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Erasmus+ project “Open Gates to the Knowledge of Entrepreneurship” 2017-1-RO01-KA219- 037428

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European Partnership for a successful future Monthly - N. 3 - December 2018 Publisher: I.I.S. “Luigi Sturzo” Via Ettore Romagnoli, 78 - 93102 Gela (CL)

Summary The second mobility

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Meeting teachers from different countries... The teachers’ point of view...

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An unforgettable experience...

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Mobility Report Italy, Sicily

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Sicilian experience - Gela 28.05.2018 - 1.06.2018

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A person is made of her experiences

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Italian mobility May 2018

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Meeting students from different countries and making new friends The students’ point of view …

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Hosting turkish girls

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Erasmus experience

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Mobility in Italy

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Visiting a magical place: my trip to Italy

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How to become a successful entrepreneur

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Visiting Ascot: a Sicilian excellence in business

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Business ideas

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Visiting Ecoplast: new ways to use plastic

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The sicilian cucine

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The second mobility within the “Open Gates to the Knowledge of Entrepreneurship� project Italy, 28/05/2018 - 01/06/2018

I.I.S. Luigi Sturzo - Italy was the host school for the second mobility of the Open Gates to the Knowledge of Entrepreneurship

Students from partner schools participated in the learning activities organized by the host school.


Four teachers (Motrun Corina, Ghitulescu Daniela, Gheorghe Georgeta, Popescu Ramona) and 6 pupils, from IXth B, XIth A, XIth B grades have participated from the Costesti Technological High school (Grigore Andreea, Petrescu Robert, Petrica Cosmin, Barbu Iuliana, Plesoi Marinel, Patrascu Mihai). The theme of this mobility was "Entrepreneurship - a career option".

Together they made a group project "Portrait of the successful entrepreneur", they worked on mixed groups and found 4 original business ideas and met with successful entrepreneurs from Gela. Teachers participating in mobility have had the opportunity to discover the Italian teaching way, to participate in learning activities in the classes of the Italian partner, to work together and produce the magazine "European Partnership for a Successful Future" and the "Dictionary Business". Besides the thematic activities related to the project specific, the participants visited the Archaeological Museum of Gela, the Greek fortifications of Timoleon, the Natural Reservation Biviere, the Temple Valley in Agrigento, the center of Gela, the beach and two local firms: ASCOT and ECOPLAST. Participating in Erasmus+ projects is a positive experience for people interacting, shaping your character and developing your skills in a recreational-social way preparing for life. Teacher Motrun Corina

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An unforgettable experience... Emotions ... Emotions ... The day has come when together with a group of six students and three teachers we left to Italy, Sicily, in Gela, in mobility with the Erasmus "Open Gates ..." project, coordinated by Corina Motrun. It was a sunny day, a day in which all of us gathered in the yard of the school, looking forward to meeting another school,

another area, other people. For some of us it was the first experience of this kind; I was counting among them, and I can say that I have tried contradictory feelings: on the day of my departure I felt like I left everybody apart and I prayed for time to stop. But the time followed his tic-toc. I left... At the airport, after the embarkation Pagina 6

formalities were done, we waited for a while before we went to the aircraft. Everything was normal. Emotions were still there, because the plane was another new experience. We know that air transport is the safest, but many said the flight is difficult. But no, after we took off from the ground, everything was normal. From above, from the clouds and from above, I saw the land, the houses ... It was nice ... After only an hour and forty-five minutes we landed in Catania, where we went by bus to Gela. It was a new world: giant plants, ficus, multicolored trees and leanders strove the road; and the oranges, olive trees and large greenhouses showed us that we had reached another area, the Mediterranean. The first impact was very pleasant. We were going to meet the second, the one with the school, the students and the teachers. In the morning, accompanied by our hosts, we went to high school. It was an ordinary day: the students were in the hallways, in classes, for them we were "no strangers", but some of them. They were

like our students: explosive and communicative. This reminded me that we are "brothers," we have the same Latin origin.

I have admired here how to work with students, there is a lot of freedom, a student-teacher approach. I have also noticed this connection in the other high school building where in the kitchen labs, students were taught to cook, to serve, to be good receptionists or chambermaids. But I was most impressed by the fact that we, the Romanians, are good as an education system, because the Romanian children who were learning there were the best, being trained in many activities.

days that we have been in other picturesque places: the Gela Archeology Museum, the Acropolis and Fortifications, the Biviera Natural Reserve, two companies: Ascot and Ecoplast, welldeveloped family businesses. The last day was a sad one on both sides: the Romanian children left with tears in the eyes. We did not have much time to think at home, but sometimes, looking at their students and ours, I missed all that we are: the students here, the school, the teachers and I think that we should appreciate everything around us, let us realize that everything is beautiful, important, that we, as people, are different: warm, friendly and why not, even if you think you are subjective, intelligent. It was a wonderful experience, an experience I would repeat, an experience from which I learned that, when gathering in the same place more mentalities, cultures, religions, it prevails, friendship, communication. Teacher Gheorghe Georgeta

Also, our group of six students behaved exemplarily, participating in activities alongside students in Cyprus, Turkey and Italy. Friendships have been tied up, I hope for a long time. These have been consolidated during the five

Pagina 7

Costesti Technological High school

Mobility Report Italy, Sicily As part of the Erasmus project entitled "Open





accommodation, as food, I could choose


traditional dishes. I combined the useful

Entrepreneurship", I had the opportunity to

with the pleasure of spending my free time.

participate in the mobility in Italy, Sicily, which took place between 28 May and 1 June 2018 at IIS 'L.STURZO '' in GELA. The





activities (visiting the school, exchanging experience with teachers from the two countries, presenting examples of good practice, presenting the Romanian and

We worked very well and got a good feed-back from the Italian coordinator. The team in Romania was made up of 4 teachers






collaboration was very good, each member contributing to the project running. I





Italian education system, participating in

participate in this project a new challenge

theoretical lessons and practical lessons),

to work, a way to acquire new knowledge

and in the second part of the day various


cultural activities.

professional competences. I like team

The accommodation was at the 3 stars Elisir Hotel. I had a very comfortable

Pagina 8






work, I'm trying to develop this at my students, and I realize now, after the activities in Italy, that I can transfer the

added value of my college students together. The fact that I spoke in English gave me the opportunity to improve and enrich my vocabulary, to be able to talk with colleagues but also with Italian students, with other people from whom I asked for the necessary information - hotel staff, airport staff, when eating, from cultural




objectives. At Costesti Technological High school, Arges there has been running many European projects, for me it was the third mobility that I participated in as a direct beneficiary and I think every mobility was a unique experience. I have had the opportunity to compare education systems in the two countries of the European

Pagina 9

Union. To be able to run my project effectively in the future, I updated my knowledge of history, geography, I searched the website of the host organization on the Internet for some details about it, before getting there. Last but not least, I did my medical insurance, I took the necessary steps to participate in mobility without unpleasant events. In this mobility I liked the most the city of Gela, which is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, an absolutely wonderful place, a place bathed by sea and sunshine with a special charm. Teacher Ramona Popescu

Sicilian experience Gela 28.05.2018 - 1.06.2018

Participating in Erasmus mobility offers you the opportunity to get to know a country not only in terms of tourism, but to see and feel how the inhabitants of the area live, think and act.

Some of the Romanian students were hosted by the Italian students, which led to a strong approach between them, developing strong and lasting friendships. They also saw the way to live, think, eat of

The second mobility within the Open Gates to the Knowledge of Entrepreneurship project 2017-1-RO01KA219-037428 took place in Gela, Sicily. From our high school, 4 teachers participated: Corina Motrun, Project Coordinator, Daniela GhiĹŁulescu, English

the Italian hosts, being looked at and integrated as family members.

teacher, Ramona Popescu, Agriculture teacher and Georgeta Gheorghe, Romanian teacher, with 6 students: Andreea Grigore, Iulia Barbu, Cristi Patrascu, Madalin Plesoi, Robert Petrescu and Cosmin Petrica.

remaining months to mobility in Romania and completed with business plans.

Pagina 10

I participated in the Italian host classes, we did the proposed activities on the agenda. The students discussed and set out 4 ingenious business ideas, ideas that will be continued on online groups during the

Our hosts have shown us some of the places of interest in the area. We have visited the city center, the cliff, the Gela

Archaeological Museum, the Greek Fortifications of Timoleon, the Biviere Nature Reserve and the Agrigento Temple Valley. We also visited 2 companies, Ascot and Ecoplast, where we saw 2 successful businesses and how ideas have turned into reality. The pupils were very excited and inspired to develop their ideas and follow their inspiration. Although we had the misfortune to get to Gela in a period of administrative and political crisis, the wonderful landscape with the warm and quiet sea and the fine

The Sicilian experience was interesting, useful to understand how our partners live and useful to project goals.


Teacher Daniela GhiĹŁulescu

beaches allowed to see the tourist potential of the area. Mobility in Italy has achieved its goals, teachers have worked and established the final form of the Dictionary of Economic Terms and the two magazines with the articles collected from the four partners.

Pagina 11

A person is made of her experiences A person is made of her experiences. I would personally say that this past year has put into my box of experiences something I could have never imagined I had gone through.

experienced this kind of program as a mom, since my daughter hosted two girls respectively from Greece and Hungary, but now I came inside this magical world in first person, and I can firmly say that it is a completely different way of living it.

Being surrounded by all varieties of people, from different countries, different cultures, different ways of living habits has not just enriched myself, but also put me in a context where at first I wasn’t comfortable with, but that challenged me

I haven’t had the possibility of going abroad to visit other partner schools yet, but I was there when everyone came in Gela and we spent quality time together not just during our free time, but also in those hours when we used our skills to learn more about economy, entrepreneurship, networking, building a business and crowdfunding.

so hard that now I’m sad I can’t live every day like that.

The thing that made everything so special was the fact that, despite

Erasmus+ is a program that can put in front of you tons of difficulties, but with the help of m y t eam everything became easy and enjoyable. I’ve a l r e a d y

Pagina 12

communicating mainly in English, everyone was just so curious to know other languages too, like Romanian, Turkish and Greek. During the week spent all together in Gela, we visited some local firms and this gave so much inspiration to all the students that enthusiastically listened to the speeches of the entrepreneurs that were giving them not onl y information about how they started their business and how they grew economically, but also the kind of motivation that can inspire them in the future so that they can do the same. I was so enthusiast of seeing the student’s faces during that time but also how fast everyone

became friends even in a little time spent together. The day I’ll never forget of that week would certainly be the last night, where we went to a villa for the farewell party and suddenly everyone was dancing to typical music from all the countries, and all the people that were there were enjoying themselves so much. I believe this kind of experiences are very important for the growth of a person, because they give you emotions, experiences, and life-long friends from all over the world. I hope to continue on doing Erasmus+ projects and to meet again all the amazing people that I met in this amazing journey. Teacher Concetta Gangi

Pagina 13

Italian mobility May 2018

Last May our school hosted the Erasmus project partners. They arrived the same day but with different times so we arranged to go and get them to the station together with the students. We were excited especially me since it was my first experience with such a project. The following day they visited our school. At the front office they were greeted by our students with a welcome poster. Then

your habits and ideas and It gives you the

they attended our lessons.

opportunity to know different countries

Finding yourself with colleagues of different nationalities puts you to compare

Pagina 14

from yours and to overcome prejudices. Teacher Susanna Galanti



Pagina 15

Hosting turkish girls Taking part to an Erasmus project was

counties, they allowed us to meet new

an amazing experience, it allowed groups

companions of adventure. The girls were

of young people from different countries to

really unique and we are happy to have

meet, live together and work on shared

shared this experience with special girls

projects for a week.

like them. The last night we met at Federica’s house and we spent the night together and we had a lot of fun. The contamination between peoples and cultures, the free circulation knowledge,




and new

friends and working together We hosted two Turkish girls and participated





workshops, sightseeing tours and more. Hosting a student is a chance to share your story, traditions and customs with others while discovering a new culture right in your own home. We learnt about a new culture and a different way of life with someone from a different background, and we gained so much more than we gave. With the girls we had a great time, they were nice and fantastic girls. We got on very well even if they were from a different





different language and had different habits. It was a great experience to be able to host girls and boys from other

Pagina 16

is a starting point for building a better society. We are trying and we’ll do our best! Next May we are going to Turkey and we are looking forward to meeting them again and to spending some days in their country. Students: Federica Cuvato Elisa Scollo

Erasmus experience My name is Barbu Iulia, I am a XIth grade student and I was selected to participate in the mobility in Italy, Gela, between May 27 and June 1, under the Open Gates to the Knowledge of Entrepreneurship project, Nr. 2017-1RO01-KA219-037428. For me, the first day was enjoyable, as Luigi Sturzo’s students were nice with us and very communicative. We were beautifully welcomed into their school. I have been in touch with the activities that took place in the everyday life of the students there. The next day, I went to another school building and saw how the students at Luigi Sturzo High School were learning to practice as a waiter, chef or tourist receptionist. Italian students cooked for us traditional food in the high school kitchens. Then they presented and served the dishes and we had the opportunity to taste those dishes.

Pagina 17

On Wednesday, I participated in the project activities at the Italian colleagues and then, together with those in Turkey, Italy and Cyprus, we designed 4 business plans. After the program, I visited the Gela Museum and we walked through the city center. On Thursday, after school activities, we had the opportunity to go to two local companies: Ascot and Ecoplast. Here, entrepreneurs told us how they set up their businesses, presented us their products, and encouraged us to have the initiative, to work hard to get where we want. On Friday we did outdoor activities in a nature reserve. I really enjoyed the attitude of the students and the teachers towards us, the way the students communicated with us. I’m sorry it was over and I hope to meet up on a similar occasion. Student Barbu Iulia

Mobility in Italy It was a beautiful Sunday morning. I was going to meet my friends and leave with our teahers in a beautiful and unforgettable experience. In front of the high school we waited for the bus to take us to Henri Coanda airport. When we arrived at the airport we checked in and we boarded the plane. Honestly, I was a little nervous but I did not let this see on my face, I finally understood that I panicked for nothing because the flight was smooth and there was no problem. After landing at Catania, we waited for the bus in front of the airport to take me to paradise. I was a little skeptical about this mobility because I do not really master English, but I was just breaking a little Italian. Arrived in Gela I was fascinated by this place because this town was filled with beautiful landscapes, wonderful people and nature was at home. After staying at the hotel, I went out to town with some of my colleagues and teacher to eat something. On the first day we went to Luigi Sturzo High School where we presented and filled a small test of our entrepreneurial career orientation. Here we were received very nicely by our host teachers and students. On the second day we went to another high school body where the students studied the art of cooking and catering. Here I attended an hour of their class and presented ourselves. In this high school I met some wonderful Italian girls with whom I got on very well and we are good friends and in the evening I went to town with them and I ate meals specific to the Pagina 18

place feeling great in their company. The next day I visited with the students of Italy, Cyprus and Turkey the city museum and then we designed together with them a business idea. In the 4th day we visited a nature reserve and after making a small picnic with my friends in Italy we visited 2 companies: Ascot and Ecoplast where I was amazed by the professionalism shown by these two companies. On the last day I went to Luigi Sturzo High School where each partner presented its country and highlighted her good parts, then we were rewarded for the contribution made to this wonderful week. I was really disappointed when we had to leave because I was very much attached to the girls there and they felt the same ... I think that for the simple reason they started crying when we left. In the evening we came to Romania thankfull for having made many friends and happy because I had a delightful experience. Student Patrascu Cristian

Visiting a magical place: my trip to Italy My first departure from my country was in Italy more precisely in Sicily (Gela).




colleagues. As we entered school, all the students

We waited very impatiently for this departure, finally the day of departure arrived and we gathered in the courtyard of the high school all those who left, we went up in the coach and we went to Bucharest, more precisely Henri Coanda airport. Arrived there, we started easily to be nervous. It was my first airplane flight. I had a flight of about 1 hour and 50 minutes, a smooth flight with very small turbulences. beautiful city.

In Gela, a small city at first impression, we were expected by a few teachers and families to host us. surprised

when I found out that the family I was staying at was a family of Romanians settled in Italy for a few years. In the morning we took breakfast and then went to school. We met with the other

Pagina 19

extremely friendly. I attended a presentation, I answered a questionnaire




attended the classes of Italian colleagues. During the break, we were served cakes and different traditional culinary goodies and we had time to get to know each other better. During my free time I went out with walked and we got to know each other very quickly.

From there we took the coach to Gela.


there came to know, greeting us, were

the Italian friends, I was on the cliff, we

I landed at Catania Airport, a very



Student Plesoi Marinel, XI B

During the mobility teachers and students were involved in interesting and motivating activities which allowed them to improve their entrepreneurial skills.

Pagina 20

How to become a successful entrepreneur The theme of the mobility in Italy was “Entrepreneurship a career option” and students were involved in activities that made them consider how you can become an entrepreneur and how a successful entrepreneur should be. It is easy to start a business, but it is difficult to continue that business successfully for a long period of time.

Building a business takes a lot of time and effort. It means putting in longer hours and doing extra work. If you don’t love what you do, you’re not going to want to do what it takes to achieve success. To be a successful entrepreneur, you must be goal-oriented. But it’s not enough to just set goals. You must make a plan and do every thing you can to reach those goals.

Entrepreneurs desire independence and have a sense of initiative that makes them want to use their innate abilities to the greatest extent possible. They are willing to work long hours to make their business succeed and they don’t mind working evenings and weekends. A successful entrepreneur has a strong inner drive that helps him or her to succeed. A successful entrepreneur always has a strong sense of self confidence and a healthy opinion of their skills and abilities. Their personality is assertive and strong. They are always focused and do not really dillydally with the issues at hand. Another important quality of a successful entrepreneur is openness in adopting change. They should not be headstrong and stubborn when it comes to choosing other options. Change is the only thing that is constant in business, no one can make any profits on age old methods. The path to success lies in evolution, whether it is evolution of ideas, services and products or technology. An entrepreneur should have an open mind and eagerness to learn new things. It is imperative to understand that the only way to keep at the top is to keep on changing and evolving with the time. Passion, resourcefulness, willingness to improvise and listen to others and strong determination to succeed is what makes an entrepreneur successful. And this is what you have to keep in mind as well if you want to be a successful entrepreneur yourself. Teacher Silvia Santamaria

Pagina 21

Visiting Ascot: a Sicilian excellence in business remote areas of the world thanks to their uninterruptible power supplies.

Ascot is one of the most prestigious companies of our territory. It is an international company with branches in many European and non-European countries. The word Ascot stands for Azienda Siciliana Costruzioni Tecniche (Sicilian Technical Construction Company). It is at the same time Sicilian and international. During the company visit carried out by the Erasmus group we found out the meaning of Energy Everywhere. Ascot brings energy to all parts of the world where energy is not present for example in the desert and in the most

Pagina 22

The group of teachers and students made a very interesting visit to the company premises led by members of the Greca family who, with great willingness, explained the company’s vision and mission together with its history and organization. Teacher Mariangela Faraci

Business ideas One of the activities we organized during the mobility in Italy was the development of business ideas in order to create exercise firm to present and promote in the following mobility in Romania. Students were given the main information about Business Idea and Business Plan by a skilled expert and they discussed about it and then they were divided into mixed group and worked on

sell it in the right place at the right price, in order to reach the target it is addressed to. The business idea must fulfill customers’ needs or solve their problems. Otherwise you will never have a customer segment that spend money for your product or service. The activity was very interesting and motivating. Students participated with enthusiasm and at the end of their work they introduced their business ideas, highlighting the characteristics of the firm they had planned to set up and illustrating the SWOT analysis they have done. SWOT analysis is an analysis framework used to evaluate a company’s competitive position and stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

their own business idea. Students learnt how an idea is the first milestone in the process of founding a business. Every successful business started as someone’s idea.

Specifically, Strengths are all the company’s favorable resources and describe what an organization excels at.

They understood the importance of being innovative using conventional production or distribution methods that have rarely been adopted before. They were told about feasibility and profitability of the business idea, that means that you must identify what are the resources and the skills that allow you to achieve your goals and the right way for making revenue. When starting a business you must have the strength and ability needed to drive the business to success with a high level of enthusiasm and a low level of liability risk. Converting an idea into a business requires thinking about how the product or service will be sold and who will buy it, how it is different from similar products and planning all the strategies to advertise and Pagina 23

Weaknesses are areas where the business needs to improve in order to remain competitive debt. Opportunities are external factors that can be used to give it a competitive advantage. Threats refer to factors that have the potential to harm an organization. Teacher Silvia Santamaria

Visiting successful local firm helps students to understand better the world of entrepreneurship “Follow your dream! Success is up to you! “ The real message of a successful businessman for Erasmus students.

Pagina 24

Ecoplast: new ways to use plastic

The Ecoplast company is one of the entrepreneurial excellences of the territory of Gela.


characterized dynamism,


a company that is by


entrepreneurial and



change, they trust in new generations and

have great respect for the environment. Our Erasmus group made a very interesting visit to the company premises , which allowed us to learn about the organization, the logistics and t to know the production chain. Accompanied by Dr. Salvatore Gatto and Dr. Giacomo Giurato we visited the company; they both showed us proudly what is being done and exported all over the world, also exposing development projects for which they will use the most modern digital techniques and designers. The colours of the objects that they produce have thrilled us all, leaving us the memory of a beautiful entrepreneurial positivity of the economy of Gela. Teacher Mariangela Faraci

Pagina 25

Students and teachers of the Catering school were very busy during the days of Italian mobility. They were in charge of the coffee break and they also prepared some dishes for lunch. They welcomed the foreign guests and did their best to arrange everything, showing their skills and professionality.

Pagina 26

The sicilian cucine Food is an essential past of italian life, but italian cuisine varies a lot from one region to another. The most well-know italian dishes are pasta and pizza, but Italian cuisine varies a lot of from one region to another . During italian mobility, we presented our typical Sicilian dishes like: arancine, Sicilian caponata, pasta with sardines, panelle in bread roll and Sicilian sweet: cassata, cannoli, almond paste, martorana

a Sicilian dish of pasta with sardines and anchovies. It is a typical dish of Palermo, but we can find it all over the island. The principal ingredients are olive oil, onions, pasta and a finely chopped mixture of sardines and anchovy. The Sicilian Caponata is a sweet and sour vegetable dish, a mixture of fried vegetables, almost always aubergines, served with tomato sauce, celery, onion, olives and capers and a sauce of sugar and vinegar. The caponata is normally served as a side dish or as a cold or warm

fruit and Lemon granita. The Sicilian gastronomic tradition is linked to poor dishes, based on pasta, bread, vegetables and fish. Sicilian cuisine is marked by the Arab influence. It is the Arabs who are responsible for the introduction of citrus fruits, sugar, cinnamon, saffron and rice. The arancine take their name from the orange fruit, they are rice balls, filled with ragĂš, mozzarella, peas, saffron, grated cheese, covered with bread crumbs. There are variety of filling. Pasta with sardines is

Pagina 27

appetizer. The ingredients are: aubergines,

green olives, onion, celery, capers, tomato sauce, olive oil, sale, vinegar, sugar, basil and toasted pine nuts. Panelle are Sicilian fritters made from chickpea flour and other ingredients. They are a popular street food in Palermo and

are often eaten between slices of bread or on a roll, like a sandwich. Panelle are believed to be of Arab origin. One of the typical Sicilian sweets is the Sicilian cannolo. The Cannoli consist of tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough, filled with a

Pagina 28

sweet, creamy filling usually containing ricotta. The Cassata is a well-known traditional Sicilian cake made with sweetened ricotta. It



round sponge cake moistened with fruit juices or liqueur and layered with ricotta cheese and candied fruit, a filling also used with cannoli. Cassata has a shell of marzipan, decorated with candied fruit and royal icing.

Other traditional sweets are Frutta martorana that is made of marzipan in the form of fruits and vegetables and almond cookies, made of ground almonds or meal sugar and egg white. Students: Samuele Greco Giorgia Sfragara Angelica Scuderi

The magazine is the result of the collaboration of teachers and students from the four partner schools taking part to the Erasmus+ project “Open Gates to the Knowledge of Entrepreneurship� 2017-1-RO01-KA219- 037428

Layout and editing by teacher Concetta Gangi General revision by teacher Silvia Santamaria

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

“The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.�

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European Partnership for a successful future  

Magazine n. 3 - December 2018 Erasmus+ Project “Open Gates to the Knowledge of Entrepreneurship” 2017-1-RO01-KA219- 037428

European Partnership for a successful future  

Magazine n. 3 - December 2018 Erasmus+ Project “Open Gates to the Knowledge of Entrepreneurship” 2017-1-RO01-KA219- 037428