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Dearest America and Beyond, Lets start with what the Holiday season means to little ‘ole Emily. It involve these 5 things: 1. Playing Taboo with the siblings. 2. Dancing to Wham’ s ‘Last Christmas’ with the friends. 3. Decorating the tree whilst listening to Bing Crosby with the husband. 4. Watching Love Actually and Elf with the in-laws and probably crying out of happiness. And 5. Feeling incredibly lucky in life because many people have never experienced any of those four things. Without getting too sentimental and cliche, the holidays are an extremely special time of year that make you feel all warm and love-y (whether you are religious or not) and make you want to spend time with family and friends (or friends that feel like family) and celebrate, dance and hug. But, lets face it what comes along with all the good stuff is a long of consumption. I’m not talking about food or alcohol, although YES, that certainly happens, too. I’m talking about buying presents. Nothing is wrong with gift giving.... in theory. I love a good gift as much as the next person, but there is nothing worse than faking it or giving something just for the sake of ‘getting it done’. You know the face while opening the gift that says, ‘Oh, thanks so much for this....its....great’, when we all know what they are thinking is, “Great. One more thing I’ll never use that will go next to the rayon sweater set I never wear or will sit by the still-in-thebox-Slapchop in the cupboard that I never open...because i don’t cook, and you know it but it was probably buy two, get one free and I’m the ‘one’. Awesome.” Ahem. Without lecturing too much or sounding incredibly privileged and ungrateful, the process of gift giving can be wasteful in many ways and i hate waste. It just doesn’t make sense to be wasteful. Its a waste of money, time, facial expressions, and mostly a waste of a really good opportunity. There is nothing better than giving that perfect gift. The gift where you know you just killed it. Standing ovation. The Academy award of gifts. You know they’ll tell their friends, bosses, in-laws; they’ll tweet, facebook and link-it-in because they love it so much. Where the look on their face says ‘I think you are the most perfect human being for buying me this’. Or, perhaps a little less dramatic: a gift that they really like and they’ll actually use. So that is the attempt here. To help you (and me) find the right gift for everyone in your life. To consume without being wasteful. To celebrate without regret. To drink while, yes, being merry. But whats a good holiday magazine without some incredible decorating tips, entertaining stories, some good oldfashioned DIY and fashion spreads? All original. All for you, by me, and some incredible, quite famous, if I do say so myself, bloggers. They make me look cool. And they’ll make you look cool, too. So put down the Skymall magazine. Forget about sale flyers from the department store, and flip through this bad boy. Click on the links to purchase (or get info for purchasing). And don’t forget, look for the owl for free giveaways. Act quickly as a lot of my favorite things have limited supply or have a 2 week lead time - I scoured Etsy to find my favorite stuff, but the quantities are not huge so jump on them asap. And finally, I need to give a huge shout out (read: biggest thank you ever) to Lana Migliore (mastermind behind this thing), Lindsay Goldner (graphic designer/art director), Duane (artist responsible for all the incredible original art) and Orlando (market research, and general amazing entertainer and comic relief). And I can’t forget all the contributors (listed on the next page) If there was enough mistletoe in the world to kiss all of you properly you’d get a big one from me. Nothing inappropriate, I’m no weirdo. Unless you want to and we’ve had some eggnog, one thing leads to another....then who knows. Let’s get these holidays started, And give me some Figgy pudding,

Emily Von Henderson

Lana Miligore, creative director Making a house a home Obsessive DIY and vegetarian from age 5, Lana runs a blog with her husband Joey, MakingaHouseaHome.com boasting how to DIY your way through everything from building a bed from scratch to decorating a room. Lana currently runs two businesses and has recently signed on with Emily Henderson as her Online Manager and a partner in Emily’s Design Firm. She enjoys her puppies, cooking, and of course working on her home.

Lindsay goldner, art director linz loves you, Linz loves you designs Lindsay is a 20-something blogger who recently began her foray into the world of graphic design & small business ownership with her design company, LLY Designs. Her favorite part of the holidays is spending time with family and friends, and all of the wonderful culinary holiday traditions... and shopping on Black Friday!

orlando soria hommemaker

Orlando Soria works for HGTV as Emily Henderson‘s on-camera assistant on “Secrets From A Stylist.” A graduate of Cornell’s University’s College of Architecture, Art and Planning and The University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design, Orlando has been a professional artist, designer, and interior decorator for five years. He is single and ready to mingle and his interests include homes, hommes, and Sherlock Holmes.

John & sherry Petersik Young House Love John and Sherry are bona fide full time bloggers who make a modest living by blogging about living modestly. They began blogging about rennovating their first home in 2006, and 4 1/2 years later have a new home and a bigger family, rounded out by their daughter Clara and dog, Burger.

Jen Ramos made by girl I’m Jen, a graphic designer who owns and runs an online shop called MadeByGirl, and the author of Made By Girl blog. I’ve been the author of Made By Girl blog since 2006 where I write about interior design, art, food, fashion and pieces of my own life. In 2007 I launched my online shop, Made By Girl. We create paper goods and typographical posters and sell them to customers all over the world from California to Australia to France.

EZ PUDEWA creature comforts, gifted magazine

Ez Pudewa is the founder and editor of Creature Comforts, a design and inspiration blog celebrating the tiny details that make life so amazing with daily posts on topics ranging from fashion stories and mood boards, to d.i.y. projects and more.

Kate Riley Centsational girl

Kate Riley is better known around the blogosphere as Centsational Girl - a bargain hunter, decorator, and incurable DIYer who loves designing anything from small crafts to large spaces. Kate lives in the California Wine Country and when she isn’t dragging things home from local thrift stores to repaint and reupholster, you can find her writing about great design and sipping Syrah at www.CentsationalGirl.com

Nicole Balch Making it lovely Designer Nicole Balch is transforming her so-so house into a lovely home. She invites readers of Making it Lovely to follow along, offer advice, and gain inspiration from her creative process. Making it Lovely was named one of the 50 World’s Best Design Blogs by the London Times Online, and Nicole’s work has been featured in the Chicago Tribune Magazine, Time Out Chicago, ReadyMade, Everyday with Rachael Ray, CS Interiors, and other publications.

Jill Krause baby rabies Jill is the author of BabyRabies.com. She writes honestly and a little too openly about pregnancy, parenthood, green living, and all the moments in life that she has to laugh at or she just might cry into a bottle of wine. She’s not a craft blogger, but she blogs about crafts she manages to complete every now and then. In case you’re wondering, Baby Rabies is what happens when a Type A, career-driven, goal-chasing girl gets Baby Fever; no, neither of her children are actually rabid. Baby Rabies... it’s more than a fever.

melissa esplin i still love you Becoming the mother of a precocious little girl & cuddly baby boy has dramatically shifted my focus. Some things, however, have remained the same: I absolutely love graphic design, photography, arts and crafts, painting, drawing, fashion, calligraphy, bookbinding, sewing and anything that includes a creative mind and busy hands. ISLY is my declaration to all things creative that, “I Still Love You”.

maegan tintari love maegan

Los Angeles based style blogger, Maegan Tintari writes daily at ...love Maegan. com sharing personal style secrets, DIYs and hair tutorials, home decor & fashion tips, as well as a look into her personal life with her husband and two adorable dogs.

Cristin bisbee priest simplified bee As a mother of two young children, I understand the desire for a home to be functional, yet beautiful. Blending the two disciplines of home organization and interior design resonated with me and thus Simplified Bee® was born. I believe surrounding yourself in beautiful, organized spaces reduces stress, makes you happier and inspires healthier living.

Alex asher sears alexandra wrote Alex Asher Sears is a writer, photographer, calligrapher, and fourth generation Angeleno. She believes that you can find inspiration anywhere but thinks Slim Aarons, Nöel Coward and Diana Vreeland are a great place to start. A regular contributor at BlogHer and Beauty Banter, she calls Alexandra Wrote home.

victoria smith sf Girl by bay Victoria Smith is editor of sfgirlbybay, one of the West Coast’s leading interior design blogs, featuring new product reviews, shopping tips, including art, photography and design resources, as well as home entertaining and lifestyle stories. sfgirlbybay is known for representing ‘Bohemian Modern Style’ and for showcasing the freshest designers, artists, products and trends, behind the scenes interviews and home/studio virtual tours of upand-coming artists; all the while offering affordable design inspiration and ideas, and encouraging individuality and unique, personal style.

Duane Hosein duane hoseiN Duane Hosein is a New York based artist, illustrator and insomniac. The majority of his childhood was spent either hiding behind the pages of a book or drawing at the dining room table. As a result, he developed an aversion towards reality, combined with a desire to dwell in a world untainted by limitations. His work reflects a strong connection with nature and an almost unhealthy obsession to detail.

roeshel the diy showoff Roeshel is a DIY blogger who shares her passion for do-it-yourself home improvement projects and budget friendly decorating of their old farmhouse and transforming it into their dream home. She journals her DIY experiences, tutorials, before and after room transformations, thrift store treasures and room designs at The DIY Show Off. Roeshel also features other DIY’ers and their projects and hosts a weekly DIY linky party, archiving a collection of inspiring DIY projects.

Danielle hampton sometimes sweet Danielle Hampton is a high school English teacher turned stay-at-home Mom, living the small-town life in Arizona. She’s the author of the blog Sometimes Sweet and a writer for Hello Giggles.

dana larue the broke-ass bride Founder, editor-in-chief of The Broke-Ass Bride, where we empower couples to use creativity as currency to rock a bad-ass wedding (and life) without breaking the bank. Basically, if Oprah and Suze Orman had a baby, and Carrie Bradshaw and Mary Poppins had a baby… and their babies had a baby? Yeah, I’d be that baby.

Sarah monson the bitchlorette

Sarah Monson is a freelance writer whose work has been featured in Cosmo magazine and on the home pages of AOL and Yahoo! several times. In a former life, she was a reality show casting director for shows including Survivor, The Bachelor and Blind Date. She is currently writing a memoir about her zany casting career and how she used it to score dates. See more of her work at thebitchlorette.com.

Elaine bauer brooks The List Collective

Elaine Bauer Brooks is the founder of The List Collective, a locally focused Tastemaker’s Guide currently covering Los Angeles (and popular, LA travel destinations) with additional cities coming soon. A former Television Development Executive for studios, networks and production companies including 20th Television, Imagine Televsion and The Style Network, she’s developed both scripted and reality series.

amelia alvarez clotheshorse nyc

Acress Amelia Alvarez longs for the days when her grandmother would take her shopping at Macy’s to pick out her Christmas outfit! She started Clotheshorse NYC in 2009 to share her love of beautiful clothing, delicious food, and elegant interiors. She now lives in Los Angeles with her husband Mark and their maltipoo Sidney.

corbett tuck girl domestic

Corbett is an actor/blogger/lover of blind deaf chihuahua’s living in LaLa. If it’s pretty, brass, used for planting flowers, intended for holding up books, or great for shoving in your pie hole, she’s probably into it.

danielle walch danielle walch makeup

Danielle Walch is a makeup artist and hairstylist based in Los Angeles, California. An artist by nature, Danielle has been painting and drawing from a very young age. Later, she combined her interests in skincare and art, and turned it into her career. Makeup artistry, skincare, and hairstyling, became another medium for her art, and an obsession.

UNEXPECTED Kate Riley,, Centsational Girl

One thing is sure about lace: it’s decidedly feminine. I’ve always adored the use of good lace peeking out from under a crinoline petticoat or used judicioulsy on the back of an elegant gown. In years past, lace has been labeled too often as old fashioned or ‘granny’ but I beg to differ. This season, why not incorporate lace into your holiday decor in unexpected ways? Line the back of your bookcases with a modern gift wrap (Marimekko by Crate + Barrel) then run delicate lace along the shelves for a snowy effect. Attach it to the base of cake stand to dress up a holiday dessert. Lace can also be used as a stencil to make your own holiday gift wrap. Simply attach long strips in rows to plain wrap found at craft stores, then dust it lighly with spray paint from above and allow to dry. No time for DIY? Pair colorful lace with classic houndstooth or modern gift wrap to make a present with panache.

kate riley

get crafty!

make your own: gift tags holiday cards wrapping paper and more!

We’re Joey and Lana-

come say hi!

Ez Pudewa

Creature Comforts

It doesn’t take more that a few simple supplies to create holiday packaging that is truly special and wallet-friendly too. Ez from Creature Comforts makes some creative ways to spruce up your holiday presents without breaking the bank!


The Holiday Guide

shopping Assorted ribbons and twine list local craft stores Glitter - Martha Stewart at Michael’s craft store Acrylic Craft Paint - craft stores Marvy Uchida Craft Punches Michael’s craft store Elmer’s Glue All - Office supply stores Zots™ 3D Glue Dots - Michael’s craft store Peacock feathers - Craft stores Celebrate It™ Glitter Wrap - Michael’s craft store

Give boring gift wrap a makeover by stamping metallic or colorful dots of acrylic paint onto it using the eraser of a standard pencil. Simply stamp, repeat, and allow to dry before wrapping your gift.

The Holiday Guide




The Holiday Guide

Look for ribbons and twine with luxurious textures and rich colors. Layer more than one variety on your gift for a beautiful effect. Top with a creative element such as a peacock feather or small ornament keepsake for a gift that is almost too pretty to open.

The Holiday Guide



Glue dots transform into sparkling buttons when applied to gift wrap and then doused in glitter. Shake off excess glitter and you’re done!


The Holiday Guide

Create gift tags that will impress your gift recipient! Press the end of a stalk of celery into craft glue and stamp onto card stock, sprinkle glued impression with glitter and allow design to dry. Punch or hand cut gift tags from your printed design and attach to gifts.

The Holiday Guide


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Copy by Emily Henderson Photography by Mark Champion

Ah Christmas in August. Perfectly normal. It’s like someone asking you what you are doing for April fools on October fourth, its just weird. But here in the TV/film/magazine world its how it all works - we shoot everything at least 3 months in advance, so viola, Merry Christmas. The disadvantages? Oh, you know, no fresh trees (you can ship them down from Oregon but they’ll last for maybe a day or two beyond shipping and they run around $1000). And obviously there are less decorations around - those year round stores are open, but again, they have a lot of novelty ornaments for like $15 bucks a piece. I went into one store and bought a bunch of ornaments, but for the first 15 minutes i didn’t notice the fact that IT WAS BUSY. I mean, I knew why I was there, but i just wanted to scream,

WHY ARE ALL OF YOU BUYING CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS IN AUGUST? Anyway, luckily we live in Interweb times and you can get all sorts of standard balls, lights etc. pretty easily year round. But all the cool stuff that takes it from ‘pretty tree’ to ‘your tree looks amazing it should be in a magazine?’ isn’t available. So we’s had to make it.


The Holiday Guide

Now, i was a crafter back the day, oh yes I was. I won many a blue ribbon at the 4-h fair, made quite a name for myself at 9, state-wide fame at 10 and was practically recruited by Martha at 12. But much to my ex 4-h coach’s horror, i don’t sit around and craft all night anymore. But its inside me somewhere, ready to be unleashed, I can feel it. My blood is full of mod podge, my skin is made of paper mache, my hair is basically yarn. But i can’t hang with the big ones, not anymore. It’s like how i used to be a quite good pianist if i do say so myself, then after years of not-practicing i sat down to play and i sounded like a drunk 6 year old who thinks they are playing with the philharmonic. It just wasn’t there. So Christmas in August was the perfect time to get back into my craft saddle. Making ornaments, garlands or all holiday decoration is super time consuming, kinda expensive, but ultimately its way more personal and you really only have to do it once and you are good to go - plus its super fun to do with your friends/family while listening to holiday music and drinking egg nog. Yes. But before we get into the crafts lets talk about the overall design concept. Their home style was midcentury/ contemporary but in a playful way. The clients/homewoners don’t take themselves seriously, their perfect day is inviting friends over and playing games with their kids all day When it came to their holiday style they showed me their stockings that they got the last year that are knitted and had the whole modern craft thing happening.

So the theme for this Christmas is ‘Vintage Modern Craft’. I wanted it to be really personalized, one of a kind, warm, handmade and full of conversation pieces. For colors, they wanted an untraditional color palette, as did I, and since they live by the beach I wanted something light and fresh, as opposed to say black and silver. And what is more bright and fresh than peacock tones? Blues, greens, chartreuses with hits of golds or brasses to warm it up. Its one of my favorite color palettes. I’m not being all picky about exact colors, but I want it to ‘feel’ like this. With these colors I wanted to add a lot of pops of white, graphic shapes, playful animals, metallics (mainly golds and brass) and clear glass. And who doesn’t love a little bit of glam and sparkle here and there during the holidays. So once that I knew the concept, it was

time to get my craft on. The Holiday Guide


We made two that are super super easy, cheap and fit my design theme. The first were just yarn-balls that look like, yes, yarn balls. Basically I just took yarn and yep, wrapped it around balls. You can do it two different ways, you can wrap it around perfectly, line after line and make it more modern, or you can do it more haphazardly and have it look more warm and organic like an actual yarn ball. You glue the first strand down, and then go for it. You can use an actual ball ornament that you already have, or use styrafoam balls. I used different sized balls, all in the same palette, but I used the larger scale yarn so it would go faster, read better and take up more space.

homemade ornaments The other ornaments that we made a ton of were circle atlas balls, made out of, atlas pages cut into circles with a circle cutter. We used the smallest size, i think 1 inch then glued them round and round around the round ball. They are layered on top of each other so you can’t see the ball underneath (which could be an ornament or a stylrafoam ball). Again, we used a bunch of different sizes and sometimes we used vintage book pages, but I loved the look of the blue/green colored atlas.

The Holiday Guide


So we have these DIY balls, and then combined them with some huge wood birdcages (that I left raw) a bunch of cute furry West Elm animals, and A TON of solid ball ornaments in matte, shiny and clear - all different sizes. But I kept it graphic, with a ton of contrast in shape, texture, color, newness and size. I placed the huge ornaments first, then splattered the rest of them in evenly. I put the balls that are the clearest and reflect light inside the tree near a light, to bring depth to the tree. For a garland I used brass chain instead of traditional tinsel - it s cheap, easy to find at the hardware store and adds that unexpected bling.


To top if off, literally, I commissioned my friend and artist, Sage Raval to make a tree-topper based on the colors and the theme that I gave her. I gave her general direction, but let her do her magic however she wanted to. What she produced was incredible and perfect. It was large and graphic enough to anchor the top of the tree, but totally playful, whimsical, colorful and obviously untraditional. She told me she was nervous to show me . . .but she totally nailed it. The Holiday Guide


Basically what she did was buy a large green sponge ball (oasis from a floral shop) and cut it in half (because you need to assemble each side separately) then shorted haphazardly and organically shoving the paper discs (get thick enough paper) into the oasis until its full and feathery. Hot glue them together to create a sphere. Then on top and on the sides she put a bird and feathers (easily purchased at a craft store) and dug a hole out of the bottom to shove it on top of the tree. The biggest expense is the circle cutter, but every selfrespecting crafter should already have one. I mean, get a hold of yourself.

the mantel Tree is all finished, time to move on to the mantel vignette - which is one of my favorites. Do I love brass animals? Do sailors love to swear? YES, I DO. So I collected them from flea markets during the month we were shooting and bought 6 or 7 very large deer. HUGE, awesome solid Brass deer. So I used them to anchor the mantle - they act as big beautiful sculptures, they warm up all the blues and while deer aren’t necessarily holiday, they do give off that vibe and are extra appropriate during the holidays.

the garlands

Lets talk garland. Now, I’m a fan of most greenery but my favorite garland to make is from silver dollar eucalyptus. It is EXTREMELY important to buy the SILVER DOLLAR kind and not the other ugly blue kind that is really stiff. You know that dried stuff that people put in vases in vessels just to take up space? Yeah, NOT that stuff. Silver dollar costs literally $2 per bundle (at least in LA), so its cheap. But I love the look of it: its floppy, romantic, unexpected and when it dries it dries just as pretty as alive. I just wired branches together with floral wire to create a bunch of long garlands that i threw over the mantels and tabletops - it is insanely easy, inexpensive and much prettier and more modern than the usual pine. Plus it smells super good.


The Holiday Guide


I’m a big fan of taking holiday icons and doing my own twist on them. During the holidays ‘peace’ is a big theme, and since I’m an enormous fan of the iconic peace sign I decided to recreate it, but all done up christmas style. This guy went through a few different incarnations. At first I wanted to use a bunch of rustic wood and create the peace sign shape, but it started looking too lodge-y and DIY. So I opted for this.

The structure is made of a really thick and heavy hool-a-hoop (I think it's one of those weighted ones to help you shed the pounds) and the middle parts were dowels....I think. Then we glue -gunned the heck out of it with mult-colored and -sized ball ornaments. It was again, super easy, cheap and obviously made a huge statement. People get all freaked out when it comes to Peace signs they immediately reference dirty hippies and drugs, but what’s wrong with wanting peace? Especially around the holidays? I mean, relax.

The Holiday Guide


The other iconic shape that I twisted in Emily’s holiday land was the snowman. I made a snowman family out of vintage globes - Globeman, if you will. Snowmen are just three spheres stacked on top each other, descending in size. At first I thought, oh, I could paper mache styrafoam balls on top of each other with atlas pages, and then I was like, ‘Hey dummy, if you are going to make it look ilke a globe, why not use globes’. Rightyo, subconscious. So I did. I bought 9 vintage globes (ranging from $10 - $60 for the large) and drilled holes through them, stuck a threaded rod through them, attached the threaded rod to a metal base and viola, ‘Globemen’.

You could make as many people you have in your family, even make a globe-dog and put them all in your entrance during the holidays. The initial investment could be a lot, but ultimately you’ll have them for years, they are TOTALLY unique and such statement pieces. I’m now obsessed with snowmen and want to turn anything spherical into a snowman. For instance, I want to have a dinner party where on each plate is a citrus snowman with a grapefruit on the bottom, then orange and then lime..... AHAHHHAHH, it would be so cute!!!!

The Holiday Guide


Let’s move on to one of my favorite things in the house - the terrarium with the brass ship floating on clouds. This piece was hard to let go. It makes me so incredibly happy - it just kinda wisks you away. The terrarium is from West Elm and the brass ship is from the flea market.


The Holiday Guide

It wasn’t until I got on set that I put them together, built a base, added the clouds and ornaments to drive the holiday home, and BOOM, that’s a piece of art, people. I want it so bad. Terrariums are awesome because you can create mini-worlds.....and I love me a mini world, you know I do.

The Holiday Guide


Next up? Dining room holiday art. Orlando had this brilliant idea of buying a huge framed map and stenciling over it the words ‘JOY TO THE WORLD’. Very cheeky, my little Orlando. It turned out totally brilliant, incredibly easy and clearly very hip. Here are the steps: 1. Buy a map. 2. Buy some stencils. 3. Tape the stencils to the map with painters tape. 4. Paint the letters.


The Holiday Guide

I mean, its stupidly easy. We could have used a big classroom map or even a current map from the bookstore all framed. It worked perfectly with their color scheme, and was a total conversation starter. Instead of hanging holiday decorations around the art in the house, we just changed it out for the holiday season (over the mantle, in the dining room).

I rarely have dinner parties because this chick doesn’t cook yet. But ironically one of my favorite things to style is a dinner party or tablescape. My plan for this table was to use a combination of glam with earthiness. So there are some glitz and sparkle, but the burlap, natural fiber placemats and wood accents keep it feeling grounded and unpretentious. I first layered the green burlap (literally $5 a yard, so it cost $10) and layered on top a bunch of large scale circle confetti made with a circle cutter and bunch of different colored paper in my color palette. It sets the tone for the dinner, dressing down the stemware and making it feel more fun and like a party rather than fancy and fussy.

The Holiday Guide



The Holiday Guide

Then I used a combination of the natural place mats (West Elm) with the patterned dishware (Z Gallerie) and gold stemware (Z Gallerie), gold flatware (vintage) and colored solid napkins (Crate and Barrel). It feels vintage, but modern at the same time, festive and yet totally sophisticated. Then I finished it off with something playful (and made of again natural material), the Scrabble name ‘cards’ and a vintage ornament on each plate. These letters you can buy from Michaels in huge bags, by the way - don’t think you have to buy 10 scrabble games. I’m slightly obsessed with this tablescape. I want to be at that party. I mean, lets face it, I want to be at every party - but I really want to be at this party.

The Holiday Guide



The Holiday Guide


a very

CHRISTMAS Hey, happy holidays everyone! It’s Victoria here, from sfgirlbybay and I’m excited to be included in Emily’s first Holiday magazine. Let’s just get this out of the way right now…I’m not the biggest fan of green & red Christmas décor. At least not in my own home, it just doesn’t work with my vintage modern aesthetic. My home is a mixture of a lot of black and white, with pops of pink and other colors thrown in, but nowhere do you find red and green. So what to do about decorating for the holidays? Well, if you’re like me, you can still create a festive, holiday atmosphere, but one that is perhaps a little bit unexpected – with black, white, and shiny silver or gold metallics.

It creates a vintage-inspired, warm and sophisticated look, without a chubby red Santa in sight!

So, this year, I’m going to create a bright and shiny Christmas mantel as the focal point of my holiday décor. I’ve got this great old mantel I found at the salvage yard and hauled home a few years ago, and I’ve painted the walls around it chalkboard black – so when I added a few metallic decorations and lit a few candles it seemed to compliment the look perfectly!

Christmas isn’t complete without my mother decorating the dinner table with Christmas Crackers. It’s a British tradition, where colorfully decorated ‘crackers’ are typically pulled and pop open, spilling the contents which includes a paper hat crown which we are forced to wear throughout the dinner; a small toy, and a bad joke or piece of trivia we all read aloud. It definitely puts a festive and silly spin on a traditional sit-down dinner!



The Holiday Guide


It’s quite affordable too. Many of the pieces I used to create my Christmas mantel I found on Etsy, the flea market, or I already had around the house. I just pulled them together in a brand new way with holiday decorating in mind. Some key elements or any variation of them might include:

• A metal leaf garland I found on West Elm Online. • A ‘Ho Ho Ho’ holiday garland I also found on West Elm a while back. I blended the two garlands together just for fun.

• Some miniature metallic Christmas Trees I found at the flea • White candles (that’s easy, right?). market. Or maybe you spray paint There’s nothing quite like the glow some the metallic shade you like of natural candlelight to set a festive best. mood. • A few white toy reindeer I also • Silver garlands – I found loads thrifted for just a few dollars. vintage versions of these on Etsy • A silver mercury glass vase I had, • Some silver (or go gold!) and a few metallic votives from Christmas ornaments. I love the Anthropologie. vintage ones and they even look pretty clustered together in a pretty • Another option I’ve done in the dish. past is spray painting LED lights with metallic gold or silver.

The light still shines through, but with a subdued, softer glow and it looks amazing! Floral, craft and party supply stores, like Fantasico or Michael’s are perfect resources for decorative Christmas accessories. Any variation of these kinds of monochromatic elements work – just pull together favorite family ornaments, mementos and accessories around the house and mix and match until you get a look you like!

The Holiday Guide


cameron +paperwhitney creations featured a-lists:


a neighborhood guide by a neighborhood girl.


Button Bird Desig�s is finding, creating, and redoing. Take that cast off piece and t�r� it in to something beautif�l and usable.

buttonbirddesig�s.blogspot.com buttonbirddesig�s.etsy.com

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Holiday Shopping List • grandma: bird towel • mom: bow tie napkins

dad: ribs towels

• mike: pillowcases

wrapping paper

holiday cards

Happy Holidays from UrbanBird&Co. Here’s hoping Santa is as thoughtful as you are. Cheers. www.urbanbirdandco.etsy.com




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Untitled #17 print

Untitled #10 print

20x200, $20-2000

20x200, $20-2000 The Holiday Guide


mini elephant earrings Fred Flare, $10

pigeon lamp Smallable, $137

Monsieur III Print Etsy, $30 64

The Holiday Guide

leather fingerless gloves TopShop, $36

Handdrawn gnome mug Etsy, $15

ceramic bird box West Elm, $14

hammam towel Brook Farm General Store, $68

Rose water Brook Farm General Store, $12

Citizen vintage wristwatch

large Leather Carry-all pouch

American Apparel, $185

American Apparel, $68

unisex suspenders American Apparel, $18

La Tropezienne leather tote bag Claire Vivier via Bodie and Fou, $230

The Holiday Guide


Jackson snap neck top Lauren Moffatt, $275

dream chenille throw Lands’ End, $55.6

women’s suede moc slippers Lands’ End, $34.50 66

The Holiday Guide

20x20 circles pillow cover Land’s End, $34.65

women’s wellie boot Lands’ End, $50

Women’s shearling Slippers Lands’ End, $69.50

bradbury oval can lamp Lands’ End, $179

Elephant Glicee Print The Pink Pagoda via Etsy, $20

Wheeled Carry-on bag

lacquer bath accessories

Filson, $475

West Elm, $9-29

camden stripe handwoven rug

8-piece marta barware set

West Elm, $49-699

CB2, $17 The Holiday Guide


tortise peace sign earrings

Tiny locket necklace

menagerie wood bottle opener

lake shore natural pouch

Urban Outfitters, $12

Roost via Shop Yolk, $22

The Vamoose, $12

Jess LC, $22


chic homemaker


gold triangles drinking glasses

Chalkboard honey pot

Dwell Studio, $63-$73

Terrain, $28

chalkboard creamer

Pair of Secateurs

Terrain, $28

Brook Farm General Store, $50

The Holiday Guide

unison sailor apron Design Public, $40

miss natalie teacher’s pet set Design Public, $60

Stripey straws

wooden muddler

Manor Fine Wares, $6 for 20

Manor Fine Wares, $18

cook book page holder

dansk cheese board

OK Store, $30

OK Store, $40 The Holiday Guide


wood salt dishes West Elm, $9


olive wood paddle boards West Elm, $19-39

paper boat serving set

porcelain pieces

A Plus R Store, $19

Etsy, $20-102

traditional seasoning shakers

small oval ceramic dish

Modcloth, $13

Etsy, $12

The Holiday Guide

teak cutlery set

fog linen napkins

Brook Farm General Store, $55

Brook Farm General Stores, $12

Rooster #1

Glass bottles & wooden stoppers

The Animal Print Shop, $25-1950

West Elm, $29-39

wood slices organic dinnerware

navy dash patterned napkins

West Elm, $40-56

West Elm, $16 The Holiday Guide


bubble place card holders

found wood mats

Olive and Cocoa, $44 for 4

Olive and Cocoa, $48 each

burlwood serving plank Olive and Cocoa, $74

Shop Yolk, $15

pure black knives

6-pc oliver martiini glass set

A Plus R Stores, $80 76

best year wine stoppers

The Holiday Guide

CB2, $24


blogger picks

for the Elaine Bauer Brooks, The List Collective

a single item with striking style

The perfect demi gift for the most feminine of hosts, this object d’art speaks volumes. Kate Spade, $25

This is the kind of “little something” that everyone wants but people rarely buy for themselves and it’s perfect for the friend with Bohemian Luxe style. 78

The Holiday Guide

One Erin into that

of my favorite stationary designers, Condran, translates her sunny attitude a modern expression of “thanks,” will surely render your host grateful.


a handsome hand towel

Lost and Found, $20

it's nice to be labeled

Erin Condran, $25

instant hot chocolate goes gourmet

These little sticks of heaven are a genius way to spend $18 dollars and great for a co-worker, a host with kids, or someone who loves to get warm & cozy. Petrossian, $18 for 6 sticks

GIFTS UNDER $50 a truly beautiful bottle opener

This piece is a stunningly beautiful and sophisticated bar accessory for the man or woman with an eye for modern design and an appreciation of form.

App plates that get the party started

The style of these plates nails nails, “lively,” “crisp” and “earthy” all at once, adding some simple spice to a cocktail table.

OK Store, $40

Jayson Home, $40 ($10 each)

iphone = i hear

a little something sweet

This iPhone/iPad hand set gives new technology, old school style..... and saves your brain from cell phone radiation while you’re at it. A + R Store, $36

Give your hostess a sweet treat with this gift from Bee Raw- 4 vials from their fruit varietals Bee Raw Honey, $45 for 4 vials

The Holiday Guide


GIFTS UNDER $100 ipad gets a makeover

Clare Vivier presents a stylish and OX[e vacationer's hostess gift with this leather iPad sleeve that comes in juicy colors like hot pink and kelly green. Claire Vivier, $99

a decadent desk accessory

Even the most digital girl gets mail...why chip your polish over it? This is such a glam and gorgeous desk accessory that would literally make me giggle to receiveLW! Jonathan Adler, $98

When you're the hostess

Move over cake pop, there’s a new confection in town. Individually wrapped and customized with a personal note, these pie pops are a perfect party favor! And if you’re not ready to cheat on your yummy cake pops with pie, rest assured, theirs are the most beautiful cakepops I’ve seen! Put them in this Peacock Lollipop Holder by Jonathan Adler and let your guests pick their own. Cakewalk Desserts, $2.50-$2.75 each

elaine bauer brooks


The Holiday Guide

Jonathan Adler, $98

If you LOVE IT, PRINT it! Stunning Professional Quality Canvas Unique Photo Jewelry Photo Purses and Totes Metal Photo Panels Custom Skate Decks www.canvasrox.com





horn bracelets

Waxed canvas tote

Brook Farm General Store, $27 for 4

Brook Farm General Store, $108

gold leaf headband

tiny bang necklace

Far4, $68

Far4, $135

The Holiday Guide

stormy kromer caps

willow ring

Canoe, $37

Canoe, $135

compass necklace

brass chevron charm necklace

Fred Flare, $24

Etsy, $20

twig cuff bracelet

brass bar & tiny disc necklace

Etsy, $18

Etsy, $22

The Holiday Guide


Brass hook bangle bracelet Etsy, $22

Etsy, $32

bangle bracelet maylana

super brass geometric necklace

Etsy, $10

Etsy, $23

hammered brass ring Etsy, $35 84

curved geometric necklace

The Holiday Guide

luck necklace Etsy, $38

kiel mead her heart necklace

thomas pom pom scarf

Design Public, $190

Design Public, $110

leather button trim gloves

hanging cosmetic bag

Topshop, $50

Jane Marvel, $49

cute for the commute bag

tulle knit infinity scarf

Modcloth, $63

Fred Flare, $34 The Holiday Guide



women’s classic beret

Lands’ End, $20

Lands’ End, $30

route 63 snap tote

amala rejuvenate kit

Lands’ End, $100

Terrain, $74

antique spice candle Terrain, $26 86

The Holiday Guide

crystal terra ring Terrain, $88

double gem earrings

hobo international lola

Terrain, $48

Zappos, $148

kate spade new york sparkler

Wooden ships ear warmer

Zappos, $75

Urban Outfitters, $28

25th floor horn choker

leather & tweed cuff

Urban Outfitters, $48

Urban Outfitters, $14 The Holiday Guide


blogger picks

for your

style-savvy mom

stripe 5th avenue throw

organic mushroom growing kit

silver leather boat shoes

24 carat gold straining spoon

Pendleton, $138

Sperry Topsider, $85


by Corbett Tuck, Girl Domestic

The Holiday Guide

Wheatgrass Kits, $27

Gilt Taste, $300

chevron throw

plover organic bedding

journeys of a lifetime

drives of a lifetime

Haus Interior, $195

Amazon, $25

leather refillable journal Etsy, $40

Plover Organic, $350 (queen)

Amazon, $25

bcbg max azria rainboots Amazon, $125

The Holiday Guide


vintage-inspired pinwheel umbrella

herbs de provence growing kit

ranch house goblets

ranch house tumblers

Bella Umbrella, $129

Pendleton, $48 for 4

reed krakoff leather tote Net-a-Porter, $1490


The Holiday Guide

Red Envelope, $50

Pendleton, $48 for 4

aquamarine and 14k gold ring Etsy, $1078

knotted melati hanging chair

assorted stacking rings

knot-ical doorstop

vintage indoor compost crock

Anthropologie, $498

Haus Interior, $50

raincoat with checked lining Zara, $46

Satomikawakita, $96 and up

Gardeners.com, $45

lizzie fortunato ipad bag Beklina, $345 The Holiday Guide


thin bow bridge bangle lucite Kate Spade, $128

Beklina, $195

Girl Domestic


vintage upcycled accessories for weddings, babies, home, and everyday wear www.tastefultatters.com

lina rennell pajamas

HOME of the

yours CUSTOM

“I love the print because it brings together all my passions; my love for my family and friends and my interest in art and styling...from the color scheme to the word choices it so perfectly matches my home and my family’s style....” SARAH CHATTERTON


“Where can I get one of those, when I get pregnant?’... pretty much what every one of my girlfriends said... My parents teared up when they saw their grandparent - nick names!” WHITNEY BICKEL

“We come from a tight-knit family and I love creative designs like these, so this piece is pretty much one of my favorites in our home. It incorporates family, color and design and is the perfect welcome to our playroom. We liked it so much we had two printed: one lives in the kids’ room at my parent’s vacation house as well!” BETH GARINO

Custom Alphabet Prints // Stationery // Announcements // Branding


Fashionable Five

1 3




Jen Ramos 1

Dress: DVF, $375 Shoes: Jean Michel Cazabat, $255


Dress: Victoria’s Secret, $69



Dress: Forever 21, $27.80


Shoes: Elizabeth & James, $105

Shoes: Forever 21, $22.80

Dress: Top Shop, $90 Shoes: Top Shop, $92

Dress: Surface to Air via StyleBop, $430 Shoes: Jean Michel Cazabat, $295 The Holiday Guide



holiday high/low Maegan Tintari,

...Love Maegan

style blogger, chose 3 winter basics: camel trousers, cropped black pants, and sequined sheath dresses. We then asked her to use “high” and “low” versions and style and accessorize corresponding outfits for each winter staple item. These six ensembles are guaranteed to get you through the winter in style, no matter what your budget!

Winter basic 1:


DVF via Net-a-Porter, $345


The Holiday Guide

Camel Trousers low

Victoria’s Secret, $69.50

outfit 1: high 3 6

1 4





5 1. Blouse: DVF via Bloomingdales, $225 2. Purse: Burberry, $1395 3. Belt: Suisie Roher via Neiman Marcus, $295

7. Blazer: SMYTHE via Shopbop, $695 8. Watch: Michael Kors via My Wardrobe, $361 9. Sunglasses: Givenchy via Barneys, $290

4. Earrings: Dominique Cohen via Neiman Marcus, $950 5. Bracelet: YSL via Net-a-Porter, $895 6. Shoes: Brian Atwood via Net-a-Porter, $1375

outfit 2: low 6 1



4 7 2 5 9

1. Blouse: Piperlime, $89 2. Purse: Topshop, $56 3. Belt: American Apparel, $34

4. Earrings: Zales, $65 5. Bracelet: Mark, $30 6. Shoes: Asos, $88

7. Blazer: American Eagle, $69 8. Watch: Asos, $44 9. Sunglasses: Topshop, $32 The Holiday Guide



Winter basic 2:

black pants outfit 2: high



1. Jacket: JCrew, $475 2. Shoes: Manolo Blahnik via Barneys, $945 3. Cropped pants: Boy by Band of Outfitters, via Net-a-Porter, $450



4. Tshirt: SPLENDID via Net-a-Porter, $51

outfit 2: low

1 3 1. Jacket: People’s Market via Asos, $68 2. Shoes: Bebe, $56 3. Cropped pants: Gap, $50 4. Tshirt: Victoria’s Secret, $40


The Holiday Guide

2 4

winter basic 3: Sequined Shift Dress outfit 3: high 1


1. Dress: J. Crew, $995 2. Shoes: Givenchy via Barneys, $895 3. Belt: Neiman Marcus, $300


outfit 3: low 1 3

1.Dress: Talbots, $149 2. Shoes: Pour la Victorie, via Amazon, $285 3. Belt: Nordstrom, $22


The Holiday Guide


blogger picks Smooth out fine lines and minimize your pores; prevents makeup from settling into pores for the ultimate makeup application. Veil Mineral Primer, $52

Provides sheer to full coverage, gives a supple hydrated look to the skin. Looks natural and fresh.

A great lengthening mascara. Get long natural looking lashes! No smudging, no flaking, no clumping, just pretty!

Veil Fluid Makeup, $60

Laura Mercier Mascara, $24

This product is great for a natural tint to the lips and checks! Similar a lip stain, but unlike most stains, it’s not drying. It’s long-wearing and leaves the lips looking supple and hydrated. Laura Mercier, $20


The Holiday Guide

Who doesn’t love Essie nail colors? This color is a holiday must have! Get festive with this beautiful dark gold. Great on all skin tones. For realzzzz! Essie, $8.99

This product is awesome, it warms up as you scrub your face! Cleans up excess oil using charcoal and jojoba wax scrubbing beads. Smells like oranges. Leaves your skin smooth and glowy. Collective Well Being Scrub, $18

Nurture your winter skin! Give your skin a big ol’ drink of water. This night treatment is formulated with a super high concentration on Hyaluronic Acid, and helps restore your skin while you sleep. Hylunia Night Treatment, $69

This facial cleanser does the job without overdrying! It’s gentle, yet it removes makeup and impurities. Great for sensitive skin, unscented, vegan, petrochemical free. Hylunia Cleansing Gel, $27

Simply fabulous. Light weight, non-greasy, yet effective in reducing fine lines and puffiness. Turn those crow eyes to doe eyes! Great for sensitive skin, unscented, vegan, petrochemical free. Hylunia Eye Treatment, $47

Formulated for thinning hair. Work great on eyebrows! Helps stimulate new hair growth by increasing blood circulation to the application area Nioxin Hair Booster, $50

danielle walch

The Holiday Guide


everyday beauty

nars blush in orgasm

Mia skin cleansiing system

Sephora, $27

Sephora, $119

luminous silk foundation Nordstrom, $59


The Holiday Guide

exfolikate treatment Sephora, from $19

normal/combination skin kit

secret Concealer

Hylunia, $189

Laura Mercier, $22

lineexact liquid liner

anti-aging skincare

Ulta, $7

Zappos, $36-95

juno body lipid serum

damage remedy shampoo

Sunday Riley, $105

Strawberrynet, $24 The Holiday Guide


favorites from



patterned chambray shirt

vintage denim shirt

Lands’ End Canvas, $29

Lands’ End Canvas, $29

cadet chino shorts

chambray military shirtdress

Lands’ End Canvas, $17

Lands’ End Cavas, $35

The Holiday Guide

pintuck shirtdress

waxed cotton coat

Lands’ End Canvas, $39

Lands’ End Canvas, $99

lightweight twill coat

Newsboy Cap

Lands’ End Canvas, $59

Lands’ End Canvas, $24

1963 Denim tote

paxton wedge bootie

Lands’ End Canvas, $29

Lands’ End Canvas, $98 The Holiday Guide


Emerson demi wedge boot

Paxton wedge pump

Lands’ End Canvas, $198

Lands’ End Canvas, $88

small natural canvas tote Lands’ End, $29

Lands’ End, $23

Bold stripe throw

houndstooth needlepoint cover

Lands’ End, $24 108

medium open top tote

The Holiday Guide

Lands’ End, $39

leopard heels

glitter clutch

Wear these with faded denim on Christmas Day

A glitter clutch is my wardrobe’s new secret weapon. Anya Hindrich, $395

JCrew, $325

A little retro but so fresh: I’m wearing a gold cuff with everything this season! Planet Blue, $42

blogger picks

to get you through the holidays in style SHEER MAXI SKIRT Pair with a thigh grazing sweater to stay on the nice side of naughty. TopShop $77


Gold cuff

The Holiday Guide

red dress This red dress guarantees me a kiss under the mistletoe. Adam, $465

colorblock satchel

This pop of color keeps my neutral ensembles from looking too drab. Botkier, $595

driving gloves Leather driving gloves are so much cooler than mittens -- and more functional, too! Topshop

Amelia Alvarez

faux fur jacket A fuzzy cream jacket is equally cozy and chic. Steven Allen, pricing upon request

essie polish

luxe slippers

Go grey: I’ll skip classic red in favor of a mod polish this season. Essie, $7

I can’t wait to curl up by the fire in these awesome slippers! Tibi del Toro, $475


to: dad

for the metro man

195 yachts... print

industrial part 1 print

20x200, $20-500

20x200, $20-500

can you imagine print

timid whale print

20x200, $20-500

20x200, $20-500 The Holiday Guide


jump print 20x200, $20-500


Monogrammed leather key strap Etsy, $35

144 empty parking lots print

Horse Photograph, 8x10

20x200, $20-500

Etsy, $32

Block & Tackle Keychain

Titanium Flask

Brook Farm General Store, $25

Outland USA, $125

The Holiday Guide

c’mere hand hook Harry Allen via Design Public, $95

toothbrush & razor holders Kontextur via Design Public, $49 for 3

wooden radio

Singgih Kartono Magno via Design Public, $270

corelamp pendant Design Public, $70

jonas damon tool set

jonas damon alarm clock

Design Public, $95

Design Public, $40 The Holiday Guide


Vers wood 1e earphones Design Public, $50

harry allen pickup in gold Velocity Art and Design, $180

chester wallace tote Lands’ End, $34.50 116

The Holiday Guide

petunia pickle bottom bag Design Public, $271

Eena tote Canoe, $58

faf pad Canoe, $35

crosley usb turntable Fred Flare, $129

morbid anatomy- dreams Far4, $395

worn leather satchel

ceramic pig speaker

Topshop, $140

West Elm, $49

vintage fit double-face shirt

The dude shawl cardigan

Pendleton USA, $80

Pendleton USA, $188 The Holiday Guide


mad for plaid cap Pendleton USA, $42

Pendleton USA, $148

national parks thermal flask

crater lake nat’l park blanket

Pendleton USA, $34

wall-mounted bottle opener Brook Farm General Store, $10 118

Messenger bag

The Holiday Guide

Pendleton USA, $188-208

folding comb Brook Farm General Store, $18

dbc-610ga-1 casio watch American Apparel, $80

well-appointed desk set Poppin, $30

cable knit pillow cover

silhouette plaid throw

Lands’ End, $28

Lands’ End, $80

bold stripe throw

#07 Ropes & Knots duck pillow

Lands’ End, $25

OBX Trading Group, $175 The Holiday Guide


excursion duffel medium OBX Trading Group, $198

Urban Outfitters, $80

Muuto’s wood architect lamp

Galileo Telescope

A + R Store, $295

Cool feet Sirtified, $10 120

bamboo computer keyboard

The Holiday Guide

A + R Store, $475

dart coat hooks Sirtified, $27

The Holiday Guide


blogger picks

ten gifts for the

wild woodsman



orlando soria 122

The Holiday Guide

A fun fact about me is that I grew up in the middle of a giant forest. But not just any giant forest, Yosemite National Park. Most people don’t know people live inside national parks, but it’s true. The deal is that you have to work there (or have parents who work there) in order to live within the park boundaries. One of my first memories of Yosemite is my siblings and I running in the snow wearing tennis shoes. Being unseasoned city kids, we had no snow boots so my father made us put plastic bags inside our shoes to keep our feet dry. After our first winter in Yosemite, my parents quickly realized we needed proper winter gear. Eventually we were pretty well outfitted. Which was a good thing considering our favorite after school activities included making snow forts, skating to 90s music at the Curry Ice Rink, and sledding at Ashcan Alley. Growing up, I always thought local style was totally dowdy and lame, but now that I live in a city full of urban fashion, sometimes I long for the outdoor chic I was raised with. Luckily, this classic outdoors, western-inspired California look is pretty hot right now, so it’s easy to find great stuff. Here are a few of my holiday gift picks for the guy in your life who loves the outdoors. Or the guy who just loves to look like he loves the outdoors.

4 3 2



6 7

1. This hat is ridiculous(ly fun to wear. And shockingly practical for keeping your face warm whilst skiing. Scandanavian Grace, $135

2. The Patagonia fleece is an icon. These babies have been around since the 70s, and they last forever. Patagonia, $99 3. Nothing says “woodsmen” more than a pair of sunglasses made from actual wood, am I right? Schwood, $135


4. This flashlight runs on solar and crank power. This is the ideal gift for your outdoor nerd and it will totally come in hand during the next power outage. L.L. Bean, $19 5. Sorels are a total mountain staple. My whole family has them. One time, when I was 12 and my feet grew, my parents bought me boots that were not Sorels. I never forgave them. Sorel, $130

6. Excuse me, Band of Outsiders? Paul Bunyan called, he wants his shirt back. Band of Outsiders, $230 7. The woven design gives this belt a bit of Old West flare. Levis, $38 8. This awesome weekend bag looks like a fishing kit. Perfect for a roadtrip to the mountains. Ralph Lauren, $350 9. There are a ton of fancypants wool socks out there, but these are the classics. REI, $9


10. This thermos is perfect for soup of hot (spiked?) cider on a cross-country ski trip. Glamour. REI, $39.95 The Holiday Guide


for your dad


mini chalkboard globe

Tubular burst object

Manor Fine Wares, $90

Dwell Studio, $373

stradler form otto fan

bronze stars

Design Public, $200

Canoe, $22

The Holiday Guide

Colored pencils & brass holder

tripod desk clock

Velocity Art and Design, $59

Velocity Art and Design, $360

the gold bar coin bank

the 1-page card holder by moma

Kikkerland via Velocity Art and Design, $38

perpetual calendar West Elm, $29

Velocity Art and Design, $38

birch puzzle box Etsy, $18 The Holiday Guide


cover cloth umbrella Filson, $95


Leather & Stainless steel flask Filson, $68

fishing waist pack

leather coaster set

Filson, $75

Filson, $92

leather outfitter wallet

men’s suede moc slippers

Filson, $98

Lands’ End, $34.50

The Holiday Guide

men’s lakewood chukka boots

Men’s expedition aviator hat

Lands’ End, $70

Lands’ End, $50

Jensen wood turntable

industrial clip on light

Urban Outfitters, $88

200 series calendar wristwatch Uniform Wares via A Plus R Store, $325

House Doctor DK, via Bodie and Fou, £85

luggage tag with silver plate Etsy, $38 The Holiday Guide


KIDS & teens

Kids’ gifts

dumbo mug Smallable, $21


chimboo elephant Smallable, $15

trojan horse

simone & Patrice plush toys

Smallable, $32

Smallable, $48

The Holiday Guide

sibis villa dollhouse Smallable, $125

rocket small house

hochet peter la mouche denim Smallable, $17

Little red riding hood puppets

Smallable, $59

Smallable, $21

car carrier

doll’s house- momoll barn

Smallable, #120

Smallable, $250 The Holiday Guide


green dollhouse & furniture Smallable, $250

Smallable, $28

reindeer head

menagerie bookend- hippo

Smallable, $105


mobilehome dollhouse in white

Serena and Lily, $58

felt baby booties

all ears bookend

Canvas, $22.50

Modcloth, $50

The Holiday Guide

panda & tiger high five onesie

the ignatious critter

Coral and Tusk, $46

Bholu via Velocity Art and Design, $65

single sphere rattle by hbc

Emerson doll house

Velocity art and Design, $120

Brinca Dada via Velocity art and Design, $329

The felix frog

normann copenhagen plane

Bholu via Velocity art and Design, $58

Design Public, $45-115 The Holiday Guide


miller gooman playshapes Design Public, $150

Design Public, $20

petunia pickle bottom journey

sailor stripe blanket

Design Public, $147


alma linen shade hat

Taigan, $40

barbell rattle

a-z coloring pad

Manor Fine Wares, $200

Manor Fine Wares, $20

The Holiday Guide

animal blocks kidz box

balancing blocks

Dwell Studio, $30

Curiosity Shoppe Online, $85

camera bags for ladies


The Holiday Guide


blogger picks


Young house love(s) 1






The Holiday Guide


Our daughter saw this fun little car in a local shop and refused to leave without it. It’s so cute, we happily took it home. Quirk Gallery, $11


This stackable and eco friendly wooden toy is one of our daughter’s favorites.


A charming personalized plate makes such a sweet gift. Sarah & Abraham, $22.50, $24


This oversized extra-stretchy muslin swaddle blanket seems kind of spendy, but it’s worth its weight in gold (aka: our girl slept hours longer in it) Layla Grayce, $22


These flash cards are as fun for adults as they are for kids - typography actually makes up each animal! They can even serve as nursery art when framed en masse. Seedlings, $15.99

Inhabitat Shop, 18.60

John & Sherry Petersik

Young House Love The Holiday Guide


kids’ decor

lucky bear artwork Coral and Tusk, $30-70


boy with kite personalized plate Etsy, $82

ABC animal print

“a long piece of string”

Etsy, $28

Manor Fine Wares, $16

The Holiday Guide

letterpress subliminal print Etsy, $35

grey elephant frame Dwell Studio, $40

transportation multi mobile

gio aqua duvet set

Dwell Studio, $75

Dwell Studio, $156

skyline boudoir pillow

bookshelf elephant lemon

Dwell Studio, $34

Dwell Studio, $124 The Holiday Guide


red rocking rabbit

vitra eames elephant

Taigan, $185

Taigain, $290

k studio heart on sleeve pillow

owl cushion- red

Smallable, $143-152


Smallable, $118

garland- red

mobile hedgehogs

Smallable, $7

Smallable, $24

The Holiday Guide

blue sailing boat

mobile happy whales

Smallable, $24

Smallable, $21

tiny marching menagerie

Baby Bunny no. 2

Paloma’s Nest, $38

neville house CB2, $60

The Animal Print Shop, $25-1950

Clothes cactus The Land of Nod, $80 The Holiday Guide


for teen girls

suede with me bag Modcloth, $95


self-trot fashionista ring Modcloth, $15

scholar scheme gloves

plot dog bookends

Modcloth, $35

Modcloth, $59

The Holiday Guide

chevron velvet clutch bag

pearl collar necklace

Topshop, $66

Topshop, $28

suedette metal tab belt

Chalk piggy bank

Topshop, $44

Far4, $85

kiel mead heart ring- 14k gold

kiel mead camera necklace

Design Public, $200

Design Public, $230 The Holiday Guide


birds on a wire photo clips Fred Flare, $12

ban.do heart shoe clips Ban.do, $25


paper airplanes necklace Fred Flare, $68

girlie satin bow Ban.do, $15

sequin fanny pack

porcelain dove bobby pin

Ban.do, $55

Etsy, $12

The Holiday Guide

mr. mustaches ring

brass pac-man earrings

Etsy, $49

Etsy, $18

heads down umbrella up

tanto headphones in indigo

Modcloth, $38

UrbanEars, $40

Neon nail polish

my so-called life dvd set

American Apparel, $6

American Apparel, $70 The Holiday Guide


Build-your-own watch Modify Watches, $45

medium metallic leather pouch American Apparel, $50


style book by elizabeth walker Urban Outfitters, $30

ZigZag Printed Rug Urban Outfitters

media case in penguin

balloon usb speaker

Modcloth, $15

A + R Store, $45

The Holiday Guide

wear what you love





designer: stevie k

The Holiday Guide


for teen boys

atari video game kit Fred Flare, $40


Napoleon dynamite sleep mask Fred Flare, $9

blue suede truck painting

brass bicycle bell

Etsy, $60

Brook Farm General Store, $19

The Holiday Guide

vers wood ipad2 slimcase

sprocket rocket camera

Design Public, $80

Modcloth, $90

old school rules iphone case

Newfoundland 7 print

Modcloth, $18

20x200, $20-500

denim school bag

Herd it all laptop bag

American Apparel, $46

Modcloth, $60 The Holiday Guide


blue high score media case Modcloth, $15

the family guy guide to life Urban Outfitters, $13

book arc stand for ipad Twelve South via Amazon, $29


The Holiday Guide

i love my bike book CB2, $17

dining room table ping pong set Crate and Barrel, $40

bone collection portable amp Amazon, $5

If you LOVE IT, PRINT it! Stunning Professional Quality Canvas Unique Photo Jewelry Photo Purses and Totes Metal Photo Panels Custom Skate Decks www.canvasrox.com





The Holiday Guide

abstract oil painting Etsy, $125

origami lampshade- yellow Etsy, $123

pools 2 tall- ceramic bowl

knit porcelain cups

Etsy, $29

Leigh Radford, $32

porcelain cluster hanging light Etsy, 225

origami lampshade- pink Etsy, $123 The Holiday Guide


watercolor world map no. 6 Etsy, $25

dauville gold-brushed bowls


navy spade throw pillow Serena and Lily, $88

soapstone bowl set

Canvas Home Store

Canvas Home Store

soapstone candlestick

Papier Mache waste bin

Canvas Home Store

Canvas Home Store, $78

The Holiday Guide

mori pigeon Tortise General Store, $36

What is marriage print 20x200, $20-500

icon print

casino employees day print

20x200, $20-500

20x200, $20-500

handmade bronze bookends OK Store, $380

Golden fig vases by roost Velocity Art and Design, $80 The Holiday Guide


Dress Up vase by nendo Mjolk, $28-38

labyrinth citrine pillow

linking trellis bulb vase Dwell Studio, $73-138

dotted trellis azure pillow

Dwell Studio, $88

Dwell Studio, $72

draper stripe ink rug 8x10

urchin objet

Dwell Studio, $450

Dwell Studio, $19 The Holiday Guide


neon pipers Christen Maxwell, $110

Dwell Studio, $150

sisa square bean bag

white porcelain wine ewer

Manor Fine Wares, $225

Manor Fine Wares, $103

Cirque 14�x24’ pillow Proud Mary via Big Cartel, $120


draper stripe chinois throw

The Holiday Guide

postalco notebook m Tortise General Store, $19

mori pig Tortise General Store, $20

#07 Flag Appliqued Pillow OBX Trading Group, $163

Chevron Pillow Cover, 12”x15”

Chevron pillow cover, 12”x22”

Etsy, $22

Etsy, $25

birch storage boxes, set of 4

seersucker placemats

CB2, $30

West Elm, $14 The Holiday Guide


sailor’s knot coasters Curiosity Shoppe, $16

chalk deer Etsy, $75

pillow, dopp kit & candle Hammocks and High Tea, $48-90

usa type map- duck egg blue Bodie and Fou, $43 162

The Holiday Guide

holiday decor


hanukkah canape plates

modern santa mug

West Elm, $8

West Elm, $10

felt animal ornaments

feather wreath

West Elm, $6

West Elm, $19

The Holiday Guide

diamond-printed napkin

modern santa collection

West Elm, $20

West Elm, $10-39

porcelain small nativity set

josh owen’s menorah

Etsy, $36

A + R Store, $150

skyline menorah Jonathan Adler, $165

tree of life menorah plates Pottery Barn, $50 for 4 The Holiday Guide


felt hanukkah garland

cascade of stars tree

Etsy, $14 for 4 ft

Etsy, $180

hanukkah decorations

mid-century modern stockings

Modern Tribe, $24

porcelain tealight holders West Elm, $6-8 166

The Holiday Guide

Etsy, $20-35

lit antique mercury glass tree Pottery Barn, $49-84

epiphanle t 44, i e/catKaA_1r; 1 t





little flower hearts- large Etsy, $190


grey hearts- large Etsy, $190

embroidered pillow cover

monogram ring (silver)

Etsy, $36

Etsy, $99

The Holiday Guide

faux bois porcelain vase Etsy, $50

baby print- queen giraffe Etsy, $29

mounted paper silhouette

state salutations 8�x10�

Etsy, $25

Etsy, $25 for 2

hand-stamped silver name ring Etsy, $26

initial letter necklace (silver) Etsy, $30 The Holiday Guide


state salutation Etsy, $14

Etsy, $30

tiny initial charm necklace

bridal hanger- walnut

Etsy, $23

Etsy, $25

custom name script necklace Etsy, $35 172

family silhouette

The Holiday Guide

silhouette print Etsy, $40

tram scroll

leather bottom tote

Etsy, $299

Lands’ End, $40

maple baby clothes hanger Paloma’s Nest, $26

morse coded necklace &RDWW, $56

designer leather ipad sleeve

DNA portraits

Etsy, $70

DNA11, Starting at $199 The Holiday Guide


blogger picks

For the person

who has it all

Danielle Hampton, Sometimes Sweet

Out with your sister’s plastic coupon organizer, and in with this adorable clutch. Help her make every trip to the grocery store a little more fashionable. Anthropologie, $148

for your sister The perfect serving tray to add a little summer to those winter days, and the ideal gift for the dinner-partying hostess in your life. Camp Cirrus via Orange and Pear, $48

for the hostess

Can you picture this print hanging in your favorite niece’s room, reminding her of how awesome she is? I can. TheBlackApple (Etsy), $16

for your favorite niece 174

The Holiday Guide

for your mom friend The cutest necklace for your bestest Mom friend. A (insanely huge) step up from the #1 Mom mug you got her last year. Love and Victory, from $148

for your weird uncle Weird uncle? We all have one, but weird uncle no more once you slip this bad boy on him. All men look good in Fred Perry, it’s a fact. Fred Perry via Nordstrom, $75

Here’s the ideal gift for anyone who likes to eat. So basically, this is the ideal gift for anyone- NYC’s (and the world’s) best rice pudding, shipped domestically. Rice to Riches, $55 (serves 5)

for your foodie friend

Husband, boyfriend, best friend, partner. He sees dusting off his old records, you see romantic slow dances in the kitchen. It’s a win-win. Urban Outfitters, $160

for your man

The Holiday Guide


blogger picks

So your Mother-in-law has it all? I’m willing to bet she doesn’t have a mini-pie maker! Think of it as the gift that keeps giving…straight back to your stomach. Williams Sonoma, $99

for your mother-in-law

Can’t bear to hear another song and dance from that fancy Elmo doll? Enter BlaBla Kids. The perfect (quiet) toys for the little ones in your life. BlaBla Kids, $48

for the kiddos

A great, super-unique gift for that special blogging gal or guy in your life that needs a little inspiration in their e-world. Red Velvet Shop, $32

for your favorite niece 176

The Holiday Guide

This polish throws a party on your fingers and toes no matter what the occasion! Give this to your sister, then borrow it later! Perfect. Deborah Lippman (via Nordstrom), $18

For your fun-loving sister

The most gorgeous coat, just for you. Because you deserve it after buying everyone else such fabulous presents! Orla Kiely, $685

for yourself!

danielle hampton

The Holiday Guide


The Holiday Guide


for co-eds

blog on satchel


folky fresh pouf in fuschia

Modcloth, $80

Modcloth, $110

whisker until smooth mold

cut above the nest cutting board

Modcloth, $15

Modcloth, $25

The Holiday Guide

you drink you know tumblers Modcloth, $30

so very happy - white Etsy, $23

a little peacock print

brass whale ring

Etsy, $35

Etsy, $21

ceramic travel mug

los angeles print

Etsy, $20

Etsy, $30 The Holiday Guide


Gold blake aviators Fred Flare, $14

Velocity Art and Design, $95

piggy bank

owls sky travel case

Brook Farm General Store, $28

Dwell Studio, $28

welcome chrome wall hook Modcloth, $15 182

alexander girard love plyprint

The Holiday Guide

Knitted pouf CB2, $89

flea market style

philip persio leather watch

Amazon, $18

American Apparel, $38

leather cross body satchel

diagonal strap gym bag

American Apparel, $58

American Apparel, $48

quilted laptop bag

nylon cordura fanny pack

American Apparel, $38

American Apparel, $22 The Holiday Guide


prepster desk set

hold me cloche

Poppin, $25

Modcloth, $50

mark it mine cosmetic bag

wanderer duffle bag

Roxy, $26

Roxy, $68

4-top cuatro dinner set CB2, $90 184

The Holiday Guide

the indie rock poster book Urban Outfitters, $25

black & blum hot pot bbq

hand sign usb flash drive

APT2B, $124

Sirtified, $35

oversized round readers Urban Outfitters, $14

normann dustpan & brush set Bodie and Fou, $20

secrets of stylists Amazon, $25

16x23 louis armstrong told us so Urban Outfitters, $39 The Holiday Guide


blogger picks

20-something gal by Lindsay Goldner, LLY Designs

waterfall ruffle duvet Urban Outfitters, $149-199

knit sedona sweater Modcloth, $68

warm & cozy

valley clearing coat Modcloth, $50

beyond the gold coat Modcloth, $105

First date Dress

hunter champery

seychelles clue oxfords

galaxy leggings

Red Velvet, $100

Ruche, $130

karma bag

Blowfish Shoes, $49

Zappos, $175

Etsy, $39

contrast ruffle umbrella Topshop, $30

geek chic

iphone photo printer

isound cinema sound

ready, set, novel!

little black desk set

book book for ipad

speak.er speakers

Hammacher Schlemmer, $160

Modcloth, $17

Twelve South, $70

Amazon, $78

Poppin, $50

A + R Store, $100


bartlett shelf large

“start today� sign

owl etched pint glass

orange ice fountain pen

APT2BLA, $13

Etsy, $14 ea.

lindsay goldner

Etsy, $60

CB2, $25

what to give who When did the holiday season go from being the most wonderful time of the year to the most expensive time of the year? It seems that if I don’t fork over my 401K to check off all the items on my loved ones shopping list, I’ll be stuck with a lump of coal in my stocking come Christmas morn. And then there are the gifts for everyone else. When did we all get talked into thinking it was a good idea to start doling out high end gifts to massage therapists, dog walkers and baristas? I’m sorry, but I shouldn’t have to forgo my kids college education to buy a present for my Pilates instructor. So, in an effort to get that holiday budget reigned in to afford presents for those near and dear to you without neglecting the army of helpers who keep your life marching forward, here are some DIY tips on how to give great gifts that look good without going under.

TIP #1

TIP #4

TIP #2

TIP #5

If the gift is tiny, make the box big. Elaborate wrapping paper goes a long way. If it takes 15 minutes to unwrap a present, they’ll just be happy it’s over.

Regift old cards. Just cut out the front and glue it on nice card stock to make it look oneof-a-kind. It’s not hand made - it’s artisanal.

TIP #3

Use your kids, dogs, live-in artist roommates if you have ‘em. No one will ever scoff at work of handmade art from your offspring (at least not to your face). Turn your kid into a Monet maker (or in this case Monet saver) and have them create custom cards, artwork and other keepsakes that the giftee will be forced to appreciate.


The Holiday Guide

If you do buy a gift, buy it on sale. But make sure you don’t include a gift receipt. Because if they ever decide to exchange it, they’ll know you skimped out. Donate to a charity. The giftee doesn’t need to know that you only spent $5. Let them think you saved a small 3rd world village in their name this Holiday season.

So, you’ve finished shopping for those you love and those you feel compelled to impress. But what about people you don’t like? We all know someone we’re forced to buy a present for each year – like second cousins and weird aunts. Here’s a handy gift guide to make people you don’t care about think you give a damn this Holiday season.

For in-laws you don’t like (or who don’t like you) Buy a vintage frame at a garage sale and snap a photo of you and your betrothed looking fabulously happy. They’ll be forced to display it every time you come over.

for annoying co-workers Baked goods are a good bet. Screw from scratch recipes and instead buy store bought brownies and doctor them up with fancy (store bought) frosting. Individually wrap them in festive cellophane and add a cute gift tag displaying “Grandma’s Secret Recipe.” They’ll think you slaved for hours over a hot oven.

For the one who has everything/party hostess Since you know you won’t ever give her anything she’ll like or need - get something YOU like. Present YOUR favorite bottle of wine (who cares if it costs 7 dollars?) and insist that she open right then and there so you can make a toast. Then spend the rest of the evening getting wasted on her gift.

for the white elephant party you’re dragged to Give the gift NO ONE wants. Fake dog poop is always a safe bet.

for last minute invitations Bath sets are the deadest giveaway to let a giftee know you had no clue they were coming. Ditch the soap set and dig up a gift card you once got from someone who knew nothing about your likes or interests and have no inclination whatsoever to use. (Ann Taylor, I’m talking to you). It’s the gift that keep on giving.

sarah monson

The Holiday Guide


blogger picks

for the people who always say Lana Migliore, Making a House a Home

You can’t go wrong with giving a DIYer more ideas! These books hit the nail on the head with being both pretty and inspiring. Downtown Chic, $30 ; Decorate, $23 ; The Stylist’s Guide to NYC, $17 ; You Are One Third Daffodil, $9 ; Design*Sponge at Home, $23 (Amazon)

A cute gift to keep their idle hands busy! Buy a few for them so they can make a magical grouping. Solar Jar Lights: Etsy, prices vary 192

The Holiday Guide

Titled a “birthday print”, I am going to ignore its intent. It’s personalized in a cool way. isn’t it Jesus’ birthday anyway? Birthday Glicee Print: Etsy, $45

I own this scarf and it’s a lot of fun! people always stop me and ask where I got it. Now you know. Give it to your bestie who doesn’t know how to felt. Natural Folks Scarf: Etsy, $105

Original art by Duane Hosein is always a win! add to your DIY’ers art collection with something fresh and fun. Illustration by Duane Hosein: Etsy, prices vary

I never thought a towel could have the same power as my morning coffee. buy a few for a friend and turn them into a morning person. Turkish Bath Towel: Etsy, prices vary

Anderson Soap Company is amazing in every way! Pretty products what work well and smell so unique! This is handmade and super luxe without a heavy price tag. Even DIYers need to pamper themselves after a long day. Room Mist: Anderson Soap Company, $6.50 The Holiday Guide


I buy these as gifts all the time for Xmas. Packaged sweetly. Handmade. Totally seasonal. These will turn into an heirloom, no question. Snowflake Gift Box: Etsy, $28

What a sweet way to share the love! Perfect for a catch-all or to hang on the wall. Friendship Truth Love Tray: Jayson Home, $198

This is sure to make your friend laugh. Funny. Fun. And I bet your friend can’t DIY it themselves! Or can they.... Dog Bank: Animi Causa, $89

MAGNO Wood Radio: Horne, $145 194

The Holiday Guide

Rondo Gold Cutlery: Horne, $85

Large Apollo Tabletop Fireplace: Horne, $1800

Le Pavillion iPhone 4 Case: Kate Spade, $40

Eva Tote- Cognac: Ellington Handbags, $209

Live Colorfully Coin Purse Kate Spade, $75

The Holiday Guide


Large Antler Necklace: Giles & Brother: $190-250 Turquoise Four Leaf Clover Gold Necklace: Etsy, $33

Dressed to the Nines Print Virginia Kraljevic, $33

Plaid Bond Shoulder Bag: Tory Burch, $465

Quartz Crystal Bullet Necklace Dirdy Birdy, $39

lana miligore


The Holiday Guide

Pools Ceramic Bowl FleetObjects, $34

celebrate with zhush


for bookworms


modern vintage style

style on a budget

Amazon, $20

Amazon, $8


creative walls

Amazon, $26

Amazon, $20

The Holiday Guide

details: a stylist’s secrets

room for children

Amazon, $29

Amazon, $30

style and substance

Design*sponge at home

Amazon, $18

Amazon, $22

vogue living Amazon, $47

the perfectly imperfect home Amazon, $18 The Holiday Guide


dressing the home

more is more

Amazon, $18

Amazon, $40

american modern

shabby chic interiors

Amazon, $32

Amazon, $23

french country style at home Amazon, $23 200

The Holiday Guide

elements of style Amazon, $30

michael s. smith: houses

modern paper crafts

Amazon, $32

Amazon, $16

decorate by holly becker

domino: the book of decorating

Amazon, $23

Amazon, $21

printing by hand Amazon, $20

martha stewart’s encyclopedia Amazon, $22 The Holiday Guide


35 - 11 34th Ave Astoria { www.sitenyc.com }

PETS 204

The Holiday Guide

for pet parents

leather dog leash Brook Farm General Store, $45

Leather dog collar Brook Farm General Store, $39

the kittypod

the kitty mini

Velocity Art and Design, $356

Velocity Art and Design, $144 The Holiday Guide



the litter box by modkat

Curry buddy pillow

Velocity Art and Design, $180

Serena and Lily, $58

navy buddy pillow

baby rib dog tee

Serena and Lily, $58

American Apparel, $14

recycled sailcloth bed cover

tin cloth dog bowl

OBX Trading Group, $75

Filson, $30

The Holiday Guide

shelter cloth dog coat

basset hound puppy print

Filson, $70

The Animal Print Shop, $25-1950

Le chat print

beautiful basics cat bed

Bodie and Fou, $58

Etsy, $45

kitty cat ring

cat tie clown college

Etsy, $10

Etsy, $9 The Holiday Guide



modern elevated cat/dog bowl

my dream lambretta print

Etsy, $56

Etsy, $16

the rover necktie

pet bungalow

Etsy, $15

Trixie and Peanut, $675

See Scout Sleep bed

faux bearskin cat rug

See Scout Sleep, $130-240

Velocity Art and Design, $30

The Holiday Guide

The Holiday Guide


blogger picks

for the Dana LaRue, Broke-Ass Media

Such a cute way for your best friend to catch a snooze. I love the bamboo detail. I kinda wish they made this for humans, too! Hammock: Pet Lounge Store, $125

high-fashion hammocks

I adore this new twist on an old style, and would love to have a silhouette display of the whole family - pets included! Pet Silhouette Print: Etsy, $45

a pretty profile


The Holiday Guide

Why shouldn’t your pet dine in divine style? Plus, elevated bowls are better for their backs and necks, so this adorable set is a double-bonus! Pet Feeder: Etsy, $35

Mod Mealtime

If Sterling Cooper Draper Price were run by cats, they’d all have these in their office. Why not have one for your pet at home, too? Modern Pet Bed: Etsy, $95

sleeping in style

I mean, c’mon. ‘Nuff said. Costumes: Party City, $8.99

feeling fierce The Holiday Guide


Blinged-out collars for your pimped-out pet: easy to read, easy on the eyes, easy to love. BeDazzle Collar: Collar Me Chic, $8.99

chic collars

Save yourself and your pet the pain of loss. If they should get away, this chip will help them home. Buddy-ID Microchip: Microchip ID Systems, $22.50

(get) home sweet home

dana larue


The Holiday Guide

printable gift tags by Duane Hosein

every day is Alex Asher Sears, Alexandra Wrote

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but why just one season? That’s what my grandmother would ask. If the spirit of joy, philanthropy and compassion came with Christmas, well, then every day should be Christmas. It was what she believed and the way that she lived. And it is why my mother grew up in a house with a Christmas tree that decked the halls year round. All. Year. Round.

I grew up celebrating Christmas and Chanukah, but ironically, it was years before we had a tree at home. My mother, who loves to throw a party for just about any reason whatsoever, never had much interest in holiday décor.

It must have been a sight to walk along the Malibu shore in the evening and see, in the picture window of that beachfront Cape Cod, a garlanded tree on display. In July. Tinsel and all. My grandmother may have had a flair for the dramatic - she was an actress, after all – but she was beautiful inside and out. Neither she nor my grandfather cared about race or religion. Character and kindness were what mattered to them, both personally and professionally. The tree, and the gifts it always held, wasn’t religious in any specific way. She didn’t think goodwill towards men, peace on earth and joy to the world belonged to any one faith. And they weren’t to be celebrated exclusively between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day either. Crystal and good china shouldn’t be saved for special occasions. Every day should be an occasion. 216

The Holiday Guide

I was almost ten before my first trip to the lot to pick a tree, see it tied to the top of the car and brought home to decorate, but only because my father wanted one. Growing up, he watched Chanukah candles glimmer and glow, but he longed for the smell of pine boughs across the mantel and a large Douglas fir in the den.

I don’t know who loved it more – me and my sister or him. As for my mother, it took me years to realize why trimming the tree never mattered to her. The happiness she found was in seeing how much we enjoyed it, but for her a tree wasn’t what made the season bright. Over the last few years, my mother’s childhood friends started to gather on Facebook sharing photos and memories. Some she’d stayed in touch with, others she hadn’t spoken with in decades. More than once, old neighbors and friends, even a waitress from the long gone Colony coffee shop, have posted about my grandmother - remembering her, remembering the house and remembering the tree. I don’t keep a tree up all year, but I carry my grandmother’s message in my heart. I decorate in mid-December, thinking of her as I hang the needlepoint stockings she made and the ornaments she had engraved each year with my name. Peace, love and generosity should be present three hundred and sixty-five days a year. Long after I place those boxes of décor back in the garage.

They say everyone in Hollywood has a screenplay. When my grandmother passed away several years ago, amongst her papers I found the treatment for a sitcom she had written, called Everyday is Christmas. The story was familiar. Very familiar. It was about a woman living in a house in the Malibu Colony, “the meeting place for her kids’ friends and all their friends’ friends,” with a St. Bernard who “loves surfing, which leads to a lot of sand in the house” and a “Christmas tree is left up all year round… because ‘Every day is Christmas’ and every day is a new unopened package.”

Typed on carbon paper with notes in her distinctive writing, I held those pages, her words, in my hands. A gift greater than the biggest box under any Christmas tree. Any time of year.

alex asher sears

The Holiday Guide


We have a bit of a problem around this house… a sweatshirt problem. We live in Texas. We have 10 months of summer, it seems. We do not need 20 sweatshirts. What to do with all of them then?

Last Christmas I crocheted coffee cozies for all my friends, and they were a huge hit. I sent each one along with a $5 giftcard for a popular coffee house. It was the perfect small gift. Unfortunately, it also took forever to crochet all of them. So this year I’m sending along coffee sweatshirt cozies, made from an old college sweatshirt of mine. To make one, you’ll need a 3” x 10” piece of your sweatshirt. Don’t stress about getting the lines straight. I’m not big on perfection, and I think the little quirks make these even better.

If you’d like to finish the edges, fold each one in ¼” and sew down. You’ll get something like this:


The Holiday Guide

Fold the strip in half, wrong side out. Then mark ½” in from each side at the bottom and ¼” in from each side at the top.

Sew from top to bottom on each side, connecting the two marks you made. It will look like this when you’re finished with both sides.

Trim the excess as close to the seams as possible. Then turn right side out.

If you’d like to skip finishing the edges and let your coffee sleeve take on a bit of a Flashdance feel with rolled edges instead, that’s fine! It will look something like this, though you may have to wash it a couple times to get the edges to start rolling. The Holiday Guide


Embellish and gift!

Jill Krause


The Holiday Guide

bonus a printable gift card envelope coffee to keep you warm & a cozy to keep your coffee warm! to:


JOXHhere (tabs) cut here (solid lines)

fold here (dashed lines)

Lindsay Goldner

The Holiday Guide





c i t o ex an

christmas mantle

Cristin bisbee priest simplified bee

Nicole Balch, Making it Lovely

Guests can use these chalkboard favors to write a New Year’s resolution at a holiday party, and then take a fun photo holding it up! Later, they can take the favor home and remove the holiday decoration, and they’ll have a cute little chalkboard to hang up. It’s an inexpensive and easy project that just takes a little time (mostly to let the paint dry between coats). Here’s how to make your own chalkboard favors for a holiday get-together.

what you’ll need 228

The Holiday Guide

Thin Plywood Circles (6” in diameter) Black Acrylic Craft Paint Chalkboard Paint Chalk Holiday Floral/Botanical Picks

Small Ornament Picks with Wire Stretch Cord Ribbon Foam Paintbrush Drop Cloth, Cardboard, or Newspaper (for painting) Drill Scissors or Wire Cutters

nicole balch

Making it Lovely


alk bo pla ards cec m ard ake g s t Ch o o reat ris ! tm as, ‘11

The Holiday Guide


PRINTABLE Melissa Esplin, I Still Love You

Print on Avery 2.5 inch round labels and use as ornaments or to add handmade charm to presents.



The Holiday Guide




0 • 20


For more tutorials and printables, please visit www.melissaesplin.com. This tutorial is free for personal use and should not be distributed or altered without author’s consent. For a commercial use license, please email melissa@melissaesplin.com.


The Holiday Guide

The Holiday Guide


GIFT GuidE GIVEAWAYS Costal Cottage, $80

driftwood letters & Numbers

custom family art silhouette print Nella Designs (via Etsy), $45


The Holiday Guide

simply yours custom hoot print Hoot Design Co., $125 and up

teal leather foldover clutch KSladeMade, $68

Heart shaped small bed See Scout Sleep, $130

The Holiday Guide


Cover photography: Mark Champion Guide design: Lindsay Goldner

Profile for Emily  Henderson

The Holiday Guide by Emily Henderson  

The guide of all holiday guides! 238 pages of gift giving ideas, downloadables, giveaways, and behind the scenes look at HGTV Design Star W...

The Holiday Guide by Emily Henderson  

The guide of all holiday guides! 238 pages of gift giving ideas, downloadables, giveaways, and behind the scenes look at HGTV Design Star W...