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“Open Gates to the Knowledge of Entrepreneurship” 2017-1-RO01-KA219- 037428

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European Partnership for a successful future Monthly - N. 5 - March 2019 Publisher: I.I.S. “Luigi Sturzo” Via Ettore Romagnoli, 78 - 93102 Gela (CL)

Summary The third mobility

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Visit to Dacia Automobile Factory


Worker Owned Cooperatives


Creative Destruction and Entrepreneurship


Buying a Franchise

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Environmentally Friendly Enterprises

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A good experience in Romania

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Memories in Romania

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A week in Romania

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A good experience

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In Romania

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Our experience in Romania

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The visit to the Castles

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Why doing Erasmus?

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The third mobility within the “Open Gates to the Knowledge of Entrepreneurship� project Costesti, Romania, 05/11/2018 - 09/11/2018

Costesti Technologycal High School hosted the third mobility of the Erasmus + Open Gates to the Knowledge of Entrepreneurship project. This mobility was attended by students and teachers from the partner schools in the project: I.I.S. "Luigi Sturzo" -Italy, Sule Muzaffer Buyuk Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu LisesiTurkey and IMS Private School-Cyprus. The theme of this mobility was "Entrepreneur through Training Company". The general objective of learning through the exercise firm is to develop the entrepreneurial spirit by: familiarizing students with the specific activities of a real company, simulating business operations and business processes specific to the real business environment, improving the business language, developing the skills and attitudes needed by a dynamic

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entrepreneur : creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, decisionmaking, responsibility, teamwork, initiative, perseverance, self-organization and self-evaluation of individual resources, flexibility. The students completed the necessary documents for the establishment of 4 training firms, for each of them they made business plans, promotional materials, catalogs, leaflets, films for presenting them. On the last day of mobility they participated at the Exercise Firm Fair in which students have had the opportunity to simulate operations that real business entrepreneurs are currently doing, from business plan to production, marketing, management. In the project, they were enrolled at the ROCT, 4 business firms, whose business scope meets the requirements of the local business environment.

The expected results from the application of this method are: increasing the degree of insertion on the labor market of graduates, reducing the workplace accommodation time, better adaptability to changing jobs, flexibility, initiative and risk. Teachers participating in mobility have had the opportunity to discover the Romanian educational system, to participate in learning activities in our classrooms. Together they produced the brochure "Success through training firm", which presents this interactive learning method and contributed to the "Young entrepreneurs guide". To make the link between school and business environment, students and teachers visited the largest company in Arges, Dacia Groupe Renault, where they saw the technological process of making cars. They visited the Golesti Museum and the Pelisor Castle having the purpose of informing and familiarizing participants about our

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history, culture, traditions. Participating in this project is a learning opportunity for those involved teachers and students. Each of the project participants has to learn and win at the same time. European projects bring new knowledge, new capacities, exchange of ideas, transfer of creative practices, access to new teaching materials, practice and language development in real contexts. Teacher Motrun Corina Violeta Technological Highschool Costesti

Mobility theme: "Entrepreneur through the training company".

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Visit to “DACIA� automobile factory Visiting firms, plants, factories and meeting entrepreneurs are very important activities which helps students get closer to the world of work and entrepreneurship. During the days we spent in Romania we visited Automobile Dacia S.A, a Romanian car manufacturer that takes its name from the historic region that constitutes the present-day Romania. The company was founded in 1966, and has been a subsidiary of the French car manufacturer Renault since 1999 The plant we visited is divided into several sections, such as bodywork, painting, assembly, mechanical and chassis, foundry etc. Students and teachers were very

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interested in the visit because they could learnt something about car manufacturing and industrial production. They also discovered an important industrial site which employes thousands of workers. The Dacia brand is marketed in most of the Western and Eastern European countries, as well as in some Northern African countries At present the Dacia Duster SUV is the most produced model, followed by Sandero and Logan.

Teacher Silvia Santamaria

Worker Owned Cooperatives A worker cooperative is simply a

aim is not to maximize profits and

different way of operating a business.

guarantee returns to investors, but to insert



in to the workplace the democratic values

businesses, in a workers cooperative all

and principles that are shared in our

employees are also owners. This means

society and communities. Principles such

that every employee has the same amount

as: one-person/one-vote equality; open

of shares and votes. To elaborate further, a


worker cooperative is owned by all the


employees in equal portions and not by

equitable distribution of resources (such as

outside shareholders or a small group of




partners. Profits or losses are distributed evenly, and everyone has the same amount of shares, from the entry level positions up to managing positions.


information free


(open-book and


The delegation of responsibilities is like that of “traditional” companies - which allows for efficiency and the overall concept


many great


The board of directors is elected by the

Productivity tends to increase as workers

worker-owners which is responsible for

dedicate themselves to the business and a


sense of equality governs the workplace.





process creates a circle, of everyone being accountable to someone else. It’s overall

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Creative Destruction and Entrepreneurship Have you ever heard of the term

and creative prowess make sure that they

Creative Destruction? This term is used

offer superior products or services than

when some companies cease operation

those already available in the market,


which results in the destruction of the old





maintain their leadership in the industry. Creative destruction refers to the

and outdated with something new and innovative.

replacement of inferior products and

Hence, the term creative destruction, as

companies by more efficient, innovative,

ones new creation is the downfall of

and creative ones wherein the capitalist


market based ecosystem ensures that only the best and brightest survive whereas others are disappearing by the force of creative destruction. This


entrepreneurs innovative

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that with and


Buying a Franchise A franchise is a way to buy a business in the name of another company. This legal agreement gives the franchisee, or franchise buyer, the right to sell the company’s products or services in a particular location and for a specified length of time. The franchise seller is called a franchisor. As you’ve already learned, buying a business has less risk than starting a new one. This is particularly true of franchises. Some sources estimate that a franchise has a 90% or better chance of success. Some of the reasons for this include: 

Proven System. Most franchises have a system in place that has already been tested. Following the proven processes and procedures created by the franchisor helps ensure the success of your business.

Customer Awareness. People tend to buy from businesses they recognize and trust. When you buy a franchise that is well known and liked, you will benefit from the name and reputation already established.

Multiple Benefits Provided by the Franchisor. A franchisor provides initial training on how to operate the business. In addition, the franchisor provides ongoing support in answering questions. An individual franchise also benefits from the national advertising purchased by the franchisor.

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Exclusive Geographical Area. A franchisor allows only a certain number of franchises to operate within a particular region. This keeps competition down.

Easier Financing. Bankers are often more likely to lend money to an individual buying a franchise, because historically franchises have a high rate of success. From the bankers’ point of view, a franchisee is less likely to default on a loan than owners of other types of businesses.

Although franchising might be a good option, there are some downsides that come along with it. First and foremost are the initial and ongoing fees that a potenetial franchisee has to pay. Those fees include the right to operate under the business name but also royalty feesmonthly ongoing payments based on the percentage of the sales. Another downside is the fact that there is no entrepreneurial freedom. The Franchisee abides by the rules of the “mother” company and follows set procedures. Cyprus

Memos A memo (short for memorandum)

memo. A precisely worded subject line

is a brief note that informs employees

lets recipients know how the message

about a business-related matter. A letter is

applies to them and how quickly they

written to people outside the business, and

should respond. Be careful to match

a memo is written to people within it.

the message to the audience.

Compared to business letters, memos are

Information meant for only a few

typically shorter and less formal. They

should be sent in separate memos to


those individuals. This is a matter of





employees need to perform a task. The subject might range from a reminder of an office birthday party to a marketing trend that will affect a company’s profits. A memo has two main parts: 

Heading: The heading consists of the lines that identify the recipients, the sender, the date, and the subject of the

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privacy as well as relevance. 

Body: The body contains the message. Memos tend to cover only one subject. However, you may still want to break down





paragraphs or a list, for easier reading. Cyprus

Environmentally Friendly Enterprises Like other societal

steadily growing segment of the food

trends, concern for



the environment is





generate a large percentage of those



sales. Organic personal-care items are



ones. Opportunities for



also gaining popularity. 

Fair Trade: Fair trade is a way of


doing business that is based on

with imagination and initiative - in other

principles of social and environmental

words, the entrepreneur - seem to arise


almost daily.

sustainable growth. Most producers







involved in fair trade are small farmers

products were made and used without

and skilled crafters in developing

much thought for their long-term

countries. They form cooperatives to

impact on people or the planet. In

set prices and product standards. Most

contrast, design that is sustainable

fair trade items are then sold through a

meets the planet’s current needs while

network of independent wholesalers


and retailers. Sales of fair trade goods





have risen significantly in the past few

Alternative Energy: Researchers are

years as consumers grow more aware

working to make alternatives to oil and

of the impact of their spending

coal - such as solar, wind, and


hydrogen power - more efficient. They’re testing newer forms of bio-fuel extracted from corn, sugar cane, and even vegetable oil left over from frying foods. 


Organics: Concerns about personal health, as well as the environment, have increased interest in organic products, those made from crops and animals






without Organic

produce, grains, and meats make up a Pagina 12


Romania is a colorful country with its culture, people and traditions

Pagina 13

A good experience in Romania opportunity to compare our school with that school. The agriculture department in the school was very noticeable. It would be nice to have such a department in our school. I found the theoretical and practical practices efficient. We had the opportunity to visit many different classes on the school tour. We entered literature classes and I wanted to introduce them The third mobility of our project

Turkish Literature by reading a poem. I

entitled 'Open Gates to the Knowledge of

also listened to a sample poem from their

Entrepreneurship' took place in Romania.

own literature.

I think the Romanian mobility of the

Romania is a colorful country with

project was successful. Both educational

its culture, people and traditions. To visit

and cultural studies have been carried out.

the city, to see the historical places was

During the mobility, we had a pleasant

fun. With our efficient workshops, trips in

conversation with the participants of our

the city and sincere relations with our all

partners. I had the opportunity to get to

partners, the mobility of the project has

know the education system of Romania at

been completed successfully.

Liceul Tehnologic Costesti High School. As a principal and teacher, I had the

Pagina 14


Memories in Romania food cultures of a different country. The cultural trips were quite entertaining and instructive. All the partner groups did their best and






workshops. The students improved their communication skills and learned new vocabulary from other partners' language. It was a good experience for all of us. We learned a lot, we enjoyed a lot. Within the scope of the project, the 3rd

mobility in




successful and productive in general. From the first day, the activities determined in the work program have been carried out in full. By staying with Romanian families, our students have improved their visions, improved their self-confidence, contributed to the development of their linguistic skills. In addition, they had the opportunity to examine the social and cultural life and

Pagina 15

MELÄ°S AÄžAR Graphic and Photography Teacher

A week in Romania This project was a very good experience for me. I was afraid to fail at first because I've never been abroad before. I applied to this project to get to know new people, different cultures. And so I think that I have improved my English more than I did at school. Where we went to meet very nice people, I made very nice friends, we talked English with the family where I stayed. I was very impressed with the architecture in the school. While we were at school, we started a company, we learned to start a company, to prepare flyers, posters, catalog and what needed for a training firm. We presented our training firms. We participated in different classes. The class of floral arrangements was amazing for me. To sum up, I had a great


week in Romania with my foreign friends.


I enjoyed and learnt a lot.

Pagina 16

A good experience It was a very good experience for me. I've known new people, new cultures I've improved my English and enriched my ICT and communication skills. I've learned how to start a company, what we need to start a company and how to run a company. I have learned that we must be cooperative, risk-taker, and hardworking






entrepreneur. Thanks to this project, I felt confident. I overcame my fears and my shyness. The family I stayed with was





friendly towards me. I made new friends and taught them Turkish. It was a nice experience for me. I really enjoyed to be a part of this project. HĂœMEYRA KAHRAMAN Student

Pagina 17

IN ROMANIA I was very happy to be a part of this project. We went to Romania and we had a great week there. I've learned about their








stayed with families there and it was really nice to learn about Romanian




culture. At school, we started a company, we prepared materials, took part in a fair at school. There I've enriched my communication skills and

a tour in the city centre. It's a beautiful city.

I learnt some words and expressions in

I had an enjoyable week in Romania. It

Romanian language. Romanian people are

was a great chance for me. I'll never forget.

very friendly and hospitable. I made a lot


of friends from different countries. We


visited Dracula's Castle, museums and had

Pagina 18

Our experience in Romania made new friends and I improved my English. We partecipated to the final contest ceremony, We won different prizes:1°place as “the best exposition space”, 2° place




presentation”, 3° place as “ the best catalogue”and 3° place




promotional materials”. I took part to the Erasmus project in Romania for a week. It was a wonderful experience, I met new people from different countries, I discovered new realities and cultures. I took part to creating a business idea. We created a gym with various services trying to promote our business idea with a power point








competition for the best idea. We



places in



Castle, Peles Castle, Dacia Company etc. I liked it, because I learned history and culture of Romania. I

Pagina 19


The hosting school was very nice and they welcomed us in a frendly way. Alessio Cilindrello Student

The visit to the Castles On the fourth day of our Erasmus trip in Romania we visited two typical Romanian castles: Peleş Castle and Bran Castle. Paleş castle struck me particularly for its German Neo-Renaissance style. It was buit for Prince Carol I at the end of IX century. Throughout history this castle has hosted important personalities such us the emperor Francesco Giuseppe I of Austria and many others. On the same day we visited another castle, the Bran Castle. It hosted Vlad Ţepeş known as the Count Dracula named for his brutality and for his patronymic, in fact, inside the castle I couldn't fail to notice the torture chamber used by Vlad Ţepeş himself. Valentina Biundo Student

Pagina 20

Why doing Erasmus? Nowadays, there are a lot of young






students graduate and the job market is

differences”; this is the first requisite of a good

always fuller and fuller, it’s important on their

citizen in a world extremely globalised and

curriculum the experience made in Erasmus.

continually connected. The European Union’s

All employers look with interest to potential


The Erasmus may indeed be important

experience: who wouldn’t want an intelligent

moment in the life of a person , becouse he

young man, that has been in contact with

hass to live alone, in a foreign contex and

different people and cultures, with abroad life

helps us understand how it will be life after

experiences and able to speak more than a

studies, but above all the great formative

language, in his company?

value of the project.

Pagina 21




motto is “United in diversity”.

The magazine is the result of the collaboration of teachers and students from the four partner schools taking part the Erasmus+ The magazine is the result ofto the collaboration of teachers and project students from the four partner schools taking part to the Erasmus+ “Open Gates to the Knowledge of project

Entrepreneurship” “Open Gates to the Knowledge of 2017-1-RO01-KA219- 037428 Entrepreneurship” 2017-1-RO01-KA219- 037428

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Magazine N. 5 - March 2019 Erasmus+ project “Open Gates to the Knowledge of Entrepreneurship” 2017-1-RO01-KA219- 037428

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Magazine N. 5 - March 2019 Erasmus+ project “Open Gates to the Knowledge of Entrepreneurship” 2017-1-RO01-KA219- 037428