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MAY 26-JUNE 8, 2014

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contributors Daphne Garcia

One of the many perks of this job is getting in to a lot of concerts for free. And sometimes you get to meet the musicians and swap stories or buy them a drink. It’s usually pretty fun. But it’s the local guys that make you really feel appreciated. The local heavy metal guys, the Texas Country guys, even the rap guys. They seem so appreciative of any sort of free press they can get and are usually really good interviews because you can basically just sit around and talk like old buddies. And sometimes I haven’t had the chance to hear their band or music when I do the interview but it doesn’t really seem to matter because I’m coming at them just like you, the reader, are. I enjoy getting to know the human element behind the music and the songs. So in closing I would just like to say that hanging out with musicians is always interesting. Especially if they invite you to the after party. -Paul Gonzales Editor

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film review goodness. You can’t really explain too much of the plot without giving it all away, but it must be said that everything you’ve seen so far in the film’s trailers are purposefully misleading. It does take a while for Godzilla to show up in all his glory, but the build-up is well worth it when you finally see the main attraction. And it’s awe-inspiring. Never once have by Paul Gonzales we seen Godzilla like minds. this. The way he would But as soon as the 2014 look in real life, as if he “Godzilla” begins, we was towering over you. know we’re in for some- The reveal sent the soldout theater crowd into thing quite different. uproarious applause. During the title This is Godzilla. And sequence we catch glimpses of Godzilla’s origin and this is who you came to his history without spend- see. ing an hour of the film The entire movie actupainstakingly explaining ally plays out like the his creation. original ’50s films. You Then we’re introduced can almost watch them to the human elements of side-by-side and feel the the story: the father played nostalgia wash over you by Bryan Cranston, the as you realize this is your mother played by Juliette Godzilla, brought to life Binoche and the son who in the way you’ve always grows up to be played by imagined him. The sound needs to be Aaron Taylor-Johnson. mentioned as it’s stunNo names are particuning. To hear Godzilla’s larly necessary to the film roar, reworked and made as they basically act as a even better in surround narrative thread to get sound, is amazing, but you to all the Godzilla I suppose it depends on

The King of Monsters


makes his triumphant return to cinema screens

his is the Godzilla movie fans have been waiting for. In 1998, we were treated to an Americanized, overwrought “Jurassic Park” rip-off featuring Ferris Bueller as a worm scientist along with the American army, seemingly comprised of nitwits, battling Godzilla as he terrorized New York. Sure, there was tons of destruction (mostly caused by the Army) which was to be expected because that’s director Roland Emmerich’s forte, but the design of the titular monster and the film’s obvious ignorance of everything that made Godzilla a beloved classic cinema creature left that version to be quickly erased in fans’ collective

of their sound system. solid film all-in-all but is Nonetheless, it should without a doubt a perfect give you an earGodzilla film. gasm. And it’s T h e score is also m o s t impressive. It’s almost a campy ’50s sci-fi score for a cheesy alien movie, but with subtle touches and nuances that actually add so much more charisma and scope to the film and the hero that it may cause you to stand up and cheer during numerous parts of the film. Now, there are some cinema-goers who prefer not to sit through 3D movies because of eye fatigue (and this movie will more than likely cause that), but when will you ever see Godzilla as he would appear right before your eyes? That alone is worth the small 3D price bump. Godzilla is a pretty

always just nice to hang out with an old friend who’s been gone way too long. Even if he does destroy entire cities, breathes fire and may just end up stepping on you by accident.

Going on tour? Let your fans know where you’re going to be.

the theater in which you watch it and the condition

Tue. Mar 18 - Vancouver, BC with the Boondocks

Wed. Mar 19 - Seattle, WA with Wildlife & Peter Rabbit

Thu. Mar 20 - Portland, OR with Dire Needs

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MAY 26-JUNE 8, 2014


SIZE MATTERS Godzilla turned 60 this year and he’s been through a lot of changes during his lifetime. Here’s a look at how the lizard king has evolved over the years since his debut in1954. 100 m

90 m 2014

80 m

70 m 1984 - 1995

60 m

50 m 1999 - 2004

40 m 1954 - 1975


30 m

20 m

10 m human

Sharp Dressed Man Haruo Nakajima is a name many aren’t familiar with even though the accomplished actor has starred in some of the most influential films ever made such as “Seven Samurai”, “Hidden Fortress”, “Yojimbo” and, yes, “Godzilla.” Nakajima was the first actor to put on the giant, 200 lbs. suit and went on to portray the giant reptile in 12 films, more than any other actor. He retired the suit in 1972 with “Godzilla vs. Gigan.” He also played many of Godzillas foes, including Rodan which nearly got the actor the killed when a faulty wire system intended to make the monster fly snapped and sent MAN OR MONSTER Haruo stomps around him hurtling towards Earth. Luckily a large pool was down Nakajima in the bottom half of the below which saved his life. Godzilla suit. The 85-year-old actor also still attends many conventions and festivals around the globe and was recently in San Francisco when the 2014 Godzilla hit theaters and claimed he was excited to see it.

Monster Facts - Godzilla’s Japanese name Gojira means “gorilla-whale.” - Godzilla’s classic roar was produced by rubbing a leather glove over a bass violin string. - “Batman vs Godzilla”, starring Adam West, was discussed, but never produced - Godzilla did end up facing The Avengers, just in comic book form in 1977. - For the monster’s 50th birthday he received a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. - At the time of its release, “Gojira” was the most expensive Japanese movie ever made.

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Part man, part wolf, all

p o C f Wol s Gonzale by Paul


et’s just get this out of the way first; “WolfCop” is a real movie. It’s about an alcoholic cop named Lou who becomes cursed and turns in to a werewolf when the moon is full, but he doesn’t neglect his vow to protect and serve. He’s just a werewolf in a cop uniform. Nothing weird about that. The film’s story began in 2013 when Canadian director Lowell Dean participated in the CineCoup Film Accelerator program which asks filmmakers to

send in a two-minute trailer for a film they would like to get produced. Then you basically lobby online for votes with 10 projects optioned for development and one film receiving $1 million to produce their film and guaranteed release in Cineplex theaters. “WolfCop” won. It was the first film to be produced by the CineCoup platform and will get a limited theatrical run starting June 6, 2014. The film mixes grindhouse style comedy and gore and relies heavily

practical FX akin to fan huge hit with internationfavorite ’80s horror films. al buyers that CineCoup It had its Cannes Film announced “WolfCop 2” would be happening. Festival premiere just Brad Pelman, CineCoup last week and was such a president, said, “We are ecstatic by the reception of international buyers to CineCoup’s first feature film. “Based on the unanimous positive reaction to the film, we will be putting WolfCop 2 into production this fall.” So what sort of adventures will the WolfCop encounter next? Pelman added, “We can’t divulge much about the storyline at this point, only that it will be dirtier and harrier than the first one.” You can learn more about “WolfCop” and TAKING A LYCAN TO THE DIRECTOR Writer and director Lowell Dean is scheduled to check out the trailbegin production on “WolfCop II” this fall. It will be the filmmakers third film er at following the zombie film “13 Eerie” which was released in 2013 and “WolfCop.” WolfcopTheMovie.



If you were one of the savvy film fans that had a chance to donate to the “WolfCop” Indiegogo fund-raising campaign, you probably got some pretty awesome stuff. The perks of donating featured for $60 the original motion picture soundtrack on vinyl. And for just $75 you could’ve got yourself a posable action figure of the hero beast with interchangeable beer/whiskey bottles. And that’s not all. The campaign was extended a bit to also get funding for three volumes of a WolfCop 28 page graphic novel. And while the goal wasn’t met for all three to be produced, be on the look out for them anyway because they look amazing and where there’s a will there’s a way. The same thing with the action figure. Even though an exclusive version was offered, expect to see other versions to hit the toy shelves soon because you doesn’t want one?

MORE THAN MEETS THE FUR The exclusive campaign figure (right) and an excerpt from the “WolfCop” graphic novel vol. 1 (below).

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MAY 26-JUNE 8, 2014


he metal band Switchblade Jesus has only been around for a few years but ever since their inception, the band’s name has been popping up on show flyers and event posters all over Texas. I know this because as I went to many local concerts their name always stood out from the rest. Now, years later and after a successful album release, the band is hitting it harder than ever; writing new material, touring, jamming and doing it all the only way they know how. I had a chance to catch up with lead singer Eric Calvert and see what’s next for Switchblade Jesus. Tell us a little about the origins of Switchblade Jesus and how long you guys have been around. We started up in 2010 as a

heavy instrumental band. It was nothing really serious at first, just a bunch of guys getting together to drink and see how long it would take to piss off the neighbors.

to stay in that spot. The nice thing is that it made all of us push ourselves to do things we normally don’t so now. Everyone sings and has also helped/added to our writing. What is the inspiration behind the band? Putting out music that we love to play and having a blast playing it. We’re an odd but familiar mix of everything

After a bit we decided to look for a singer. Our first was Jacob Rodriguez, who is now a comedian who tours all over Texas. Then after that was Peter Quarnstrom, which was early 2012 if I remember right. He had to split and now I’m taking over vocal duties, which was odd at first, but we’ve been getting great response about that so I’m probably going

from heavy to blues and everything in between. A lot of people put us in the same category as DOWN, Fu Manchu, Clutch and the likes. A lot of what we play is the music we grew up to. You’ll hear hints of Pantera but also, at times, Jimi Hendrix. Inspiration is the love of all the music we’ve ever heard. The new album we’re writing right now has touches of the Melvins and Neurosis but still stays true to the heavy groove riffs that our first album does. What’s the main goal of the band? To always love and be true to what we’re playing no matter what the radio deems as poplar. We push ourselves every month, every day and every show, to put out what we feel is killer music. When not recording or preparing for a record, we play about every day if not at least once a week all over. We want to have fun and our fans have the same blast as we do when

SELL OUTS The self-titled album by Switchblade Jesus was released in limited edition green, black and marbled vinyl which quickly sold out. the music is playing. At first the main goal was put out an album and play shows, and we have to say that has gone amazingly well. Our album went live on June 28th and the next day we signed to Bilocation Records. Since then we have had at least one invite a week to play Europe, Brazil, Poland and the surrounding countries which is amazing. The limited edition version of our vinyl album sold out in two weeks and the rest of them are almost gone which is amazing. And

also the CD copies have sold out as well. So I guess the main goal is to love what your doing and damn do we. Where did the name Switchblade Jesus come from? In a bar fight where all good stories start. A fight broke out and in the mix of it someone yelled ‘Wait! Jesus has a knife!’ which was a buddy the guys called Jesus. After that the rest was history. What are some of the highlights of the band so far? There’s so many actually. The first big show was in Austin with Orange Goblin and Kylesa during Chaos in Tejas. That was rad as hell. The most fun show was with GWAR, Ghoul and Kylesa which was beyond insane. Black Tusk, Inter Arma and Cro Mags killed. We’d have to say the biggest crowd was at Reverend Horton Heat at the House of Rock in Corpus Christi. That place was literally packed from door to door. They looked like sardines.

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interview When the crowd started moving to the music it was hypnotizing watching everyone sway back and forth. And SXSW is always fun. No matter the venue it’s always a blast. Do you have any funny or interesting tales from the road?

What’s next for Switchblade Jesus? Everything. Tours, fun, recording, destroying; just about everything that is fun in life. There’s talk about hitting up Europe and a few festivals there as well. We’ve been invited to some festivals up north in Boston and Maryland area, but we’re not going to confirm anything till we know all the details.

One of my favorites is when we played a BBQ Biker Rally or something. We get there and it’s just a trailer with plywood for a stage. Holy s*** was that the most unstable thing we’ve ever been on. One of our road/drunk crew had to stand behind Jon (drummer) and hold up his throne so he didn’t fall off the back. My foot fell through a hole on the left side. The best part was the OVER-weight announcer

METAL MEN From left, Eric Calvert (guitar/vocals), Jonathan Elizondo (drums), Billy Guerra (guitar) and Jason Beers (bass) make up Switchblade Jesus from Corpus Christi, Texas. that left his mic on while we played and you could hear his heavy breathing

Texas run we’re actually more excited. We’ve pushed ourselves a lot more on this one and proved that we’re an ever evolving band.

the whole time. People thought we had samples playing, but nope, it was this caterpillar mustache gent that kept calling us what we thought was ‘Swiss Cheese Cheeseits.’

We don’t want this album to sound exactly like the last but still have that same groove we love.

How is the newest album doing? Very very well. Bilocation put out three different versions of the vinyl; black, marbled and transparent green. The CD is sold out and we’re talking with another label to re-release it. The response is amazing and all the fans we’ve gained all over the world is overwhelming. Terrorizer magazine gave it a 7.5 and has us all over May ’14 issue with Oblivion on the CD. The video for Oblivion went out a few weeks ago and was picked up by BlankTv who has been promoting it as well. We’re very happy with this record and seems a lot of fans are as well.

What can we expect from the new album you guys are currently writing? It’s going to be heavier at times and now that I’m singing, it will have a different feel. We’re not worried that my singing is going to put anyone off but do expect more of a Clutch/ Down feel to it along with Pete’s melodic Monster Magnet type vocals. At first we were concerned but after all the shows and the recent

Once the writing on this album is done we start up with shows again and also the Metro Heavy Festival in June, which we’re excited for. We have the album to finish and also two splits that are going to vinyl as well. Fun times ahead for sure. You can get more info on Switchblade Jesus at, follow them at Facebook. com/SwitchbladeJesus and get their latest album at Switchbladejesus.

Born from the land of oil and tar, we are a loud alcohol fueled heaviness laced with fuzz and slight hallucinations of tube amps here to pierce your mind. We thank everyone that has been on this killer ride; to our fans we love the hell out of you; to you reading this that have never heard us before, let’s party! Go check us out when we stroll through your town; you won’t regret it.

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MAY 26-JUNE 8, 2014

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Video Games

Comic books are an amazing art form with their vibrant colors and fantastical storylines. Often, fans of comic books are equally enthusiastic about video games. Both offer an escape from reality, but video games offer players the ability to be their favorite superhero. There have been some missteps when combining the two hobbies (I am looking at you, Superman [N64], which is a very broken and disappointing game.) There have also been beautifully crafted games that deliver extraordinary experiences. With that in mind, I present my top five video games based on comic books. 5.) Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions This game allows players to play not one, but four different incarnations of the famous webslinger. Each Spider-Man offers unique and individualized gameplay. Amazing Spider-Man has classic web-attacks and melee. Noir Spidey is more stealth oriented and the black and white visuals made his levels interesting and different. Ultimate Spiderman

wears the Venom suit making it easy for him to go into fits of rage for truly destructive fighting power. And the final webslinger is Spider-Man 2099, who has heightened “spider senses” which allows for Matrix style gameplay. While each level is pretty straightforward – start at A, travel to B, then defeat boss – each level has 15 unique challenges that will reward the players with upgrades in abilities and spider suits. Shattered Dimension is a game to check out. After all, four wall crawlers are better than one. 4.) Lego Marvel Super Heroes Take equal parts Lego and equal parts Marvel comic books and mash them together for an enjoyable and delightful game. With Lego Marvel Super Heroes, players have the ability to don the supersuits of some of the wildly popular comic book heroes like Iron Man and Wolverine to the more obscure characters like Squirrel Girl and Howard the Duck. Whoever your favorite character is, you will likely find them among the 150 playable characters

that span 75+ years of Marvel Comics. But not only are the characters familiar, but players get the opportunity to visit iconic locations like Stark Towers or Mr. Fantastic’s laboratory. However, no Marvel franchise would be complete without the random cameo of Stan Lee, famed creator of Spider-Man, Fantastic 4 and many, many others. Stan Lee is hidden in each level for Marvel fans to find. 3.) Deadpool Deadpool is Marvel’s highly popular insane Merc with a Mouth. His self-referential humor, constant fourth wall breaks and down right lack of tact has made him a difficult character to crossover from comic books. The X-Men franchise tried with X-Men Origins: Wolverine and failed. Miserably. How could they…but he….just NO. Luckily for fans of Deadpool his titular game comes very close to character. The game starts with the vulgar merc calling High Moon Studio (the creators of the game) to discuss the details of the “totally awesome game starring Deadpool” that the player is cur-

rently playing. Confused? Basically it is a game about making a Deadpool game. Deadpool constantly offers verbal interaction with the players based on their skill and progress. While the game is not for the easily offended it does offer fans a hilarious and fun game. Deadpool fans can rejoice! 2.) The Walking Dead: Season One This gem of a game turned the video game industry on its head with an amazing adventure game that has the player’s choices creating unique and varied stories. The experience takes place over five episodic chapters, where the main goal is survival and to protect a little girl named Clementine. The entire game plays as a “choose your own adventure” book that most of us loved reading as elementary school children. However, in Walking Dead the player is given a time limit to make choices and there is no going back. Some choices seem trivial at the time but later have a greater impact then you could possibly know.

The graphics seemed to be pulled straight from the comic books. Fans of the comic and television series can enjoy cameos from a few of the main characters. Currently Walking Dead: Season Two has three episodes out for fans to play on Xbox Live. 1.) Batman: Arkham Asylum & Batman: Arkham City OK, so I cheated a little bit here and put two games in the top spot, but both are from a single franchise and deserve top billing. Arkham Asylum was made by people who love Batman lore and it shows with outstanding voice work, fluid controls, and a storyline that fits perfectly with the comic books.

With the bar set so high with the first game in the series, it was hard to imagine how the sequel would work. But they took everything that was great about that first game and made it even better. Not to mention the jaw-dropping and mind-blowing ending to Arkham City. Fans of the series are ecstatic for the third installment, which will be released Oct. 14. I have one word. Batmobile. When it comes to video games and comic books they are a pairing made in nerd heaven. Sure there have been missteps, but no relationship is perfect and if the games from this article are any indication, then fans can rejoice and continue living out their superhero fantasies. From ink to pixels the future is bright. Now go forth and game on.

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MAY 26-JUNE 8, 2014

local flavor (361) 449-2030 Pizzarriffic 407 Nueces St. (361) 449-1900 Sonic Drive-In 805 Nueces St. (361) 449-2614




Beeville Diner 2503 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 362-9724 Burger Depot 515 E. Houston St. (361) 362-2400 Chili’s Grill & Bar 400 E. FM 351 (361) 354-5600 Church’s Chicken 611 N. Washington St. (361) 358-9256 Domino’s Pizza 414 N. Washington St. (361) 358-6871 El Charro Restaurant 601 E. Houston St. (361) 542-4572 El Jardin Restaurant 806 W. Corpus Christi St. (361) 358-2922 Gasthaus Berliner Bear 2510 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 354-5444 Golden Chick 2305 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-5525 Gumbo Seafood Restaurant 2017 N Saint Mary’s St. (361) 354-5201. Hong Kong Palace 301 S. FM 351 (361) 358-2861 Jalisco Mexico Taqueria

1401 W. Corpus Christi St. (361) 362-0841 KFC 200 E. Houston St. (361) 358-7222 Little Caesars Pizza 420 E. FM 351 (361) 358-9555 The Lodge at Shorty’s Place 702 S. Washington St. (361) 358-7302 McDonald’s (Walmart) 502 E. FM 351 (361) 358-9255 2301 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 354-5215 New China Super Buffet 2003 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-8889 Pantry Stores 3803 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-4965 911 S. Washington St. (361) 358-8477 1720 E. Houston St. (361) 358-8602 Pizza Hut 1103 N. Washington St. (361) 358-2970 Sammy’s Burgers & Brew 2144 Ellis Road (361) 358-1067 Scores Sports Bar & Grill 1502 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-5055 Stars Restaurant 2403 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-0020 Stone Creek Grill 4402 N. St. Mary’s St.

(361) 354-5189 Subway 710 E. Houston St. (361) 358-6200 1700 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-6000 Taqueria Chapala 1805 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 354-5945 Taqueria Guadalajara 622 W. Corpus Christi St. (361) 358-1971 Taqueria Jalisco 2020 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 354-5803 Taqueria Vallarta 1611 S. Washington St. (361) 358-5948 Washington Street Seafood 1602 S. Washington St. (361) 358-8454 Whataburger 1710 N. Washington St. (361) 358-1971


Agave Jalisco Restaurant 403 Nueces St. (361) 449-8899 Burger King 4059 W. Hwy 59 (361) 449-3014 Church’s Chicken Highway 281 at Burleson (361) 449-1864 Dairy Queen 1350 U.S. 281 (361) 449-1822 Nueces Street Grill 206 Nueces St.

Blue Quail Deli 224 S. Commercial St. (361) 645-1600 Dairy Queen 243 E. Pearl St. (361) 645-3274 Empresario Restaurant 141 S. Courthouse Sq. (361) 645-2347 Hanging Tree Restaurant 144 N. Courthouse Sq. (361) 645-8955 La Bahia Restaurant 1877 US 183 (361) 645-3900 Subway 420 E. Pearl St. (361) 645-3709 Whataburger 348 E. Pearl (361) 645-8800


Becky’s Cafe 201 W Calvert Ave. (830) 780-4339 Big Daddy’s Tarbender’s 426 CR 298 (830) 780-3202 Dairy Queen Texas 80 (830) 780-2712 El Mariachi Jalisco Restaurant 118 Texas 123 (830) 780-3350 The Market Sat. & Sun. only 208 E. Calvert Ave. (830) 780-3841 Partner’s BBQ 204 S. Hwy. 123 (830) 780-5121 Polak’s Sawsage Farm Restaurant 2835 U.S. 181 (830) 583-2113 Taqueria Vallarta

202 Texas 123 (830) 780-2465


The Backyard Grill 496 N. Sunset Strip St. (830) 583-0438 Barth’s Restaurant 445 N. Sunset Strip St. (830) 583-2468 Church’s Chicken 110 N Sunset Strip St. (830) 583-9030 Jerry B’s 4531 U.S. 181 (830) 583-2500 Lucita’s Mexican Restaurant 500 W. Main St. (830) 583-9455 Pizza Hut 106 N Sunset Strip St. (830) 583-9864 R J’s Hamburgers 420 W Main St. (830) 583-2344 Rodriquez’s Tacos 205 Texas 72 (830) 583-9800


Agave Jalisco Mexican Restaurant 400 S Harborth Ave. (361) 786-2020 Bar @ 3 Rivers Bar & Grill 201 N. Harborth Ave. (361) 786-2020 Beckett’s Dugout 800 N Harborth Ave. (361) 786-3600 Brush Country BBQ U.S. 281 (361) 786-4335 El Tapatio 405 N. Harborth Ave. (361) 786-3949 Pepe Boudreaux’s 3145 Texas 72 (361) 786-4938 Ranch House 100 S Harborth Ave. (361) 786-2196 Sowell’s BBQ 114 W Thornton St. (361) 786-3333 Staghorn Restaurant 1019 N Harborth Ave.

(361) 786-3545 Subway S Harborth Ave. (361) 786-3308 Church’s Chicken 110 N. Sunset Strip St. (830) 583-9030 Jerry B’s 4531 U.S. 181 (830) 583-2500 Lucita’s Mexican Restaurant 500 W. Main St. (830) 583-9455 Pizza Hut 106 N. Sunset Strip St. (830) 583-9864 R J’s Hamburgers 420 W. Main St. (830) 583-2344 Rodriquez’s Tacos 205 Texas 72 (830) 583-9800


19th Hole Patio Cantina 3601 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-2837 B.O.B.W.E. 1308 S. St. Mary’s St. (361) 542-4551 Chili’s Grill & Bar 400 E. FM 351 (361) 354-5600 The Grand Dancehall 2461 U.S. Hwy 59 (361) 358-1185 Papi’s Place 1517 W. Corpus Christi St. (361) 358-7160 The Riverbend Sports Bar 1603 N. St Marys St. (361) 362-0471 Roadside Tavern 2503 S. Washington St. (361) 362-1720 Scores Sports Bar & Grill 1502 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-5055 Stone Creek Grill 4402 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 354-5189

P. 11

Fri. May 30

Fri. June 13

• Avenue Rockers at Zeros Hard Rock Club: The Code 88’s, Mothracide, Bomb Hoarders and more will be jamming all night starting at 7 p.m. It’s all ages show. 6327 McArdle Rd. in Corpus Christi.

• Adam Carroll at Schroeder Hall: Adam Carroll and Owen Temple will be playing the Schroeder Saloon starting at 7 p.m. And it’s FREE. Just bring you lawn chairs and enjoy. 12516 FM 622 in Goliad.

• Deftones at Concrete Street Amphitheater: The Deftones return to Corpus Christi with Lesser Key opening up the show. Tickets are $27.50 which is a small price to pay for hard rockers. 700 Concrete St. in Corpus Christi.

Sat. May 31 • Randy Rogers at Schroeder Hall: Zane


Sat. June 14

Williams will be opening the show for Randy Rogers as he returns to Schroeder Hall. Doors open at 8 p.m. and it’s just $27 at the door. 12516 FM 622 in Goliad. • Chiptune Party at

1321: Chiptune madness ensues Saturday night with Kloudygirl (CC) and 9-Heart (Germany). It’s just $3 and BYOB for 21 and up. the doors open at 8 p.m. 1321 Ayers in Corpus Christi.


Schroeder Dancehall 12516 FM 622 (361) 573-7002


Bar Tonik 102 N. Market St. (830) 780-5255


Bar @ 3 Rivers Bar & Grill 201 N. Harborth Ave (361) 786-2020 Beckett’s Dugout 800 N. Harborth Ave. (361) 786-3600

• The Emotions at Schroeder Hall: It’s Throwdown Thursday at the Hall. Tickets are just $10 and the doors bust open at 8 p.m. 12516 FM 622 in Goliad.

Sat. June 7

and bar guide continued

T’s Honky Tonk 209 N. Washington St. (361) 358-1411 Tejano Highway 1205 S. Washington St.

Thurs. June 5

Pepe Boudreaux’s 3145 Texas 72 (361) 786-4938


7 Brothers Saloon 7961 Hwy, 181 N. (361) 318-5250

• H.A.R.D. Girls at The American Bank Center: The Hurricane

Alley Roller Derby girls from Corpus Christi take on the Alvin Texas Outlaws. If you’ve never seen roller derby up close and personal, you’re missing out. It’s just $12 pre-sale and $15 at the door. Go and check out the best of the best. It all kicks off at 7 p.m. 1901 N. Shoreline Blvd. in Corpus Christi.

• Cl*t Eastwood at 1321: Well, this is an interesting sounding show. Austin’s Cl*t Eastwood, Bloodf*ckers and Babosos del Valle will be tearing it up starting at 8 p.m. and it’s just $5. Make time to go check out these thrashers. 1321 Ayers in Corpus Christi. Need your awesome event listed? Drop us a line at or send us a Facebook event invite at

Karate Joe’s Bar & Grill 135 Beer Ln. • Mosquito Grove, TX

upcoming shows!

karaoke every Thurs.


Coyotes Sports Bar 116 W. Main St. (830) 583-9243 Desperado Saloon 312 S. Sunset Strip St. (830) 583-0371 Jerry B’s 4531 U.S. 181 (830) 583-2500


Chasers Bar & Grill 10620 CR 535 Hwy. 181 (361) 287-3340


Al’s Friendly Bar 517 County Road 619 (361) 287-3326

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MAY 26-JUNE 8, 2014

Ty Dietz

7 Brothers Saloon - Tuleta, TX

Dan Brodhag

7 Brothers Saloon - Tuleta, TX

Jason Marbach

7 Brothers Saloon - Tuleta, TX

Richie Allbright

7 Brothers Saloon - Tuleta, TX

Tyler McCumber

7 Brothers Saloon - Tuleta, TX

Dan Brodhag

7 Brothers Saloon - Tuleta, TX

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Switchblade Jesus chatted with us about all things music and the future of the band. We also review "Godzilla" and give you the lowdown on t...

STXscene #24  

Switchblade Jesus chatted with us about all things music and the future of the band. We also review "Godzilla" and give you the lowdown on t...