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So the theme for this Christmas is ‘Vintage Modern Craft’. I wanted it to be really personalized, one of a kind, warm, handmade and full of conversation pieces. For colors, they wanted an untraditional color palette, as did I, and since they live by the beach I wanted something light and fresh, as opposed to say black and silver. And what is more bright and fresh than peacock tones? Blues, greens, chartreuses with hits of golds or brasses to warm it up. Its one of my favorite color palettes. I’m not being all picky about exact colors, but I want it to ‘feel’ like this. With these colors I wanted to add a lot of pops of white, graphic shapes, playful animals, metallics (mainly golds and brass) and clear glass. And who doesn’t love a little bit of glam and sparkle here and there during the holidays. So once that I knew the concept, it was

time to get my craft on. The Holiday Guide


The Holiday Guide by Emily Henderson  

The guide of all holiday guides! 238 pages of gift giving ideas, downloadables, giveaways, and behind the scenes look at HGTV Design Star W...

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