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Studycast allows me to upload my study images and data faster than ever view images easier than ever complete interpretations speedier than ever perfect my putting more than ever

Web-based. High quality images. Anywhere. Rapid reporting. Much more. Why is a web-based solution a smart solution?

• No complications. Physicians can view ultrasound images anywhere. • Costly T1 and complicated VPN lines are not required. • Reduced costs. Lower upfront and recurring costs than traditional PACS solutions. Saving money is always a good thing. • Software updates are included. No hardware to maintain so you can focus on patient care. • Rapid deployment. Easy to use. You can start using Studycast right away. • Scalability. As you add sites and physician access, Studycast grows with your organization. • Redundancy & security. You can be sure your data are safe and secure with Studycast. Core Sound Imaging keeps multiple copies of your studies stored across three physical locations. Across the board, Studycast meets or exceeds HIPAA guidelines regarding security and access.

What is there to love about reporting on the web?

• Easy access to images, preliminary reports and final reports. The web-viewer and worksheets are flexible so you can complete the interpretation on a dual-monitor setup with our CoreWeb viewer on one screen and our CoreWeb worksheet on the other – or if you are on the go you can easily view both on a single monitor as well. • Quick! Images load and play immediately. No need to wait for study images to download. Just click and view. • Easy to use worksheets. No training required. Sometimes, though, docs like to take 10 minutes for us to show them some ‘hidden secrets’ in an on-line training session. • No need to reenter data. Yes, you read that correctly. The patient demographics and study measurement data come from the US machine (whether or not your US unit supports DICOM structured reporting) and appear in our online worksheets – from most digital ultrasound units. Mscan is really cool! • Efficiency. Yes, we understand that doctors are busy people. So, we went the extra mile to save them time. In CoreWeb, preliminary findings and conclusions are data driven. Our smart worksheets are comprehensive and increase efficiency during interpretations.

How will the referring physician get the final report?

• Automatically. How is that for fast and easy? • Upon approval by the reading physician, the final report is automatically sent to the referring physician or your EMR. • In a truly digitally signed .pdf document. This makes our reports secure and portable. We are the only company who offers this level of security and consistency. • The way they want it. All reports will be personalized for your business and are fully customizable.

Will this solution work for a multi-office cardiology or radiology practice? Or a single-practitioner office? Or even a rural hospital?

• It sure will! Studycasting makes it easy to consolidate studies from multiple locations in one place with no VPNs. • The office can keep running when the physician is away. Studies can be read from home, office, or from out of town – anywhere you have internet access. • Studycasting saves your staff time – increasing efficiency and profitability for your practice.

Will this solution really work for a mobile ultrasound business?

• Absolutely. We get it. We understand that mobile businesses have specific needs. • Studycasting is fast. CoreConnect (it’s the part of Studycasting you actually install on your local computer) uploads an average echocardiogram in about 5 minutes. Vascular and general studies – well, then we’re talking about 2 minutes, or less. • Send from anywhere. Send your ultrasound studies from the field, with a cellular modem.

Core Sound Imaging, Inc. 7000 Six Forks Road, Suite 102 Raleigh, NC 27615 919.277.0636 866.209.3393

Data Sheet for Studycast Cloud PACS  

Data sheet for Studycast cloud PACS, its services and features.

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