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APRIL 14-27, 2014

Editor’s Note

You can get more info on SprATX at and follow them at

When I first walked up the street to the Welder Center in Victoria a huge mural caught my eye a block before the theater. Turns out SprATX (pronounced Spray-TX) and other artists from around Texas were called on to paint murals around the city on huge blank walls. And after the Victoria Texas Independent Film Festival, the art won’t be painted over or covered. It’s there to be enjoyed by the entire city as well as visitors. And that’s another reason why the VTXIFF is such a unique film festival. Anthony Pedone, the festival creator and director, is constantly making going out of his way to blend the art and film worlds into one collective movement. Last year, Moviemaker magazine ranked VTXIFF among the top 25 film festivals in its list of 50 worth the submission fee for 2013. This is just the festival’s third year, so Pedone is obviously doing something right. And by visiting the festival in it’s first year and now it’s third, seeing the camaraderie of the filmmakers and artists as they joke, laugh and talk to one another, you forget it’s a competition. Victoria is transformed for a few days into an artist’s haven for creativity and enlightenment that hasn’t been seen in any film fest in Texas, much less the rest of the world. As the crowds grow bigger and bigger with every passing year, you have to start asking yourself why you’re not there. There’s literally something for everyone over the four-day festival, and it’s just up the road. And as the fest grows larger, it’s always interesting to see what Pedone has up his sleeve for next year.

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RocketHub Crowdsourcing gets a major boost interview by Paul Gonzales


rowdfunding sites have grown extremely popular over the last few years. So much so, that even Hollywood actors and filmmakers have besieged the online communities to get funding for their favorite shows to be turned into films, much like “Veronica Mars” did through Kickstarter. The idea is simple: Find a project to which you want to donate money. Enter your credit card information and donate whatever you want. Get free stuff for helping fund the project. Users from around the world, including game developers, entrepre-

neurs, filmmakers, writers, fashion designers and so much more, sign up everyday. It’s a simple yet effective way to raise funds and awareness for projects and endeavors. In 2010, Brian Meece, along with three other artists, created RocketHub, one of the first crowdfunding sites. We chatted with Meece via email to chat about the importance of crowdfunding and what’s unique about RocketHub. com. STXscene: When did you start RocketHub? Why did you feel the need to create a crowdfunding site? Brian Meece: My background before RocketHub was in creative media. I went to undergrad for

Victoria Texas Independent Film Festival film and have been playing in bands since high school. As a creative, I recognized a pattern that was popping up with many of my colleagues using their communities to fund projects. In the late 1990s, I heard about Darren Aronofsky using the crowdfunding model to raise $60,000 from his community to make the movie “Pi.” That blew my mind. In the early 2000s,

‘It’s an exciting time, and I’m honored that we’ve gotten a “front row seat” to watch this movement unfold.’

into the mainstream and to new verticals.

shoes got Andy’s company, Spira Footwear, onair and in numerous press outlets.

So in 2009, we launched RocketHub, and in the last five years we’ve seen massive growth of the crowdfunding movement.

STX: What does the future hold for RocketHub?

RocketHub is a world leader in the space — and we’re proud of that. STX: What’s unique about RocketHub? Brian: We recently partnered with A&E Networks and together we launched a crossplatform initiative called Project Startup.

Project Startup helps aspiring entrepreneurs take their innovative ideas to the next level through extra funding and exposure via A&E. This partnership is historic in scope and gives crowdfunding was RocketHub users a huge already starting to hap- opportunity to accelerate pen in the world of art, their endeavors. STX: What is a great but I wanted to bring it

Brian Meece success story from the RocketHub community? Brian: El Paso based shoe entrepreneur Andy Krafsur leveraged RocketHub and A&E Project Startup to raise about 1/2 million dollars for a new line of “spring powered sneakers.” These officially-licensed Duck Dynasty running

Brian: Think of these as still the “early days” of crowdfunding — much like the early days of social media in 2005-2007.

Over the next 5-10 years, crowdfunding will be a mainstream mechanism used by individuals as well as big brands and media companies to incubate and funnel ideas. It’s an exciting time, and I’m honored that we’ve gotten a “front row seat” to watch this movement unfold.

A TEXAS FILM Karate Joe’s Bar & Grill 135 Beer Ln. • Mosquito Grove, TX

NEEDS YOUR HELP upcoming shows!

The Victoria TX Independent Film Festival and the Self-Medicated Film Expo (RxSM) founder and executive director Anthony Pedone is a busy man. Not only does he run both festivals, he’s also an award-winning filmmaker who started Film Exchange in 2012 — an international network of festivals that program seven major film markets, including: Berlin, Austin, New Orleans, Brooklyn, Corpus Christi and Las Vegas. His next project is “An American in Texas” and he is currently seeking funding on RocketHub, the crowdfunding site listed above. The film is based on a true story set in the 90s during the Gulf War. It’s the story of lifelong friends as they’re nearing adulthood and must decide

between corporate war mongering and careerism, or the narrow way of individualism and freedom. If you search the film’s title at you’ll find a teaser trailer that was produced to promote the film. Also on the page is a huge list of goodies you can receive if you help fund the project, from $10 on up to $10,000. The incentives range from a simple “Thank You” on their Facebook page, to speaking role in the film, to an actual professional commercial shot by the professional filmmakers. There’s a ton more, too. So, if you were thinking about supporting Texas film, this is the easiest and best way you can do it. Check out the website at RocketHub. com and search “An American in Texas” now to get the full details.


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APRIL 14-27, 2014

Victoria Texas Independent Film Festival

The Man in Black story by Paul Gonzales


ne of the short films I caught while at the Victoria Texas Independent Film Festival was Daniel Campbell’s black comedy “The Discontentment of Ed Telfair.”

Daniel Campbell

‘Arkansas is my home. The people and the crew in Arkansas truly love film, and they are very willing to help out in every possible way.’

It’s a beautifully shot film with a really fantastic cast and a solid original score which ended up taking home the VTXIFF award for Best Short screened one of short Film. films at VTXIFF he had Campbell started work- yet to make the trek to ing in the Arkansas film the festival until this industry as a casting year. director before making “Victoria is a fantastic his own films in 2010. festival. I’d heard great “‘The Discontentment things from filmmakof Ed Telfair’ is my third ers that had previously short film,” Campbell been, but until this year I recalled. “My first film haven’t had the opportuwas called ‘Antiquities’, nity to make it down. and I made it in 2010. “It’s amazing how well “The following year, Anthony and his crew I made ‘The Orderly,’ treat filmmakers there. which we were fortunate We had a great time and enough to have screen at got to hang out with a VTXIFF in 2012.” lot of talented filmmakers “‘The Discontentment across the globe.” of Ed Telfair’ is just on its Going back to “The first leg of its festival run Discontentment of Ed and has so far picked up Telfair,” the short is extremely humorous, yet two awards.” Though Campbell has slightly unnerving. It is a

reasons everything in the film works is lead actor Jeff Bailey, who is phenomenal in the film and sells every scene he’s in with a quiet, calm elegance. “Yeah, Jeff is an absolutely fantastic actor and one of the nicest human beings on the planet. “He and I met years ago on a film we were doing in Memphis. My good friend, Yancey Prosser, is a casting director in Arkansas and casts all my films. I told him how badly I wanted Jeff to play the role of Ed Telfair, so he convinced him to do it. “I had wanted to work with Jeff for a few years now, and I was beyond thrilled when he accepted. I can’t see myself ever doing a film again without him playing some sort of role. He makes directing easy.” Campbell definitely has filmmaking chops. He works as a freelancer in the film and commercial world in Arkansas which consists of being a production assistant to directing. “Whatever pays the bills. “Arkansas is my home. The people and the crew in Arkansas truly love film, and they are very

very black comedy with a really great twist, which is why not too much can be said about it. And Campbell being an average looking Joe and willing to help out in great to chat with, one every possible way. has to ask where such a twisted tale came from. “If given the opportunity, I would shoot in “Well, without giving Arkansas every time.” too much away, the story So what’s next for the came from a ‘funny’ situauteur? Well, looks like ation that my wife and I we’ll be getting a feature shared. ...In no way did film out of him soon. that answer your question and for that, I apolo“Yeah, its actually gize. based off of my first short film that I directed called “I blame the economy. ‘Antiquities.’ (laughs) “The feature set in “When it comes to the small town Arkansas. humor of the film, I was It’s a coming of age story watching a lot of ‘Fargo’ at the time I was writing it. I think that influenced me quite a bit. Not that I am in ANYWAY comparing anything to the Coen Brothers. AT ALL. EVER. “To me, they are the best filmmakers on the planet when it comes to taking a dark story and somehow implementing these scenes that are truly hilarious without altering the tone of the film.” TELFAIR’S TALE Daniel Campbell and crew on the set of And one of the main the short film “The Discontentment of Ed Telfair.”

about a guy whose dad passes away, so he moves to his father’s hometown to find out who he was and ends up kind of finding out more of who he is than anything else.” Slowly but surely, Campbell is making his mark amongst filmmakers and fans alike. With a unique vision and loads of talent, he’s getting his ducks in a row to break into the film industry in a major way. “My ultimate goal as a filmmaker is to have a career as a filmmaker. “If I can make films that people watch and enjoy, and I can make a living off of that, then I’m good.” To check out some behind the scenes pics, head over to facebook. com/thediscontentmentofedtelfair and keep an eye on Daniel Campbell’s rise to fame at

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– Tapia started boxing at age 9 and had his first amateur fight at 11. In 1988 he began his professional career – Tapia won belts at featherweight, junior and world bantamweight

was garnered from hours of research footage that was going to be used for the film version of his life (see sidebar) before he suddenly passed away during filming. It’s inter-cut with some vintage interviews and highlights of some of his greatest fights.


ohnny Tapia was always a personal household favorite. Growing up and watching his boxing matches with my father and family, we were always rooting for the guy. “Tapia” reveals to the audience his harrowing trials and bouts outside of the ring, from the death of his mother when he was a child to battling drug addiction and depression. Sure, we saw the news reports about his prison stint and drug arrests, but we never stopped waiting for his return to the ring. He was a great fighter. And the documentary slowly un-peels the layers of his troubled life and lets the audience see that he was more than just great fighter – he was a great man. The footage for the doc

To hear Tapia’s story from the man himself is haunting. You hear the regret and sorrow and eventually the happiness for all his accomplishments in his highpitched voice, emotion pour-

– He held a record of 53 wins, 3 losses and 2 draws, with 28 wins by knockout – Tapia had many tattoos, which were prominent when he was fighting. One of them says “Mi Vida Loca” (My Crazy Life), the nickname he had adopted over the last few years

ing over every syllable. The footage of him talking is filmed in stark blackness, nearly silhouetting the boxer, only allowing his aged face to peer through the darkness like so many elements of his life. Teresa Tapia, Johnny’s widow, was also in the screening, which made it that much more personal. She answered some ques-

tions afterward about his life and shared some moments of her husband’s legacy. “Tapia” is still currently making the film festival circuit with networks like Showtime and HBO entering into negotiations to release the documentary. The feature film based on his incredible story, “Johnny,” is currently in production and should be release by the end of 2014. In the end, “Tapia” shows that no matter how hard


A BOXER’S WIFE Teresa Tapia was on hand to answer questions after the screening and continues to carry on Johnny’s legacy through numerous film projects.

Johnny Tapia (left) in his early days as a boxer and actor Shiloh Fernandez (right) during production of the feature film titled “Johnny” in which Fernandez portrays the world champion boxer.

The Future Champ

Victoria Texas Independent Film Festival

Shiloh Fernandez, perhaps best known for 2013’s “Evil Dead” and 2011’s “Red Riding Hood” will take the lead playing Johnny Tapia in “Johnny.” It will be directed by Albuquerque native Eddie Alcazar, and it was cowritten by the film’s director and Bettina Gilois, who helped write Tapia’s autobiography, “Mi Vida Loca: The Crazy Life of Johnny Tapia.” The film “Johnny” should be released by late 2014.

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APRIL 14-27, 2014



ADAN Beeville native Adan Gonzales has been attacking the coast since his youth with his in-your-face punk anthems and metal thrashing riffs. But his new project, Adan & his Researchers, shows an older, wiser musician recalling his tales of loss and heartbreak through mellow, thought-inducing arrangements and lyrics. His first EP as Adan & his Researchers, named Big Circus, contains five tracks online as well as some bonus material for those who purchase the physical album.

come to be? Adan: Aside from whatever bands I’ve been in over the years, I’ve always wrote and recorded slower, more personalized music released under different names. I’ve been independently putting out music since 2004, but really up until now I haven’t found a reason to release anything on this scale.

With the help of Alex Cervantes at Future Sky Recordings in Beeville, it was made possible. I’m still active in other live bands, but this is my STXscene: Tell me a baby. little about Adan & his STX: What was the Researchers and yourself. inspiration for this EP? Adan: The Alternative Adan: Well, I’d hate genre was always some- to be the 1,000th guy to thing I’ve been interested write a bunch of songs in. I see plenty of room to about a girl that broke his move around in that style heart... buuuuut that’s of music. It’s something who I am I guess. that has always appealed Like all of my music, to me on a personal level, mainly due to growing up this EP was definitely therapy. It’s a tale as old in the ’90s. Its no secret when you hear this EP that it’s heavily influenced by the ’90s Alternative scene. With The Researchers I can move in and out of whatever genre I choose without question. It’s really my outlet to openly do whatever music I choose and hope it gets heard. STX: How did the project

RESEARCHERS interview by Paul Gonzales as time, but it’s a tale that has many tunings as well. I mean, come on, how many great albums and songs are direct results of having a heart torn apart? It’s also about turning something bad into something good. People tell me my songs are sad and depressing but catchy, which I like. I’m trying to write pop songs here. The second track “Big Circus” is the perfect example. STX: Where have you performed? Any interesting stories about any of the shows? Adan: Right now I have only done a few acoustic gigs. I am gearing up to do a few full live band sets. The most interesting thing I have found in playing these songs is the reception. People seem to really like it. Even people that normally would never listen to anything like it. That was really a surprise; honestly, I didn’t think anyone would really dig it, but I’ve had an appealing amount of people that seem to really like it.

STX: What are some of your musical inspirations? Adan: It’s funny how that works. I usually spend about a year or so exploring different groups in a similar genre. I’ve been hooked on mainly U.K. artists like Swervedriver, Catherine Wheel, Slowdive (whom I covered on the EP), Billy Bragg, Leatherface, David Gray, Joy Division and Frank Turner. I also find musical inspiration in film. I love foreign melodramas and silent expressionism. It’s hard to say where the musical inspiration comes out of that, but I feel it’s the overall tones. STX: When can we get a full-length album? Adan: I do plan on doing a full-length soon, but it will most likely be a complete change in style. I want to do a more brooding, electronic inspired album. However, I will more than likely always write and record the more mellow stuff; I don’t see that stopping. I’d say this time next year there will be another EP and a fulllength.


adan & his researchers album:

BIG CIRCUS tracks:

1. Act IV 2. Big Circus 3. I’ll never know 4. Alison 5.Wanderoff

email adan to get the physical album with exclusive tracks at

You too can be a RESEARCHER! Adan writes: I’m currently looking for Researchers. Any musicians out there that want to collaborate, simply contact me through email, and if you want to hear the EP you can hear it free at However, if you buy one for $7 you get three extra tracks and some other goodies. There are also different mixes of songs that have appeared on compilations such as the Victoria based OMBG podcast Compilation COME AND TAKE IT Vol. 4. It can be heard at www.ombgpodcast.bandcamp. com. and head to for more Compilations and music. I’m very interested in collaborating, in person or via emailed tracks back and forth. To end, I will say I strongly encourage people out there, even if they can’t play an instrument, to give it a try. Music belongs to everybody, and regardless what people may think, it is free. People are manipulators before anything else; music exists with or without you—its just waiting to be manipulated.

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story and photos by Cate Grimes

For collectors and enthusiasts alike, Record Store Day is a chance to support your local record store and get your hands on some exclsuive goodies. Ah! Record Store Day. A day when all music enthusiasts, fans and artists alike participate in a celebration of the indie record store from coast to coast. It’s been a long-standing tradition for Disc Go Round to participate in this day. They’ve been open since the very first one, and this year will be no different. Record Store Day was founded when a group of local record shop own-

ers, a mixture of members of AIMS (Alliance of Independent Media Stores) and CIMS (Coalition of Independent Music Stores) got together to start a day to celebrate the unique culture that the stores brought to their communities. They decided on the third Saturday of every April. The first official Record Store Day was actually kicked off by Metallica at Rasputin Music in Mountain View, Calif.,

on April 19, 2008, where they signed autographs and gave away free goodies to their fans. After that, Record Store Day spread across the country like wildfire, even reaching some places internationally. A decision was made to assign an official ambassador every year. Unofficially, the first was Metallica. Last year, it was Jack White. This year, it’s the ever-so-cool Chuck D of Public Enemy. Of course, the main appeal of Record Store Day is to get exclusive releases issued by your favorite artists on just that day alone. But indie record stores have survived, even in this digital age, because of true music lovers in their own

neighborhoods that will come to the store every single day, just to sit and thumb through countless records to find something truly special to them. Anthony Berdecio of San Antonio said, “After being hunched over for half an hour with other lonely scavengers, you’d find that gem,” – talking about his own experiences leafing through records. Some of the releases expected this year are from artists like Devo (the most asked about one so far), Creedence Clearwater Revival, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Nirvana, Crosses (issued out in pink, yellow or blue glossy vinyl colors) and even a release by the newest pop boy band, One Direction. For every dollar you spend, you’ll get a free record. Spend $10, get 10 free records. It’s that simple. Disc Go Round will also have two exclusive Peanuts Cruiser Turntables at the store. They’re pretty rad. Justin Pico, esteemed owner of Disc Go Round, said, “It’s cool that they’re promoting us as an independent record store.

RECORDS FOR PEANUTS The Peanuts Cruiser portable turntable is a Record Store Day exclusive and Disc Go Round only has 2 available, so get there early for your chance at one. It’ll bring the kids in and expose them to about 20,000 other vinyls and artists that they may not have known about.” Disc Go Round will be giving away free goodie bags to the first customers as long as supplies last. The bags will have things like stickers, free samplers and buttons. Disc Go Round will be open from 10 a.m. until midnight and will be having some great artists play, starting at 8 p.m.

Disc Go Round’s very own Rene Sandoval, The Blind Owls, Denim Hares and Microphonic are among the musical acts performing. Make sure you come out early and stay late, kids. It’s going to rock! Last year people were already camping out at 1 a.m. the night before. Disc Go Round is located in Corpus Christi. For a full list of releases, head over to

Going on tour? Let your fans know where you’re going to be. Tue. Mar 18 - Vancouver, BC with the Boondocks

Wed. Mar 19 - Seattle, WA with Wildlife & Peter Rabbit

Thu. Mar 20 - Portland, OR with Dire Needs

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APRIL 14-27, 2014

Movie Review “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” is part spy thriller, part action movie and part superhero movie. It’s a welcomed take on the superhero genre which plants Captain America directly into a spy thriller right out of the ’70s. The film even comes complete with an actor who is no stranger to the political spy genre, Robert Redford. Redford was cast mostly due to his involvement with the 1976 Oscar nominated film “All the President’s Men” which was about the Watergate scandal. He brings some heavyweight clout to a genre of film that was relegated to silly costumes and humor just a decade ago. But it’s not all about spies and politics. A large portion of the film, and most of the humor, is Captain America, aka Steve Rogers, who is still coping with current technology in the present time as well as adjusting to his new life in the 21st century. There’s not really much to say without spoiling the movie

because there’s tons of twists and turns and surprise guests which makes the 2-hour-and16-minute run time seem pretty short. But we do get more involvement from Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow character, who is basically the Captain’s sidekick in this one. We learn about her charac-

ter’s background a little bit more and see her kick a lot of butt. Fan favorite Nick Fury, played by Samuel Jackson, also gets a lot more screen time in “The

Anthony Russo & Joe Russo starring: Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson release date: April 4, 2014 dir:

Winter Soldier,” which is nice. He has a few really heavy action pieces in the film, and it’s good to see him in his full glory as the super agent we’ve all heard he was. The plot basically revolves around The Winter Soldier of the title. He’s a top secret assassin that has popped up throughout the years to murder political leaders whenever he’s told. His identity is kept secret, though the Captain may know who he is and might just have some history with the character. Overall, the film really exhibits how well Marvel Studios has been handling their characters since they decided to take the reins and handle their character’s films themselves. You can definitely see the effect that

“Avengers” has had throughout their cinematic universe, and so far they can do no wrong. It’ll be interesting to see how they can top “Avengers” because at this point they’re going to have to. Each movie grows in scope and grandeur but also never forgets to get the top-notch talent they need to elevate the films above normal superhero fare and actually create films that tell stories and emotionally draw you in which comic book movies have failed to do in the past. Marvel Studios continue to bring intriguing elements and massive scale battles to their features, but with “Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron” currently filming and headed to our screens next summer, it will be interesting to see how they use each character this time around now that they are all blockbuster film heroes themselves. -Paul Gonzales

For years Captain America has been battling the toughest foe he’s ever faced: The cinema screen. Here’s a look back at his cinematic tussle before he became the Capt. we all know and love. H H H H 1973 1944

Republic serials

“3 Dev Adam”

Captain America and Santo vs. Spider-Man aka

With no Steve Rogers, no shield, no “Super-Soldier Serum” and no Bucky, these serials had no chance. Dick Purcell died a few weeks after filming had concluded reportedly due to the strain of filming the series. Maybe he just saw them.


This one was split in two parts and released on TV on back to back nights. He rides a motorcycle a lot, and Christopher Lee is in it. The Captain is played by former USC Fullback Reb Brown.

“Captain America” TV Film pt. 1 & 2

Wow. Where do we start with this unauthorized Turkish film that teams the Capt. with our favorite masked Mexican wrestler superhero El Santo? Well, Spider-Man is the villainous leader of the “Spider’s Gang.” I believe that’s enough.

For years Captain America fans feared this would be the best we’d ever get. While it does have the Red Skull, he ends up getting plastic surgery early on and is some guy with scars all over his face for the rest of the movie. And, while it was pretty feature film


“Captain America”

terrible, it was probably the best superhero movie ever made at the time. And the Captain is played by author J.D. Salinger’s son, Matt Salinger.

P. 10

APRIL 14-27, 2014

Video Games

Transforming Powers Activate! By Daphne Garcia Spring is here, and it’s time to say goodbye to those cold winter days. As Mother Nature shakes off her winter coat and transforms with new life and vibrant colors, it becomes a time to reflect on our pixilated counterparts and their own special environmental changes. With a bright and cheery change in mind, I present my top 5 video game world transformations.

5. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess In this adventure game our hero, Link, once again dons his green hat and tunic as he restores Hyrule, which has been taken over by the King of Twilight who has stolen the Light Spirits. As Link’s world is taken over by the Twilight, Link takes on a new wolf form, and with the help of an imp named Midna, the unlikely pair must collect “Tears of Light” to restore Light Spirits that watch over the land.

As the player restores the Light Spirits, Hyrule is transformed from the dark and dreary surrounding to the lush green landscape that many gamers grew up knowing.

4. Flower

This little gem answers the old question of “do flowers dream?” What? You’ve never asked that question? Well, you got the answer anyway. Each level of Flowers s t a r t s with a lonely potted flower in a city apartment; the player is then drawn into its dream where you control the wind as it blows a single petal through the air. As the petal dances across the screen you have the task of steering the petal towards other flowers. Approaching flowers will treat the gamer with a colorful explosion, and

vibrant colors are reintroduced to previously dead fields. The whole game plays more as an interactive art piece than a “true” video game, but the “games as art” discussion will be left for a later date.

3. Prince of Persia

Playing as the nameless protagonist, it is your goal to cleanse the land of corruption with the help of Elika. The corruption was released into the world when Elika’s father cut the Tree of Life and released the god of darkness, Ahriman. In order to cleanse the land of the corruption, they must heal the Fertile Grounds. Once the player has reached the Fertile Grounds, Elika uses magic to restore it to its former state. As the corruption is removed, it looks like ashes flying into the air, revealing the more color-

ful world underneath the gray monotone color of the corruption.

2. The Saboteur

This open world adventure game puts you into the racing gloves of Irish race car mechanic Sean Devlin. After being cheated out of the 1940s Grand Prix win, Devlin finds himself in Nazi-occupied Paris. While in Paris Devlin joins the French Resistance, if nothing else than to help in his own vengeful vendetta against the ones who wronged him. Saboteur uses a unique environmental aesthetic by showing Nazi controlled areas in black and white with pops of color to emphasize structures of elements; even Devlin himself is shown in black and white.

The whole thing is reminiscent of “Schindler’s List.” As Devlin helps the French Resistance take control of an area, color washes back in the world. I enjoyed traveling between Nazi and French run areas, while other games have used similar ideas of color play; Saboteur took it to another level.

1. Okami

This visually stunning game makes the top of the list because of its unique and gorgeous visuals. Okami looks as though a Japanese ink-wash painting, known as sumie, has come to life. Okami puts the players in the godly paws of Amaterasu, the sun goddess. It’s up to Amaterasu (Ammy) and her sidekick, Issun, to restore the cursed land that has been corrupted by the demon Orochi. By using Ammy’s Celestial B r u s h ,

players rid feudal Japan of Orochi’s curse, often revealing other celestial gods that are hiding in the constellations. As Ammy successfully removes a curse, life floods back into the land. This resembles a tide of flowers overflowing the barren earth. With Okami’s art style, this transformation is breathtaking. I often found myself wishing for more cursed land just to see the transformation some more. The world around you constantly changes, and so does the digital environment. Just remember to leave your darkened rooms once in a while and take a moment to smell the new blossoms of spring. Then jump right back into your game and hope it doesn’t take too long for your eyes to readjust. You have baddies to defeat, after all. Now go forth and game on.

P. 11

Tues. April 15

give pointers and share some trade secrets. All photographers, models and makeup artists are encouraged to come and participate in this event. 4610 S.P.I.D. in Corpus Christi.

• Puddle of Mudd at Brewster Street Ice House: The Hunger will be opening for Puddle of Mudd and the tickets are just $25 at the door. It’s an all ages show and the doors open at 8 p.m. 1724 N. Tancahua St. in Corpus Christi. • Inner Circle at The House of Rock: Yes, it’s the band that created the theme song to the TV show “Cops.” Tickets are just $12 and the doors open at 6:30 p.m. 1511 Starr St. in Corpus Christi.

Thurs. April 17 • Roger Creager at Brewster Street Ice House: Bri Bagwell will be opening up the show for Roger Creager. The tickets are $20 at the door, and the doors open at 8 p.m. It’s an all ages show with a $3 charge for minors. 1724 N. Tancahua St. in Corpus Christi. • Inner Circle at The House of Rock: Yes, it’s the band that created the theme song to the TV show “Cops.” Tickets are just $12 and the doors open at 6:30 p.m. 1511 Starr St. in Corpus Christi.

Fri. April 18 • Avenue Rockers at the Makeshift Hideout:

Come and celebrate Makeshift SkateBoards 11th Anniversary Party with a ton of bands and booze. So far the lineup of bands include No Questions Asked, Spanish Reds, Avenue Rockers, Bomb Hoarder, Evil Betty and more to be announced soon. It’s just $7 to get in and it all starts at 9:30 p.m. 1506 N. Broadway St. in Corpus Christi.

Sat. April 19 • Record Store Day at Disc Go Round: It’s that time of the year again. This year Disc Go Round will open at 10 a.m. and will be offering you a free record with every dollar spent. Spend $10 get 10 records. Simple. They will also have live music starting at 8 p.m. with Rene Sandoval, The

Blind Owls, Denim Hares and Microphonic. 5734 McArdle Rd. in Corpus Christi. • Jason Boland at Schroeder Hall: Thieving Birds opens the show for Jason Boland and the Stragglers. The doors open at 8 p.m. with pre-sale tickets going for $12 and will be $15 at the door. 12516 FM 622 in Goliad.

Come out and learn about the medical usage and medicinal purposes of herbs and sample some teas from locally grown herbs. Come out and listen to some live music from The Johnny Five, Time Termination and much more. It’s only $5 with the proceeds to benefit 1301 and the Clairelaine Community Garden. 1301 Ayers St. in Corpus Christi.

Sun. April 20

Sat. April 26

• Herb Fest at 1301:

• Jarrod Birmingham

at Schroeder Hall: Jeremy Halliburton will open for Birmingham and the doors swing open at 8 p.m. Tickets are just $10 with minors charged an additional $3. 12516 FM 622 in Goliad.

Sat. May 10 • 361 Photography Network at Gators: It’s another photography meet-up with ‘beauty’ being the theme. Makeup artists and models Dolly Munster and Tonya Peel will be on hand to

• Bricks in the Wall at Old Concrete Street Amphitheater: IBricks in the Wall-The Sights and Sounds of Pink Floyd is the longest running Pink Floyd tribute act in the nation. There’s lasers, lights and Pink Floyd so what more would you want? Oh, and the whole thing’s free, but you have to get tickets so head over to Sames Ford, Tobacco World or the Concrete Street Amphitheater Box Office. 700 Concrete St. in Corpus Christi. Need your awesome event listed? Drop us a line at or send us a Facebook event invite at

P. 12

“Every man’s heart one day beats its final beat. His lungs breathe their final breath. And if what that man did in his life makes the blood pulse through the body of others and makes them bleed deeper in something that’s larger than life, then his essence, his spirit, will be immortalized by the storytellers – by the loyalty, by the memory of those who honor him, and make the running the man did live forever.” -The Ultimate Warrior 1959-2014

APRIL 14-27, 2014

STXscene #22  

In this issue we visited the Victoria Texas Independent Film Festival and chatted with director Daniel Campbell, watched the documentary Tap...

STXscene #22  

In this issue we visited the Victoria Texas Independent Film Festival and chatted with director Daniel Campbell, watched the documentary Tap...