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Summer 2010

St. Ursula Villa Salutes the Class of 2010 The members of the Class of 2010 and the high schools they will attend: Shawn Allen................... St. Ursula Academy

Julie Lynn Ivers.............. Ursuline Academy

Logan Alexis Ringland.... Ursuline Academy

Zoe Marie Altenau......... Ursuline Academy

Raichel Nicole Jenkins.... St. Ursula Academy

Katherine Francis Ryan...Summit Country Day

Stephanie Farran Bennett..St. Ursula Academy

Connor Joseph Jones...... St. Xavier High School

Will Ryan....................... Moeller High School

John M. Brannan........... St. Xavier High School

Caroline Cahall Jurgensen.. St. Ursula Academy

Ian Sagester.................... St. Xavier High School

Mary Colleen Byrne....... St. Ursula Academy

John Broughton Kelly.... St. Xavier High School

Caroline Scherer............. St. Ursula Academy

Ned Castleberry............. Summit County Day

Bradley Parker Kopp...... St. Xavier High School

Hannah Marie Schube... Summit Country Day

Jack Michael Caudill...... St. Xavier High School

Alex Kuhn...................... Moeller High School

James Patrick Shanahan.. St. Xavier High School

Emma Chase Ciesick...... St. Ursula Academy

Cameron Scot Laatsch.... St. Xavier High School

Haley Noelle Sherman.... St. Ursula Academy

Douglas Joseph Compton Jr...Summit Country Day

Sarah Diana Mahon....... Summit Country Day

Emma Siegel.................. St. Ursula Academy

Emma Lyn Compton..... St. Ursula Academy

Bridgette McShea........... St. Ursula Academy

Regan Kathryn Stacey.... St. Ursula Academy

Elliot P. Dorlac............... St. Xavier High School

Jacob A. Miller............... St. Xavier High School

Meredith Anne Stautberg... St. Ursula Academy

Jake Feldkamp................ St. Xavier High School

Lillian Carol Motz.......... McNicholas High School

Catherine Mae Strietmann... Ursuline Academy

Samantha Fry................. Ursuline Academy

Sawyer Jane Niehaus...... St. Ursula Academy

Paul Michael Sullivan IV......St. Xavier High School

Justin Goldstein............. Moeller High School

Jack Barrett Paulsen........ The King’s School (U.K.)

Catherine H. Taylor....... .St. Ursula Academy

Patrick M. Gunning....... St. Xavier High School

Sean Reilly Perme........... St. Xavier High School

Morgan Nicole Voytek... St. Ursula Academy

Nathaniel Wright Gustafson...Moeller High School

Lawrence Isabella Pieper..... Seven Hills High School

Elizabeth Victoria Williams...Turpin High School

William Robert Hardenbergh...Moeller High School

Mia Catherine Poston.... St. Ursula Academy

Jennifer Leigh Zicka....... Summit Country Day

Hannah Marie Hautz..... Walnut Hills High School

Alexandra Elizabeth Rickard... St. Ursula Academy

Adam Zink..................... St. Xavier High School

From the Principal’s Desk...

Summer break at St. Ursula Villa allows valuable time to reflect upon the past academic year and plan for exciting educational developments ahead. The 200910 school year closed with a stellar graduating class of young adults going on to Cincinnati’s top high schools. In addition, this past year’s campus-wide activities allowed all of our students an opportunity to learn and grow, as chronicled in the pages in this edition of the Vineyard Press.

Time and time again our surveys tell us that St. Ursula Villa’s most valuable asset is the teaching staff. Parents and students alike appreciate the quality of instruction and the care the teachers show each child. Staff members themselves recognize the strong family spirit and supportive culture they have collectively built over the years. To capitalize on this strength, a number of St. Ursula Villa teachers attended the PLC at Work Institute in St. Charles, Missouri. With supplemental support from Xavier University’s Initiative for Catholic Schools, Villa teachers will form Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) this fall to enhance student learning.

This year we also surveyed both our parents and our staff to determine what they see as the Villa’s successes and challenges.

Based on the model designed by Rick and Rebecca DuFour, members of PLCs focus on student learning to guide the process

Dear Friends,

of continuous improvement. In essence team members work collaboratively to determine the following: • What do we want students to learn? • How are we going to know they learned it? • What will we do if some students don’t learn it? What will we do when some students already know it? Thanks to the PLC model, teachers will not be left to answer the above questions in isolation. Team members will work together to identify essential skills/ knowledge, improve the quality of assessments, and monitor student progress. Ultimately instruction will improve as teachers share their best practices with fellow

team members and work together to make sure each child is getting what they need. We are excited to begin the PLC journey and see it as methodology for continuous improvement at every level and across the curriculum. Another reason why St. Ursula Villa produces great kids, great results.

Have a great summer,

Sally Hicks, Principal

St. Ursula Villa Events

Over 500 Villa friends and families enjoyed The Amazing Portable Circus at the Sixth Annual Gino DiMario Birthday Benefit on May 11. Other highlights included a cookout dinner and the seventh-grade production of STOMP with a “Happy Birthday Gino!” finale. Proceeds benefit St. Ursula Villa’s fine arts programs.

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Michelle Stamper, second grade assistant, cheers on Kindgergarteners in tug-ofwar during Field Day on May 14. Seventh graders honed their leadership skills by leading the younger students in this annual tradition of day-long activities.

Summer 2010

50th Anniversary Homecoming Event Slated for September 4 On September 4, St. Ursula Villa welcomes friends, alumni, past and present parents and staff to return to campus and celebrate the Villa’s 50th anniversary. Beginning with an Open House from 1:004:00 pm, guests will tour the historic grounds, view campus improvements, and reconnect with friends, old and new. An alumni volleyball tournament will pit graduating classes against each other. Guests will view the Villa’s history which is chronicled through a series of timelines displayed in the school. Reunion booths will feature school photos and Villa memorabilia.

Commemorative items and spirit wear will be available for purchase throughout the day. The day will culminate at 6:30 with a festive cocktail party on campus. The event will feature live entertainment and hors d’oeuvres with a $20 per person admission charge. This event caps a six-month long celebration including a January family liturgy, 20-year staff recognition, Daddy-Daughter 70’s Disco Dance, “An Evening in the Vineyard” Villabration, and commemorative May Party. The reunion planning committee has been reaching out to Villa friends, alumni and past parents in an effort to gather as many updated

addresses as possible for the invitations. The Villa’s website includes a link to an e-vite and to our fan page so that Villa friends can learn the latest updates. Special thanks to our reunion planning committee comprised of alumni, past and present Villa parents, and staff: Cynthia Baylis, Mary Dean Grote, Diana Thomas Henke, Michelle Jones, Cindy Ortner, Cathy Rabe, Marta Runnels, Kristy Thomas, and Kim Waggoner. Registration, further information, and sponsorship opportunities are available at

Nancy Stautberg, Paul Loechle, Kristy Mooibroek Thomas and Molly Heskamp Compton at the timeline display featuring each decade of the Villa’s history. They spent the past year compiling historic materials for this impressive display, now hanging in the Multi-Purpose Room. Special thanks to Villa parent Greg Schube for his expertise and guidance in the production of these special archives.

Students enjoy spirited carnival games on the Villa Way as part of this year’s May Party, whose booths and themes featured a throw-back to our school’s history.

G r e at K i d s . G r e at R e s u lt s . Summer 2010

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Class of 2010 Graduation Awards

Class of 2009 Co-Valedictorians Jay Brannan, Zoe Altenau, and Emma Siegel were recognized as students with the highest overall averages in their major subjects during the 7th and 8th grades.

Sons of the American Revolution Citizenship Award This award is given to students who demonstrate the qualities of dependability, cooperation, leadership, patriotism, and clean speech and habits. Standing: Will Hardenbergh, Elizabeth Williams, Lawren Pieper, John Kelly, Alex Rickard. Seated: Sean Perme, Paul Michael Sullivan, Connor Jones.

Frank J. Dorger Award Brad Kopp, Sarah Mahon, and Douglas Compton received the Frank J. Dorger Award in recognition of their exceptional leadership, cooperation, and school spirit in sports as well as in the classroom. Page 4

Academic Excellence Twelve students were recognized for academic excellence by maintaining an “A” average in their major subjects during both 7th and 8th grades. Standing: Jay Brannan, Cameron Laatsch, Julie Ivers, Elizabeth Williams, Sarah Mahon, Lawren Pieper, Raichel Jenkins, Emma Siegel. Seated: Emma Ciesick, Lillie Motz, Emma Compton, Zoe Altenau.

Jean Kennevan Writing Award The Jean Kennevan Writing Award was bestowed on Zoe Altenau in recognition of her creative writing efforts and abilities.

Louise Helmick Award The Louise Helmick Award was given to Haley Sherman for demonstrating the Christian virtues that characterized the life of Louise Helmick – kindness, patience, understanding, perseverance, and a genuine caring concern for fellow students and human beings.

Charles J. Sanker Scholarship The Charles J. Sanker Scholarship to St. Ursula Academy was awarded to Meredith Stautberg because of her exemplary character and sense of responsibility as a student, as well as her love for St. Ursula Villa.

Sister Mary Oliver Award Emma Ciesick received the Sr. Mary Oliver Award for best exemplifying the personal qualities of enthusiasm, dedication to work, a sense of humor, and love of America – all qualities evidenced in the life of Sr. Mary Oliver.

Summer 2010

2009-2010 Community Service Awards Every year, St. Ursula Villa students who perform a significant amount of community service are recognized with a certificate and medallion commemorating their efforts. The following students received recognition and awards for their community service at the final School Liturgy on May 27th. Congratulations to these Villa students for the time they gave in volunteer service to various agencies throughout Greater Cincinnati.

St. Ursula Villa Begins a New Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society During this year’s Awards Ceremony, several junior high students were inducted into St. Ursula Villa’s National Junior Honor Society. The NJHS is a nationwide organization designed to “create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, to develop character, and to encourage good citizenship.” Eligible students must have a 3.5 grade average in all of their core subjects (English, Literature, Math, History, Science, foreign language/Communication Arts) in the first and second trimesters, must have A’s and B’s in all classes, must not have accumulated four demerits, and must not have any significant behavioral infractions. To apply, the students completed an extensive application and write an essay about “character.” The applications were judged by a faculty committee composed of teachers from pre-school through junior high.

The following Villa students in Kindergarten through 6th grade were recognized for 20 or more hours of community service. 1st Grade: Ben Thomas, Savannah Lewis 2nd Grade: Brooke Dittman, Katharine McDonald 3rd Grade: Palmer Jones, Ethan Fosco, John Meyer 4th Grade: David Anderson, Bridget McDonald, Samantha Stadnik, Trevor Thomas 5th Grade: Lee Lee Caudill, David Cook, Michael Feldkam, Colin Jones 6th Grade: Margaret Elson, Sydney Lewis, Kelly Roberts, Camille Baylis, Annie Feldkamp, Maddie Joyce, Gretchen Thomas.

The following officers of the NJHS were elected and will lead regular chapter activities for the NJHS Class of 2011 in the fall: President - Liam Moran; Vice President - Evan Wooten; Secretaries - Colette Hue and Ellie Ciesick; Treasurers - Erica Behrens and Ben Keating; Publicity Committee - Chris Shoemaker, Scottie Emmert, and Benak Vrishabhendra; Planning Team - Stuart Edwards and James Heskett. Eighth grade members of the NJHS are: Zoe Altenau, Jay Brannan, Emma Ciesick, Emma Compton, Raichel Jenkins, Cameron Laatsch, Sarah Mahon, Lillie Motz, Sean Perme, Katie Ryan, Hannah Schube, Emma Siegel, and Jenna Zicka. Seventh graders are pictured in the photo below.

The following Villa junior high students were recognized for 30 or more hours of service to others. 7th grade: Abby Anderson, Jack Breissinger, Ellie Ciesick, Cecily Clark, De Cook, Barry Dillion, Abby Dirksing, Stephen Dunker, Stuart Edwards, Kate Gibler, Craig James, Ian Jeffries, Harrison Jones, Ben Keating, Maureen Kimutis, Natalie Kite, Mary Claire Lithen, Mackenzie Patterson, Jack Perez, Abbey Rau, Chris Shoemaker, Sylvia Wampler, Angeline Wellington, Stephanie Williams, Evan Wooten. 8th grade: Shawn Allen, Zoe Altenau, Jay Brannan, Jack Caudill, Emma Ciesick, Douglas Compton, Emma Compton, Patrick Gunning, Julie Ivers, Connor Jones, Caroline Jurgensen, John Kelly, Brad Kopp, Sarah Mahon, Jacob Miller, Lillie Motz, Sawyer Niehaus, Sean Perme, Lawren Pieper, Alex Rickard, Ian Sagester, Caroline Scherer, Hannah Schube, Jay Shanahan, Haley Sherman, Emma Siegel, Meredith Stautberg, Catherine Strietmann, Paul Michael Sullivan, Tassy Taylor, Elizabeth Williams, Jenna Zicka.

Summer 2010

Seventh grade students recently inducted into the NJHS are from bottom left: James Heskett, Scottie Emmert, Liam Moran, Stewart Edwards, Lily Kroencke. Second row: Allison Brady, Collette Hue, Ellie Ciesick, Evan Wooten, Francie Ruppert, Maureen Kimutis, Nikki Weaver, Grace Hackett, Clair Hopper. Back row: Chris Schoemaker, Benak Vrishabhendra, Ben Keating, and Erica Behrens.

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Fun and Successful Villabration On April 17, a sold-out crowd enjoyed Villabration’s “An Evening in the Vineyard” on campus, enjoying fine wine, gourmet food, and spirited bidding as part of our 50th anniversary celebration. The venue received rave reviews, with Silent Auction bidding in the Multi-Purpose Room and seated dinner and Live Auction in the gym. Both spaces were transformed into a lush vineyard setting. In the midst of Live Auction bidding, Villa parent Chris Dirksing presented a special appeal when describing a project to beautify the soccer field area along Tusculum Avenue. In response, fifty-six enthusiastic bidders contributed over $16,000 towards the purchase of trees to help make this project a reality. Over the summer the new tree line

will be planted, plus installation of improved fencing and upgraded rear entry to increase campus safety and security. The entire Villa community is extremely grateful for everyone’s generosity. In addition to the special appeal, our Live Auction featured popular packages such as tickets to a Saturday Night Live dress rehearsal complete with backstage tour and SNL after-party, VIP tickets to the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade, and an original watercolor of the Manor House by nationallyknown artist and Villa grandparent Tom Gaither. This year’s event netted over $160,000. Special thanks to Villabration co-chairs Cynthia Baylis,

Elizabeth Caudill, and Becky Scullin for their leadership, and Mary Rita Washburn for coordinating the effort. Thanks also to everyone who attended and contributed! Mark your calendars for next year’s Villabration, slated for April 16, 2011 on the St. Ursula Villa campus.

An Evening in the Vineyard

Villabration guests enjoyed wonderful food in the transformed gym as part of “An Evening in the Vineyard.” Lisa Connelly, Steve and Ruth Fleming, and John Connelly enjoyed cocktails during the Silent Auction.

The Tiffany & Co. Raffle Tree allowed lucky bidders a chance to bring home a treasure from Tiffany’s.

2010 French National Awards This year, eighth grade French students in Madame Schmidt’s class recently participated in Le Grand Concours. This national competition, sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF), highlights the achievements of over 100,000 students studying French from all 50 states. The test is divided into various levels and divisions depending upon the number or years the student has studied French and the type of French program to which he or she has been exposed. This year, approximately 1800 students competed at the same level and division as the Villa eighth grade French students. Placing in the top ten highest scores nationally and the top ten highest ranked Page 6

scores in Ohio, the following students were recognized for national achievement with medals and certificates: Shawn Allen–Silver medal; 95th percentile, 7th highest ranked score in the nation, and 3rd highest ranked score in the state. Jenna Zicka–Bronze medal; 95th percentile, 9th highest ranked score in the nation and the 4th highest ranked score in the state. Emma Ciesick–Bronze medal; 90th percentile, 8th highest ranked score in the nation, and 5th highest ranked score in the state. Receiving a Certificat d’Honneur for scoring in the top 20% nationally were Julie Ivers, Meredith Stautberg, and Tassy Taylor. A Certificat de Reussite was awarded to

2010 National French Award Medalists, from left: Emma Ciesick, Shawn Allen, and Jenna Zicka.

Catherine Streitman and Samantha Fry ranking 75th percentile nationally, and Mia Poston and Morgan Voytek ranking 65th percentile nationally. Congratulations to all these students on their accomplishment and their commitment to the study of the French language and culture.

Summer 2010

Arts-Related Grants Enhance Villa Students’ Educational Experiences Thanks to the generosity of two national funders, St. Ursula Villa students experienced the artistic genius of American masters, and the influence of African-American spirituals at Cincinnati’s National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. The National Endowment for the Humanities, in cooperation with the American Library Association, donated forty high-quality reproductions of works of American masters through its “Picturing America” program. These masterpieces, carefully selected by the NEH, bring the students face-to-face with the people, places, and events that have shaped our country. Artists include Mary Cassatt, Thomas Cole, John Singleton Copley, Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper, and Frank Lloyd Wright, among others.

The posters have been on display in the art room throughout the year and used in several class lesson plans. Art teacher Connie Grant explained just one of the lesson plans made possible through this donation: “For the eighth grade, we examined the batik work of James Auduban. Students learned about the resist process using wax and paint, defined negative space and contour line, and created their own batik on rice paper. Inspired by nature, students created an interesting use of negative space including 4-5 wax and paint applications. These works of art made my teaching more meaningful.” Another grant from the Target Foundation Field Trip Grant Program allowed fifth and sixth grade students to visit the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center on

Fine Arts Day in May. Accompanied by music teacher Carrie Giordano, students learned about history and appreciation of African spiritual slave songs as the root of American music, including folk, jazz, gospel, and modern. Special thanks to Villa parent and volunteer grant writer Dina Reinhard, who shepherded the grant applications to successful completion. Additional school-wide Fine Arts Day expenses were funded through our Annual Gino DiMario Birthday Benefit. These donations help support St. Ursula Villa’s mission to nurture the whole child, foster academic excellence, and instill a Christ-centered commitment to society.

Villa Artists Receive Recognition Each year, St. Ursula Villa recognizes the artistic accomplishments of its students. This year’s Artists of the Year are: Julia Lucas (3rd grade) Chinese Bamboo Brush Painting; Kelly Roberts (6th grade) Watercolor Collage Landscape; and Lillie Motz (8th grade) Batik on Rice Paper. These three works will be framed and displayed in our permanent art gallery. Villa artists also received recognition in the larger community. The following students were selected to represent the Villa in the youth division of the Hyde Park Square Art Show for the fall of 2010: 1st grade: Eleanor Hudepohl, Sam Perez; 2nd grade: Christo Georgiades, Gabriella Olsen; 3rd grade: Lily Triona, Maria Contini; 4th grade: Dughan Talty, Henry Howland; 5th grade: Sophia Jacobs, Peter Breissinger; 6th grade: Jake Fry, Shannon Brown; and 7th grade: Sophia David, Ellie Ciesick. At a time when many schools are cutting arts budgets, St. Ursula Villa remains committed to maintaining the highest standards for its art program as part of our mission of whole child development.

Kelly Roberts’ Watercolor Collage Landscape

Julia Lucas’ Chinese Bamboo Brush Painting

Lily Motz’s Batik on Rice Paper

Congratulations to all! Summer 2010

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St. Ursula Villa 3660 Vineyard Place Cincinnati, OH 45226 (513)871-7218

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Cincinnati, OH Permit No. 0718

St. Ursula Villa

invites you to our 50th Anniversary Celebration Saturday, September 4, 2010 Open House 1:00 – 4:00 pm

Cocktail Party 6:30 – 9:00 pm

Family activities including:  Campus tours  Children’s activities  Alumni volleyball tournament  Admission: Free

For alumni, past and present parents and staff:  Live entertainment  Beer/wine complimentary; cash bar  Casual attire  Admission: $20 per person

RSVP online at Questions? Contact Kristy Thomas at (513) 871-7218 ext. 2122 or

Summer 2010

Vineyard Press  

This summer's edition of St. Ursula Villa happenings.

Vineyard Press  

This summer's edition of St. Ursula Villa happenings.