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what is Surecom Network Solutions?

Surecom is a leading provider of engineering solutions and services to the telecommunications and IT industry.

what’s in a logo?

Your logo is a visual representation of your company. It needs to capture the essence of your business and make you look and feel like a serious player in the market place. It should be fresh and original, strong and confident.

The concepts we’re presenting are designed to work in a variety of media, including print and web. They are not set in stone and can be easily tweaked. We see the final logo forming an integral part of your marketing collateral.

what is branding?

If advertising is shouting, branding is whispering. It’s more subtle, and arguably, more powerful. It engages the consumer and builds a rapport. It creates an identity and forges an image.

A strong brand is a great start and valuable asset. It’s a source of competitive market advantage and unique selling proposition. Consumers need a reason to buy. A good brand gives them one. It’s not everything but it’s a lot.

Logo Option 1

the people you can trust

Logo Option 2

...the people you can trust

Logo Option 3

Logo Option 4



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