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The Spectator ● February 3, 2017

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Teen Resource Center

TRC: (212) 226-2044 Pediatrics Dept: (212) 226-3888

Wetlab Look-ins South Walkway of Pier 40 at West St. and Houston St. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2- 5PM

Want to learn more about the fishes in the Hudson Estuary, the Hudson River ecosystem, and New York Harbor? Come to a Wetlab Look-in! Wetlab Look-ins are centered on an estuarium system of live circulating river water with a living collection of local fishes and invertebrates, and the Living Oyster Reef Ecosystem exhibit. This unique collection represents the biodiversity and habitat of the Hudson River Park Estuarine Sanctuary, and sometimes includes hundreds of animals.

September Calendar Tuesdays & Thursdays, 2-5 pm: 9/6 Oyster Toadfish Look-in 9/8 Wetlab Look-in 9/13 Benthic Wetlab Look-in 9/15 Wetlab Look-in 9/20 Water Quality Look-in 9/22 Invertebrate Look-in 9/27 Wetlab Look-in 9/29 Fish Ecology Look-in

Volume 107, Issue 9  
Volume 107, Issue 9