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Oct. 26 - Nov. 9, 2013


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OCT. 26-NOV. 8, 2013

The Texas Mile revs its engine

vehicles, drivers and their shadowing the Texas Mile A 10th Anniversary crew members. Tech and Staging inspec- Party is scheduled for Visitors from all over tion crews to learn more Saturday evening at The Texas and several other about motorsport safety. Grand on U.S. Highway states and foreign counFans may bring their 59 just east of town. Doors tries will be in town. own chairs, umbrellas open at 7 p.m. Hotels, motels and res- and coolers, and there Participants, spectataurants are expected to will be concession stands tors and fans are welbe full. selling food, drinks, caps come. There is no price for admission, and a disc Students from Coastal and T-shirts. Bend College’s automoGlass bottles are not jockey will be playing tunes. tive department will be permitted.

Dodge Challengers, Ford Mustangs, Ford GTs, Lamborghinis, HarleyDavidsons, Kawasakis, Saabs and Mini Coopers. Even Volkswagen Beetles speed down the long track.

illustrated cover by Paul Gonzales editor: Paul Gonzales email: phone: (361)358-2550 website: twitter: @stxscene facebook: Published bi-weekly by Beeville Publishing Co.

The drivers will have a running start at the beginning of the mile and state-of-the-art timing devices will be set up at the halfway mark and at the end of the mile. Speeds are displayed on lighted boards positioned in just the right spots for the spectators to see. Much of the fun of the event is to watch the vehicles take off and try to guess if they will be able to break 200 mph before they cross the final timing station. Those who do break the 200 mph barrier are entitled to purchase one of the Mile’s 200 mph club T-shirts. Spectators are welcome to mill around in the staging area to get up close and personal with the

Saturday, Oct. 26, downtown Beeville will transform into a frightfilled festival for the entire family. The day begins with the Beeville Halloween Classic 5K run at 8 a.m. at Coastal Bend College. All the proceeds will benefit the Sports and Recreation Foundation of Beeville. The evening’s events will take place from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m., featuring events for people of all ages. There will be live music, water balls, a moon jump castle, an 18-foot slide, games and treats. The Haunted Courtyard, which will feature scares for the young and old alike, will be open the entire time of the festival. Wristbands will be available for all

BEFORE going to

the activities, including entrance to the Haunted Courtyard. There also will be a costume contest for Best Homemade Costume and Best Purchased Costume. First and second place will be announced in each category, and there will be different age divisions ranging from newborns to teens. Registration begins at 6 p.m. and the judging starts at 6:30 p.m. Downtown will be closed off to allow families to walk around freely from location to location. If you’re looking for fun for you and your young ones, downtown Beeville has everything that you’re looking for to enjoy a safe and fun Halloween night.

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The Texas Mile begins Friday and continues through Sunday at Chase Field. Admission to the event is $20 for a three-day pass for adults. Children under 12 get in free. On Friday and Saturday, the event begins at 8 a.m. and continues until dusk. On Sunday, the action begins at 8 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m. Motorcycle fans can see some of the fastest riders on two wheels. The riders will include Valerie Thompson, the five-time motorcycle land speed record holder. Called “a woman on a mission with a need for speed,” Thompson will return to Beeville on her BMW SS 100 R. Twowheel fans also can expect Hussain Alsowaigh to try to hit speeds of around 250 mph on his Suzuki Hayabusa. Other competitors at this weekend’s event will be driving Porsches, Corvettes, Cadillacs (18 are signed up for the weekend), Audis, BMWs, Dodge Vipers,

AFTER going to

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The Rockport Film Festival brings world cinema to the coast

Russia, Spain, Mexico and Germany among the countries with films playing at this year at the festival. The 2013 Rockport Film Festival kicks off this year on Thursday, Oct. 31, which is, of course, Halloween night. You’re encouraged to come dressed in a costume or just come as you are. The red carpet will roll out at 6 p.m. with a party and then a screening of Michael Stephenson’s documentary “The American Scream” at 7:30 p.m. On Friday, events will kick off at 1 p.m. with a series of shorts before the first feature film of the day, Russia’s “Baikonur,” which screens at 3 p.m. From 5 until 7 p.m. there will be happy hour drinks at Estelle Stair Gallery before the next feature film at 7:30 p.m. The night will end with

another series of short rebuilding of the World films from Spain, Mexico Trade Center. and the U.S. at 10 p.m. Saturday’s happy hour Saturday, short films will be held at the Wind begin at 1 p.m. leading Way Gallery, for a chance up to the first feature to network and mingle of the day, “16 Acres,” is with filmmakers from a documentary about the around the world.

“America’s Parking Lot,” a documentary feature about how two friends who are diehard Dallas Cowboy fans must cope with their team moving to another stadium, will play at 7:30 p.m. The feature will be shown with the German experimental short film “Hurdy Gurdy.” The festival will close out with a series of live action and animated short films from The Netherlands, Spain and the U.S. beginning at 10 p.m. The Rockport Film Festival has been known in the past few years for bringing exciting feature films, documentaries and short films from around the globe.

With only one film playing at a time, it’s a lot easier than most film festivals to catch all the movies you want to see. The schedule may be light on the number of films playing over the three-day event, but they make up for it with a wide array of diverse, quality

films which are sure to please any and all audience members. For more information and to get your festival passes or one-day tickets, visit and follow them at RockportFilmFest.

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OCT. 26-NOV. 8, 2013

Fright Night Haunted House owner and operator Brandon Gonzalez makes sure something goes bump in the night. he building that houses the Fright Night Haunted House seems unassuming enough. Heck, if you attend events in downtown Corpus Christi, you’ve probably passed by it numerous times without thinking twice, even though it’s spelled out on the exterior of the old hotel, which you might not have even known was a hotel. But begin walking up the wooden stairs to the door, and you’ll feel the fear wash over you. “Most people don’t even make it in to the front door, which is great. We did our job,” Brandon Gonzalez, the owner and operator, said with a laugh. “If we can scare you that bad before you can even get into the front door, then we’re doing something right.”

haunted house business from his parents 11 years ago with hopes of making it bigger and better than any haunted house anyone has ever been to. “We started going mainstream with it and started getting some notoriety from the Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, and just recently National Geographic came and did a whole story on it.” Gonzalez is a makeup artist by trade and has worked with the same crew for years. He also only hires local actors to work in his haunted houses because he believes in keeping everything local and supporting the city he’s in.

“You won’t see anything in these haunted houses that anybody else has in the whole country because we build everything. No one has what we have, so it sets us Gonzalez took over the apart.”

And speaking of the building, it has its own eerie demeanor. Being so old and having so many people pass through its doors for the past decade, who knows what was left behind? “You know there’s something here. You hear doors slamming. There’s just really weird stuff happening up here. “There’s a lot of old history in these buildings.” Preparing the haunted houses usually begins in January and will bleed into the opening of the season as they refine and tweak each scare, creature, costume, scene and special effect. Just hearing Gonzalez talk about all this with a gleam in his eye, he seems to be loving his job. “It’s just a passion I have. I love scaring people. I love to hear and see their reactions. “Every year, it gets harder and harder to scare people. They get desensitized by all the CGI effects and stuff in the movies. “You just really have to love to do it to be here everyday and be so devot-

ed. I have a great team that’s with me all the time, building props and building scenes and putting up with me basically, which is really hard to do because I’m so demanding. I want everything perfect. “I walk into the room, and if I don’t feel it, then it’s not right, and we have to do it again.” With the season nearly halfway through, Gonzalez already has his sights set on the future of fear. Since the building is next door to the House of Rock, which turns out to be an old morgue, it seems like an obvious site for a third attraction. “The basement was actually the old morgue, and it still has the old body bag freezers and all that stuff down there. So we’re going to open that as the third attraction, so that will be coming next year. Stay tuned for that.” He’s also seeking out other buildings to expand his haunted vision. Even though he says he has plenty of space at his current location, his creative thirst isn’t quenched just yet.

“We’re actually look- before long. ing for another location “I want to bring creain town or maybe another location downtown. I tures you’ve never seen want to do more. before. Things you’ve “I have so many more never experienced. ideas. I want to keep “And that’s what scares these haunts and bring people.” more.” If he keeps at it, he may take over the entire city

check out the video at

Riverbend Sports Bar


Thursday October 31, 2013

live music by

no cover

Crazy Halloween Drinks and Spe cials

Cosme Contest wi Cash Prizes

All the fun starts at 8pm

Riverbend Sports Bar

1603 N. St. Mary’s St • Beeville, TX 78102

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ike Vasquez and Gerald Salinas are two average-looking guys. They ran into one another while working at the Garza East Correctional Facility in Beeville and discovered they have an unusual hobby in common. They hunt ghosts. While hit shows like “Ghost Hunters” have sparked recent popularity on the subject, these guys were hunting ghosts before the shows hit the air. Vasquez recalled, “A lot of people think we’re copying them, but ghost hunting is ghost hunting; it’s not really copying anybody.” So when Vasquez met Salinas and his group of hunters, they decided to form the Ghost Hounds of South Texas (G.H.O.S.T.) “We had a pretty good size group,” Vasquez added. “And we decided to give ourselves a name. We’ve all been doing it for a while.”

There’s lots of reasons why people want to delve into the supernatural, but for the members of G.H.O.S.T., it’s relatively simple. “I’m a skeptic. I like to find out the truth. It’s interesting,” Salinas said. While he has never really had any personal run-ins with spirits or spooks, Vasquez is a bit more experienced. “I lived in a trailer that was haunted by a little kid,” Vasquez remembered. “You could hear it running up and down the little hallway. It was an old trailer, and we had been told that somebody had died in there, but we didn’t know who. “Before that, my cousins, who were little at the time, would hear their doll that didn’t have any batteries turning on and talking to them. “One night, their little brother, who was around 1 or 2, was sitting up awake, talking to somebody.” Curiosity of the unnatural and surreal is usually

what piques most people’s interests, but G.H.O.S.T. isn’t just aiming to prove that there’s an afterlife or trapped spirits scaring the bejesus out of us. They’re mainly out to set the record straight and possibly dispel the common fear that a person’s house may be haunted. They’re really more like investigators than hunters per say. Vasquez said, “I’m a real believer, but I want to help people prove it. And that’s what we’re about, helping people. “Sometimes they think they might have a haunted house, and it just might be pipes or branches or the floor may just be settling.” The group is never quick to post any of the evidence they’ve collected on their Facebook page until it’s scrutinized thoroughly by all of the members and every possibility of falsities have been exhausted. “We’re very strict,” Vasquez said. “We have a bunch of pictures that we think it shows something... but I say no, we’re not posting that, it could be pixilation. “We’re very strict about what we show. We’re not easily fooled.” Most people want to see movie images of pans flying off the wall and people being dragged out of the room, clearly in view of the camera, in order for them to believe it. Hollywood has fueled the flames for many years, and now real ghost hunters have to take the heat. “We have a few electronic gadgets and cameras, but no matter what you use, people will always say that you could just be faking it,” Vasquez said.

“We have a video on our Facebook page where you hear footsteps coming into the room. It’s a hard sole shoe. No one was wearing hard sole shoes. Everyone stopped moving as a matter of fact. “Once again, even though we knew what the conditions were, one post read ‘That’s just sad. Someone was walking in the background, and you’re claiming it’s a ghost’.” G.H.O.S.T. insists that they’re more about the

truth than showing evidence and boosting their page views. They often spend all night in a house and never capture anything, but to them, it all comes with the territory. “We get a lot more personal experience than we get physical evidence,” Vasquez said. “One time, we were standing around a cemetery, and there was a bright flash of light. I saw it, and the other girl that was with me saw it.” They’ve also heard their

names whispered out and have seen their share of strange occurrences, so they know they’re not alone. It’s proving it that’s the hard part. No matter how many skeptics visit their Facebook page and try to dispel the evidence they have captured, what they can’t do is keep them from the doing what they love doing. So if something goes bump in the night, you know who to call. And it’s not the Ghostbusters.

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OCT. 26-NOV. 8, 2013 (361) 449-2030 Pizzarriffic 407 Nueces St. (361) 449-1900 Sonic Drive-In 805 Nueces St. (361) 449-2614




Beeville Diner 2503 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 362-9724 Burger Depot 515 E. Houston St. (361) 362-2400 Chili’s Grill & Bar 400 E. FM 351 (361) 354-5600 Church’s Chicken 611 N. Washington St. (361) 358-9256 Dog & Bee Public House 119 N. Washington St. (361) 354-5871 Domino’s Pizza 414 N. Washington St. (361) 358-6871 El Charro Restaurant 601 E. Houston St. (361) 542-4572 El Jardin Restaurant 806 W. Corpus Christi St. (361) 358-2922 Gasthaus Berliner Bear 2510 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 354-5444 Golden Chick 2305 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-5525 Hensley’s Cafe 307 N. Washington St. (361) 358-8414 Hong Kong Palace 301 S. FM 351 (361) 358-2861

Jalisco Mexico Taqueria 1401 W. Corpus Christi St. (361) 362-0841 KFC 200 E. Houston St. (361) 358-7222 Little Caesars Pizza 420 E. FM 351 (361) 358-9555 The Lodge at Shorty’s Place 702 S. Washington St. (361) 358-7302 McDonald’s (Walmart) 502 E. FM 351 (361) 358-9255 2301 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 354-5215 Mi Familia Restaurant 2017 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-9255 New China Super Buffet 2003 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-8889 O’Daddy’s 901 W. Corpus Christi St. (361) 358-5945 Pantry Stores 3803 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-4965 911 S. Washington St. (361) 358-8477 1720 E. Houston St. (361) 358-8602 Pizza Hut 1103 N. Washington St. (361) 358-2970 Sammy’s Burgers & Brew 2144 Ellis Road (361) 358-1067 Scores Sports Bar & Grill 1502 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-5055

Stars Restaurant 2403 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-0020 Stone Creek Grill 4402 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 354-5189 Subway 710 E. Houston St. (361) 358-6200 1700 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-6000 Taqueria Chapala 1805 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 354-5945 Taqueria Guadalajara 622 W. Corpus Christi St. (361) 358-1971 Taqueria Jalisco 2020 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 354-5803 Taqueria Vallarta 1611 S. Washington St. (361) 358-5948 Whataburger 1710 N. Washington St. (361) 358-8454


Agave Jalisco Restaurant 403 Nueces St. (361) 449-8899 Burger King 4059 W. Hwy 59 (361) 449-3014 Church’s Chicken Highway 281 at Burleson (361) 449-1864 Dairy Queen 1350 U.S. 281 (361) 449-1822 Nueces Street Grill 206 Nueces St.

Blue Quail Deli 224 S. Commercial St. (361) 645-1600 Dairy Queen 243 E. Pearl St. (361) 645-3274 Empresario Restaurant 141 S. Courthouse Sq. (361) 645-2347 Hanging Tree Restaurant 144 N. Courthouse Sq. (361) 645-8955 La Bahia Restaurant 1877 US 183 (361) 645-3900 Subway 420 E. Pearl St. (361) 645-3709 Whataburger 348 E. Pearl (361) 645-8800


Becky’s Cafe 201 W Calvert Ave. (830) 780-4339 Big Daddy’s Tarbender’s 426 CR 298 (830) 780-3202 Dairy Queen Texas 80 (830) 780-2712 El Mariachi Jalisco

Restaurant 118 Texas 123 (830) 780-3350 The Market Sat. & Sun. only 208 E. Calvert Ave. (830) 780-3841 Partner’s BBQ 204 S. Hwy. 123 (830) 780-5121 Polak’s Sawsage Farm Restaurant 2835 U.S. 181 (830) 583-2113 Taqueria Vallarta 202 Texas 123 (830) 780-2465


The Backyard Grill 496 N. Sunset Strip St. (830) 583-0438 Barth’s Restaurant 445 N. Sunset Strip St. (830) 583-2468 Church’s Chicken 110 N Sunset Strip St. (830) 583-9030 Jerry B’s 4531 U.S. 181 (830) 583-2500 Lucita’s Mexican Restaurant 500 W. Main St. (830) 583-9455 Pizza Hut 106 N Sunset Strip St. (830) 583-9864 R J’s Hamburgers 420 W Main St. (830) 583-2344


Rodriquez’s Tacos 205 Texas 72 (830) 583-9800


Agave Jalisco Mexican Restaurant 400 S Harborth Ave. (361) 786-2020 Bar @ 3 Rivers Bar & Grill 201 N. Harborth Ave. (361) 786-2020 Beckett’s Dugout 800 N Harborth Ave. (361) 786-3600 Brush Country BBQ U.S. 281 (361) 786-4335 El Tapatio 405 N. Harborth Ave. (361) 786-3949 Pepe Boudreaux’s 3145 Texas 72 (361) 786-4938 Ranch House 100 S Harborth Ave. (361) 786-2196 Sowell’s BBQ 114 W Thornton St. (361) 786-3333 Staghorn Restaurant 1019 N Harborth Ave. (361) 786-3545 Subway S Harborth Ave. (361) 786-3308 Church’s Chicken 110 N. Sunset Strip St. (830) 583-9030 Jerry B’s 4531 U.S. 181 (830) 583-2500



P. 7

Fri. Oct. 25

Sat. Nov. 2

• The Green at House of Rock: The Green will be joined by Shwayze and Kimie. The show kicks off at 8 p.m. so show up early and get your groove on. The tickets are $17 and available at 511 Starr St. in Corpus Christi.

• Bobby Flores at Schroeder Hall: Bobby Flores and the Yellow Rose Band playing the best in Traditional Country music! Doors open at 8pm, Bobby starts at 9:15pm and plays until 12:45am. Tickets $18 at the door. All ages welcome. 12516 FM 622 in Goliad.

Sat. Oct. 26 • Downtown Fright Night at Beeville Downtown: Bring the kids for games, entertainment and an all ages haunted courtyard. There will be food and plenty of fun to be had. There will also be a costume contest for kids of all ages so try on that new Halloween costume and get out there! Downtown Beeville. • 97.5 KFTX Listener Appreciation Concert at Brewster Street Icehouse: KFTX wants to thank all their fans

Restaurant (830) 583-9455 Pizza Hut

106 N. Sunset Strip St. (830) 583-9864

R J’s Hamburgers 420 W. Main St. (830) 583-2344

Rodriquez’s Tacos 205 Texas 72

(830) 583-9800

this one. Live music by Beeville’s very own Pryme. There’s a costume contest with cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. There will also be Halloween drinks and drink specials all night long so drop the kids off at grandma’s house. There’s no cover for the event. 1603 N St. Mary’s St. in Beeville.

Thurs. Oct. 31

• Goatwhore at Zeros Hard Rock Club: If you like a little metal to go with your Halloween then you should head over to Zeros. Goatwhore will

• 20th Annual Halloween Bash at The Riverbend Sports Bar: It’s been getting crazy for 20 years now so make sure not to miss

be sharing the stage with Killamora, Death of Abacus, Black Lung Conspiracy. There will also be a $100 costume contest so dress to impress. 6327 McArdle Rd. in Corpus Christi.

Fri. Nov. 1 • My 361 Live at Zeros Hard Rock Club: The stage will be packed with bands from all over South Texas like Obliterates, Witness by Proxy, Diamond Eyed Strangers, Steadfast, Biolumescent, Sure Thing Falling and Spanish Attack. The music starts

at 9 p.m. and is $5 for 21 and up and $8 for minors. 6327 McArdle Rd. in Corpus Christi. • SPIRIT FEST 2013 at Concrete Street Amphitheater: Spirit Fest will showcase a day of music on two stages featuring some of Christian music’s hottest names and activities geared toward the whole family. (The event will occur rain or shine!) The event will kick off at 4 p.m. and tickets are available by calling 855443-8499. 700 Concrete St. in Corpus Christi.

Sat. Nov. 9 • The Cody Johnson Band at Schroeder Hall: Clay Crockett & the Shotgun Riders open the show. Doors open at 8 p.m. and the music starts at 9 p.m. Advance tickets are $10 (online only) and $12 at the door. Minors charged an additional $3 at the door. All ages welcome. 12516 FM 622 in Goliad. Need your awesome event listed? Drop us a line at Info@stxscene. com with all the details, and we’ll be glad to gently place it on this page.

and bar guide continued

Lucita’s Mexican Restaurant 500 W. Main St.

for listening. The event is free but you will need a ticket so stop by the station or listen to the station to find out where there ticket stops are. The show starts at 8:30 p.m. and will feature musicians Brand & Dean along with Melissa Brooke. 1724 N. Tancahua St. in Corpus Christi.


19th Hole Patio Cantina 3601 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-2837 B.O.B.W.E. 1308 S. St. Mary’s St. (361) 542-4551 Chili’s Grill & Bar 400 E. FM 351 (361) 354-5600 Club 59 1610 W. Corpus Christi St. (361) 362-0591 Dog & Bee Public House

119 N. Washington St. (361) 354-5871 The Grand Dancehall 2461 U.S. Hwy 59 (361) 358-1185 Papi’s Place 1517 W. Corpus Christi St. (361) 358-7160 The Riverbend Sports Bar 1603 N. St Marys St. (361) 362-0471 Roadside Tavern 2503 S. Washington St. (361) 362-1720 Scores Sports Bar & Grill 1502 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-5055

Stone Creek Grill 4402 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 354-5189 T’s Honky Tonk 209 N. Washington St. (361) 358-1411 Tejano Highway 1205 S. Washington St.


Schroeder Dancehall 12516 FM 622 (361) 573-7002


Bar Tonik 102 N. Market St. (830) 780-5255


Coyotes Sports Bar 116 W. Main St. (830) 583-9243 Desperado Saloon 312 S. Sunset Strip St. (830) 583-0371 Jerry B’s 4531 U.S. 181 (830) 583-2500


Chasers Bar & Grill 10620 CR 535 Hwy. 181 (361) 287-3340


Al’s Friendly Bar 517 County Road 619 (361) 287-3326


Bar @ 3 Rivers Bar & Grill 201 N. Harborth Ave (361) 786-2020

Beckett’s Dugout 800 N. Harborth Ave. (361) 786-3600

Pepe Boudreaux’s 3145 Texas 72 (361) 786-4938


7 Brothers Saloon 7961 Hwy, 181 N. (361) 318-5250

P. 8

OCT. 26-NOV. 8, 2013

STXscene #11  

We've got ghost hunters, haunted houses and a film festival all in one issue, so kick up your feet, sit back and enjoy the read.

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