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get inspired, take a look at our latest work!

Studio StyleCookie is a creative studio specialising in photoproductions, photography, art direction, concept, branding, styling and crossbreeding inspiration.

stylecookie studio Showcase time! We ‘d love to show you our latest work. Featured here are some of our finest campaigns and images that we shot for some of our clients. In the work of our own website we explore new trends and concepts. The images found on StyleCookie are for the world to see. And a lot of them are even for sale! So feel free to have a look! Enjoy. Anke and Sanne

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Karwei We started working for Karwei in 2012, and up to this date they are still one of our favorite clients!

A home or interior needs to feel alive. Like real people live in there. We’d love to make you feel at home in our images.

VT Wonen VT Wonen as a client really gives us loads of freedom to develop concepts into beautifull productions. These features are always focused on the newest trends and fresh concepts. Leading words? Texture. Color. Concept.

“Unique Pieces” and “Collected” are stories we developed and created because we feel it’s such a shame that nowadays people often fail to see the beauty in samples. In scratches and cracks...In the imperfect treasures hidden at fleemarkets. They are more than just “not usefull”. They can be gems. Don’t believe it? Check out our unique pieces shop. Do take a look!

ompak Working for Ompak was a longtime wish come true! We got to shoot these images for their spring 2016 giftpaper collection designed by Jurianne Matter.

engel. Sabien the owner of Engelpunt was one of our first clients. If not the first! And still after all these years we are ever so proud of working for her and her lovely brand.

For the 10 year anniversary of Engelpunt we shot a lot of friends and familymembers all dressed up with Engel’s new partyhats. We had a brilliant day!

libelle Libelle is one of the most succesfull magazine’s in the Netherlands. Their following is huge and they have a lot of eyes to please. We pride ourselfs in translating our “StyleCookie concepts” into productions for an audience as wide as Libelle’s time and again! In this series the central theme was the warmth and cozyness that the approaching of fall can bring.

Stylecookie And last but not least, our very own, uncommissioned, Stylecookie work. It’s our playground. Our testlab. Our imagekitchen. At we try out, develop and create new concepts and trends. Should you want to purchase our images? Well, now you can! Please let us know if you are interested at Our next publication will be all about our StyleCookie work!

StyleCookie Studio Work!  

Get inspired, take a look at our latest work!

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