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Graduation Catalogue Craft & Design 2012






Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design Craft and Design Program Oakville, Ontario



HERE AND THERE “Here and there� is sometimes used as a description of scattered and ephemeral things. For us, it is a statement of our progress as Glass, Ceramic, Furniture and Textile students. The title reflects our diversity in media and interests, and recognizes our shared value for craft, design, and creating objects with purpose and intent. As graduating students, we occupy a liminal space between things: study and profession, past and future, here and there. This exhibition showcases our exploration, and signifies a movement forward.

Here and There “Here and there� is sometimes used as a description of scattered and ephemeral things. For us, it is a statement of our progress as Glass, Ceramic, Furniture and Textile students. The title reflects our diversity in media and interests, and recognizes our shared value for craft, design, and creating objects with purpose and intent. As graduating students, we occupy a liminal space between things: study and profession, past and future, here and there. This exhibition showcases our exploration, and signifies a movement forward.

Faculty Administration Ronni Rosenberg, MFA, M.Arch

Textiles Studio  Isabel Stukator, AOCA


Acting Studio Head

Heather Whitton, BFA, M.Ed

Kate Jackson, AOCAD

Associate Dean


Nancy Heath Program Officer

Gordon Thompson, BA, MA Program Coordinator

Ceramics Studio Linda Sormin, Dipl, MFA Studio Head

Hugh Douglas-Murray, Dipl Technologist

Furniture Studio Peter Fleming, Dipl, MA Studio Head

Rob Diemert, Cert, Dipl Technologist

Glass Studio Koen Vanderstukken, BFA, MFA Studio Head

Jason Cornish, Dipl Technologist


Ceramics Winn Burke, MA
 Ying-Yueh Chuang, BFA, MFA
 Tony Clennell, BFA, MFA
 Bruce Cochrane, BFA, MFA Marc Egan, Dipl
 Kate Hobin, BFA, M.Ed
 Dale Pereira, Dipl, BFA, MFA Gordon Thompson, BA, MA Furniture Connie Chisholm, BA, Dipl Scott Eckert, Dipl, BA Ian Stewart, RSG, MES, BAA
 Kirsten White, AOCA

 Glass Orion Arger, Dipl
 Andrew Kuntz, Dipl
 Sally McCubbin, Ad.Dipl

Lucy Roussel, Dipl, BA
 Brad Sherwood, BA
 Amanda Skalski, BA
 Paula Vandermey, DIPL, BFA

 Textiles Monica Bodirsky, B. Des
 Sharon Epstein, BFA
 Roisin Fagan, BFA
 Ana Galindo, MFA
 Janelle Guthrie, Dipl, BA
 Thea Haines, Dipl, BA

 Instructors Anne Hartman
, BA, MA Kathy Kranias, BFA, B.Ed
 Jorgen Lauritzen
 Michelle Lewin, BA, BFA, MFA
 Anthony Makepeace, BA, M.Ed
 Heidi Overhill, BID, Cert, MFA
 Michael Peters 
 Richard Pottruff, BA, MA
 Stephen Hugo-Seinader, Dipl, BA Robin Tieu, BFA
 Tess van Groll, M.Ed

Program The Crafts and Design Program at Sheridan has been setting the standard for crafts education in Canada since being founded in 1967. A close connection with the arts community, award-winning faculty, fully-equipped studios and a renowned curriculum all work to help students develop a critical sense of design and outstanding technical skills while at Sheridan.

The three-year Crafts and Design Program offers intensive, hands-on training in four studio areas: ceramics, furniture, glass and textiles. These are complemented with additional studios of design, drawing and photography. The studio experience at Sheridan is supported by academic studies in craft history, communications, supervised independent research, visits from established artists and exhibition opportunities for students. In the third year of the program students address the important goal of self-employment as a craftsperson. Through lectures and coursework Sheridan students examine market dynamics in the crafts and design arena along with undertaking case studies of running a professional craft or consulting design practice. At graduation, Sheridan students are among the most talented and best prepared emerging artists and designers in Canada.

Foreword Here and There, a befitting title for a multidisciplinary craft exhibition. Particularly when the exhibition is showcasing works of graduating students from the Craft and Design Program at Sheridan’s Institute for Advanced Learning and Technology. Here and there, now and then, this and that – the craft community is as diverse and rich as it gets. Any number of contradictory statements could be used as descriptors for this incredibly complex, though accepting and encouraging, community, although there is a common denominator, and that is material. As the graduates of this program begin their journey ‘here’ they are skillful in their chosen material from their studio of choice; they started ‘here’ at Sheridan, in a program known for skillfully educating students about the importance of material, of craftsmanship, and of the history and tradition in studio craft. Luckily for this group of graduating students, they are ‘here’ at a point in culture where the handmade 4

object is most desirable, where the handmade object stands against mass production, and where the handmade object is pushing boundaries in what it means to be handmade. It’s an exciting time. The works in these pages represent a group of makers ‘here’ at the beginning of their careers, but for future students and future graduating classes they will be the ‘there’ of what others will aspire to be. The journeys yet travelled to reach ‘there’ will be different for all, for no single word, no single style, no single right exists. Perfecting and honing masterful skills in the sole exploration of material might be one road travelled; collaborating and working in partnership with other makers, designers, and artists might be another avenue of choice. Embracing new technologies and new tools for creation is yet another possibility, marrying materials and working across disciplines a further option, and perhaps distancing oneself from the formality of fine

craftsmanship and embracing ‘craftivism’ might be another alternative. The ‘there’ for these graduates, and their journey as craft professionals, will be diverse, most likely challenging, hopefully highly rewarding, and full of possibilities. It could see them working in urban centres, in rural isolation, in shared studios, in collaborative workspaces, as designers, makers, craftspeople, artists – there are a myriad of possibilities. My congratulations to the graduating class of 2012. I’m pleased not only to be a part of your journey by being invited to write this foreword, but I’m excited that the OCC, together with the Propeller Centre, can play a leading role in publicly presenting your works. Emma Quin Exectutive Director, OCC

With twenty years at the Ontario Crafts Council, Emma Quin currently fulfills the role of Executive Director with passion and aplomb. She has developed valuable and healthy relationships with the cultural sector. She has initiated a revitalized engagement between the organization, makers, and the public. Emma has helped the OCC redefine its goals and business practice, as well as what it delivers and how it functions - effectively making the OCC a valuable cultural institution that gives back to the community.

Cris Cacioppo Karen Harris LeeAnn Janissen Katherine King Heidi McKenzie Zaria Pucknell Kathleen Ross Nurielle Stern Vanesa Trillia Lillian Wu


Cris Cacioppo

Dinner Plate stoneware, ceramic w. 29cm, h. 3.8cm


Dinner Ware Set stoneware, ceramic various sizes

Karen Harris

Deconstructing, detail

Deconstructing, detail


Deconstructing ash glazed ceramic w. 9cm, h. 43cm, l. 40cm

LeeAnn Janissen

Luna Examination #4, closed glazed ceramic, wood w. 38cm, h. 15cm, l. 46cm

Luna Examination #4, open glazed ceramic, wood w. 38cm, h. 12cm, l. 46cm


Luna Examination #6 glazed ceramic, wood w. 38cm, h. 15cm, l. 46cm

Katherine King

Cups in a Row ceramic w.13.5cm, h. 7cm, l. 13.5cm

Poulin Series ceramic


Stacked ceramic Cup and Saucer: w.13.5cm, h. 7cm, l. 13.5cm Teapot: w.23.5cm, h. 21.5cm, l. 23.5cm

Heidi McKenzie

Anima, bronze glazed stoneware w. 40cm, h. 32cm, l. 28cm


Anima, family portrait unglazed mixed stoneware w. 122cm, h. 30cm, l. 46cm

Anima, worn glazed stoneware w. 54cm, h. 60cm, l. 54cm

Zaria Pucknell

Painted Bowl earthenware w. 12.5cm, h. 10cm


Polka Dotted Bowl earthenware w. 12.5cm, h. 10cm

Kathleen Ross

Bud Vase stoneware w. 8cm, h. 9cm


Nesting Teapots stoneware w. 10cm, h. 12.5cm, l. 20cm

Vase stoneware w. 12.5cm, h. 14cm

Nurielle Stern

Through the Tangled Pathways glazed earthenware, soft-paste porcelain, thread w. 28 cm, h. 86 cm, l. 15 cm


Where The Golden Apples Grow glazed earthenware, soft-paste porcelain, thread w. 87 cm, h. 23 cm, l. 71 cm

Vanesa Trillia

Closure[s] II glazed ceramic, wire, cotton w. 14cm, h. 14cm, l. 14cm


Closure[s] VI glazed ceramic, wire, cotton w. 14cm, h. 8cm , l. 32cm

Closure[s] III glazed ceramic, wire, cotton w. 14cm, h. 21cm, l. 14cm

Lillian Wu

Vase: Confidence salt fired stoneware h. 29cm, d. 8.5cm


Vase: Self-Center reduction fired stoneware h. 32cm, d. 9cm

Sculpture: Lucky One high firing stoneware h. 23cm, d. 7cm

Joe Bauman Jeffrey Burt Chris Charuk Bettie Cott Mark Finnigan Kamal Fox Laura Langford Roxanne Loncar

Kyle Peters Tomas Rojcik Richard Ruminski Maxx Schrรถter Franky Sanche Steven Wilson Aviv Zimerman


Joe Bauman

Behemoth Tank, Guppy Submarine wood offcuts, nail w. 5cm, h. 6cm, l. 8cm


Carli Dining Chair European steamed beech, wool w. 43cm, h. 75cm, l. 48cm

Jeffrey Burt

Split Side Table elm veneer w. 50cm, h. 60cm

Splay Side Table walnut, glass w. 60cm, h. 50cm


Split Chair elm veneer w. 40cm, h. 76cm, l. 50cm

Chris Charuk

Desk maple w. 80 cm, h. 80 cm, l. 140cm


Wilfrid Rocker maple w. 45cm, h.100cm, l.60cm

Bettie Cott

Peaks and Valleys Coatrack powder-coated aluminum h. 28cm, l. 61cm


Steam Bent Chair cherry w. 53cm, h. 69cm, l. 55cm

Mark Finnigan

Wall Mounted Cabinet detail


Wall Mounted Cabinet cherry veneer, MDF w. 76cm, h. 76cm, d. 25.5cm

Kamal Fox

Bench white ash w. 40 cm, h. 46 cm, l. 142 cm


Bench (detail)

Laura Langford

Burrow, Nest, Den Wall mounted entryway unit elm veneer w. 74cm, h. 17cm, d. 30cm


Invite Lounge Chair white oak w. 66cm, h. 81cm, d. 70cm

Roxanne Loncar

Retro Stack cherry, plywood w. 12.7cm, h. 45.7cm, l. 12.7cm


Dovetail Coffee Table walnut w. 30.5cm, h. 38.1cm, l. 106.7cm

Mint Chair ash frame, laminated elm slats w. 50.8 cm, h. 124cm, l. 45cm

Kyle Peters

Swoop Chair maple veneer, plywood, laminate w. 51cm, h. 89cm, l. 71cm


Fault Tables walnut w. 45cm, h. 40cm, l. 117cm

Sliced Table maple w. 25cm, h. 61cm, l. 25cm

Tomas Rojcik

chair powder coated aluminum and felt w. 70cm, h. 65cm, l. 75cm


pendent sandbasted ebonized ash and sandblasted acrylic w. 4cm, h. 4cm, l. 50cm

Richard Ruminski

High-Contrast Cabinet maple, birch, purple and yellow heart, padauk w. 35.6cm, h. 50.8cm, l. 121.9cm

Dubcept Table sugar maple w. 48.9cm, h. 54cm, l. 48.9cm


#002 Chair (detail) cherry and makore w. 46.4cm, h. 37.25cm, l. 52.7cm

#002 Chair cherry and makore w. 46.4cm, h. 37.25cm, l. 52.7cm

Maxx Schroter

Coffee Table walnut, steel w. 65cm, h. 42cm, l. 115cm


Lounge Chair walnut w. 62cm, h. 113cm, l. 84cm

Pink/purple tones

Franky Sanche

Reading Lounger (detail)


Reading Lounger (detail)

Reading Lounger solid white ash, milk paint w. 50.8cm, h. 104.1cm, l. 91.4cm

Steven Wilson

Side Table walnut w. 34cm, h. 46cm, l. 56cm


Barstool walnut w. 38cm, h. 85cm, l. 43cm

Aviv Zimerman

Doug’s Clock Detail group work with Tomas Rojcik, Lauren Reed and Juston Chan douglas fir, paint, acrylic w. 26cm, h. 26cm, l. 2.5cm


Octolamp plywood, steel, paint w. 19cm, h. 38cm, l. 30.5cm

Winzer Stool walnut, poplar, paint w. 60cm, h. 99cm, l. 38cm

An Rob Fierz Kurt Fisher Megan Smith Jade Usackas Alex Wilson



Untitled (detail)


Untitled crystal, silver, silk,enameled wooden box w. 15cm, h. 4cm, l. 15cm

Rob Fierz

Rock Flower hot formed, cut and polished glass w. 10cm, h. 8cm, l. 10cm


Volcano Tree hot formed glass w. 9cm, h. 12cm, l. 8cm

Kurt Fisher

Element Earth sand cast, applied frit & powder w. 25cm, h. 38cm


Another Man’s Treasure blown glass, applied powder h. 34cm, w. 10cm

Change kiln cast h. 60cm, w. 40cm

Megan Smith

Necklace blown, polished and fused glass w. 17.5cm, h. 8cm, d. 5cm


Wearable blown, polished and fused glass w. 13cm, h. 30cm, d. 13cm

Photography Boxes blown and sandblasted glass w. 12cm, h.16cm, d. 12cm

Jade Usackas

Godspeed Mother Nature - Black Rhino and Dodo crystal, wood, brass w. 5cm, h. 6cm, l. 30cm

Cursive C in Cameo blown glass, sand carved w. 20cm, h.35cm, l. 20cm


Cursive F & Cursive C in Silhouette blown glass, sand carved w. 15cm, h. 40cm, l. 15cm

Alex Wilson

Grouped Purples blown glass w. 12cm, h. 30cm


Structure flameworked w. 15cm, h. 15cm, l. 20cm

Chamila Belleth Tiffany Canha Bridgette Carter Sarah Davies Mary Desrosiers Natalie Eldershaw Brittni Gazendam

Kate Hunter Keisha Mola Christina Obuch Denise Reithofer Laurika Samuels Kaytor Sullivan Francie V


Chamila Belleth

Peeking Willow 1 cotton gauze fabric, cotton threads, machine embroidery w. 28cm, h. 28cm


Peeking Willow 2 cotton gauze fabric, cotton threads, machine embroidery w. 28cm, h. 28cm

Peeking Willow 3, cotton gauze fabric, cotton threads, machine embroidery w. 28cm, h. 28cm

Tiffany Canha

Vests Vest 1: cotton velveteen, natural wool, dyed silk, collage, polychromatic and applique. Vest2: natural wool, linen, leather, printed cotton, polychromatic, hand embroidered and screen printed and applique. Vest 3: plaid wool, satin, cotton blend, hand embroidery and reverse applique.

Detail shot of vest 2


Bridgette carter

Evening bag 1 felt, recycled fur, recycled leather w. 38 cm, l. 40 cm


Evening bag 2 felt, recycled fur, recycled leather w. 18cm, l. 23cm

Evening bag 3 felt, recycled fur recycled leather w. 15cm, l.17cm

Untitled dye wool, embroidered Size 7

Sarah Davies

Diptych Pillows pigment, silkscreen and stencil w. 36cm, l. 36cm

Three Influences (bags) embroidery, found fabric, hoops


Pine Cones! dye, silkscreen on cotton

Mary Desrosiers

Toxic detail knit, nylon net, polyester, cotton embroidery floss w. 40cm, l. 40cm


Poison detail rayon, free motion embroidery on cotton w. 40cm, l. 40cm

Acid detail Reverse applique, cotton on nylon net, embroidery w. 20cm, l. 40cm

Toxic Bodice knit, nylon net, polyester, cotton embroidery floss w. 40cm, l. 40cm

Natalie Eldershaw

Printed Pillows screenprinted cotton w. 42cm, l. 42cm


Digital Textile Designs

Brittni Gazendam

Tote Bag naturally dyed canvas, leather w. 60cm, h. 50cm, d. 15cm


Adventure Bag naturally dyed canvas, leather w. 60cm, h. 60cm, d. 15cm

Linen Shirt (detail) linen, wool embroidery

Kate Hunter

Madder Duffle cotton canvas naturally dyed with madder, cotton string, leather handles w. 28cm, h. 23cm, l. 46cm


Logwood Duffle cotton canvas naturally dyed with logwood, leather handles w. 28cm, h. 23cm, l. 46cm

Keisha MoLA

Hell Attire digital print on bamboo twill, pot dyed wool twill sleeves and collar

Leonardo Tre Vinci natural dyed pomegranate wool twill, linen, silk screened, braided twine


Christina Obuch

Necklace embroidery, glass beads, wool, silk, handmade paper w. 30cm, h. 3cm, l. 35cm


Broach embroidery, glass beads, wool, silk, handmade paper w. 10cm, h. 3cm, l. 15cm

Surface Design watercolor, Japanese paper w. 23cm, l. 29cm

Denise Reithofer

Hooking 2 (detail)


Hooking 2 linen and wool w. 28cm, l. 42cm

Laurika Samuels

Faded Summer silkscreened pockets hand embroidered w. 11.4cm, l. 11.4cm


Faded Summer silkscreened pockets hand embroidered w. 11.4cm, l. 11.4cm

KayTor Sullivan

Giselle’s Heart felted wool, cheese cloth, glass beads, Swarovski crystal, silk w.17.8cm, l.25cm


Giselle’s Transformation felted wool, silk, silk tulle, cheese cloth, lace, glass beads, Swarovski crystal w. 20.5cm, l. 22.9cm

La Sylphide felted wool, tulle, glass beads, Swarovski crystal, silk l.15.2cm, w. 7.6cm l. 20.3cm, w.12.7cm

Francie V

Mare Nubium Accessories hand felted, hand beaded d. 15cm


Mare Nubium Cuff hand felted, hand beaded w. 20cm, l. 40cm

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The 2012 graduates of the Craft and Design program are indebted to Linda Sormin and Isabel Stukator for their advice and assistance in coordinating the catalogue and graduation show. Thank you to Mike Young for his help with the layout and design of the catalogue. Special thanks to Emma Quinn for generously accepting the task of writing the foreword to this catalogue. To the entire non-studio faculty, we would like to express our appreciation for contributing in some way to the cultivation of our education. Thank you also to the administration and support staff, Associate Dean Heather Whitton, Nancy Heath and Mary Cator and program coordinator Gord Thompson. A very special thanks to Jamie Owen for curating our shows and Owen Colbourne for his expertise and assistance in the photo studio.


Ceramics The Ceramics graduates would like to acknowledge the invaluable mentorship, guidance and expert teaching of our Ceramics faculty throughout our entire journey at Sheridan: Winn Burke, Ying-Yueh Chuang, Tony Clennell, Bruce Cochrane, Marc Egan, Kathy Kranias, Dale Pereira and Gord Thompson. We are grateful for these individuals who shared so generously of their creative spirit and sound tutelage during our time here. Special thanks to Linda Sormin, our new Studio Head, for being there for all of us, and also to Owen Colborne whose support in photography has been invaluable. And last, but far from least, we particularly want to pay tribute to and thank our Studio Technologist, Hugh Douglas-Murray, whose ingenuity is legendary. None of us would be where we are today if it were not for this stellar team of committed individuals. Truly we have been shaped, pushed, encouraged, and coaxed to be the best that we can be, and the

learning that occurs and resonates in our studio at Sheridan will continue to echo in our minds, and in our paths forward.

Furniture Our graduating class wishes to express our gratitude and sincere appreciation to the studio faculty. Thank you to Connie Chisholm, Rob Diemert, Scott Eckert, Peter Fleming, Ian Stewart and Kirsten White for your knowledge, inspiration, patience and encouragement. We would also like to recognize those support course instructors outside the studio that have helped to shape our time at Sheridan College. We appreciate all the hard work and help from Jamie Owen in the gallery and with our year-end show. Thank you to all of the guest critics, designers and professionals for sharing their time and experience with us. Finally, we would like to acknowledge our family and friends for their support and guidance throughout these last three years.

Glass The glass studio’s graduating class would like to extend their appreciation and thanks to all faculty who have lead us through an exciting learning experience. Without their help and support, we wouldn’t be in the position we are today. A special thanks goes to Koen Vanderstukken, without whom we would lack the ability to koen-ceptualize. By inciting intellectual thinking, and encouraging us to always question, he has broadened our perspective. Jason Cornish, who keeps our studio from becoming a total melt down; Andy Kuntz, who makes sure the studio is lively and full of skill; Brad Sherwood, who has a solution to everything; Sally McCubbin, who’s scrupulous attention to quality and concept, constantly pushes us to work harder and better; Orion Arger, who fills our studio with diversity in materials and with life-sized origami creatures [of course];

Paula Vandermey is our energizer bunny who recharges the studio’s passion every week; Lucy Roussel, who has taught us what it takes to “make it” in the real world. We would also like to thank our TAs; Luke Dickerson and Amanda Skalski. Luke was full of passion and dancing, both of which gave us energy and entertainment. Calm and wise, Amanda was always around to give guidance and advice. Its no wonder her dedication to the class made her the obvious choice as the new engraving instructor. And last but not least, Owen Colborne. Owen had no real obligation to the glass studio, yet we always find him around. He took countless candid shots from our most exciting hot shop days, and raised the quality of our portfolios exponentially.


Textiles The textile ladies would like to send out our thanks and kind regards toward all of those who have helped us and taught us what we needed to know throughout our years at Sheridan. We thank our technologists; Janelle Clarke Guthrie, Thea Haines and Kate Jackson, and our studio heads; Rachel MacHenry and Isabel Stukator for making the studio run with ease and keeping us in line. Thanks also to all of our teachers – Monica Bodirsky, Kerry Croghan, Sharon Epstein, Roisin Fagan, Ana Galindo, Tess van Groll and Anna Zgwoski, the guest critics, and workshop instructors who have taught us what we needed to know, and who picked our brains and let us pick theirs. Every one of these individuals has helped us form who we are as textile artists and have helped us discover what our skills and interests within our textile mediums. Thanks also to our friends, family, classmates, and everyone else who has helped and supported us through this chapter of our lives.

Sponsors The students would also like to extend a special thank you to all of our sponsors who made this catalogue and the graduate exhibition possible.

A & M Wood Specialty Inc. David Beattie Exotic Woods Inc. Peter Fleming Howard’s Second Generation Frank King MADE

CONTACT Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design Crafts and Design Program 1430 Trafalgar Road Oakville, Ontario Canada L6H 2L1 905.845.9430

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Here and There  

Sheridan Craft and Design graduation catalogue 2012