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Contact IEE 813.438.6835 Parker Hine Senior Project Manager Garret Dereus Co-CEO

WHAT IS IEE? COMPANY NAME International Education Enterprises, INC.

PARTNERS Espanol En Panama (EPA), ContactChile and Habla Ya

PROGRAM NAME Experience Panama and and Experience Chile

PROGRAM OPTIONS Internship, Volunteer and Spanish Immersion

PROGRAM LENGTH 8 weeks to 6 months

TUITION Base Tuition: $3,800

LOCATION Chile, Panama City, Panama and Boquette, Panama


International Education Enterprises,in partnership with EPA, offers premier international internship and Spanish language programs which develop the skills and talents of students who wish to work and learn abroad. The program lasts anywhere from eight weeks to four months and integrates the studies of each student with high caliber Internships related to their field of study. We work to ensure that each student is learning and given real responsibilites rather than back office work. In an increasingly complex work environment, high level companies require international work experience and expertise. While classes on international affairs and business can offer the theoretical fundamantals, the practical implementation requires real-worldexperience. IEE offers students the opportunity to develop these skills while learning a foreign language and promoting a cultural understanding. Students intern in positions where they are given real responsibilites and opportunities for personal develoment.

At IEE we ensure that all students have the opportunity to have meaningful abroad experiences.


This experience was the most valuable of my undergraduate career. I had an advanced internship, and had an amazing time. Danny Lee Summer 2010 Participant



International Education Enterprise has developed a study abroad program that integrates the learning needs of students in an international context. Going abroad can be a complex and confusing experience, even for the most well traveled students. IEE takes care of these headaches by prearranging all of your in-country amenities. Students do not have to worry about any of these details, everything is already set.

THE PROGRAM THROUGH IEE INCLUDES: Internship or Spanish Immersion University credit or Spanish classes Cultural activites Medical insurance Weekend excursions Housing

By utilizing our services, students and their parents do not have to worry about the multitude of issues that arise from international travel. Students will be given an itenerary of all the details before the commencement of the program, so they know their activites each week. Parents will be provided with all the emergency contact information of the student and our partners.

Daily Transportation to Internship or Spanish Classes Airport pick-up and drop-off Emergency contact On-site representative Pre-Departure Orientation Packet Academic Publication Advisor

INTERNSHIP DETAILS Interning through IEE offers students the opportunity to grow and develop their real world international work skills and abilities through our partnership with renowned international organizations- NGO’s, Multinationals, venture startups and nonprofits. We work to ensure that your internship is relatied to your interests. Our different internship programs vary by organization and area of interest of the student. The programs we already have established are listed . We are not limited to these organizations however, and if you have special areas of interest please let us know and we will fulfill your needs. Students are not applying to the program and not a specific internship. We can almost always accomodate a students desired placement, provided the candidate matches the company’s internship profile. In the event that a placement is different than the expected internship, the student will have the option to except the alternate internship.







The UN’s organization for development

An electronic and ecommerce payment system for Latin America

PANAMA BUSINESS ACCELERATOR Panama’s largest venture capital fund

Work with children and teenagers in the slums to help them escape their poverty Work with a law firm that specializes in mergers and aquisitions, capital markets, and arbitrage transactions



a law firm focused on international finance and banking

Work directly with a business magazine to publish articles in relation to world trade and the South American economy



focused on agriculture research and social best practices

Work with innovative and creative ideas in a forward thinking



A technology startup working on shipping logistics

PANAMA MARITIME LAW SERVICES A law firm focused on maritime law


An NGO for social development


Financing for the development of forestland


A maritime focused research and supply company


Work with different universities to research the Chilean history, politics, and regional history


Work around the country to explore copper, iron, and other mineral deposits


I will never forget Panama. I came out much more knowledgeable about international law, and I have a better understanding of Latin American culture. I had a great time going to bars, the beach, and seeing the rainforest. Gabriel Huertas Summer Business Intern


CULTURAL IMMERSION In an increasingly global world, it is import that students gain the skills that are need to compete on an international level. Panama is the hub of Latin America, a cross-roads of commerce, trade and cultures, while Chile is one of the strongest growing emerging markets in South America. International Education Enterprises has developed a program in each country that combines all of the needs of today’s college students to ensure they will be provided with an experience that will give them a unique edge.

PANAMA CITY Panama City is the capital of Panama and the main economic and political hub. Half of all Panamanians live in Panama City or the surrounding area, making the it the most populous region in Panama. The most striking feature of Panama City is its rapid urban growth, which is characterized by its modern buildings and endless skyscrapers. As such, Panama City has often been referred to as the “Hong Kong of Latin America.” Panama City is known for its close proximity to the Canal, its vibrant nightlife, and its historical landmarks. Panama City supports Internships and Spanish Immersion programs. All the internships supported through IEE are located in Panama City. Spanish immersion programs are intensive classes that are offered through IEE’s main partner in Panama City, EPA!

BOQUETE Boquete is in the Western part of Panama, located high in the tropical mountains where temperatures are moderate year-round. Boquete is home to about 30,000 Panamanians and its major product is coffee and seasonal flowers. Boquete is only a 20 minute bus ride from the second biggest city in Panama, David. Boquete supports Spanish immersion programs. Very little English will be heard or used while in Boquete. IEE’s main partner in Boquete is with Habla Ya Panama.

CHILE Chile stretches across the spine of the spine of South America that encompasses the world’s driest desert and spreads all the way to mountainous glacial fields. Chile offers a traveling student everything – hospitable hosts, spectacular views, convenient infrastructure and public transportation, and student-friendly prices. The far-flung country inspires the imagination and makes dreamers out of pessimists, poets out of barmen, and professionals out of students. Most of IEE’s sponsored internships are located in the capital, Santiago, but there are various internships throughout the country, most related to environmental and sustainable studies.Chile supports internship and Spanish immersion program. Students live in apartments either individually or with an IEE student roommate. In some instances, a homestay can be arranged for students who want to deepen their immersion experience. Multiple outings and trips are aranged throughout Santiago and the region.

SPANISH CLASSES IT’S A PROVEN FACT: The best way to learn a language is to study in its native country.

Each student who is enrolled in an internship program also have the option to enroll in Spanish classes, or do Spanish full time.Each student is enrolled classes at his/her skill level. Students interning or volunteering full-time are in classes for six hours per week for the 8 weeks. Classes are intensive and designed to help students learn how to speak Spanish. Students will have 48-64 hours of classroom instructions by the end of the program., depending on stay. Most Spanish classes have two to three students allowing a very personal setting that is conducive to learning. Through our immersive programs, students are given the opportunity to live and work in an Latin American culture, meaning their language learning will continue after class.This is the equivalent of one to two college classes and, in fact, EPA! and students can apply for credit hours. This is arranged directly with EPA! and the partner college. Students should ensure that these credits will transfer over before applying for credits students can also petition their university to grant credit for work, performed with EPA! .Students will leave with a language level one level higher than prior to their arrival, and can expect to have an in-depth knowledge of the country, culture, and people

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES IEE OFFERS MANY OPPORTUNITIES FOR OUR STUDENTS TO EXPLORE THEIR HOST COUNTRYNATURALLY AND AUTHENTICALLY. In Panama City, students have the opportunity to participate in a number of very exciting cultural activities and to visit a large number of different local places of interest. Students will be exposed to real Hispanic cuisine and culture! In addition, we have prearranged a number of different weekend excursions with our partner EPA! which students can participate in at little or no additional cost. These excursions include visits to prisitine beaches, beautiful islands, Panama’s rainforests, the historic Panama Canal and many others. The nightlife and dining in Panama City can hardly be matched and is some of the best in the world. There are also a large number of places to visit in Panama City every weekend, including the historic district, the metropolitan park, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Center, multiple malls and shopping centers, clubs, and many other attractions! Overall, there is something of interest for everyone in Panama City and you’ll never be bored this summer break.

Students volunteering in Boquete have a different set of travel options. These include a coffeee tour, nature hikes, ziplining and a visit to a hot spring. Plus, students are located very close to some of the best beaches in Latin America, which makes for amazing weekend trips! In Chile, the student participates in four different cultural adventures. The students get to visit the breath-taking beach at Vina del Mar and attend a traditional Chilean folklore dinner show. Also, they will learn how to Salsa and Tango at the IEE Salsa Party Night, where they are taught the correct moves from professionals and locals. Finally, the students will peddle the day away on our exclusive city bike tour, lead and directed by a local guide the best way to see Santiago!




Spanish Immersion Classes

Cultural activites

Cultural activites

Medical insurance

Medical insurance

Weekend excursions

Weekend excursions



Transportation to internship

Transportation to internship

Airport pick-up and drop-off

Airport pick-up and drop-off

Emergency contact

Emergency contact

On-site representative

On-site representative

Pre-Departure Orientation Packet

Pre-Departure Orientation Packet

DOES NOT include credit hours, airfare or food

The Boquette program students are provided two meals a day DOES NOT include credit hours or airfare


THE APPLICATION PROCESS 1. SEND RESUME AND COVER LETTER* TO INFO@INT-EDU.COM. FILL OUT APPLICATION FORM. In your cover letter, please answer each question in one paragraph: Why do you want to spend a summer in Panama or Chile? What are you most interested in learning about while in Panama or Chile? We like your resume, but what makes you unique? *cover lettter is optional, but encouraged 2. GET INTERVIEWED. You will be interviewed to determine your eligibility for the program and asked to put down a $150 deposit. The deposit will go towards your overall balance, or be refunded in the event that IEE does not place you in a suitable internshipOnce your application is reviewed, you’ll be contacted for a phone interview with an IEE representative. You will be interviewed to determine your eligibility for the program. Also during the interview, your internship goals, preferences, and country selection will be discussed. The IEE representative will also be able to answer any questions and talk about the programs in more depth. All of our representatives are former students, so be sure to ask anything about their experience!

3. APPLICATION IS PROCESSED BY OUR IN-COUNTRY REPRESENTATIVES. 4. GET ACCEPTED. You will receive a notification if you were accepted to our program, and to what specific internship. You will be given an “acceptance packet” that has forms, country survival guide, and other information that is necessary to review before departure if you would like to accept the program.” 5. PAY THE BALANCE. You will have to pay the remaining balance within two months of first deposit or three weeks before program begins, whichever is sooner. 6. HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE!

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