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The two campuses of the University of Santiago de Compostela are respectively located in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia's capital city, and Lugo, a city 90 km north-west from Santiago


of history and knowledge are the foundations of its future


in 2 cities which are designated World Heritage

Sites: Santiago

de Compostela

The finest example of late Roman fortifications in western Europe

2,266 m and 10 gates

... and Lugo

the walled 2,000 year-old-city

Thousands of pilgrims that reach Santiago

Santiago ‌ the end of the Way of Saint James

Manageable and safe cities to experience by day ‌

‌ and by night

1 university

25 faculties and technical schools 2,200 professors and researchers

1 university

30,000 students 3,000 international students

1 university

A Higher Education Space 48 bachelor´s and 72 master´s degrees

1 university

32 research institutions 1,360 scientific papers per year

1 university

2 International Excellence Campus in LIFE SCIENCES and MARINE SCIENCES

1 university

21 libraries 2nd university in Spain in places per student

1 university

1,300 places of accommodation 4th university in Spain in places per student

1 university

1 modern languages center 17 languages as well as sign language

1 university

Sports facilities indoor and outdoors

1 university

Cultural activities theater and dance schools, university choir, ‌

1 university

and an endless list of services canteens, bank office, museum, nursery school, ‌.

1 university

With social commitment

social responsibility report, volunteer program, student disability services

Reason 6: It is a UniverCity model: A university town with an integrated campus. Every corner of the city and all university premises can be reached in less than 15 minutes, as everything is within walking distance

Reason 7: Reason 1: It is one of the best universities in Spain, from all points of view (according to all rankings)

Reason 2: It has an international character and attracts foreign students and

Reason 3:

researchers (3,000 every year)

It is a comprehensive university that stands

Reason 8:

It features high quality of life and a high

It offers multiple services to the university

level of public security: Santiago is one of

community and promotes research: 2nd Spanish

the cities with the lowest crime rates in

university in terms of library seats per student, 4th in Europe terms of rooms at the Halls of Residence, sports premises, cultural premises…

Reason 9: In spite of being at the far end of Europe, it is

out in the areas of Health Sciences (Campus

well-connected with the rest of the world

Reason 10:

of International Excellence), Humanities,

Reason 4:

Experimental Sciences, Social Sciences and

It offers a wide range of

part of three UNESCO’s world heritage


first-rate bachelor’s and master’s

sites: the city of Santiago, the Roman

degrees, as well as PhD programmes

Walls of Lugo and the Way of Saint James

Reason 5: It features modern scientific facilities in all fields of study that make it possible to offer excellent research training

(international airport and high-speed train)

It is the only university in the world to be

your university

A cosmopolitan university With students form all around the world

your university

400 universities in more than 40 countries .

Exchange programs with

your university

Students, academic and administrative staff


your university

A meeting place to establish contacts and relations for the future

your chance

to study and live Galicia

your chance

to learn their languages: Spanish and Galician

your chance

to enjoy its natural beauty

your chance

its tradition and cultural heritage

your chance

as well as its modernity

your chance

to travel its more than 1,700 km coastline

your chance

to experience being a pilgrim along the Way of St. James

your chance

to be part of our history: your history COME AND MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

The University of Santiago de Compostela