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Lead Stylist Sherri Garcia Winter 2011/2012


Look for the Styled Right gold stamp of approval throughout the pages of this magazine. At Styled.Seattle, we take our recommendations very seriously. We feel a great responsibility to endorse and align with only the best partners who share our commitment to excellence and personal style.

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style inspiration Winter 11/12

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“Fashion anticipates, and elegance is a state of mind ... a mirror of the time in which we live, a translation of the future, and should never be static.�

Oleg Cassini

STYLED RIGHT Her Couture is the creation of artist, designer and craft-maker extraordinaire Zong Her. Zong inspires her clients to repurpose the hidden treasures in their closets and jewelry boxes; her line of handmade (affordable!) couture bridal accessories is unlike anything available elsewhere in Seattle.

From Your Stylist I admit it: I’m easily excited. I’ve been known to jump in the air and high-five clients after finding the perfect pair of jeans or run up to strangers on the street and say (with a scary level of intensity), “I’m sorry, you don’t know me, but I think your shoes are absolutely FABULOUS!” I so love being a personal stylist that I often get carried away by my own enthusiasm. But I’m not exaggerating my genuine over-the-moon excitement when I say that I am beyond thrilled to produce this digital magazine. It’s always been my mission to share everything I know about shopping and styling with as many people as possible. In 2006, I created Styled.Seattle with the goal to help every man and woman harness the power of personal style. It was an ambitious goal, I admit, but almost 6 years and 600+ satisfied clients later, I believe we’re making a dent! This magazine will come out seasonally; like the fashion world, we’ll put out new stuff every few months. We’ll share interviews with our favorite boutique owners, bloggers, designers and stylish people. We’ll give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into photo shoots and TV segments. We’ll answer the questions our clients are asking and share our favorite shopping tips. We want to inspire and educate and help you shop more successfully, all the time. This magazine is absolutely free to anyone who is interested in reading it, so please forward it to anyone you know and help us spread the word about Styled.Seattle.

 Darcy Camden

Chief Wardrobe Stylist, Editor Twitter @Darcycamden STYLED RIGHT

Girl Power Hour is stylish social networking for women. The group hosts dynamic events and brings women together in the spirit of community, charity, empowerment and social glam to network over cocktails in the chicest venues in town. Girl Power Hour strives to be a resource for women both offline and on. Darcy Camden is an Event Director at Girl Power Hour, she helps coordinate monthly events.

Above: Darcy Camden and beauty maven Tiffany Lowry behind-the-scenes at Seattle Magazine’s Best Of 2011 December issue photo shoot, on stands this winter. photo: Darcy’s iPhone via Instagram

In the issue Page 11 TIFF’S PICKS: Tiffany Lowry’s holiday beauty must-haves under $25

Page 16 DOS AND DON’TS: Darcy’s ultimate favorite fashion & shopping tips

Page 13 STYLE SPOTLIGHT: ROOT Sports superwoman Angie Mentink talks sports and style

Page 17 FASHION EDITORIAL fashion/passion, photos by Randall Garcia

Page 14 PHOTO DIARY of Lead Wardrobe Stylist Sherri Garcia, her week in photos

Page 20 D-I-Y: How to clean out your closet Page 21 WHAT TO WEAR: The perfect first date outfit

When to Toss Your Cosmetics by Tiffany Lowry Golden Rule: “If it smells funny or separates, toss it!” • • • • • •

Mascara: keep 3-4 months Foundation: keep up to 1 year Concealer: keep 12-16 months Powder: keep up to 18 months Blush and Bronzer: keep up to 2 years Cream blush/eyeshadow: keep 12-16 months


• • • • • •

Eyeshadow: keep up to 18 months Eyeliner: keep up to 1 year Liquid eyeliner: keep up to 6 months Lipstick/Lip gloss: keep up 18 months Lip liner: keep up to 1 year Nail Polish: keep up to 2 years

Toss after 5 years or when hairs get matted or start falling out. Clean once a month with antibacterial soap (recommended: Dial brand or MAC brush cleanser spray) and allow to air dry thoroughly. If you share your make-up brushes with friends, clean them after every use.

Grand opening in Pioneer Square

December 2011


tiff’s picks

Beauty expert extraordinaire Tiffany Lowy shares her holiday must-haves under $25 #1 Make Up For Ever Mist & F ix ($8 for travel size, Sephora). This pint size spritzer is like hairspray for your face. It makes your makeup stay put all night long! It’s my secret weapon at photo shoots and weddings for clients who need to stay looking great for hours. #2 Covergirl Outlast lipstain (about $9 at drugstores). The perfect shade of red for holiday lips is #440. #3 Tinsel Tips nail #4 Bliss Fabulips Instant polish by Nicole for Lip Plumper ($22 at OPI ($10 for 3 Sephora). For full , kissable, polishes). Three perfect meet-me-under-the-mistletoe shades of festive holiday lips. red for your nails.

#5 Sonia Kas huk eyeshadow p alette in “Shimmering Sands” ($9 at Target and This elegant yet subtle group of nude eye coloring is the perfect complement to a bright red holiday lip!

STYLED RIGHT Tiffany Lowry (aka Tiffany Colors) is Seattle’s top hair and make-up stylist. She has shared her talents with MTV, KOMO, KING-5, The Oprah Winfrey Show, DirecTV, Q-13, Seattle Metropolitan Magazine and countless fashion shows and photo shoots. Tiffany has worked with Styled.Seattle clients for over five years and collaborated on hundreds of client makeovers. You can hear her tips regularly on Movin’ 92.5’s “Brooke and Jubal in the Morning” (she’s Miss Make-up).

Tune in to KING-5 every Tuesday at 11am to catch style and shopping tips with Darcy Camden

Or watch online at Coming up on New Day NW: • What to wear for the holidays • Affordable gift ideas • New year, new style • Steals and deals • Style 101 • and more! Follow New Day NW on Twitter and Facebook for more info

Can you spot the STEAL? One of these looks is a designer outfit priced well over $1,500, the other is comprised of bargain items totaling around $100 (including accessories and shoes). Which is which?

{Steal: LEFT}

{Steal: RIGHT}

{Steal: LEFT} Photos:

stylespotlight In 2010, Styled.Seattle started working with the ROOT Sports anchors. We are consistently inspired by the enthusiasm, good humor and positive energy of this team. The one question we get asked most often is, “What’s Angie Mentink like in ‘real life?’” Answer: she is amazing! Here’s a quick interview with her.

ROOT Sports anchor Angie Mentink

Q: What's the absolute BEST part of your job? A: I get to do for a living what most people do for fun! I get paid to watch sports. If you love what you do, it never feels like work! Q: What's the best compliment you've received recently? A: The biggest compliment I get—and I get it nearly every day—is "Have done something different?" I always say, "Yes! Root Sports hired a stylist, and she is amazing." Then, they say something like, "OK, I didn't know how to say it, but you really look a lot better." Me: "I know." Q: Do you see any similarities between the Fashion world and the Sports world? A: They both have Divas? Q: How would you describe your personal style in three words? A: Sophisticated. Simple. Comfortable. Q: What's your favorite thing to wear when you're off camera? A: My pink Supergirl PJs. Q: What's the most important thing you've learned about yourself when it comes to your personal style? A: Having a stylist actually saves me money! I don’t feel like I need to shop all the time. I’ve also learned to recognize when I look good. Darcy does this thing where she puts her hands on her hips and says, “I love it!” Now, when I feel good about how I look, I do the same thing! Photo: ROOT Sports/DirecTV

Photo diary a week in photos Styled.Seattle’s Lead Wardrobe Stylist Sherri Garcia #1. Thank you flowers from Jack Jerome boutique, such an awesome surprise on a Tuesday.



#2. Coveting looks at runway fashion presentation at 4G4 Girl Power Hour Anniversary Party at Bellevue Fashion Week. #3. New accessories at Banana Republic, one of my favorite places to buy bling—love the style and affordability.



#4. Front row at a fashion show at the Bellevue Club. #5. Making 30 outfit combinations for a client, one month’s worth of different outfits.


#6. I love helping clients find the perfect footwear, and I spent a little extra time in the shoe department shopping for myself.

#7. Special delivery of jewelry from #8. Swooning over this Judith Leiber clutch from Bag Borrow or Steal, on loan for a New Day NW segment. #9. I spend a lot of time in my car: driving to clients’ homes, picking up clothes, returning clothes. My car is my office!



#10. Faux fur trend is everywhere, including H&M. #11. New socks from Goldtoe. We asked them to send us some of the latest trends in boot socks, and they didn’t disappoint!



#12. On site at a photo shoot in Eastern Washington. Left at the crack of dawn to drive across state to catch the good light. #11


twitter: @darcycamden

Darcy’s top dos and don’ts do purge your closet of anything that does not fit you. There’s no reason to spend precious time in the morning looking at items you can’t wear. don’t buy anything without trying it on first. If you don’t have time to step into the fitting room, you shouldn’t be shopping in the first place. do factor cost of care and cleaning into the price of owning a garment (e.g. a $75 pair of pants that must be dry cleaned after every wear is more expensive to own than a $150 pair of pants that can be machine washed). don’t be afraid of trends. Recognize when your favorite colors and silhouettes are “in” and take advantage; stock up on items that flatter you (and pass on everything else). do start an inspiration board or notebook. Pick up one new magazine every month and tear out photos of your favorite outfits. Identifying looks you like will make you a better, more confident shopper. don’t categorize yourself as a “Fall,” “Winter” or “Spring”—that’s an outdated (and dangerous) way to style that will likely land you in a style rut. don’t buy items just because they are on sale. Peel back the sale sticker and look at the original, pre-sale price and ask yourself “Is this worth the full price?” If the answer is “no,” then put it back.

Elle Magazine “Top 100 Salons in the US”

Seattle Magazine “Best of 2010” Now 2 Locations Downtown Seattle 611 Stewart Street Seattle, WA 98101 206-682-7070 University Village 4610 Village Ct NE Seattle, WA 98105 206-673-5070

STYLED RIGHT Swink Style Bar is Seattle’s best blow dry bar. Swink offers affordable, stylish and speedy hair styling and make-up for big events and everyday glamour. Styled.Seattle recommends Swink to clients frequently and our stylists often head there for beautification before big events. We can always count on them to donate their time and skills to New Day NW style segments.

Photography: Randall Garcia Photo Assistant: Jennifer Collier Hair and Make-up: Tiffany Lowry Wardrobe Styling: Sherri Garcia Darcy Camden Clothing: The Finerie Strut Boutique Blayne Walsh Violet Magpie Her Couture Madina Vadache


Look #1 (previous page): Black dress, Richard Blayne by Blayne Walsh Black veil, Her Couture Look #2 (left): Lace dress, Madina Vadache Floral hairpiece, Violet Magpie Look #3 (above): Sheer gown, Madina Vadache Leather vest, Gestuz, The Finerie 1215 First Ave. Seattle, WA Feather hairpiece, Violet Magpie Locations: Seattle Center, Seattle Public Theatre at the Bathhouse


Do It Yourself: Clean Out Your Closet Cleaning out your closet is all about Organization. You can’t just start throwing things away, no matter how eager you are to purge. You must first take stock of every item you own by categorizing everything in your closet. Every item will fall into one of five categories. Organize by category, then take action accordingly. It’s time-intensive, but it’s worth it. Category #1 (aka #1s): Items you LIKE and fit you well that you wear often. These are keepers. Ideally, everything in your closet should fit into this category! Category #2: Items that you LIKE and fit you well that you don’t wear. These are keepers, too. These are the hidden treasures in your closet. Try to work them in to regular rotation and make new outfit combinations by pairing with #1s. Category #3: Items that you DISLIKE but wear often (for lack of something better). We all have these (example: that worn-out sweatshirt from college that somehow gets worn several times a week). Make a list of these items before you get rid of them, so you can try to replace them with something better (replace that old sweatshirt with a fitted fleece). Category #4: Items that don’t fit or are unflattering. Really, it doesn’t matter if you like or dislike an item, if it doesn’t fit or doesn’t flatter you, you don’t need to keep it. Give it away to a friend or donate to charity. Category #5: Items that you DISLIKE and don’t wear. These are the easiest things to part with, start by getting rid of these!

Video: How to organize and clean your closet KING-5 New Day NW:

Click to watch


Enjoy $100 discount when you spend $495 or more. (exp 11/30) Find the perfect festive cocktail dress, unique accessory or wear-to-work staple. The Finerie is one of Styled.Seattle’s favorite shopping destinations; it’s our go-to spot for unique, special pieces, and we appreciate their wide range of styles and prices. Owners Michael and Tanya will even treat you to a signature cocktail or sparkling wine to make your shopping experience more enjoyable.

What TO Wear: Video: What to wear on a first date KING-5 New Day NW:

Click to watch


Styled.Seattle is the resident style team at It’s Just Lunch, Seattle’s premiere match-making service for busy professional singles. Every week, our stylists work with It’s Just Lunch clients to help them look their best for dates. We share our favorite style tips so men and women can feel confident and make the best first impression.

The perfect First Date Outfit

Tips for Men

• Jeans are OK to wear on a relaxed first date, if the setting is not too formal and the jeans are dark wash. Pair dark denim with a crisp button down shirt and a blazer. • For more formal dates, you can’t go wrong with a great flat front (no pleats!) black slack and a fitted button down dress shirt. • Opt for a shirt with subtle pattern or a stripe (more interesting and stylish than a solid color). • Accessories matter! The wrong shoe can ruin your outfit (and your date WILL notice your shoes!) Ask a trusted female friend or salesperson to help you pick the perfect shoes. • Swap your plain white undershirt for a fitted black t-shirt, it draws more attention towards your face.

Tips for Women

• Jeans are OK to wear on a relaxed first date, if the setting is not too formal. Opt for a dark wash skinny jean, the flirtiest denim silhouette (according to men!). Pair skinny jeans with a high heel and a soft, feminine top. • For more formal dates, wear a body conscious (but not too revealing) dress in a soft, stretchy and comfortable fabric, like matte jersey. You should always be able to move easily on a date.  Dark colors like navy and charcoal grey are more approachable alternatives to basic black. • Whether you wear jeans or a dress, always accessorize with a piece of statement jewelry. Something memorable, like a bold necklace. • Leave your big purse at home! Downsize to a clutch with only your essentials: keys, phone, wallet, lipstick.

Ask a Stylist Question: “I have a strapless black dress that I bought over the summer. It’s definitely a summer-y dress, but since it’s black, can I restyle to wear it during the winter?” –Kim (Seattle, WA) Sherri’s Answer: Absolutely! Black works all year round, and a few simple style solutions can make your LBD perfect for winter-time holiday parties. You said your dress is strapless? Try adding a faux fur capelet to cover up your shoulders and give the dress a different neckline. A capelet is a more dressy/stylish alternative to a sweater. Next, wear lace tights and closed toe pumps with your dress (this will look stylish and help keep you warm!). Finally, add a festive belt and you’re good to go!

Question: “I’ve noticed most of the ‘fashion jewelry’ I see in the stores is yellow gold, but all my ‘good jewelry’ that I wear everyday (like my wedding ring and my favorite hoop earrings) is white gold or silver. Is it OK to mix and match?” –Rachel (Olympia, WA) Darcy’s Answer: YES! Yellow gold actually looks the most flattering against all skin tones, so that’s part of the reason why most fashion jewelry is yellow gold. But don’t be afraid to mix metals! You may even look for statement jewelry that features gold, silver, pearls and rhinestones all mixed together, like the necklace below. These styles are very on trend and they go with everything!

Email questions to { Harness the Power of Personal Style }


{ Harness the Power of Personal Style }


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