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All full-time students who are Canadian citizens can get this award if you meet one of the following requirements:

You are eligible for only one (1) Proud to be Northern Entrance Award. For example, if you are an Indigenous student coming here for BusinessMarketing, instead of $1,000, you would be able to receive $1,500 in total, not both awards.

• All 2 or 3-year diploma programs, or

• Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technician

• Welding Technician and Welder Fitter programs

• Early Childhood Education

• Addiction & Mental Health Worker

The Proud to be Northern Bursary will be applied towards second semester tuition fees on day 10 of the 2nd semester. Only one such award per person, a subsequent program enrolment does not qualify.

Receive $1,000 to $1,500 paid towards your tuition by choosing Northern College!

• Electrical Engineering Technician & Technology programs

If you are a Canadian citizen living in Canada, Northern will automatically grant you a bursary for $1,000 or more in your second semester.

For $1,500, study:

Indigenous students must self-identify to qualify for the Indigenous portion of the bursary.

For $1,000, simply attend your first year at Northern in:

• Environmental Technician: Water and Wastewater Systems Operations

You can receive $1,000 to $1,500 if you study here for the year and are successful in your studies.

Funds you receive will go towards the cost of your tuition.


• Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Pre-Service Firefighter

For $1,500, for any Indigenous student taking any full-time program.

Please note:

First semester fees must be paid in full. Any balance outstanding on your student account after the bursary is applied will be your responsibility to pay.

• Social Service Worker

This award may or may not be continued in future years and satisfactory performance in academic studies to continue successfully in one’s program past the first term is the responsibility of the student. Receipt of this award means that the student will receive a T4A slip for income tax purposes for that year.


Please note: There may be errors in or updates not made in this printed material/guide. Visit our website for the most up to date and accurate information. International students please refer to our International Admissions program on our THIS IS ONTARIONORTHEASTERNHAILEYBURYTIMMINSMOOSONEEKIRKLANDLAKETHUNDERBAYTORONTOOTTAWATravel Times from TORONTO Travel Times from OTTAWA Travel Times from THUNDER BAY Haileybury 5 hrs 30 mins 498 km N/A Haileybury 5 hrs 512mins40kms N/A Haileybury 10 hrs 964 kms N/A LakeKirkland 6 hrs 30 mins 585 km N/A LakeKirkland 6 hrs 600mins30km N/A LakeKirkland 9 hrs 883mins30kms N/A Timmins 7 hrs 30 mins 585 km mins55 Timmins 8 730hrskm 3 hrs Timmins 8 hrs 780mins20kms 4 hrs Moosonee N/A 4 hrs Moosonee N/A 6 hrs Moosonee N/A 7 hrs 25 mins DISTANCES TO CAMPUSES Map not to scale Each one of our campuses is steps away from nature trails, lakes and any other outdoor activity you can imagine. Local breweries, restaurants, music festivals, camping, hunting, fishing, hiking – it’s all right here, and it’s all affordable. Our campuses are situated in vibrant communities, steps away from the vast wilderness and lakes that shape this region. ACCESS CENTRES We have Access Centres throughout Northeastern Ontario to support learners in the region. AttawapiskatCochraneFortAlbany KashechewanIroquoisHearstFalls Moose FriendshipTimminsFactoryNativeCentre INSERT FSC STAMP HERE

Emergency Services .............................................. 3 - 8 Health Sciences ...................................................... 9 - 14 Veterinary Sciences .......................................... 15 - 20 Technology ........................................................... 21- 32 Haileybury School of Mines ....................... 33 -34 Trades ..................................................................... 35 - 40 Community Services ....................................... 41 - 44 Business & Office Administration ............ 45 - 56 Welding ................................................................ 57 -60 Preparatory Programs .................................... 61 - 64 Student Life ......................................................... 65 - 81 Student Support ............................................... 82 - 88 Program Index ................................................... 89 - 96 We begin by acknowledging that Northern College stands on the traditional and territorial lands of the Cree, Oji-Cree, Ojibway, and Algonquin homelands. These ancestral lands continue to interconnect us all and remind us that we are all treaty people. First Nation communities now located on these lands include: Temagami, Timiskaming, Matachewan, Mattagami, Wahgoshig,Taykwa Tagamou, Beaverhouse, Flying Post, Moose Cree, Fort Albany, Kashechewan, Attawapiskat, Weenusk, and Metis Peoples Region #3. 1

There is magic here and we know you will add to it. Come for a visit or simply reach out to chat with our staff. We’re excited to get to know you and show you everything Northern College has to offer.

Here's what sets our college apart:

We’re Proud to Be North, and Proud to be Northern. And we know that you will be too!

• industry trained professors that are accessible to you

As for other top-notch supports, we have:


• curriculum that features real world scenarios, smaller class sizes, lower student to professor ratios, and more practice time.

• staff to support you as you seek affordable housing, find a job, and try a new hobby or sport as you create new memories!

We are invested in your success and your goals, and are committed to learning and growing with you.

• a very strong scholarship, bursary and award program, with one of the highest ratios of incentives given to students than any other college in Ontario.

For almost 60 years, we have been in the business of helping students achieve their dreams.

• state-of-the-art classrooms, labs, and shops

• student advisors to support you in everything from learning accommodations to encouragement and tutors for your studies.



Combine this with an abundance of fresh air, endless forests and fresh water for adventures, and you are ready to begin a rewarding new chapter of your life. We understand the challenges of going to college.

• financial aid advisors standing by to guide you on financing the best investment you will ever make – a college education.

We seek to support you every step of the way.

Add to all of this, a college experience that enhances your day-to-day life.

Our method for success is simple: Provide excellent educational experiences and unmatched opportunities for personal growth in nurturing and supportive environments.

Our friendly and helpful recruitment and admissions teams are here to answer any questions you have about our programs and your daily life as a student.

We work closely with employers in all industries to make sure you are ready to enter the workforce with confidence in your skills.

Here, you’ll find the cutting-edge facilities of our Paramedic, Police Foundations, Emergency Management, and Firefighter programs.



Training the next generation of first responders

And you’ll also find an active local fire station, police community outreach office, hospital training centre, and first response unit—all on the front lines of emergency care.

It all adds up to a 40,000-square-foot true-to-life environment that prepares you to handle complex emergencies of all kinds.


At the leading edge of education and first response, the IESC is a state-of-the-art training facility where students and professionals learn and work side by side.

The one-of-a-kind Integrated Emergency Services Complex in Timmins is home to all of Northern’s Emergency Services programs—and so much more.

3 3

These include:

• courtroom

• fully-equipped drive-thru ambulance, police and firefighter bays

• mock-up apartment for full-scale training scenarios

Our curriculum is based on real-world scenarios. And you’ll hone your skills with our 3D virtual simulator—and in collaborative learning spaces of all kinds.

This is one of the newest and most advanced buildings of its kind in the system.


• burn building

• fitness lab

• ambulances, police cruisers and fire trucks

• jail cell

• fire tower

• evidence and interrogation rooms

Northern’s Police Foundations diploma combines hands-on training with state-of-the-art technology to prepare you for an epic career in law enforcement. Based on the core principles of diversity and community service, the two-year program reflects the policing model used by forces from coast to coast.



'. ' • 5

The curriculum reinforces critical skills you’ll need on the job. Regular cross-training activities with paramedic and firefighter students prime you to be part of a wider interdisciplinary team. Plus—as part of a student platoon—you’ll work out, perform routine campus patrols, and practice every phase of law enforcement with a single core group.

Police • Foundatons

or past Officers/Constables.

At Northern you get more hands-on experience and your teachers are current partnerships with law enforcement at every level—including the RCMP, Timmins Police This is very beneficial Service, Correctional Services, and the Armed in getting ready for theForces—you’ll gain first-hand experience and application process.critical networking opportunities with working professionals who regularly visit to recruit Logan F., Student as well as those who work here.

What’s more, thanks to Northern’s strong

·, 11 f ' ...... • • \. '' ' •

Northern’s two-year Paramedic program will train you for a thrilling career on the front lines of emergency care. And you’ll graduate with the skills you need to provide life-saving interventions—at the scene of an accident.


The curriculum focuses on leadership and communication—along with core courses in fitness, ethics, anatomy, physiology, pathology and pharmacology. And—in a risk-free lab setting—you’ll practice responding to calls based on real-life scenarios. What makes Northern even more unique is that there are actual paramedics working out of the same building as where you’re learning, so you can gain first-hand experience watching them in action.

On the front lines of emergency care



In support of your gradual transition to practicing paramedics, you’ll eventually join real ambulance calls as an observer. And then take on an official placement with one of over 30 emergency service partners—including hospital emergency and maternity wards, 911 dispatch, and long-term care facilities.

Train with the best at Ontario’s premier firefighting facility

You can even practice as a volunteer firefighter in the real world. And finally, master all your new skills during an immersive six-week handson program featuring fire and rescue evolution training.

You’ll work in confined spaces, strategize plans of attack, and function as part of a multidisciplinary team.

From rope rescues and breaking down doors to complex live-burn scenarios in our own burn building, the curriculum continuously tests your composure and stretches your adaptability.

Northern’s Pre-Service Firefighter program is in a class of its own. And thanks to our state-of-the-art training facility and unique partnership with Timmins Fire Department, you’ll have access to all the infrastructure and equipment of a working fire station.

Pre-Service Firefighter Pre-Service Firefghter

'. ' • 7

Plus—featuring a blend of labs, field placements, and vocational courses—you’ll graduate from this one-year program in peak performance and prepared to take on any challenge.


Manageme_~t. -1''. • • • I •

Find your future in the eye of the storm

Along with in-depth courses in disaster recovery, intelligence fundamentals, cybersecurity and AI, you’ll be immersed in a curriculum that has risk assessment, crisis communication, and legislative frameworks at its Andcore.then—thanks to Northern’s Advanced Disaster Management Simulator (ADMS)— you’ll practice effective and holistic protocols for just about every imaginable disaster—all in a virtual 3D environment.



Terrorism & Pandemic -Respo_nse Emergency Management, Terrorism & Pandemic Response

It all adds up to you claiming a leadership role alongside government agencies, community stakeholders, and private partners—in a dynamic industry that’s evolving with every new challenge we face.

Designed for current and aspiring disaster management professionals, Northern’s one-year Emergency Management graduate certificate will give you the comprehensive skills you’ll need to manage operations during a major catastrophe.

You’ll learn the interrelationship between theory, research, and practice. You’ll explore

Thanks to a comprehensive curriculum—and simulated medical scenarios at our state-of-the art facility—you’ll gain first-hand experience with new technologies, emerging healthcare trends, and community-based nursing.

LaurentianLiniversity UniversiteLaurentienne 9

In partnership with Laurentian University, Northern’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) degree will prepare you to thrive in a multi-disciplinary healthcare environment. It will also give you the critical expertise, problem-solving skills, and bedside manner that will allow you to intervene when patients need you most.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN)

perspective from different points of view. In an interview for my dream job, my employer commented on how well I was able to break down situations and come up with the best solution for the patient.

Taska G., Student

Caring for your community— one patient at a time

The different scenarios that I was exposed to in simulation helped me to look at the patient's the underlying causes of illness—and develop a methodology for diagnosis and treatment. And you’ll establish a benchmark for ethical highquality care that will give you added traction in the workplace.


The entire healthcare system depends on your results



Northern’s Medical Laboratory Technician diploma will set you up with the knowledge and expertise you need to take charge of the lab.



The professors are knowledgeable, and the program is great. There aren't loads of exams, and the program is divided into assignments and class activities.

Priyanka V., Student

Along with an overview of applied anatomy, physiology, microbiology and chemistry, you’ll learn specimen collection and processing. You’ll master the various tests and equipment used to measure vital signs. And you’ll develop the professional bedside manner that’s so critical for close patient contact.

Thanks to comprehensive simulations in our state-of-the-art medical lab, you’ll get all the practice you need. Plus, you’ll get experience at various local laboratories as part of your Itplacement.alladdsup

to a smooth transition to the workplace, and a rewarding career in a hospital, research lab, private or public clinic, and beyond.

And—in a program that fosters awareness, sensitivity and respect for every individual’s unique needs—you will develop a polished approach. This will help you prepare for the close relationships you will develop.

Personal Support Worker (PSW)

In the classroom—and in our state-of-the-art practice labs—you’ll develop a solid code of ethics, hone your communication skills, and master the medical terminology and care protocols you’ll need on the job.

In just one year, Northern’s Personal Support Worker (PSW) program will have you out in the field, providing the vital long-term care that forms the backbone of community service and wellbeing.

It all wraps up with a placement in a long-term care facility, and a valuable certificate that’s your gateway to a rewarding career.


Where care and friendship go hand in hand

At every step along the way, you’ll practice new skills within our state-of-the-art training facility. And you’ll top it all off with an eight-week placement that marks the official start to your career as a caring and competent health care professional.


scrapes to complex health challenges, and even palliative care—you’ll gradually develop a holistic approach to nursing. As a graduate, you will have developed the capacity to provide care and comfort patients with varying conditions at all stages of life.

Thanks to Northern’s two-year Practical Nursing (PN) diploma, you’ll be ready to start the healthcare career you’ve always dreamed of.

Transform your love of people into a career


You’ll learn about the diagnostic process and the role of education in promoting health and wellness. You’ll hone your communication and leadership And—fromskills.minor

You’ll master the core concepts of care— including ethics, safety, and patient rights. You’ll learn the fundamentals of anatomy, medical terminology, and the IT systems that operate in healthcare environments.



With Northern’s graduate certificate in Health Care Management, you’ll be ready to take on a leadership role in just about any healthcare Leveragingenvironment.yourexisting credentials, this one-year program provides an overview of the complex management and delivery systems we rely on. And then—by fostering effective leadership and problem-solving techniques, you can optimize day-to-day operations and outcomes for all stakeholders.

And finally—before you go onto a career with a consulting firm, nursing home, hospital, clinic, or public health department—you’ll wrap up everything you’ve learned with a custom project that focuses on leadership in healthcare.

Immersive simulation training and crossdisciplinary scenarios help you prepare working world And—atchallenges.everystep


With a strong focus on accessibility and quality patient care, Northern’s accredited Health Sciences Programs are tailored to meet your needs—and the needs of those in your care.

Northern offers a variety of one-, two-, and four-year programs on all four campuses, allowing you to pursue your career goals at your own pace—where you would like to.


Plus, many of our healthcare programs offer placement or preceptorship opportunities that give you direct experience in clinics, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and more.

Trained, certified and ready to make a difference

along the way—a combination of small class sizes and state-of the-art equipment mean you always have easy access to the labs and practice time you need to perfect your skills.

What’s more, all of our programming options are layered, and that means you can earn multiple certificates and diplomas—including specialized qualifications offered exclusively at Northern. And all this within a two-minute walk from our vibrant campus residence.

10,000-square-foot Veterinary Sciences Centre features state-of-the-art equipment and labs—including a surgery suite, exam and therapy rooms, a grooming salon, a dog run, kennels, and an underwater treadmill.

, .

' • '.


Based at our beautiful Haileybury campus, Northern’s veterinary programs are designed to give you extensive real-world experience with domestic, laboratory, farm, and even wild

Veterinary Sciences Centre otheropportunitiesMoreSciencesVeterinaryCentreanimaltrainingthananycollege


With a constant stream of animals arriving from local shelters and other facilities, students and staff work side-by-side to provide a full range of 24/7 veterinary services—and to ensure that every rescued animal gets a clean bill of health before heading off to its forever home.

I like when they wash me.

Sparky the Dog

Amy N., Student

., . , ·, 11 f ' ' . \. ' ' • 'GroomingAnimal16

Animal Grooming


Assistant program, you’ll graduate with a double certificate that’s guaranteed to give

" 16

At our on-campus kennel, you’ll learn how to handle and care for companion animals of all sizes—and when to turn to a vet or trainer for

Northern’s one-year Animal Grooming program will set you up with the knowledge and technical skills you need to thrive in a pet store, grooming centre, veterinary clinic—or even as the owner of your very own shop.

You’llbackup.hone your customer service skills—with pets and humans alike. And, from classic cuts to the latest trends, you’ll master every aspect of What’sgrooming.more, if you enrol in the Veterinary us an advantage when looking for work after graduation. you an edge in the field.I already have some experience with animals which many employers are looking for.

When pet pampering is your guilty pleasure

At Northern, we get the opportunity to work handson with animals, and that gives

With its strong focus on specialized patient care, this one-year graduate certificate will prepare you to help dogs and cats live life to the fullest— with minimal pain and discomfort.

As they age, our pets have the same needs we do. And whether they’re recovering from an injury, surgery or simply need to lose weight, rehabilitation is key.

It will also give you a critical advantage in the workplace. After all, your sought-after skill-set will expand the range of services offered within a veterinary practice. And that will make a significant impact on a lot of lives – including those of well-loved pets.

Coinpanion Animal Rehabilitation Companion getHelpRehabilitationAnimalinjuredanimalsbackontheirfeet

'. 17

This is an ever-growing branch of the animal health industry. And, once you’ve completed our two-year Veterinary Technology training, Northern’s Companion Animal Physical Rehabilitation program will give you the critical skills you need to dive in.

•. ., _.•• •-:

•, • ,'"' f I

You’ll learn to prepare medication, counsel clients on patient care, and assist with lab work and surgery prep. And—under the direction of a vet—you’ll learn how to safely handle animals, provide basic care, and use physical restraints, as required.

If you dream of working with animals full-time, then your future starts here. Northern’s Veterinary Assistant program is a one-year certificate that lays the foundation for a great job—and it’s also the gateway to your continuing animal education.

You’ll also become a pro in the office — answering calls, booking appointments and taking care of business. And that all adds up to you claiming your place as a valued team member at a kennel, shelter, grooming facility, municipality, veterinary company, and more.

, . Veterinary ·, 11 f ' \.' . ' ' • ' • • Assistant AssistantVeterinary18


Turn your love for animals into a career

, .


'. 19

The result? You’ll graduate with the handling skills and know-how you need to become amazing! They want you toa confident member of any animal care team. succeed, and want to watch you walk across the stage at Katrinagraduation.S.,Student

' •

I completed the veterinary assistant program before " doing the veterinary technician program. The professors are

Vetennary Technidan

Northern’s Veterinary Technician program is a accredited two-year diploma that will set you up for a front-line job at a zoo, animal shelter, research facility, and more.

You’ll learn how to manage a veterinary practice. You’ll acquire the expertise to counsel clients about optimal pet nutrition. And you’ll become a pro at measuring vital signs, performing basic exams, and administering meds as prescribed by a Alongvet.the

way, you’ll also learn to recognize the behavioural signs of small animals, and even explore triage, lab work, anesthesia, surgical assistance and prophylactic dental procedures.



I chose Northern because of the small class sizes, the " placement opportunities and the large amount

The result is you’ll graduate ready to take on a leadership role at a zoo, wildlife rescue, or within a traditional or exotic veterinary practice. available for students.

Sarah L., Student

Along the way, you’ll also deepen your knowledge of birds and mammals, master facilities operations—including habitats—and learn how to manage and promote non-profit organizations. of bursary money


Technology.•.-· . -1 ,:

,- ••_.-• I

On the front lines of critical animal care

Wildlife Rehabilitation Veterinary Technology Wildlife Rehabilitation


The only one of its kind in Canada, Northern’s Veterinary Technology Wildlife Rehabilitation program is an three-year advanced diploma that will transform your passion for animals into a career helping orphaned, injured and ailing Afterwildlife.two

years of the Veterinary Technician program, you’ll specialize in year three—honing your care, nutrition and technical skills.



Whether you’re aiming for a career in the design, inspection or construction industries, Northern’s two-year Building Inspection Technician program will get you there.

From the foundation to the roof—and from waterproofing to drainage—you’ll gain the skills you need to interpret and apply building code requirements. You’ll master the materials and techniques required for quality residential and commercial construction. And—beyond just identifying infractions—you’ll learn how and when to leverage your authority and intervene.


Along the way, you’ll improve your communication and conflict resolution skills. You’ll become proficient at computer-aided drafting. And you’ll master the public health and fire regulations that help keep us all safe.

Meanwhile, thanks to a series of placements, you’ll get on-the-job training with municipal inspectors in the working world.

skills for the biggest job sites

Blending lectures and lab work, this twoyear diploma will prepare you to carry out technical functions across a broad range of civil engineering fields—including infrastructure construction, resource management and environmental protection.


How do biology, chemistry and hydraulics intersect in a sewer? You’ll discover the answer to that—and much more—thanks to Northern’s Civil Engineering Technician program.

You’ll hone the complex math and physics skills you’ll need on the job. And—with a focus on sustainable design and construction practices— you’ll prepare to support large-scale projects of all



how engineering materials respond to pressure, temperature and other stresses. You’ll learn how fluid mechanics affect everything from swimming pool design to hydroelectric dams. And you’ll come to appreciate why concrete theory and soil mechanics are literally the foundation of construction.




core programming skills, and you’ll master web development, cyber security and database management.

Computer BuildWiredTechnicianEngineeringfortechnology?yourITcareerhere

The hands-on curriculum means you’ll literally assemble and configure a computer. And—on a broader spectrum—you’ll learn to develop, maintain and optimize networks, systems and

With Northern’s two-year Computer Engineering Technician diploma, you’ll emerge as an IT professional whose high-end skills support the technologies that now run every aspect of our economy and daily lives.

Along the way, you’ll be challenged to solve complex issues and master the latest technology to make sure you’re prepared for the problems—and solutions—of the future.

Build your career at the leading edge of the digital world


Combining computing theory with a handson, project-based approach, you’ll gain a bigpicture understanding of the industry and its standards. And you’ll perfect your skills as a programmer, problem-solver and systems analyst—all while exploring the latest methods for improving functionality.

NNorthern iil!COLLEGE

Bachelor24 of Computer Science Degree (BCS)

In partnership with Algoma University, Northern’s Bachelor of Computer Science is a diploma-to-degree program that allows you to graduate with a college diploma, and a university degree. And to launch a rock-solid IT career—in just about any sector on the planet.

Along the way, you’ll learn to assemble, configure, and maintain computers, and networks. You’ll master database management, visualization technology, and more. And you’ll also hone the cybersecurity measures that are becoming more critical by the day.

Along the way, you’ll improve your math and communication skills—and hone your knowledge of the laws and codes that will be critical to your success.

Thanks to Northern’s two-year Construction Engineering Technician diploma, you’ll graduate with the precision skills required to work in the construction and infrastructure industries.


You’ll learn to interpret drawings and survey data. You’ll master computer-assisted drafting. And— from materials and techniques to estimates, contracts and building plans—you’ll also gain practical experience in the working world.

In a program that combines architecture with civil, structural and mechanical engineering, you’ll learn how every aspect of the building process fits together—all in preparation for a rewarding career in consulting, construction, management, maintenance, and beyond.


Electrical26 TechnicianEngineeringAskilledelectricalengineeringtechnicianisalwaysindemand

Featuring extensive hands-on instruction in our state-of-the-art labs, Northern’s two-year Electrical Engineering Technician diploma will prepare you for tomorrow’s economy.

With a broad focus that includes computers, digital circuits and renewable energy, you’ll install, test, operate, repair and maintain modern industrial, electrical and electronic systems. And along the way, you’ll master all the tools and instruments that are your ‘eyes’ on the job.

As a skilled technician, you’ll find work in just about any industrial sector, from residential construction to power generation. You canpursue your dream job—or stay at Northern for an extra year to graduate with an advanced diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology to make you even more sought after by high-paying employers.

There’s also the option of a university degree. So whatever direction you choose, it’s definitely a solid career move.


After two years of the Electrical Engineering Technician program, you’ll specialize in year three—taking on a series of independent projects, and further honing the math, communication and reporting skills that will be critical to your success.

You’ll master advanced programming techniques. You’ll dive deeper into the operation of power utility systems, protective relaying, and power system controls and protections. And you’ll harness the latest technology to design residential, commercial and industrial installations that measure up to exacting industry standards.

After that, you’ll be ready to chart your own course—in a high-tech field.

Electrical TechnologyEngineeringWiredtothriveinanyeconomy

An advanced diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology will set you up as an industry leader—with the opportunity to continue your studies at the university level.


Instrumentation28 & Control


You’ll master the complex equations used to tune controllers to a particular process. And you’ll learn to install, maintain, test and calibrate the critical equipment that measures and controls temperature, level, pressure and flow.

Every industrial process on Earth relies on an instrumentation technician to keep things on track. And with Northern’s two-year Instrumentation & Control Engineering Technician diploma, your job prospects will include them all.

Instrumentation is a golden ticket. The feld is so broad that Along the way, you’ll hone your math, science and problem-solving skills. You’ll cover theanyone can fnd their niche. fundamentals of electricity and electronics.


" More mechanically inclined? More software oriented? Want You’ll learn troubleshooting techniques and how to interpret drawings. to be a travelling salesman or a And—from furnaces and boilers to pulp mills and company rep? There's an area power plants—you’ll master the safety protocols for all of that! But it all begins that keep everything running smoothly. with being an Instrument Tech. Allison P., Graduate

"I started out by taking Instrumentation in Haileybury. I continued my education in " Timmins and got my Electrical Engineering TechnologyAnd then, of course, there’s the option of a university degree.

diploma. Now I’m working for Hydro Ottawa and just about to complete the Substation ElectricianDomoniqueapprenticeship."R.,Graduate


for Instrumentation Graduates

Electrical TechnicianEngineering-Level3

Once you’ve completed the Instrumentation & Control Engineering Technician diploma at Northern, you’re just one year away from a second diploma as an Electrical Engineering Technician

diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology.

Either way, you’ll have the skills for tomorrow’s advanced economy.

After that, you’ll find work in any industrial sector. Or maybe choose to stay at Northern for another year to graduate with an advanced

Building strategically on your existing skills— and with a broad focus that includes computers, digital circuits and renewable energy— you’ll learn to install, test, operate, repair and maintain industrial, electrical and electronic systems of all kinds. Along the way, you’ll master the tools and instruments that are the ‘eyes’ of the electrician.

Turbocharge your skills with a one-year top-up

Graduate with powerful skills and up to a year of paid co-op experience* thanks to Northern’s Environmental Technician—Water and Wastewater Systems Operations diploma.

* We encourage you to reach out to employers before you start the program so that your co-op placement is set-up and ready for you to apply your learning.

people — and the planet


Combining on-site and distance learning—and offered in both standard and co-op delivery— you’ll gain the specialized training you need to master every step of the treatment process.

You’ll understand the design and operation of complex treatment facilities. You’ll learn the role that chemicals and microorganisms play in the process. And, you’ll master the lab techniques and safety protocols required to make a real difference for the environment—and in our everyday lives.


Along the way, you’ll also improve your problem-solving skills, gain a solid foundation in chemistry and physics, and earn the confidence you’ll need as a licensed hands-on operator.


In just two years, Northern’s Mechanical Engineering Technician program will prepare you for a career in a wide range of industries— from mining, oil and gas, to forestry, automotive and construction.

Mechanical Engineering

As a Mechanical Engineering Technician, you’ll be called upon to provide technical support and services. And this includes the design, development, testing, manufacture and maintenance of machines, tools, engines and electronic equipment— as well as heating, piping and ventilation systems.

You’ll learn to record and analyze engineering data. You’ll master calculations and estimates. And you’ll learn how to make expert sketches, layouts, 2D drawings and 3D models.


And then you’ll be ready to join a consulting firm, manufacturing company, government department or public institution. Just like that.

After two years of the Mechanical Engineering Technician program, you’ll specialize in year three—deepening your knowledge of materials, machine design, manufacturing methods, process control, advanced fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and heat transfer.

Northern’s advanced diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology will give you an edge in the workplace—and set the stage for continuing studies at the university level.

Mechanical32 Engineering Technology

Solve today’s problems while solutionsspearheadingfortomorrow

You’ll get extensive hands-on training in a modern manufacturing lab complete with the latest scanners, printers, mills and lathes. You’ll learn how to select, design, install, maintain, program and troubleshoot modern industrial mechanical components and systems. And you’ll graduate with the high-octane skills required to design, plan and coordinate fullscale mechanical engineering projects.


everything from ore signatures and environmental practices, to bush safety and survival. We'll prepare you for a wide range of jobs, including lab assistant, geological technician, and quality controller.

This program of study also opens the door to continuing studies at the Haileybury School of Mines (HSM) and beyond. So this really could be the start of something big.

From grassroots exploration to mine-site operation, Northern’s Mineral Exploration Techniques certificate will give you the knowledge and skills you need as a valued member of a mineral exploration team.

.•·• • •• ., . , . 33

Combining on-site and distance learning, this full-time one-year program ends with a twoweek field placement where you’re guaranteed to get your hands dirty. And—along the way— you’ll gain comprehensive skills and a broad understanding of one of the world’s biggest growth


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M1ileral Exploration Techniques Mineral MiningTechniquesExplorationyourfuturesuccess

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For more than a century, the Haileybury School of Mines (HSM) at Northern has been preparing graduates to excel in the global mining industry. And now it’s your turn.

Miiling Engineering . .·_-_...•.~_.1:'.

What’s more, with the objective of a carbon neutral economy by 2050, the global mining industry is expected to triple in the coming decades. And that’s great news for your future and ours.

Blending on-site and distance learning, this world-renowned four-semester program digs deep to give you the traction you need as a critical member of the engineering team.



Mining Engineering Technicians are involved in every aspect of mining—from exploration to extraction. So, you’ll have a wide range of career options to choose from including surveyor, planner, assayer, mine inspector, and process operator—to name only a few.

TechnlCian Mining34

What’s more, many of our programming options are laddered, and that means you can earn a certificate in Year One, and then complete a full diploma in Year Two.

Featuring a full range of equipment—from old-school tools to the latest technology—the Trades Shop Timmins is a sprawling multifunctional space that’s home to Northern’s Millwright, Automotive Service, and Heavy Equipment Programs.

In this real-world setting, seasoned industry professionals lead hands-on classes and workshops. The result is you’ll graduate with up-to-the-minute skills, ready to kick-start your

you’ll earn credit towards your apprenticeship certification. Plus, some of our programs even feature placement options that give you networking opportunities and on-the job experience as you go.


Trades andRollTimminsShopupyoursleevesexcel


Offered as a two-year diploma—or as a oneyear top-up to our Mechanical Techniques— Industrial Millwright certificate—Northern’s Mechanical Technician—Industrial Millwright diploma will set you up for a career as an indemand mechanic on the front lines of industry.

You’ll reinforce fundamental skills through hands-on training. You’ll tackle pneumatic, hydraulic, lubrication, cooling, exhaust and fuel systems with confidence. And you’ll develop a level of craftsmanship that’s guaranteed to set you apart from the competition, which is where you will want to be.



TechnicianIndustrial MillwrightClaimyourplaceasakeystoneofindustry

From mining, aerospace and auto assembly, to breweries, food processing, power stations, and more, you’ll be able to diagnose, repair, maintain and install a full spectrum of industrial machinery and components.

Help keep the gears of industry on track

Mechanical TechniquesIndustrial Millwright

Ineconomy.anapprenticeship environment focused on teamwork, personal safety and problem solving, you’ll be trained to meet the challenges of today’s increasingly complex work environments.

The result is you’ll graduate ready to claim your place in a wide range of industries. Or stay on with us for an extra year to earn a full diploma in our Mechanical Technician—Industrial Millwright program and make you all the more employable in a fast-paced, lucrative and growing field.


You’ll develop high standards of craftsmanship, gain pride in your trade, and—along the way— learn to repair everything from pumps and presses, to conveyers, generators and tanks.

A millwright is vital to the operation of any industrial process. And with Northern’s one-year Mechanical Techniques—Industrial Millwright certificate, you’ll gain real-world experience in the installation, repair and maintenance of the complex machinery that literally runs our

You’ll learn how to analyze and solve a range of problems. You’ll master testing equipment and troubleshooting techniques. And—whether you’re faced with mechanical, electronic or electrical issues—you’ll be able to diagnose and repair systems and components to get things up and running.

Turn your love of motors and machines into a satisfying and lucrative career thanks to Northern’s Motive Power Technician— Automotive Service diploma.



Power TechnicianAutomotive ofGreaseServicethewheelsyourfuture

This two-year hands-on program will lay the foundation you need to help keep critical vehicles on the road.

The result? You’ll have the hard skills to kick off a career as a technical service advisor, insurance adjuster, service manager, and more. Or you can further refine your skillset by becoming an apprentice mechanic or trainee.

In an apprenticeship environment focused on teamwork, personal safety and problem solving, you’ll be trained to meet the challenges of increasingly complex work environments.

After that, you’ll be qualified to work in the forestry, mining, and construction industries, or at a dealership, insurance company, or service and repair shop.

When it comes to machinery, if you believe bigger is better, then this program is for you.


Tackle some of the mightiest machines on Earth

Northern’s two-year Motive Power Technician— Heavy Equipment diploma will give you the knowledge and skills you need to take on the monster machines that power our economy.

Motive Power TechniquesHeavy Equipment

And—while developing a standard of craftsmanship that sets you apart—you’ll learn to diagnose and repair the mechanical, electric and electronic systems that our industries depend on.

You’ll gain confidence through practice. And after just one year, you’ll graduate with a level of skill and craftsmanship that will give you an edge in the workplace.


Heavy40 TechniquesEquipmentMaintainthe

machines that power our economy

With Northern’s Heavy Equipment Techniques certificate, you’ll become a critical player in maintaining the heavy-duty machinery that keeps our economy on track.

And—from order systems and preventive maintenance to customer service and repairs— you’ll master every aspect of the motive power industry along the way.

In a hands-on environment focused on teamwork, personal safety and problem solving, you’ll learn to diagnose and service a variety of power system problems—including hydraulic, electrical, electronic, fuel, braking, steering, suspension, and more.

Health ·Worker Addiction & Mental Health Worker

Addiction & Mental

'. 41

In a collaborative lab environment, you’ll gradually hone your communication, listening and crisis intervention skills—all while gaining an awareness of the complex causes and impacts of mental health issues and addiction.

You’ll challenge the stigma associated with these issues—including your own hidden biases— develop holistic healing plans that work, and master the self-care strategies that will be critical to your long-term success. Finally, you’ll put theory into practice during a 650-hour fieldwork placement with social services employers of all kinds—including shelters, drop-in centres, recovery homes, correctional facilities, crisis support agencies, and Thesemore.skills

· • ,-..•••1-'.

In just two years, Northern’s Addiction & Mental Health Worker program will prepare you for a rewarding career as an in-demand counsellor, case manager, or outreach worker.

have never been more needed than now, and you can make a profound difference in the lives of others by studying here.

Find your purpose on the front lines of community care


caring into critical support

Complete this one-year program at your own pace. And along the way, you’ll gain an understanding of common emotional and psychiatric issues, including autism. You’ll also develop an appreciation for the broader impact that poverty, discrimination, addiction, and violence have on individuals—and society as a Workingwhole.through

Finally, you’ll master critical techniques for working alongside parents and community agencies to achieve optimal outcomes—no matter the circumstances.

Offered exclusively online, Northern’s Child & Adolescent Mental Health certificate will allow you to empower the youth in your care, and help them transcend their challenges.

Child & Adolescent Mental Health & Adolescent Mental HealthTransform

case studies that promote self-care and cultural sensitivity, you’ll learn how to establish a strong foundation of trust and acceptance. You’ll also hone effective strategies for crisis intervention and conflict management.

·, 11 f ' ...... • • \. ' ' • 'Child42

In a dynamic group learning environment, you’ll explore how to best support a child’s growth with creative strategies that leverage their natural stages of development.

It’s a rewarding two-year diploma guaranteed to jump-start your career as a registered ECE (Early Childhood Educator). And it all wraps up with a 600-hour fieldwork placement that will set you up for success.

You’ll also improve your communication skills, master teaching through play, and plan and implement activities designed to reveal a child’s full potential—no matter their level and unique challenges.

Early Childhood Education Early EducationChildhoodNurtureyoungmindsandtransformthefuture

•, • ,'"' f I f ' • '

'. 43

Thanks to Northern’s Early Childhood Education program, you’ll thrive as part of a multidisciplinary team that works with infants and children up to 12 years old. And—alongside speech pathologists, behavioural therapists, and parents—you’ll nurture joy and imagination to help these youngsters transition successfully to the school system.

Social44 WorkerServiceBethere


With Northern’s two-year Social Service Worker diploma, you’ll graduate ready to help vulnerable individuals, families, and communities as they cope with—and work through—some of life’s most stressful events.

You’ll master conflict management, develop skills to intervene in a crisis, and gradually develop holistic and culturally-sensitive healing plans that will help chart a new course for those in your care.

Social WorkerService· ·, 11 f ' ...... • • \. ' ' • '

Along the way, you’ll put theory into practice thanks to a series of clinical labs and a 15-week placement with a variety of social services agencies. It all adds up to a rewarding journey of self-awareness and professional growth. And it all starts here.

Focused on collaboration and teamwork, the evidence-based curriculum reveals the complex influences that affect human development and behaviour. It also provides you with the tools you’ll need to make a difference.

when your community needs you most

Our dedicated Program Coordinators are there to help—every step of the way—as you master being a student in the virtual environment. And every lecture, lesson and workshop is recorded so you

We've been in the remote learning business longer than most and it shows. Our solid experience in the field delivers excellence every time.


and universal delivery have provided countless benefts for myself and my classmates. Northern cultivated a sense of community even while being at a distance, allowing inclusion for everyone.


As a remote learning student, you’ll have access to all the same supports as you would on campus. And that means studying from anywhere—while still getting the full Northern experience.

The versatile learning environment of Contact North has allowed me to stay in my home city of London, Ontario while engaging through a " can revisit and review on your own time. virtual community. This fexibility

Flexible Learning

Convenient Fall and Winter start dates mean we’re ready to go when you are. And a confirmed weekly class schedule means greater flexibility as you juggle whatever else is on your plate.

Jessica H., Graduate

Thanks to Blackboard Learn—Northern’s interactive learning platform—you’ll find all the course materials you need online. Plus, you’ll be able to share documents, join discussion groups, and connect with your professor and classmates in real time.


Thanks to Northern’s one-year Accommodation & Human Rights Management certificate, you’ll be prepared to create a workplace that puts employee health and wellness first.

You’ll develop and hone your leadership, advocacy, mediation, dispute resolution, and change management skills. You’ll study the legal framework behind equity, human rights, and health and safety standards.

a workplace that inspires

Accommodation46 & Human ManagementRightsCreate

It’s the ideal springboard for further studies, or a career within a non-profit, First Nations or other government organization. And it all wraps up with either a working-world placement or a compelling case study of your own.

And—inspired by Indigenous techniques— you’ll develop a holistic approach to everything from mental health and disability management, to return-to-work policies and workplace redesign.


It’s also the gateway to all of Northern’s twoyear business diploma programs—including Marketing, Accounting, Human Resources, and

Then you’ll dive deeper into what it takes to maintain an organization’s competitive edge— exploring microeconomic theory, organizational behaviour, and the interrelationship between entrepreneurship, ethics, and social responsibility.

Business Fundamentals at Northern is a oneyear certificate that will provide you with the foundation you need to kick-start your career.



with hands-on introductory courses that provide an overview of everything from recruitment and record-keeping, to communications and management.


Go beyond the numbers

Business48 Accounting-

Year one focuses on Business Fundamentals. Then you’ll dive into curriculum that blends working-world case studies with ledgers and the latest technology.

Claim your place as an essential member of the financial management team thanks to Northern’s two-year diploma in Accounting

You’ll learn how to balance the books and perform analyses that are critical to daily operations in finance as well as business strategy. You’ll design and implement an accounting system for a small business. And you’ll even apply accounting concepts to prepare tax returns and forecast trends.

Plus, with additional courses in marketing, Canadian business law and human resources management, you’ll graduate knowing how the numbers affect decision-making on every level—from macroeconomics right down to personal income tax.

Gain traction in the career you’ve always dreamed of with Northern’s two-year Business General diploma.

Advanced business simulations put your new skills to the test.

Business -

GeneralTurnyourselfinto a business asset


And it all adds up to a well-rounded big-picture graduate who’s ready to take on the world.


Year one focuses on Business Fundamentals. Then you’ll expand your skill set in year two thanks to a comprehensive range of courses to explore everything from statistics and business law, to operations, macroeconomics and project

importance of building relationships, the art of closing the deal, and even get a crash course in entrepreneurship to maximize your chances for success.

Human ResourcesJointheteam

You’ll get to know the legal framework of labour relations, human rights, and occupational health and safety. You’ll learn how to support an organization’s short and long-term goals through strategic recruitment. And you’ll be ready for the collective bargaining process between management and labour.

that runs the team

Along the way, you’ll also hone your skills in communication, information technology and tactical persuasion—and even develop an effective training program that promotes leadership and collaboration.

Year one focuses on Business Fundamentals. And then you’ll move on to master what it takes to attract, retain and motivate qualified talent.

Thanks to the Human Resources program at Northern, you’ll graduate ready to take on a leadership role in staffing, employee relations, performance management, and more.


Business50 -

With its focus squarely on digital communication and e-commerce, Northern’s Marketing program will prepare you for a career on the front lines of a rapidly-evolving business Yearlandscape.onefocuses on Business Fundamentals.

And then you’ll be immersed in a range of hands-on courses where you’ll learn to leverage online resources to market and sell everything from cutting-edge ideas to everyday goods and Whyservices.doconsumers

choose one brand over another? How do you broker and close a professional sale? And what does it take to survive as an entrepreneur?

You’ll find out—all while polishing your networking and negotiation skills, simulating a multinational product launch, and working with actual clients to create a comprehensive social media marketing plan.


Business Marketing-Becomeamasteroftheglobalmarket

In partnership with Algonquin College—and offered with a paid co-op work term*—

approach to the land—and by leveraging the latest technology and management techniques—you’ll examine agricultural challenges through a business lens in order to increase yields, optimize resources, and motivate the team.

* We encourage you to reach out to employers before you start the program so that your co-op placement is set-up and ready for you to apply your learning.

You’ll hone your skills through simulations and case studies. And—along the way— you’ll develop strategic and sustainable approaches to crop and herd selection, pest and soil management, farm safety, equipment maintenance, and more.

Business52 Agriculture-


Become a critical link in our food chain

The result is you’ll graduate prepared to join a farming operation or industry-related business—or even become the boss of your very own business.

Northern’s two-year Business Agriculture diploma is your gateway to a rewarding future in the complex industry that literally feeds our Withworld.ahands-on

Global EntrepreneurshipBusiness, &



technology continues to reshape our world—you’ll graduate knowing how to leverage artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics and cryptocurrency in the business landscape of the future.


Offered as a one-year graduate certificate or two-year diploma, Northern’s Global Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology program will allow you to claim your place in the boardroom—and beyond.

To excel in the era of digital transformation, you’ll enjoy carefully curated courses that provide a solid foundation for your career in management and venture creation. You’ll master corporate strategy and the all important business plan. You’ll learn how geopolitical forces impact global markets. And you’ll be challenged to find creative out-of-the-box solutions for complex real-world business

Kick start a law career on your own terms

Offered exclusively online, Northern’s popular two-year Law Clerk program has built-in flexibility as you gear up for a career as a legal assistant in a law office, or government or industry legal department.

Focusing on real estate, wills, estates, and family law and litigation, you’ll learn how to conduct advanced legal research, navigate conflicts of interest, and interview clients to assess the truthfulness of a claim.

What’s more, you’ll also improve your written and verbal communication skills. And ultimately put it all to the test in a fieldwork placement in the working world.


You’ll get up to speed on legal terminology, master law office management, and even get a crash course in civil and criminal litigation.


Along the way, you’ll also cover the basics of accounting and business math, improve your verbal and written communications, and master keyboarding and essential computer skills.


Office Administration -

TakeGeneralchargeofthe office

Thanks to a host of practical simulations and a hands-on work placement, Northern’s one-year Office Administration-General certificate will prepare you to claim your place as a confident and valued member of any organization.

You’ll get an overview of the relationship between the finance, human resources, marketing and operations departments. And you’ll learn what it takes to maintain an organization’s competitive edge.

The result? From problem-solving and planning meetings to managing appointments and arranging travel, the entire office will rely on you to keep things running smoothly.

about occupational health and safety, and the critical role that information systems play in solving business problems.

Being indispensable is part of the job description

Then—in your final semester—you’ll put it all to the test during a one-day-a-week work placement where you’ll gain invaluable handson experience in the working world.


Offered as a two-year college diploma— or as a one-year top-up for the Office Administration−General certificate—the Office Administration−Executive program will deepen your skill level and broaden your You’llprospects.gain


greater knowledge in specialized areas—including networking, transcription, web design, desktop publishing, and legal and medical terminology. And, you’ll get a crash course in both business law and law office



welding DesignInternational

•, • ,'"' f I f f ' • ' '. 57

And that means you’ll be qualified for exciting opportunities in almost all member countries—in scores of industries from forestry, energy and construction, to aerospace, mining, manufacturing, and beyond.

As an authorized training body for the International Institute of Welding (IIW), Northern is leading the way in welding education. And our three-semester International Welding Design Certificate (IWDC) will give you the traction you need to jump-start the global career you’ve always dreamed of.


Welding Design -

Comprehensive hands-on training will prepare you for certification as an International Welding Technologist or International Welding Engineer.

MaJIC—or the Materials Joining Innovation Centre—is located in the Kirkland Lake Campus, and provides students with access to state-of-the-art equipment that allows them to work on actual industry projects.

MaJIC: The name says it all. Northern is the only welding education facility in Ontario directly associated with an applied on-site research centre.

everything from metallurgy to mechanics. And—as a result—you’ll be able to design, manufacture and maintain safe structures that stand the test of time.

Combining theory, lab time and hands-on practice, you’ll learn about codes, standards and stress analysis. And you’ll be comfortable interpreting drawings and working alongside both engineers and scientists.

Weaving together the science, technology and engineering of welding, Northern's Welding Engineering Technician Inspection program will have you operating at the top of your You’llgame.master


Offered as both a two-year diploma and a three-year co-op program, you’ll soon be ready for a job as an inspector, supervisor, educator, consultant, and more. Or stay on at Northern for an extra year of study to complete your advanced diploma in Welding Engineering Technology, and watch how your career soars.

* We encourage you to reach out to employers before you start the program so that your co-op placement is set-up and ready for you to apply your learning.

Welding TechnidanEngineering.·_-,--·:.·'.:: - Inspection ...

Welding TechnicianEngineering-InspectionSomuchmorethanarcsandsparks

W81ding Engineering

:, _...•.·:..> ' .

Welding structuralBuildTechnologyEngineeringacareerwithintegrity

, . 59

After two years of the Welding Engineering Technician program, you’ll specialize in year three* deepening your knowledge of physics, metallurgy, circuits and failure analysis. This program is offered both as a three-year (six-semester) diploma or four-year (nine-semester) co-op program.

You’ll develop the know-how to select appropriate materials and site-specific welding processes. And you’ll ensure structurally-sound cost-effective welds that adhere to critical code

You’llrequirements.alsoprogram state-of-the-art robotic welding systems, learn to troubleshoot equipment issues, and prepare for the unique challenges of the power, petroleum, chemical and aerospace industries. The result is you’ll enter the workforce as a sought-after consultant, researcher, inspector and more.


An advanced diploma in Welding Engineering Technology will set you up for a solid career as an industry leader—and for continuing studies at the university level.

* We encourage you to reach out to employers before you start the program so that your co-op placement is set-up and ready for you to apply your learning.


Beyond your critical training in the shop, you’ll also hone your freehand and computerassisted drafting skills. You’ll nail the traderelated math problems that result in precision

Mechanical Technician·.-._-,.•.•.1:'.'

Thanks to a hands-on apprentice-style curriculum, you’ll spend three semesters learning how to diagnose, install and maintain a wide range of industrial machinery. And along the way, you’ll learn to fabricate and weld a variety of parts and shapes—including cones, chutes and hoppers.

~elding FitterMechanical60 TechnicianWelding FitterVital’llmaster the techniques, codes and protocols that keep you safe on the job—all while delivering the consistent high-quality results that are guaranteed to set you apart.


to every industrial process

From mining to manufacturing, Northern’s Mechanical Technician—Welding Fitter diploma will set you up with a top-notch skillset and a rewarding career to match.


Our services are free and ready when you are. Start anytime—even in summer.* Our timetables accommodate work and family needs. You may even qualify for transportation and childcare

We’llsupport.evaluate your current level in math, communications, and computers. Within a few weeks you’ll be in a classroom with other adult learners, getting one-on-one coaching and feedback, and working independently on your own custom curriculum.

Program duration depends on your unique needs and goals. If you're preparing for a specific college program, begin Academic Upgrading in September to line up with the next year’s enrolment deadline.

* There is a $20 student enrolment fee for most learners Other nominal charges may apply. Summer course availability is based on enrolment, and varies by campus

Whether you’re looking to earn your high school equivalency—or the prerequisites for a specific college program—Academic Upgrading offers support and services to:

• become a happier and more confident learner overall.

You’re determined to continue your education. And Northern’s Academic Upgrading program is designed to make that happen.

• improve your communication, computer, and study skills

• acquire job-specific skills


Courses are tailored to your educational level and background and geared towards the health, business, environmental, technical, and human services program streams, all in a supportive and friendly environment.

• develop your project and time management skills


Academic62 & Career Entrance (ACE)Brush

With core courses and electives in communications, math, science, computers, and personal management, ACE credits can be used to satisfy the admission requirements of a wide range of college and apprenticeship

Whatever your long-term goals, Northern’s Grade 12 equivalency program—the Academic & Career Entrance (ACE) Certificate—will set you up with the skills, prerequisites, and coursework you need to get ahead.


ACE is considered equivalent to the OSSD— Ontario Secondary School Diploma by Ontario’s community colleges and by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development.

the ACE Certificate is also recognized by a growing number of employers when hiring and promoting staff.

up on your skills to ACE your future

Thanks to a broad-based curriculum, you’ll gain a solid foothold in chemistry, physics, psychology, and human biology—including genetics, microbiology, and common pathologies.

You’ll also improve your math, communication,


Pre-health Sciences: Pathway to Advanced Diplomas & Degrees is a one-year certificate program that allows you to investigate future careers in the health sciences—and specifically lays the groundwork for Northern’s nursing and paramedic programs.

" That is, until Northern, where every single person I've met has worked hard to make me feel included, to make sure I have all the tools I need to succeed, and to help me grow. This has been an amazing experience.

Kyle M., Student

I was convinced I would fail.

The certificate also satisfies the admission requirements for most health care programs at other Ontario community colleges.


I always believed that I simply wasn't good at school. So I didn't go to college because critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. And— along the way—learn the effective negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution strategies that are essential to on-the-job success.

The program features core academic courses in communications, computer skills and math— along with electives in business, community services, health sciences, and technology. Also on the menu are courses in life management, health awareness, cultural competency, and more.


one-year certificate and as a two-year diploma, the General Arts & Sciences program is a strategic and flexible tool for self-discovery and career development that allows you to customize your course load to suit your unique goals and interests.

Arts & Sciences


Chart your course while figuring out your direction

If you’re ready for college but not yet sure of your focus and career path, here’s the ideal

Aim for a full certificate or diploma—or simply focus on the qualifying credits you need for the specific college or university program of your choice.

Prepare to be amazed at the doors that will open for you once you accomplish this awesome goal.


Northern College Student Association

We encourage you to take part and leave your mark.

Every student pays an activity fee. And that means every student is automatically a member of the Northern College Student Association (NCSA).


As a student, you have the right to vote for the Executive Board. And we encourage you to take it a step further and run for a position yourself. After all, there’s no better way to improve your leadership skills and fully enjoy the Northern Experience than by getting involved right from the start.



As a student-driven not-for-profit organization, the NCSA seeks to create a warm and inclusive experience where everyone is welcome and celebrated.

Throughout the year—and on every one of our four campuses— the NCSA rolls out a calendar of services, events and activities to build connections, promote joy, and bring the community

Look forward to leading with you!

NCSA directors also make key decisions that affect you. And that’s why it’s so important to get involved.

(IESC) TheExperience!Nothern

Annual activities show Timmins strong sense of community including Summer fest, Winter Carnival, Rock on the River, Summer Concert Series and more.






Did you know Timmins is a bee certified city because of our many gardens? Come see what the buzz is all about! Emergency Complex

The Timmins Campus offers various programs in the fields of Engineering Technology & Trades, Health Sciences Emergency Services, Business, Office Administration and Community Services. In all program areas, students can take advantage of specialized classrooms, laboratories and workshops fully equipped with technologies and instruments that facilitate the integration of theory into practice.

Timmins is a fusion of urban and rural, whether you’re the kind of person who yearns for wide open spaces, fresh air and the great outdoors, or someone who enjoys the arts-and-culture scene. Either way, you're sure to love this community.




With a wide variety of cafes, bakeries, shops, restaurants and even art galleries, explore everything Timmins has to offer. Don't miss Urban Park where every summer kicks off with farmers’ market, live music, and local retailers.

Timmins is big enough to provide all the amenities and services you expect from a larger city, but small enough to ensure you're never far from the extraordinary landscapes of Northern Ontario. The community offers an array of athletic facilities, nightlife and cuisine from around the world. Meanwhile, take a deep breath of fresh northern air! Many of those with allergies and breathing issues in southern Ontario have moved up for the healthier living. Hit the beach or hiking trails. Enjoy fall, winter, spring and summer activities within walking distance of campus, and take advantage of an invigorating place to be.



› The IESC is a forty thousand square foot home for the Emergency Service Programs and home to local firefighter, paramedic and policing organizations

› Timmins has a population of just over 43,000 people

› A new Innovation Centre for Applied Research & Entrepreneurship (IHUB) is right on campus

› The Centre of Excellence for Trades Technology offers cutting-edge programming in trades and engineering technology

Whether you're coming from near or far, Haileybury campus's ultra modern Veterinary Sciences Centre where our students earn more than one credential to develop in demand skill sets that sets them apart.


Set among the rolling hills of picturesque Lake Temiskaming, our Haileybury Campus is located in the City of Temiskaming Shores, a community comprised of three towns with a total population of just over 10,000. Temiskaming Shores features many of the amenities you’d expect from an urban centre, including a vibrant downtown, museums, an art gallery, live theatre and multiple live music venues. It’s an ideal spot for outdoor enthusiasts, whether you enjoy golfng, camping, horseback riding, downhill and cross-country skiing. You can also explore the well-maintained cycling and walking trail network that weaves through the community.

As a student in Veterinary Sciences, you will become a versatile and adaptable professional. With so many different programs available to you, the only limit to your potential is your imagination. The campus features the world-renowned Haileybury School of Mines (HSM), Practical Nursing, Social Service Worker, Personal Support Worker, Instrumentation and Control, Business and Offce Administration programs.


Devil's Rock 68




The compact downtown and Temiskaming Square Mall offers all the services you expect from a larger centre. Visit our 3 campuses, Haileybury, Kirkland Lake and Timmins and gain insight into the rich history of the region.

Haileybury is considered cottage country - enjoy the charming town as you look out over beautiful Lake Temiskaming.

Take a break from your studies and head out to the top of Devil’s Rock. It's two impressive sheer granite cliffs are over two million years old and rises up from Lake Temiskaming to a height of 90 metres (300 ft.) above the water.

› Temiskaming Shores boasts a population of 10,000

› Home of the world renowned Haileybury School of Mines

Pete's Dam

› The Vet Sciences Centre is 10,000 square foot facility featuring innovative labs, kennels with live animals



NNorthern -iill!COLLEGE

› Offering Veterinary Technology –Wildlife Rehabilitation Advanced Diploma and Companion Animal Rehabilitation Graduate Certificate programs – the only ones of their kind in Canada

› Canada's premier mining school since 1912 is located here

Take a tour of the museum to see how it all began.


Kirkland Lake Campus

Check out the full slate of special events throughout the year, from concerts to drag races and snow cross. You’ll find something to do in KL!


Stunning Culver Park offers 25 acres of northern wilderness for fishing, boating or enjoying a picnic with friends while taking in Canada's North. This post card-perfect landmark is located as the start of the Arctic Watershed. From here water either flows south to the Great Lakes or north to Hudson's Bay and the Arctic Ocean.

The community is home to active hockey, soccer, baseball and figure skating clubs, providing entertainment and opportunities to get involved. Fans of the outdoors will also love the local beaches at Crystal Lake and the campgrounds of beautiful Esker Lakes Provincial Park.


The School of Welding Engineering Technology at the Kirkland Lake Campus enjoys an international presence as a leader in welding education and training and was the first College in North America to become an authorized training body for the International Institute of Welding (IIW).The campus also offers programs such as Environmental Technician, Early Childhood Education, Practical Nursing, and Business programs. This is where it all began! Northern's first campus is Kirkland Lake.


Kirkland Lake (KL) definitely knows how to entertain. Nested in the heart of North Eastern Ontario, Kirkland Lake hosts award winning festivals and concerts all year long. The community’s largest festival of the year, Winter Carnival, is so jam-packed with excitement that it was recently declared one of Ontario’s Top 100 Festivals.


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› Amazing festivals and events including Homecoming week › World class Welding & Applied Research Facilities › Fun fact for hockey fans: More than 40 NHLers come from Kirkland Lake › Boasts of population of just under 8,000 71


Moosonee Campus offers programs in Trades & Technology, Pre-Health, Early Childhood Education, Paramedic, as well as Business Fundamentals and Office Administration. With Access Centres throughout the James Bay area and distance education options available, learners can pursue higher education at Northern College, with the Northern Training Division, and in Academic Upgrading without needing to leave your community. Access Centres have locations in Attawapiskat, Cochrane, Fort Albany, Hearst, Iroquois Falls, Kashechewan, Moose Factory and at Timmins Native Friendship Centre.




Ontario's only ocean front campus will provide you with a life-changing experience you will never forget.


Known as the gateway to the Arctic, Moosonee is a historic community with an open and welcoming feel. Surrounded by endless miles of wilderness and muskeg, Moosonee is a springboard to a number of James Bay coastal communities, offering first-rate fishing, hunting and camping experiences throughout the summer months.


Experience the rich history of the area by riding the Polar Bear Express and visiting the Railway Car Museum, where you’ll find the stories of local history and adventure housed in a former baggage car from the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway.

During the spring and fall, you can experience Beluga whale and seal watching in the Moose River.


› The main language is English with Cree as a second language


› Moosonee is not connected to the road system in Ontario and all travellers arrive in Moosonee by train or plane. This is the true North at its best-visiting here is life-changing!


› Has more Access Centres located nearby than any other campus

› Most northern campus in the province

› The population of Moosonee is approximately 3,500 with about 85% being Cree

› There is a small French population


No meal plan required, so you only pay for the food you want with a rechargeable cafeteria card!

Only steps away from beautiful Porcupine Lake, the Timmins Campus Residence features a large, bright common kitchen with many separate cooking stations, laundry facilities, lounges and a games room. Outside gathering areas for camp fires and barbeques also make this residence homey and welcoming. We also have rooms with special layouts for accessibility requirements. Enjoy the beautiful and well-maintained nature trails in your front yard around Porcupine Lake.

ResidenceTimmins StudentLounge 74

Every room in this residence has a private en-suite bathroom, offering safety and privacy for each resident here. With 103 single rooms, 12 suites and four double rooms all with private bathrooms, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Each room includes private three-piece bathroom, bed, desk, chair, lamp, closet, drawers, and connections for telephone, cable TV and internet for your home away from home. Wifi is included!

Kitchen Area

How to get into Residence

Living on campus gives you convenient access to computer rooms and athletic facilities, a sauna, ball courts and the student lounge.

You can apply for Residence on our website by filling out and sending in your completed application form with a $250 deposit. When it comes time to pay your fees, you can choose to pay by the semester, monthly, or for the year. We also have suites available, and students are selected for those by lottery.

Across the road from the Timmins Campus is the Porcupine Mall with several professional services including a dentist, hair salon, auto mechanic, and several retail stores. Timmins Transit also has a bus stop at the Timmins Campus to bring you anywhere you want to go in the city.

Pocupine Lake Your new front yard 75



The Haileybury residence is a beautiful, privately owned and operated building, located next to the scenic RockWalk Park, just steps away from the main College building. This dorm has 16 townhouse style apartments designed with accessibility in mind and can accommodate up to 64 students.

Each fully furnished apartment has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and living area as well as laundry facilities and storage.

You will enjoy making new friends in your comfortable and well-equipped home away from home located just up the hill from Lake Temiskaming. Students can apply for the residence on the Haileybury Residence Portal by visting You can choose from a variety of payment options, including lump sum, or split payments that will suit your budget.


Just outside your door

Haileybury Rock Garden

Why you'll want to live close by

Living on campus gives you access to the Veterinary Sciences Centre,and athletic facilities, as well as the library, which is aslo a local branch of the Temiskaming Shores Library.

HaileyburyResidence 77

The Haileybury Campus is on the Temiskaming Shores Transit route, which provides safe transportation across the city for all your shopping and entertainment needs.


Because up here, we live, work, study—and thrive together.

Small and mighty, urban and Arctic

the Northern Experience best Canada has to offer.


Amid a seemingly endless landscape of forests and lakes, will inspire you with the very

Take part in an education that will set you apart in ways that

will change your life for the better forever. Hope to see you soon.

True story.

Rooted in this extraordinary wilderness—and infused with the holistic traditions of those who have celebrated this land since time immemorial—we’re resourceful in ways that will astound

Join us at any one of our four campuses, and you’ll immediately understand the magic of this place.

Temiskaming Shoes Bicycle Routes 78

From mining and forestry, to agriculture and healthcare, our region is home to world-leading industries. What’s more, our efforts up here help support the rest of the country—and the


Offering a wide range of educational supports, our faculty are seasoned industry professionals whose job it is to foster talent and Plus—withinspire.Northern’s

It’s in our nature

a whereversignatureyou go.

We champion the cause of learners

focus on creativity and problem-solving— our signature programs are supported by applied research centres, cutting-edge facilities, and advanced learning technologies that give you an edge in the workplace.

Get more in the North

With weekly recreational, wellness, and community events, Northern is home to a vibrant social scene—both on and off So,campus.joinyour

The result is you’ll graduate with a college diploma—and Northern Experience you’ll take with you

You’ll never be the same.

From wilderness excursions deep in the bush, to powwows, pride festivals and everything in between, Northern College brings the world together.

What’s more, beyond our top-notch training and apprenticeship programs, Northern gives away more scholarships per student than just about any other college in the province.

, we’re committed to providing a first-rate learning

HikingTrails days of a allsummer—andNorthernatrueCanadianwinterinitsfrozenmajesty.


It all adds up to a Northern experience you won’t find anywhere else.

You’ll get the most from your Northern experience by getting involved.

classmates in a celebration of life and culture.

As a Northern student, you’ll explore a world of exciting new possibilities. And discover more of yourself along the way.

Our tight-knit communities foster friendship, resilience and leadership. And that means you get broader access, exposure and networking opportunities—without the barriers that may exist in larger urban centres.

At Northern experience that exceeds your expectations.

Enjoy the endless

Bachelor Of Business Administration (Coming Soon To Timmins Campus, Available In Sault Ste Marie And Brampton)

Bachelor Of Social Work


Algoma University offers the opportunity to earn a degree close to home. As a Northern College graduate, you can use your diploma to gain advance standing with college transfer credit agreements into a variety of programs. Algoma offers small class sizes, in person instruction, and interactive learning experiences. Our programming is relevant to Northern Ontario communities and is Indigenous focused. We also have Algoma staff on-site at the Timmins Campus to help support you through your studies.

Our Timmins Campus programs

at CollegeNorthern

Bachelor Of Computer Science

The 3 year (7 semester) dual credential in computer science program jointly delivered by Algoma University and Northern College faculty teaches students the theoretical and practical skills required to succeed in the field of computer science. Students who complete the program will graduate with a diploma in Computer Engineering Technology from Northern College and a Bachelor of Computer Science from Algoma University. Topics covered in the dual credential program include networking, database management, operating systems and software engineering. Career paths for graduates of the dual credential program include software developer, database manager, computer systems analyst, computer network analyst, and website developer.


This soon to be announced program will allow students to earn a diploma and a degree in Business Administration in just four years, all at Northern College’s Timmins campus.

Bachelor of arts in community development

The Bachelor of Arts in Community Development is a three-year interdisciplinary degree program that includes required courses in Community Economic & Social Development and Social Welfare. Community development practitioners work alongside people in communities to effect change. They

help communities identify common concerns and solutions and build relationships with organizations and those in positions of power so that everyone can become involved in issues that affect their lives. Community development practitioners often work within a defined geographic area (urban, rural, First Nation), or with specific groups including people with disabilities, youth, children and families, newcomers, the unemployed and/or the homeless. The program includes a 150-hour field placement that will link community development concepts, values, and theories to practice. Career paths for graduates include local, provincial, and federal government, notfor-profit and cooperative organizations, health and social service agencies, and many more!

The demand for social workers in Canada has risen significantly in recent years and is even greater in Northern Ontario as demand continues to outpace supply. Employment prospects for social workers are even stronger for those who are interested in working in rural areas and for those who possess cultural skills to work with First Nations’ communities. Algoma U’s HBSW credential was developed in consultation with local employers in Sault Ste. Marie and Timmins, many of whom have cited a growing need for employees with an HBSW. Career paths for graduates include Social Work, Social Services, (e.g. Counseling, Child Welfare, Addictions, Corrections), Community Development, Private Practice.

Bachelor of Arts in Community Development (3 years)

NorthernYourCollegeDiploma AlgomaYourUniversityDegree


Business Accounting

Campus Locations: Algoma University has three campus locations in Ontario: Brampton, Sault Ste Marie, and Timmins. Complete your degree at a location that’s right for you!

3.0 (B grade) or higher 45 SSM, TIM 75 2.5 - 2.99 (C+ grade) 30 90

3.0 (B grade) or higher 60 BRA, SSM 60 2.5 - 2.99 (C+ grade) 30

** Time to completion depends on a student's academic average and the length of the degree program.

3.0 (B grade) or higher 54 SSM, TIM 36 2.5 - 2.99 (C+ grade) 15 75

Social Service Worker

* 1 course= 3 credits

Pathway Agreement Chart: a degree in as little as one year!**

3.0 (B grade) or higher 45 SSM, TIM 75 2.5 - 2.99 (C+ grade) 15 105

3.0 (B grade) or higher 60 SSM 60 2.5 - 2.99 (C+ grade) 15


GPA receivedTransfercredits Campus RequiredCreditsCompletetoDegree*

Child and Youth Worker

Bachelor of Social Work

Bachelor of Computer Science (3 or 4 year) 3.0 45 BRA,TIMSSM, 3 year = 45 4 year = 75

Bachelor in AdministrationBusiness(4year) 3.30+ 60 BRA, SSM 60 3.0 - 3.29 57 63

Any 3 Year Diploma

Any 1 Year Certificate 3.0+ 15 BRA,TIMSSM,

Bachelor of Social Work

Any degree program 3.0+ 4560unrelatedrelated BRA,TIMSSM, dependingVaried on program of study 2.5 - 2.9 30

Computer Engineering Technician


Business General Bachelor in AdministrationBusiness(4year) 3.30+ 60 BRA, SSM 60 3.0 - 3.29 57 63

Any 2 Year Diploma 3.0+ 3045unrelatedrelated BRA,TIMSSM, 2.5 - 2.99 15


From First Aid courses to trades pre-apprenticeships, Northern Training Division works with communities and industry to offer a wide array of innovative, flexible, and customized training opportunities for students like you.

As a division that works together with industry, you will discover our Funded Training Opportunities where the cost of tuition and program requirements like PPE and textbooks are completely covered.



Training Division

Training you to create a powerful workforce

You will be able to access these training courses anywhere on campus, in your community or workplace. Best of all, most training opportunities have various intake dates and are offered at different campuses and locations across northern AimOntario.fora

certificate or diploma in our most popular mining training courses like Surface Diamond Driller Assistant Common Core and Mining Essentials, Culinary Service Support Worker.

Check out our Northern Training Division programs to gain all the skills you will need to join a powerful workforce.

Also,September.toaccesssupport services at Northern, you’ll eventually need documentation from a


Engineering Technology diploma. Now I’m working for Hydro Ottawa and just about to complete the Substation ElectricianDomoniqueapprenticeship."R.,Graduate

"I started out by taking Instrumentation in Haileybury. " I continued my education in Timmins and got my Electrical registered health care professional confirming your functional limitations.

Whether you’re studying on-site or online, Northern is serious about removing barriers to education. So, whatever your learning style— and no matter your physical, sensory, or mental health challenges—we encourage you to connect with an Accessibility Services advisor, as early as possible, to go over your program and any accommodations you may need.

No specific diagnosis is required, and interim accommodations are available. Functional limitations include physical, medical, hearing, vision, and mental health concerns. Qualified professionals include chiropractors, optometrists, family physicians, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and more.


We are here to support you.

For September starts, please reach out no later than June. And if you’re aiming to start classes in January, make sure you connect with us by late



There’s a reason we are Canada’s Indigenous College of choice

The Elders on Campus program provides meaningful opportunities for one-on-one mentoring, inter-generational connections, and spiritual well-being in education.

Northern sponsors an exciting calendar of events and activities throughout the year to celebrate Indigenous teachings and traditions—and to encourage cultural events of all kinds.


At once historians, advisors, and healers, our Elders on Campus influence both our curriculum—and our everyday lives. And— with their wisdom, rich traditions and holistic worldview—they inspire by example, all while fostering a rich environment of diversity and

Prepared to guide and enhance every aspect of your college experience, Indigenous Advisors create a welcoming environment— no matter who you are, and no matter how long you’re planning to be at Northern.

With a unique cultural lens and a mission to help all, Northern’s Indigenous Advisors are available at all four of our campuses to provide support in the classroom and beyond.

When it comes to your future, we don’t want anything to stand in your way. So—from admission requirements to tuition—our Admissions team makes it easy to apply to Northern.

Northern College will also send you email and printed confirmations of acceptance and enrolment. So always make sure your contact info is up-to-date with us. Good luck and see you soon!

Beyond that, OCAS allows you to check on the ongoing status of your application, payment, acceptance, and more. There is a non-refundable fee to apply. Financial support is available to help.

How to Apply:


Whatever diploma or certificate program you’re applying to, simply log on to OCAS—the Ontario Colleges Application System online.

Answering questions is what we do. So don’t hesitate to reach out.


Used by every college across the province, this easy-to-use portal will lead you through the application process—and will prompt you to upload all supporting documents, as required.

Bursaries & Awards


Investing in your success

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we’re able to give away more than $1 million dollars every year—to nearly a thousand Northern students.

" and everyone in between. everyone and there were so many moments along the way that l didn't believe l would be able to attend College this year. I feel so blessed that l have been able to follow my dream in a career that l truly love.

Elizabeth M., Graduate Animal Grooming

Apply online where you’ll find a full list of more than 500 awards. Or, you may find yourself selected by faculty and staff who secretly nominate outstanding students who are making an impact. Whatever your contributions, standing out from the crowd increases your chances of being chosen. We look forward to supporting you!


Financial support can make all the difference. And—when it comes to the number of awards per student—Northern ranks among the most generous schools in the province. It’s something we’re very proud of.

I cannot express how grateful I am to be choosen to receive the Student Assistant Bursary.

What’s more, scholarships aren’t only awarded for academic performance—so you don’t necessarily have to rank at the top of your class to win. There are categories for domestic, international, Indigenous, full-time, part-time, first year, upcoming graduates— This has been a turbulent time for

• As a rule, transfer credits are only available for courses completed within the last five years

Here’s how you transfer credits earned at another institution

• Approved transfer credits are recorded as “TC” on your transcript, and are not factored into your GPA

• Only complete files can be processed

Whether you’re transferring from another institution, switching up your current Northern program, or continuing your academic career with new credentials in-hand, we’re here to help.


Wherever you’re coming from—and whatever your experience—your skills, knowledge, credentials, and prior education may qualify you for advanced standing at Northern.

STEP THREE: Your Program Coordinator—together with a Pathways Officer—will assess your application. All transfer credits are considered on a course-by-course basis, and are granted when your completed credits are deemed equivalent to the corresponding courses at Northern.

• A separate application is required for every individual transfer credit


STEP TWO: Complete an Advanced Standing Transfer Credit External Request Form. And submit it along with payment and all supporting documents to:

• Supporting documents include all outlines and transcripts from completed courses

• If you’re receiving OSAP and need to retain full-time status for funding purposes, note that OSAP requires you to attend 70% of your classes at Northern, and that this may affect how many transfer credits you wish to apply for

STEP ONE: Identify the courses in your desired Northern College program that are similar to the ones you’ve successfully completed elsewhere.


• Each request is subject to a $25 non-refundable fee, to a maximum of $200 per academic year

Here’s how you transfer credits earned at Northern

• As a rule, transfer credits are only available for courses completed within the last five years

• If you’ve previously completed courses at Northern and are returning for more

• The grades achieved in the original courses are calculated in your overall GPA

STEP ONE: Reach out to the Pathways office at Northern for detailed information about our transfer options:

And—whether you’re looking to stay close to home or heading further afield—you’ve got options.

• Considerations include minimum grade requirements and how long it’s been since you last attended school

Congratulations! If you’re wrapping up your time at Northern, we’re keen to help you take the next step on your educational journey.

STEP THREE: Once all your requests have been submitted, consult with a Pathways Officer at: or 705-235-3211, ext. 2190.

Transferring beyond Northern

• There is no fee to apply for internal transfer credits


STEP ONE: Meet with the Program Coordinator from your program of choice to verify course equivalencies.


From Ireland and the United States, to Ottawa, Thunder Bay and Cape Breton, Northern has connections with plenty of first-class institutions—including a partnership with Algoma University that allows you to pursue cer tain university degree programs, right here at Northern.

• If you’re a Northern graduate who’s coming back for further studies, or


• If you’re a current Northern student and want to transfer to another program

STEP TWO: Get in touch with the Pathways office at the institution of your choice, and they’ll assist with your transfer from here.

• A separate application is required for every internal transfer credit

STEP TWO: Complete a Request for Advanced Standing (Internal) through your online student account portal.

## When applying on OCAS, program codes as noted above are followed by "W" for winter start (September) and "S" for summer start (May)

Business B287 Grade 12 English (C, U, or equivalent) PC Fundamentals B292B289B288 Grade 11 Math (C, U, or equivalent) Mature students may be admitted after testing HLKLJB 1 YearDiplomaCollege 

Business - B007 Grade 12 English (C, U, or equivalent) PC 2 Year CollegeMarketing B208 Grade 11 Math (C, U, or equivalent)  DiplomaMature students may be admitted after testing

HL Haileybury Campus

JB Moosonee & Community Based

 Distance Learning

** International students please refer to our International Admissions program on our website


Business - B111 Grade 12 English (C, U, or equivalent) PC Human Resources B113 Grade 11 Math (C, U, or equivalent) HL 2 Year CollegeB114 Mature students may be admitted after testing KL DiplomaB115 


Office Admin - B012 Grade 12 English (C, U, or equivalent) PC Executive B276 Grade 11 Math (C, U, or equivalent) HL 2 Year College B275 Mature students may be admitted after testing KL Diploma B273 

Please note: There may be errors or updates not made in this printed material/guide at time of printing. See our website for the most up to date and accurate information.


KL Haileybury Campus

Business - B316 Grade 12 English (C, U, or equivalent) KL Agriculture B327 (Co-op) Grade 11 Math (C, U, or equivalent) 2 Year College Mature students may be admitted after testing Diploma

Global Business, B303W Grade 12 English (C, U, or equivalent) PC Entrepreneurship B304W Grade 11 Math (C, U, or equivalent)  2 Year College & Technology Mature students may be admitted after testing Diploma


Business - B006 Grade 12 English (C, U or equivalent) PC Accounting B104 Grade 11 Math (C, U or equivalent) HL 2 Year College B095 Mature students may be admitted after testing KL Diploma B207 

Business - B005 Grade 12 English (C, U, or equivalent) PC General B028 Grade 11 Math (C, U, or equivalent) HL 2 Year CollegeB026 Mature students may be admitted after testing KL DiplomaB205 


Whal yo11 1 II n d 10 get InWhat you'll need to get in


Timmins Campus

Office B011 Grade 12 English (C, U, or equivalent) PC Administration - B025 Grade 11 Math (C, U, or equivalent) HL 1 Year College General B027 Mature students may be admitted after testing KL Certificate B249 

Addiction and A151 Grade 12 English (C,U, or equivalent) minimum PC Mental Health A153 GPA 60% KL 2 Year College Worker A152 Mature students may be admitted after testing HL Diploma A154 


B258 Grade 12 English (C, U, or equivalent) HL Grade 11 Math (C, U, or equivalent)  2 Year College Mature students may be admitted after testing Diploma


Social Services A007 Grade 12 English (C,U, or equivalent) minimum PC Worker A036 GPA 60% KL 2 Year College A068 Mature students may be admitted after testing HL Diploma A104 

Law Clerk

B307 Grade 12 English (C, U, or equivalent) PCSupply Chain 1 Year GraduateGrade 11 Math (C, U, or equivalent)Management CertificateMature students may be admitted after testing


Whal yo11 1 II n d 10 get InWhat you'll need to get in


General Arts & G045 Grade 12 English (C, U, or equivalent) PC Science 2 Year G288 Grade 10 Math (C, U, or equivalent)

 2 Year College Mature students may be admitted after testing Diploma

Early A003 Grade 12 English (C,U, or equivalent) minimum PC Childhood A065 GPA 60% KL 2 Year College Education A015 Mature students may be admitted after testing  Diploma


General Arts & G261 Grade 12 English (C, U or equivalent) PC Science 1 Year G279 Grade 10 Math (C, U or equivalent)  1 Year College Mature students may be admitted after testing Certificate


Grade 12 English (C, U)

Timmins Campus


Pre-service Fire T085


Grade 12 Math (C, U) (MCT4C preferred; MAP4C is accepted with a minimum GPA of 60%)

Ontario College Diploma Ontario College Advanced Diploma or Degree in the related field, OR related work experience in Emergency Management.

Grade 12 Physics recommended

KL Haileybury Campus

Mature students may be admitted after testing

Civil Engineering T106 Grade 12 English (C, U)

Please note: There may be errors or updates not made in this printed material/guide at time of printing. See our website for the most up to date and accurate information.

Mature students may be admitted after testing

Grade 11 or 12 Biology (C, U)

PC Technician

Building Inspection T092 Grade 12 English (C, U)

Grade 12 Math (C, U) (MCT4C preferred; MAP4C is accepted with a minimum GPA of 60%)

Grade 11 or 12 Math (C, M, U)

Grade 11 or 12 Chemistry (C, U)

2 YearDiplomaCollege

## When applying on OCAS, program codes as noted above are followed by "W" for winter start (September) and "S" for summer start (May)

Grade 12 Physics recommended

Mature students may be admitted after testing


2 Year



HL Haileybury Campus


 Distance Learning

Grade 12 English (C, U) A minimum GPA of 70% in C level, or a minimum GPA of 60% in U level. Mature students may be admitted after testing

PC Technician


Emergency H101 PoliceResponsePandemicTerrorismManagement,and A227 ParamedicFoundations H154H099



** International students please refer to our International Admissions program on our website

Mature students may be admitted after testing


Grade 12 English (C, U)

EARNED PC 1 YearCertificateGraduate PC 2 YearDiplomaCollege PCJB 2 YearCertificateCollege PC 1 YearCertificateCollege CREDENTIAL

JB Moosonee & Community Based



PC Engineering Grade 12 Math (C, U) (MCT4C preferred; MAP4C is Technician accepted with a minimum GPA of 60%)

T067 Grade 12 English (C, U)

Computer T100 Grade 12 English (C, U)


KL 4 Year Degree with Mature students may be admitted after testing University Degree Algoma

Engineering Grade 12 Math (C, U) (MCT4C preferred; MAP4C is Technician accepted with a minimum GPA of 60%)

Electrical T133 Ontario College Diploma from an Instrumentation PC Engineering and Control Engineering Technician or Technology Technician – program


2 YearDiplomaCollege Mature students may be admitted after testing

2 Year College Grade 12 Physics recommended Diploma Mature students may be admitted after testing

Technician: Water Grade 12 Math (C, M, U)

Whal yo11 1 II n d 10 get InWhat you'll need to get in


2 Year College and Wastewater Mature students may be admitted after testing Diploma Systems Operations

PC Computer Science T103AU Grade 12 Math (C, M, U)

Bachelor of T100AU Grade 12 English (C, U)

PC Engineering Grade 12 Math (C, U) (MCT4C preferred; MAP4C is Technology accepted with a minimum GPA of 60%)

T089 Grade 12 English (C, U)

2 Year College Level 3 for Diploma

KL 2 Year College Technician Mature students may be admitted after testing Diploma

2 Year College Grade 12 Physics recommended Diploma Mature students may be admitted after testing


Instrumentation M001 Grade 12 English (C, U) HL and Control Grade 12 Math (C, U) (MCT4C preferred; MAP4C is TechnicianEngineering accepted with a minimum GPA of 60%) Grade 12 Physics recommended Grade 12 Chemistry recommended


2 Year College Grade 12 Physics recommended Diploma Mature students may be admitted after testing

Electrical T007 Grade 12 English (C, U)

Electrical T074 Grade 12 English (C, U)

PC Engineering T103 Grade 12 Math (C, M, U)

T094 Grade 12 English (C, U, or equivalent)

PC Engineering Grade 12 Math (C, U) (MCT4C preferred; MAP4C is Technician accepted with a minimum GPA of 60%)

** International students please refer to our International Admissions program on our website

3 Year Advanced Grade 12 Physics recommended College Diploma Mature students may be admitted after testing

Mechanical W123 Grade 12 English (C, U)



2 year College Automotive DiplomaMature students may be admitted after testingService

HL Exploration M051 Grade 12 Math (C, U) (MCT4C preferred; MAP4C is KL Techniques M052 accepted with a minimum GPA of 60%) PC 1 Year College M049 Grade 12 Physics recommended  Certificate Mature students may be admitted after testing

Timmins Campus


KL Haileybury Campus

PC Engineering Grade 12 Math (C, U) (MCT4C preferred; MAP4C is Technology accepted with a minimum GPA of 60%)

1 Year College Industrial CertificateMature students may be admitted after testing

2 Year College Grade 12 Physics recommended Diploma Mature students may be admitted after testing

Mechanical W110 Grade 12 English (C, U)

HL Engineering M037 Grade 12 Math (C, U) (MCT4C preferred; MAP4C is KL Technician M044 accepted with a minimum GPA of 60%) PC 2 Year College M042 Grade 12 Physics recommended  Diploma Grade 12 Chemistry recommended Mature students may be admitted after testing

Mechanical T122 Grade 12 English (C, U, or equivalent) PC Technician – Grade 11 Math (C, U, or equivalent) 2 year College Industrial DiplomaMature students may be admitted after testing

JB Moosonee & Community Based

Mineral M040 Grade 12 English (C, U)

## When applying on OCAS, program codes as noted above are followed by "W" for winter start (September) and "S" for summer start (May)

Please note: There may be errors or updates not made in this printed material/guide at time of printing. See our website for the most up to date and accurate information.

T110 Grade 12 English (C, U, or equivalent)

HL Haileybury Campus

 Distance Learning


PC Techniques – Grade 11 Math (C, U, or equivalent)


PC Technician – Grade 11 Math (C, U, or equivalent)


Mining M002 Grade 12 English (C, U)

PC Nursing H138 Grade 11 or 12 Biology (C, U) (Minimum 65%)


• Grade 12 Biology (U)



• Grade 12 Chemistry (U)

Grade 12 English (C, M, U)

Mature students may be admitted after testing


• Grade 12 English (U)

Medical H150

Any two additional Grade 12 courses (4U/M)

Successful completion of Northern College’s Pre-Health Science program with a minimum GPA of 3.0

KL 1 Year College Worker H139 HL Certificate

Grade 12 English (C, U) (Minimum 65%)

Bachelor of Science Nursingin(BScN)

Heavy Equipment

PC Laboratory Grade 11 Math (C, M or U) Compressed Technician Grade 11 or 12 Biology (C or U) Diploma Grade 11 or 12 Chemistry (C or U) Mature students may be admitted after testing


PC 4 YearDegreeUniversity

Whal yo11 1 II n d 10 get InWhat you'll need to get in


Grade 12 English (C, U, or equivalent)


Grade 12 English (C,U)

PC 1 Year CollegeTechniques Grade 11 Math (C, U, or equivalent) CertificateMature students may be admitted after testing

Practical H117

Personal H136

Minimum overall average of 75% in 6 Grade 12 courses, •including:Grade12 Math (U)

PC 2 Year CollegeTechnician - Grade 11 Math (C, U, or equivalent) DiplomaHeavy Equipment

T121 Grade 12 English (C, U, or equivalent)

KL 2 Year College H139 Grade 11 or 12 Chemistry (C, U) (Minimum 65%) HL Diploma Grade 11 Math (C, M, U) (Minimum 65%)




KL 1 Year Graduate Management H159 Diploma, Degree or Equivalent in a healthcare related HL Certificate field of study.

Support H138 Mature students may be admitted after testing

Health Care H167 Ontario College Diploma, Ontario College Advanced

Motive Power


Mature students may be admitted after testing

Grade 12 Chemistry (C, U)


Minimum 60% GPA required in all pre-requisite courses Mature students may be admitted after testing

CAMPUS HL CREDENTIALEARNED 1 YearCertificateCollege HL 1 YearCertificateGraduate HL 1 YearCertificateCollege HL 2 YearDiplomaCollege HL 3 Year CollegeAdvancedDiploma

PC Sciences H164 Grade 11 Math (C, M, U) (Preferably Functions




Graduate of a Veterinary Technician program.

Grade 12 English (C, U)

Please note: There may be errors or updates not made in this printed material/guide at time of printing. See our website for the most up to date and accurate information.

** International students please refer to our International Admissions program on our website


Grade 12 Chemistry (C, U)

HL Haileybury



Grade 12 English (C, U)

KL 1 Year College Pathway to and Relations or equivalent) Certificate Advanced Mature students may be admitted after testing Diplomas PROGRAMS

Grade 12 English (C,U, or equivalent) Mature students may be admitted after testing

KL Haileybury Campus

Grade 12 English (C, U, or equivalent) Grade 11 Biology Mature students may be admitted after testing


Grade 11 Biology (C, U)


Grade 12 Math (C, U)

JB Moosonee Community Based

Grade 12 English (C, U)

 Distance Learning

PC Timmins


Minimum 60% GPA required in all pre-requisite courses Mature students may be admitted after testing

## When applying on OCAS, program codes as noted above are followed by "W" for winter start (September) and "S" for summer start (May)

Pre-Health H162

Grade 11 Biology (C, U)

Grade 12 Math (C, U)


W251 Grade 12 English (C, U, or equivalent) Grade 11 Math (C, U, or equivalent) Mature students may be admitted after testing

 Distance Learning


W009 Grade 12 English (C, U)

## When applying on OCAS, program codes as noted above are followed by "W" for winter start (September) and "S" for summer start (May)

KL 1 YearCertificateGraduate

Grade 12 Physics recommended DiplomaMature students may be admitted after testing


KL Haileybury Campus

Welding Design –International W208 Ontario College Advanced Diploma from an Engineering Technology program (e.g. Mechanical, Manufacturing, Civil, Structural, Electrical) or equivalent.

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KL 2 YearDiplomaCollege


Grade 12 English (C, U)



Grade 12 Math (C, U) (MCT4C preferred; MAP4C is accepted with a minimum GPA of 60%) Grade 12 Physics recommended Mature students may be admitted after testing

Whal yo11 1 II n d 10 get InWhat you'll need to get in WELDING PROGRAMSPROGRAM

InspectionTechnicianEngineeringWelding- (Co-op)W138W010


KL 1 YearCertificateCollege

HL Haileybury Campus


Welding 3 YearW139 Grade 12 Math (C, U) (MCT4C preferred; MAP4C isEngineering Advanced(Co-op) accepted with a minimum GPA of 60%)Technology College


JB Moosonee & Community Based

** International students please refer to our International Admissions program on our website

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