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May 2014

worship - celebrating our faith One chapter closes and another is about to begin Tulo Raistrick has provided us with wise counsel and in particular has ably led on sustaining and evaluating our worship. Just before Easter we enjoyed a farewell tea for the family and we pray that his move to St Barbara’s, Earlsdon will be fruitful for him, Sarah and the children. Preparations are now in hand for licensing Martin Gordon as our new Priest-in-Charge on 18 June. We look forward to welcoming Martin, Anthea and their sons Silas and Zachary to the parish.

Interregnum Prayer Risen Lord, you filled your disciples with boldness and fresh hope; strengthen us to live and proclaim your risen life. Lord show us who we are, grow in us the fruit and gifts of your Spirit, and unite us in love and grace. Open our eyes to the road ahead. Give us wisdom, discernment and trust as we seek your way for us. Beautiful Saviour, may you be glorified in us. Amen

blessing – transforming our community with God’s love The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer… in whom I take refuge.’ 2 Samuel 22:2-3 The number of people driven from their homes by war is 42 million - and rising. It is hard to imagine how completely hopeless life must seem to people in these circumstances and Christian Aid’s partners are a lifeline. However, money is always limited and the logistical obstacles are huge. BUT … the good news is that we can help, firstly by praying that God will give us a heart for these people and, secondly, by acting. Please support the church’s efforts to raise funds this week either by collecting house-to-house, or on the high street or by getting sponsors for the Circle the City walk.

To sign up and for more details, please contact Rosalind: ( 020 8671 4095, mobile 07984 515508. Many thanks to those who have already pledged support. We plan to hold a Quiz in September so more news on this soon. Meanwhile, don’t forget that Christian Aid is also collecting cast-off technical and non-fiction books, as well as old mobile phones and spent ink cartridges; there will be a box at each church for the books and special envelopes for the phones/cartridges.

Variety Expectancy Joy Encounter Mystery

belonging - a community of hope Small groups are alive and well at STwSS! When I asked who was involved in our small regular discussion/study groups at the APCM service the great majority put up their hands. Small groups are alive and well at St Thomas with St Stephen; but there is always room to join a group or start up a new one! For the summer term we are going to dip into the Archbishop of Canterbury’s book for Lent 2014 - Graham Tomlin’s looking through THE CROSS; in which Graham explores how life appears when viewed through the Cross of Christ, a perspective from which everything looks different in chapters on topics such as the Cross and wisdom, evil, power, identity, suffering and ambition. There are questions to be discussed in a study guide and I hope to provide chapter summaries. Justin Welby, the Archbishop, writes in the Introduction: “Cross-shaped churches may be the architectural norm – but they are also the spiritual exception. Just as we each find the pattern of our lives to easily conforming to contemporary culture, so the pattern of the life of the church tends to do the same. We need to rethink what a cross-shaped church means in a very noncross-shaped world.” The Rev Dr Graham Tomlin is a former member of the congregation at St Stephen’s, the author of several books and is currently Dean of St Mellitus College, a new and exciting theological training college which is currently teaching 100 ordinands and training a further 500 people. You can see him talk about the book on YouTube at v=6Xmns9wLJsQ and can buy it from Amazon or direct from the publisher, Bloomsbury Publishing at -cross-9781408188477/ , if anyone has trouble getting hold of it please let me know at

looking through THE CROSS promises to be an exciting and interesting small group series. If you are not part of a group you will be very welcome to join one – or perhaps to try two or three to see if they work for you. For more information speak to me or Fiona Carnegie at Mike Hayes, Reader


Diversity Hospitality Discipleship


belonging - a community of hope Children and young people are a vibrant and vital part of our church. Different ages meet on Sundays during the services and in the week.

Sunday at St Stephen’s

Nanos (crèche) for 0-3 (1st, 2nd & 3rd Sundays) Explosion for 4-9

(1st, 2nd & 3rd Sundays)

Nucleus youth group for 10-16




(1 , 2 & 3 )

All age service (4th Sunday)

Sunday at St Thomas’


(crèche) for 0-3 (1st, 2nd & 3rd Sundays)

Explosion for 4-9

(2nd & 3rd Sunday)

Tea Time Praise st

5pm short service followed by


tea & cakes (1 & 3 )

Crèche Prayer Dear God, help us to know that you love us, help us to feel that you love us, and help us to show that you love us Amen.

All age service (4th Sunday)

Wednesday at St Thomas’

Prayers & Bears 10am short fun service for carers and parents with babies and toddlers.

Thursday at St Stephen’s

Fusion youth group for 10–15. The Hub youth group for 16-18.

Both 6.30-7.30pm.

Homework club for 10-16 year olds with support from teachers 6.30-7.30pm. Youth club 7:30-9pm with table tennis, football, pool, and more

blessing – transforming ou Jack Chaldicott’s FP Update Dear St Thomas with St Stephen, It has been a few months since I saw you at Christmas and I thought I would send you an update of how my internship is going up here in Leeds. I thought you might like to meet the internship team so here we all are! Back row (R-L): Matt, Ben, Jack (me!), Samuel Front row (R-L): Maryke, Verity, Laura, Alex

Until Christmas this was the team, and unfortunately, but for very good and well thought out reasons, Samuel has since left the internship, but we still see him for our men's discipleship group. I think the best way to update you is to take you through a typical week, so here we go!

Sunday In the morning there are 2 services at different locations, one in Holbeck, south Leeds, and one in Horsforth, north Leeds. Myself, Alex, Maryke and Verity are based at the north gathering in the morning. We are there early ready to set up in Horsforth High School so that everything is ready for the congregation when they arrive. Our serving teams are there to help us too, children's workers, cafe team, hosting team, visuals and the musicians and we all meet before the service to pray for each other, learn about what each team are doing that Sunday and listen to what God has to say to us. Once every three weeks I lead kids work for the 7-11 year olds which has been challenging but fruitful. I really love to see young people take hold of their faith, take ownership of it and this comes through them asking lots and lots of questions!

ur community with God’s love So it can be very tricky sometimes but they are an amazing group! Once the service finishes the interns are on pack down, then we have a couple of hours for lunch before we join up with the interns that have been at the south gathering and head to our evening service called Hyde Park/Headingley where we meet in an independent cinema! Unfortunately there is no popcorn though!

Monday Each weekday starts with a prayer meeting at our offices at 9am which is led by a different member of staff each day, rotating between the gathering leaders and interns. These will take various shapes, some days we will be praying for a particular nation or person, and others we will go on prayer walks around Leeds. We then have review meetings to look over how the services went and if there were any new people who are interested in getting involved in the church who we can help get connected with home groups or sports teams etc. Monday afternoon's are when the guys have men's discipleship with one of the Elders of Mosaic church, Matt Hatch. This has been so helpful for all of us, with God really challenging us all and growing our character in amazing ways.

Tuesday After prayer I will start any kids work prep that I have in the week, whether that be for Sunday school or youth group. We then have a staff meeting and staff lunch where all members of Mosaic staff come together to share encouraging stories where God has been working in their or others' lives. We may also play a game during lunch to help build community. After lunch the interns all have outreach. We will go out to the surrounding area and try to chat with members of the public and spend time with the vulnerable in the city, often sitting and chatting with members of the homeless community. If people want to we will pray with them, or some weeks we will take thank you cards to people who are central to helping the city thrive such as driving a bus or protecting the streets as a police officer, or for cleaning the council tax office. After outreach I travel down to Beeston where I volunteer with a charity called Kidzklub. They run after school clubs for 4-11 year olds, aimed at bringing the Good News of Jesus to children from all backgrounds. I absolutely love Kidzklub and the work they do, and seeing the children grow their interest in who Jesus is and praying is so encouraging. Tuesday is a busy day as then I am off to Mission Group (or home group) before heading straight to bed!

blessing – transforming ou Wednesday This is my admin day and I have been surprised by how much i love admin! I am assisting a teaching course that Mosaic run called the discipleship track and am responsible for all the admin for this each week. Powerpoints, handouts, memory verses, emails... It's all good fun! We then run the track in the evening and we are seeing so much growth in people's faith which is great, and a real development in people's understanding of theology and also a development of our own discipleship abilities and strengths.

Thursday Thursday morning I use for study, where i will read, reflect, and (occasionally) write my essays! I then have accountability with Alex which has been both challenging and a source of real positive change in my heart and character. I then finish preparing for youth group and lead or assist there before going on to football practice.

Friday and Saturday are my days off, and I play football for Holbeck FC in a Christian League. It has been a wonderful opportunity for me to grow friendships outside of Mosaic and despite being a Christian league there aren't many believers in my team, so it is a great chance for me to be a witness for Christ in my sport. One guy has even begun coming back to church since I have joined the team so it has been amazing to chat with him and see him on a Sunday as well as a Saturday!

This year has been probably the most formative of my Christian life. I am learning so much and really getting to know God better. It has refined my character and challenged me on many issues that needed to be tackled. I have made some wonderful friends and have a fantastic Christian community around me. Thank you all so much for your prayers, love and support, for me, the internship, the church and my relationship with Emma. You are always in my prayers and I look forward to seeing you all again soon :) Much love and God bless, Jack Chaldecott

ur community with God’s love STWSS Step team to Peru: Supporting the work of the church in La Florida, Peru, August 2014 We are a team of seven who are going to work with the local church in a poor area two hours south of Lima, Peru. This is the fourth time a team from St Stephen with St Thomas Church will have been to support the people in this place, in a project set up by the charity Latin Link through our Mission Partners Paul and Ruth Turner. In La Florida, at the Nueva Vida Church,

Women’s work in the building

Pastor Juan Carlos and his wife Kelly work tirelessly with the local people to provide support, teaching, and a hope for the future through Jesus Christ. They have an unfailing vision to work with all of the community, to see their conditions improve, but most of all to reach out with the love of God. They want to see all children having a square meal each day, and our first trip laid the foundations for a comodor (canteen) to be built. This is now a two-roomed building with a concrete roof, and is used for many purposes during the week. We will be working with children, young people, the elderly, the vulnerable (those with aids or disability), and all ages in between. Drama, sport, singing, taking church services, as well as practical work, will all be ways in which we will reach out to them. We will also be involved with some sort of building project (details unknown as yet). La Florida

blessing – transforming ou The team: Robert Musgrave This is the second time I will be going to La Florida. I first went in 2008, and without a doubt the places we went to, the people and the children we worked and shared with, the remoteness of the place, the sense of poverty and the energy of hope, and most especially the faith and commitment of Juan Carlos, his family and the small group who worked with him made a lasting impression on me. I hope to see how the community has developed, how the church has grown and changed, how the earthquake damaged communities have been rebuilt, and to commit myself to the work of Juan Carlos and Kelly and to take part in the daily tasks and challenges as we are able. Sue Musgrave This will be my fourth time of visiting La Florida. I love the way we are welcomed as a team by all, and that our giving of our time is so much appreciated by the people. I believe that God leads us and teaches us all new things about his way of doing things and how he works in a totally different country and culture to ours, and I trust that once again he will show us as a team what he wants us to do and how he wants to use us for his glory.

Rachel Stokes My first Sunday in St Stephen's was on the day that the first Peru team were reporting back to the church about their trip in 2008, and I decided then that it sounded like a great opportunity. I finally got to go myself three years ago and am very much looking forward to returning again to catch up with all the friends that we made last time, make some new ones and to see how things have progressed with the building. I had been anticipating enjoying the building work the most last time, especially as the children's work is a bit too close to what I do for the rest of the year! However most of my best memories from the previous trip involve the children that we met. It was also great to spend time with Juan Carlos and Kelly, who have such a passion and vision for what they are trying to achieve. I have been trying to improve my Spanish in the intervening years but it's still very rusty. I also feel the need to get re-acquainted with my rake...

ur community with God’s love Phil Dorman I came into the team through hearing about it at Providence House, a youth and community centre in Battersea, (one of the church’s Mission Partners). I had seen and heard about the work of previous teams, but it wasn’t until recently that I felt a passion to be part of the team as well, and was over the moon when the chance arose. As a teenager in not a very good position, I came to Providence House and learned the trade of carpentry. Now in my thirties, I teach carpentry skills to young people myself. But more importantly than that, about three years ago my life changed dramatically when I realised that God really does exist, and really does care about me, and has a purpose for my life. I looked at creation, and finally knew that this did not happen by chance. I am so excited about going to Peru and hope I may be able to use my skills there for the benefit of that community. Chike Chiejine I too heard about the opportunity through Providence House where I went as a teenager, and now work there in the media room with young people. As soon as I heard about it, I knew without a doubt it was something I wanted to do. I have travelled a lot, but not to South America, and am looking forward to finding our more about the culture there. I started learning Spanish earlier this year, and am really excited about playing my part in the team, whatever it may be. Joy and Tom Barker Joy and Tom are working in Guatemala on a Stride Project with Latin Link for two years, and have been part of the STWSS team in past years. Joy’s fluent Spanish has been essential in past teams and we are so glad they can join us in Peru this time. They will fly from Guatemala from where they work with children and families who scavenge on the enormous rubbish dump. (Find out about them by reading their blog at ) If you would like to support the team and the project we will be involved in, please do so by donating through this website.

blessing – transforming ou iSource Youth Club iSource is our community youth club which runs on Thursday evenings at St Stephen’s. We aim to provide a safe place for young people in our local community to have fun, build self-confidence, and build positive relationships with their peers and with older role models. Due to great support from all the iSource leaders, the club has continued to go well this year. We have a good number of young people, mostly from the Molly Huggins and Weir Estates which surround the St Stephen’s building, who turn up every week. And even though we haven’t been actively promoting the club, numbers are growing and we see new people most weeks now, as the young people bring their friends along too. We’re currently planning some exciting things for the next term, including a trip ice-skating, a trip to Thorpe Park, and a residential trip for the older youth, as well as some fun activities during the regular sessions. A big thank you to everyone who has recently donated supplies for our homework sessions. We are particularly still looking for dictionaries, key stage 3 revision/textbooks (for years 7, 8 & 9), and laptops. If you have any of these that you’re able to donate, please drop them at the church office. Please pray for us, particularly for: 

The leaders- for energy during the sessions and for continuing to build positive relationships with the young people

The young people- for upcoming exams and for making positive decisions

Take a look at our new website and follow us on Twitter @iSourceYouth to keep up to date with how we’re getting on.

ur community with God’s love Oikos Oikos (referring to the Greek word for ‘extended household’ or ‘family’, not the yo-

ghurt!) is a brand new project that I’m running with Knights Youth Centre and other churches in Clapham Park. Knights are in contact with a number of young people who have a background or interest in Christianity, but feel that traditional church services are a bit detached from them. Oikos aims to develop a new community for these young people to explore Christianity and church in a setting that appeals to them. We meet every Sunday evening to eat together and chat about different aspects of faith. Over time we plan to do a variety of things with the group, including trips away, visiting different styles of churches, and finding ways to serve the local community. The project started in February, and we already have a great group of young people who are engaging really well, and provoking lively and honest discussions about who God is. I’m really excited about this new initiative. Helping these young people learn about God and grow in relationship with him is such a privilege. We would really value your prayers, particularly for: 

The young people- that they’ll keep turning up each week and that God will keep speaking into their lives

The leaders- to guide discussions well, develop good relationships with the young people, and that God will really work through us as we share his love for these young people

If you’d like to hear more about iSource or Oikos please do speak to me or email me at Josie

Catalyst Heart Compassion

Service Proclamation

blessing – transforming ou Holiday Activities– speak

Summer 2014 CPAS Ventures -

There are many different camps for all ages and tastes

Girls have been to Stagefright 2 camps for different age groups

Soul Survivor & Momentum -

Josie is planning Many of our Young people have enjoyed this, joining with other churches to make the trip

our own Agnes R

for fu

Depending on dem

to go jointl

Email offi

ur community with God’s love

with our young people and leaders for more information

Our Own Emma & Jack are leading on this camp Two of our youngsters are booked on this

Christians in Sport -

For those who have left school (18+) and

University students

Rosie has led on this and 2 young people are booked this year

g activities right here in

Riley Gardens – look out

urther details

mand we will join together

ly to these camps.

Annabelle has previously helped on this camp



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