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December 2012

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e’ve endured the long, dark chilly evenings, but now it’s time to embrace the sun, dust off the Barbie , resurrect that summer wardrobe and the hit the beach! Life’s a Beach is your one stop shop for getting ready for a stylish summer. From beach bag essentials on page 4, to your guide to achieving perfect skin on page 6 we have got you covered!

This time of year the shops are bursting full of swimwear and resortwear - it can be overwhelming trying to pick out the right bikini for you, that’s why on page 24 we bring you a guide to buying the right bikini, for YOUR body! Plus with a comprehensive look at this summer’s biggest swimwear trends on pages 8, you are sure to stand out on the beach this summer… for all the right reasons! So, whether you’re lying on a beach somewhere in Australia, sipping a cocktail watching the sunset on some exotic beach or surrounded by friends enjoying a good ‘ol summer barbie remember…. Life’s a Beach! Wishing all our Style Bungalow readers a very Merry (and stylish!) Christmas, thanks for all your support in 2012. Looking forward to more fashion, fun and gossip in 2013! Enjoy W

Naomi x

Naomi Clarke


- beach bag essentials 1

WATER: For its hydrating and health benefits, the most essential

accessory this summer is water. Our number one choice is Cheeki’s reusable and environmentally friendly water bottles With great summery colours and patterns, you can drink your water in style! $15.95


BEACH BAG: Roxy Australia has the cutest

beach tote that will fit all your essential summer accessories without feeling like you’re lugging around your entire life. The Ladies Sundeck Beach bag by Roxy is a bright and cheerful beach tote that will take your right through the summer months! $39.99



Going make-up-less to the beach can feel strange, especially if you’re the type to always wear foundation. Ella Bache has the perfect solution for you! The Ella Bache Suncover 30+ Foundation will give you all the benefits of sun cream as well as giving great coverage.

4 $50.00 LIFE’S A BEACH



its moisturising benefits, we recommend Rose Bud Salve lip balm. Loved by international beauty editors and make up artists alike, this lip balm will leave your lips feeling oh so soft. www.

kleinsperfumery. $12.95


WATERPROOF IPHONE CASE: Stop worrying about

sand and water getting in your phone this summer and buy a water proof iPhone case! iDry sells one of the best waterproof iPhone cases. So if you’re the type to drop your phone in water, invest in this practical iPhone case! $14.90


TOWEL: It may be a little

pricey, but it is one summer essential that you will treasure for years to come. Missoni Towels are the most on trend towel to keep in your bag this summer. www. from $160.00


SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker’s stylish

eye wear can often be seen on fashion icons and street style bloggers. Pick up a pair of Karen Walker sunglasses and never look back! from




Those long and hot days at the beach often make your skin feel stale and sweaty. Miranda Kerr’s skin care line Kora Organics has created the Balancing Rose Mist Spray which will freshen your skin as well as providing amazing organic health benefits. $39.95




need something quick and easy to throw on over your wet bikini and the queen of prints, Camilla, has the perfect solution. The Land of Wonder Playsuit by Camilla is a statement piece that will certainly gain you some attention! $399.00

HEAD PHONES: You’ll need some entertainment

while you’re getting the perfect tan at the beach or by the pool. Beats by Dre has been hailed as some of the best head phones out there and these on trend ear phones, designed by Lady Gaga herself, will go with any outfit.




perfect summer skin A proper skincare regime is essential for achieving that glowing summer skin we all crave. But it takes a bit more than just washing your face with soap and water! Follow our skin care tips for achieving flawless summer skin STOCK UP ON SUNSCREEN Pick a sunscreen that has resistance towards both UVA and UVB rays. It’s especially important to top up on sunscreen every two-three hours that you are in the sun. Your skin will thank you in the long run!

EXFOLIATE Scrub off dead skin cells at least twice a week. Exfoliation creates the base for your face and body while ensuring flake-free skin. However, you can’t use the same method to exfoliate your face, on your body and vice versa. On your body, use an exfoliating glove or a body brush with an exfoliating body scrub. You should be more careful with your face, as it is a much more sensitive area. Pick a scrub that contains hydrating ingredients like shea butter and oils. This will balance out the scrubbing elements and ensure that you are not over-scrubbing.

A LIGHT BASE During the hotter months, let your skin breathe by using lighter makeup. A tinted SPF moisturiser is ideal. Or if you prefer powder, try a mineral powder. Bronzer is also a great way to add that summer glow without going overboard with your beauty products. Add a high-shine lip-gloss and you’re ready for day and night! 6


CLEVER CLEANSING With the long days and nights that summer brings, it is even more important to cleanse thoroughly every night. And whatever you do, do not fall asleep with your makeup on! Use a cream cleanser every night, followed by toner and moisturiser.

SAFE SHAVING Everyone wants de-fuzzed limbs for a day at the beach, however, try to shave or wax at least 24 hours before you head into the sun. These hair removal methods can leave skin irritated, making it more prone to burning and stinging in the sun... And red rash won’t match your bikini!

MOISTURISE Summer calls for light moisturising creams that will provide all the essential nutrients for your skin, whereas winter body butter and thick creams will coat a layer on your skin. You should aim to moisturise at least twice a day.

DON’T FORGET YOUR FEET It’s easy to forget your feet during the colder seasons, however, if not taken care of they can ruin any sexy swimsuit look. Now that it’s sandal season, it’s time you paid your feet some attention. It can be as simple as a foot scrub and file in the shower. This will scrub off any dead, dry skin in preparation of the at-home pedicure you should give yourself!

HAND AND NAIL CREAM In summer, on the beach, everything is exposed. So don’t ignore your hands! If a monthly manicure is out of your budget, introduce a nightly routine of coating your hands in a rich cream. This will provide a smooth canvas for your brightly painted nails.

SCENT SAFE Certain perfumes are photosensitive, causing the skin on which they’re worn to develop dark spots in the sun. To avoid this, skip fragrance when you’ll be outside for extensive periods of time. Deodorant however does not develop dark spots in the sun, still use this! LIFE’S A BEACH


summers HOTTEST TRENDS We bring you this season’s hottest trends to make sure you’ll rock the beach in style this summer! Nookie Beach, $210

Topshop, $54

RELEASE THE A Susan Rep, $178

This season animal print is ba prints to full on leopard, we you’ll be rocking a

Roxy, $129.99 Sportsgirl, $69.95



ASOS, $116.40

Topshop, $69.35

Camilla, $250

Camilla, $249

Cozi by Jennifer Hawkins (Myer), $119.90


ack with a bang, from python bet before the Summer ’s out animal print again!


ASOS, $54

If you are nervous about full on leopard introduce hits of leopard through a belt or a bag! Forever New, $19.99

ASOS, $28

General Pants, $110 LIFE’S A BEACH



And this s e a s on i t ’s a l l a bo u t s u n n y c i t ru s s h a d e s . Z i n g y y e l l o w s a n d tantalising t a n g e r i ne s a r e a ‘ mu s t h a v e ’ fo r a n o n t re n d s u m m e r w a rd robe!

Sportsgirl, $39.95

Baku, $119.90

Kookai, $140

Sportsgirl, $59.95



State of Georgia, $159

Sportsgirl, $49.95 Suboo, $189

Colette, $24.95

Mikat, $179

STYLIST TIP For the extra brave, try clashing your citrus tones, yellow works great clashed against tangerine! Forever New, $39.99

Dotti, $29.95

Roxy, $69.95 Quicksilver, $79.99

Mikat, $149 Cotton On, $39.95



P R I N T S A R E B I G N E WS AG A I N THIS SEASON! F rom floral s a nd a z t e c p r i nt s , t o d i g i t a l p ri n t s a n d o rn a t e s w i rl s , ro c k i n ’ prints t h i s s u mme r i s a s ur e fi re w a y t o i g n i t e s o m e s t y l e e n v y !

Forever New, $119.99 Sportsgirl, $89.95

TimiAlaere, $115.99

Wanted, $59.95 Dotti, $19.95

Roxy, $89.99



Sportsgirl, $79.95 Sportsgirl, $49.95 Zimmermann, $40

Camilla, $569

Zimmermann, $230

Zimmermann, $225

Suboo, $299

Dotti, $79.95

STYLIST TIP Clash your prints for that extra style factor!

We are Handsome, $393 ASOS, $41.60



E M B R AC E F U T U R I S T I C S HA P E S , C U T S A N D M E TA L L I C S HA D E S From cutaw a y s t yl e s wi ms u i t s a n d d re s s e s t o m e t a l l i c b a g s a n d i n n o v at i ve ne w s ha p e s , t h e fu t u re l o o k s b ri g h t !

Dotti, $19.95

Baku, $129.95

Dotti, $49.95

Net a Porter, $277.60



State of Georgia, $229.95

Sportsgirl, $39.95

Quicksilver, $119.99

State of Georgia, $219

Suboo, $289

Baku, $164.90 The Iconic, $170


Diva, $10

This trend has a big impact, so don’t overdo it. One futuristic inspired piece will do the trick.

Jets, $194.25

Il Tutto, $99

The Iconic, $139



- French

a r e i v i R

A H OY S A I L O R ! This cl a s s i c n a u t i c a l t r e nd i s a l w a y s i n fo r S u m m e r. It ’s p o l i s h e d , s op h i s t i c a t e d a n d c h i c .

Forever New, $69.99

Baku, $129.95

Seafolly, $29.96



Seafolly, $119.96

Seafolly, $22.46

Topshop, $100

Wanted, $59.95

Colette, $39.95

State of Georgia, $209.95

Forever New, $59.99

STYLIST TIP Think reds, whites, navy’s and stripes and you’ll nail this trend!

Collette By Collette Dinnigan, $139

Nancy Ganz, $189.95

Sportsgirl, $39.95

Nancy Ganz, $169.99



Retro rebeL BE INSPIRED BY THE GL AMOUR OF D E C A D E S PA S T This summ e r we a r e t a ki n g n o t e o f t h e c h i c fa s h i o n o f t h e 1 9 5 0 ’s a n d t he f u n k y sh a p e s o f t h e 1 9 7 0 ’s .

Mikat, $179 Baku, $169.90 State of Georgia, Top, $79, Pants, $129

Forever New, $69.99



Sportsgirl, $59.99 Roxy, $159.99

Wanted, $109.95

STYLIST TIP Channel your inner pin up and rock a high waisted bikini

Sportsgirl, $79.95 Topshop, $43

Mary & Marie, $99.95

State of Georgia, $179

All About Eve, $59.95 The Iconic, $119.99

Forever New, $39.99 LIFE’S A BEACH


Iconic Beach Babes

We take a look at our top five beach babes this season. From the per fect bikini to the perfect body, these ladies have got it going on!


CANDICE SWANEPOEL is our top pick as the ultimate beach babe with her golden locks and impeccable bikini style. She’s our inspiration for the perfect beach babe!


Bad girl RHIANNA makes the cut with her healthy curves, she looks stunning in this simple white bikini. Not one to cover up, she makes no exception with this white cut out bikini.




Spotting ELLE MC PHERSON at the beach would be like watching a Bond girl come out of the water in slow motion.

BEYONCE is one hot Moma, wearing this bright yellow bikini that compliments her dark skin - we think she looks smokin’ hot.



SELENA GOMEZ may not be with Justin Beiber anymore, but that certainly is not stopping her from looking like a babe at the beach. LIFE’S A BEACH





Salt water, chlorine and UV rays can play havoc with your hair. Follow these essential hair care tips to keep your locks luscious all summer long – COVER UP – Protect your hair from extreme sun exposure – Cover up with a scarf or a hat or seek shelter under an umbrella.

– TRIM THOSE TRESSES – Damaged hair tends to show signs of distress, including split ends and breakage. It’s important to keep up with your regular trims over the summer months. Ideally, you should be getting your hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks to keep your hair healthy. 22


– HEAT STYLING – Your hair is already stressed enough in the Summer months and heat styling is only going to make that frazzled feeling worse. Let your locks succumb to their natural waves during the warmer months. If you absolutely must style your hair using heat, apply an anti-heat spray first to help protect your hair.

– OILY STRANDS – Summer calls for long days and nights, exposing your hair to sweat, dirt and oil which can cause it to look greasy. To avoid oil-slicked strands always carry a dry shampoo with you. This will help to clean the hair while also adding some volume!

– SUN FRIED STRANDS – Lack of moisture and sun exposure can leave your hair dry. Infuse them with healthy hydration and shine through weekly treatments. To also keep hydration levels up, drink plenty of water to ensure that you are hydrated from the inside out. LIFE’S A BEACH


the right bikini for your body Buying the right bikini can be a tricky task; ‘THE ITSY BITSY TEENY WEENY YELLOW POLKA DOT BIKINI’ i d e a d o e s n ’ t s u i t u s a l l ! Wi t h t h a t i n m i n d , w e b r i n g y o u o u r t o p t i p s on buying swimwear to suit your body shape.

BIG CHESTED Blessed with big boobs? Don’t hide them…Flaunt them! The best type of swimwear for big busted ladies are those with built in support like a proper bra. Halter neck styles also work well to support and enhance your puppies! Topshop, $31

Seafolly, $159.90

Jets, $149

FLAT CHESTED A bit lacking in the bust department? Don’t worry; just opt for styles with extra ruffles or detailing in the bikini top to create the illusion of a bigger bust. Always look out for bikini tops with extra padding to help enhance your shape up top. 24


ASOS, $39

Topshop, $69

David Jones, $169.95

TUMMY TROUBLE If you are conscious of your tummy (as lots of us are) opt for a swimsuit with rouching detail around the tummy area. This will serve to hide those wobbly bits you don’t want to show off. Go for plain solid colours; this will create a slimmer silhouette. Nancy Ganz, $119.95

ASOS, $49

Zimmermann, $250

PEAR SHAPED Pear shapes should look for swimwear with diagonal stripes – this will make the body appear longer. Avoid horizontal stripes (especially on your bottom half), this only makes you look wider. Wear darker colours on your bottom half and lighter colours nearer your face - drawing attention upwards on your body!

ASOS, $50

Zimmermann, $220

The Iconic, $69.95


Collette by Rip Curl, $47.99 Collette Dinnigan, $169

Zimmermann, $240

If you have a straight up and down boyish figure, look for swimwear options to add volume to your shape; such as ruffles, embellishments or pleated bikini bottoms. Horizontal stripes also make the body appear wider and are a great way to create the illusion of a curvier silhouette.

HOURGLASS If you’re lucky enough to be an hour glass shape, the world is your oyster when it comes to swimwear! Have fun with the latest trends and try out string tied bikini’s to show the best of your enviable curves!

Bardot, $30

Roxy, $39.99

Topshop, $49 LIFE’S A BEACH


1 2

BEST BEAUTY BUYS AFTER SUN CARE- Firstly, you should never get burnt. But, if you do somehow end up red, it’s very important to look after your skin to minimise the effects of the sun’s harmful rays. Aloe Vera is a great way to do this. Simply apply the cooling gel to burnt skin as often as you feel it’s needed. Try Thursday Plantation Aloe Vera Gel, $8.99.

BRONZER – A shimmery bronzer instantly adds a sexy, healthy sheen to skin. A powder bronzer is best for humid, summer weather as it won’t leave your skin looking oily. You can’t go past Jane Iredale’s bronzers, $90 and the price tag is definitely worth it! The quad bronzers offer four beautiful shades in each set to help you customise a colour that will best suit your complexion. www.

LIP GLOSS – Lip gloss enhances the colour of your lips as well as the overall effect of your makeup. In summer for a natural, sun kissed look, team your lip gloss with bronzer applied to your cheek bones and you’re good to go! An awesome, six lip-gloss, gift pack is Benefit’s 6-pack Ultra Plush Lip Gloss High Flyin’ Set, $26.

4 26



WATERPROOF MASCARA - Waterproof mascara is the best way to survive at the beach if you’re not comfortable with baring it all. It’s a great handbag accessory that can be used at the beach and then later on at the bar. AVON supershock max mascara, $22.95 is a summer steal. www.


TINTED MOISTURISER –Tinted moisturisers can be quickly applied and give enough coverage to even out minor imperfections. Try Becca mineral tint sunscreen 30+, $35. Not only does this product offer 30+ protection, but comes in three different shades so that you can find your perfect match.

NAIL POLISH –A bright mani and pedi combo screams Summer! Think bright neon’s and nail art for some seriously sexy, statement nails this summer. Orly has some great shades this summer at just $7.95 for the mani minis. In a hurry? A great way to dry nails fast is with the Orly Fastdry Drops.



WAXING KITS – The summer season requires silky, smooth pins. Veet Electrical Roll-On Kit achieves flawless legs each time. And the best thing is that waxing is only required once every few weeks! Pick one up for $39.99.

FAKE TAN – A fake tan is a safe tan! But remember you still have to slip, slop, slap. Le Tan has a great range. The instant tan develops flawlessly for a great price of $14.95. The tanning spray is available in two shades – bronze and deep bronze, to help you achieve a natural looking tan.

9 WATER – Alongside sunscreen this is one of the most important must have’s for summer! If you try one thing from this list, make it coconut water. H2COCO Pure coconut water is just $2.95 and seriously refreshing. This great tasting liquid has some fantastic qualities, it’s no wonder it has been such a big hit. www.


HAIR OIL – Hair oil will help restore hydration, which is exactly what your salty hair will need after a day at the beach. If you haven’t already, make sure you test the Moroccan Oil range. These products strengthen and recondition the hair while adding a glossy shine, with a frizz and static-free finish. Try Moroccan oil treatment, approx $45.





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