s fashion tips

Want to model on TV? The Styled Seattle team is always looking for energetic women to model Tuesday mornings on New Day Northwest, 9-11:30am. All ages and sizes are welcome. No experience necessary. Fun time guaranteed! Email:

Come on down, be part of the live studio audience. Visit for free tickets and show info.


Why it works: The floral skirt has hues of cream and navy, so I repeated the cream and navy in the striped top and blazer. Even though there’s a lot going on, the color palette is limited to cream and blues.

Sherri’s Look

Darcy’s Look

Stylists Darcy & Sherri each tackle a fashion challenge: mixing patterns

Why it works: The charcoal and black cardigan functions like a neutral in this outfit, taming the bright pant and printed top. Classic black shoes and clutch don’t complicate the look.

Click to watch KING-5 New Day NW Fashion segment: Learn what to wear to any situation, including a first date and a job interview. STYLED RIGHT PAGE 23

GETTING GLAM: A SESSION WITH THE LASH QUEEN It’s not unusual for us to compliment a complete stranger on her outfit or her haircut, but sometimes our comments are a tad overzealous (read: boarder-line inappropriate). While standing in line at the grocery store the other day, we said this to a woman: “Excuse me, but your lashes are amazing! You’re like a sexy Snuffleupagus!” Fortunately, she took it as we intended it—high praise—and graciously shared her secret. “They’re lash extensions! Best thing I ever did!” Then, she gave us a wink that blew our hair back. We wanted to know more, so we sent our friend Dana Schroader to Wink Lash Extensions in Bellevue to meet the “Lash Queen” Tova Edwards. Dana is a catering manager specializing in weddings at The Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle, WA; she spends her days meeting with brides-to-be, and Dana herself is newly engaged. Her boyfriend popped the question a few months ago, and now, in addition to planning weddings with her clients, Dana is excitedly thinking about her own “big day” and upcoming engagement party. Tova says that many of her clients get lash extensions for the first time in preparation for a big event, like a wedding, and decide to keep them indefinitely because they love the look so much. Tova says, “We make our clients feel beautiful and also save them time in the morning, because they don’t have to use mascara.” Tova has been specializing in lash extensions for seven years and prides herself on using only the best synthetic lashes. Her technique is flawless, and clients travel from all over the area to get gorgeous at Tova’s salon, Wink. In addition to lash extensions, clients can book other treatments, like spray tans, manicures, pedicures and bikini waxes, making Wink a one-stop glam shop. “Women have so many beauty errands, it’s nice to be able to get everything done in one place.”

Wink Lash Extensions 136 102nd Ave #102b Bellevue, WA 98004 (425) 502-8178

CLICK HERE To see full menu of services available at Wink.


We asked Dana to tell us about her experience in her own words, here’s what she said: Q: Why were you interested in getting lash extensions? A: I was always unhappy with my natural lashes. I was curling them and reapplying mascara multiple times a day. I like dark lashes and my natural lashes are blonde! Q: Did you have any concerns about the process? A: I was a little concerned that it would be uncomfortable or even a painful process., but I’m happy to report it was the opposite. It felt like a gentle brushing on my lashes. Q: Did you learn anything interesting from Tova? A: I learned about the lash cycle, I didn’t know they grow and fall out just like your hair. Q: How long was your first appointment? A: Two hours, but it didn't feel that long! Q: What was your favorite part of the process? A: I loved that I was able to multitask and get a pedicure while Tova was doing my lashes. Q: How did you feel when you left the salon? A: Beautiful! But also really relaxed from a quick nap. Q: When did you return for your first fill? A: One week later. But my third appointment was over two weeks after that. I had to get used to the care. After you get the hang of it, they seem to last longer. Q: How does having lash extensions change your morning routine? A: It is great not needing to curl and apply mascara to feel pretty! On the weekends I can just get up and go. On the weekdays for work I find myself enjoying the more dramatic makeup look of darker eye shadows to match my great dark lashes. Q: What advice would you give to anyone else getting lashes? A: Go in knowing what you want. Maybe bring a photo or two of a look you like. Also, be ready for the time and financial commitment, because you will love them so much that you will want to continue the upkeep services.

Story by Darcy Camden Photos by Jeremy Camden STYLED RIGHT PAGE 25

SPA REVIEWER By Darcy Camden It was an especially hectic week. Being a stylist is a joy, but it kicks my butt. The running around—in 4” heels mostly—carrying heavy garment bags and a huge purse that my friend Beauty Editor Tiffany Lowry describes as a “f**kin’ brick,” certainly takes its physical toll. Usually, I can self-soothe at home in a warm bubble bath or convince my husband to rub my tired feet, but eventually I need professional help. On the day I walked into The Spa at Willows Lodge, my body was practically screaming, “Help me!” I took one deep breath and absorbed the sweet smell of Decleor products (my favorite, so they had me at hello); I turned off my cell phone and enjoyed a tour of the newly remodeled spa. The treatment rooms are incredibly relaxing, and I noticed the entire space was serenely quiet, something I appreciate greatly. I put on my plush spa robe (note to self: buy a plush spa robe) and prepared to bliss out.

It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it!

ENTER TO WIN BECOME OUR NE XT SPA REVIEWER Spend a day ge tting pampered


Click here to like Styled Right on Facebook One lucky fan will win a day at a luxurious Seattle spa

I booked a Lomi Lomi massage ($110.00), the Spa’s signature, highly recommended treatment. Having never had one before, I wasn’t expecting the Lomi Lomi massage to be any different than a “regular” massage. But the Lomi Lomi technique involved some surprising bending and stretching that made my back and neck un-kink in a delightful, relaxing way (think chiropractor, minus the scary popping). Interesting sidenote: the lack of strong aromatherapy, makes this treatment ideal for men as well as women, and conveniently, The Spa at Willows Lodge specializes in couples massage. After 60-minutes of Lomi Lomi, I floated over to the private pedicure treatment room and enjoyed—I am not exaggerating—the best spa pedicure I have ever experienced (Willows Pedicure, $55.00). Let’s agree, the main event of a spa pedicure is the foot massage, and I received at least 30 solid minutes of sugar scrub, foot and leg massage. A glass of red wine magically appeared next to me, and I stayed there for an extra, extra long time waiting for my OPI coral nail polish to dry before heading out, feeling relaxed and totally recharged. OVERALL GRADE: A

The Spa a t Willo ws Lodg e 14580 NE 1 45th Street Woodinvill e, W A 98072 Willowslo m For reserva tions call (425) 42 4-2900 CLICK TH E PAGE TO R EAD THE SPA’S MENU


SERVING OF STYLE: A CHIC SEATTLE RECIPE Salmon Rillettes by Gourmondo Catering A little planning is all that is required for this simple yet impressive hors d’oeuvre. We recommend you source your ingredients locally and pair our salmon rillettes with the oh!-so-delicious Crémant d’Alsace Brut Rosé by Lucien Albrecht, easily found at most gourmet markets and wine shops.

Total prep time: 45 minutes Servings: 10 to 12 • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

1 pound center-cut salmon fillet, skinned and boned Hint: your butcher can do this upon request 2 Tbsp Pernod Salt Freshly ground white pepper 1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, room temp. 1/2 cup minced shallots 1 Tbsp crème fraîche 1/2 pound smoked salmon Diced, skin and dark layer removed 2 1/2 Tbsp lemon juice 1 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil 2 egg yolks, lightly beaten Chopped chives, (optional - for garnish) Tobiko caviar (optional - for garnish) Brioche (optional - as a serving vessel)


1. Trim and discard any dark flesh from the salmon fillet. Place salmon in a glass bowl or shallow dish and sprinkle each side with 1 Tbsp of Pernod, 1 1/2 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp white pepper. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for about an hour, turning the fish over halfway through. 2. Bring water to a simmer in the bottom of a steamer. Place marinated salmon in the steamer and cover with the lid. Steam gently for 5-8 minutes. Check the salmon by separating the flesh with the tip of a knife and peering at the center. Remove from the steamer when the salmon is medium-rare. 3. Meanwhile, melt 1 Tbsp of butter in a medium sauté pan over low heat. Add the shallots and cook, stirring occasionally, for 2 minutes. Season with 1/4 tsp salt and continue to cook for 3 -4 minutes, until the shallots have softened but not browned. Remove from the heat. 4. Put 7 Tbsp of butter in a small bowl and beat with a rubber spatula until it is smooth and resembles mayonnaise in consistency. Stir in the crème fraîche. Set aside. 5. Put the cooked salmon in a large bowl and stir to break it into large chunks. Because you will be stirring in the remaining ingredients, you don't want to break up the pieces too much. Stir in the smoked salmon, shallots, lemon juice, olive oil and egg yolks. Season with 1/4 tsp. salt and 1/2 tsp. white pepper. Fold in the butter mixture. 6. Transfer the rillette mixture to 2 ceramic or glass serving bowls, leaving at least 1-half-inch of space at the top. Smooth out the top and wipe the inside rims clean. Refrigerate for about 1 hour, until cold. Pour a 1/4-inch-thick layer of clarified butter over the top of the rillettes to seal. (To clarify butter, melt the remaining one-half cup—one stick—of butter in a small skillet over medium heat. Do not let it brown. Remove it from the heat and set aside for 5 minutes. White foam will collect on top. Using a large spoon, remove the foam. Carefully pour off the clear yellowish liquid, leaving the milky solids at the bottom. ) 7. Cover the bowls and refrigerate (lasts up to a week). To serve, break through the butter layer and remove it. Spread the rillettes on toast or crackers and sprinkle with chives. Once the butter is removed, eat within 2 days. Stylish serving suggestion: for a fashionable soirée, punch out toasted brioche shapes with a cookie or biscuit. Then, pack the rillettes on top of the toast, garnish with tobiko caviar and fresh chives.

Recommended Local Resources: Le Panier: We love their brioche. Grab a pain au chocolat while you’re there! Metropolitan Market: Beautiful gourmet products including tobiko caviar, crème fraîche, Pernod. McCarthy & Schiering: Beautiful wine shop with wonderfully knowledgeable team.

ASK A STYLIST Q: “Is it OK to wear boots in the summer? I wore boots the other day when it was rainy and cool, and someone had the nerve to come up to me and tell me I shouldn’t be wearing boots in the summer!” T.S., Seattle, WA

A: This is a tough one, and our stylists actually disagree on the correct answer to this question, so clearly there is no 100% right answer. Generally, you should put your leather boots away in July and August, and always avoid wearing them when temperature is over 75 degrees. But there’s no crime in wearing your favorite boots with skinny jeans and a t-shirt on an unusually dreary summer day. And rubber rain boots are “in” all year long, whenever it’s drizzly.

Q: “How can I save money on dry cleaning? My last bill at the dry cleaners was almost $200” B.R. Lake Stevens, WA

A: Great question! First, read the care instructions. This sounds obvious, but our clients are always surprised when we show them that many of their items are actually machine washable (do not assume you have to dry clean anything! Only take it if tag says “DRY CLEAN ONLY”). Next, invest in a garment steamer, they’re about $50 at Target. A good steamer will help you keep your clothes looking fresh between trips to the dry cleaner. Then, get some Dry Cleaner’s Secret (in the laundry aisle), a product that lets you refresh your clothes at home in your dryer (in a pinch, a spritz of Febreze and 2 minutes in the dryer will do!). And spot treat stains with a Tide Pen.

Styled Seattle welcomes new clients!

Now booking consultations for fall and winter style sessions. We would like to personally invite to you to our office in Seattle for a complimentary initial style consultation. Our professional team of wardrobe stylists will help you uncover your signature style, organize your outfits and actually save you money and time wasted wandering around the stores. Join over 600 satisfied clients in Seattle and Harness The Power of Personal Style.

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Styled Right Magazine (summer 2012)  

The first e-zine about personal style created by real personal stylists.

Styled Right Magazine (summer 2012)  

The first e-zine about personal style created by real personal stylists.