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What is your major? I am a double major in Political Science, as well as Public Policy, Planning, and Development with an emphasis in Sustainable Planning

What historical figure do you admire? I admire Hillary Clinton. Her resilience and strength to always keep fighting and never give up is something I have always admired about her.

What movie has had the biggest impact on your life? “The Lion King.” As a kid I used to watch it at least once a week, so by far one of my favorite movies. Also, where else would you get tips on leadership?

What is your dream job? If I had to pick, probably being the Mayor of Los Angeles. What academic focus most interests you? Within Political Science, I have really focused on Asian American and East Asian Politics. In my Public Policy degree, my focus is on Community and Economic Development.

Where do you take most of your selfies? At football games when I run into random friends. Who is your favorite person to follow on Snapchat? No one in particular. I am bigger fan of following people on Instagram.

What will you never understand? I will never understand traffic. If all the cars are moving and there are no accidents, why does it always take two hours to travel fifteen miles in LA?

What is your favorite Instagram account? @lafoodieguy Everything he posts just makes you hungry.


Student Body President of the University of Southern California What is your most marked characteristic? I love to think big picture and vision. I never want to constrain myself to what is, but instead I like to think about what could be. What angers you? The political apathy of a lot of our college students and young adults. The refusal to engage in the political system disappoints me.


// DECEMBER 2016

What music are you into at the moment? I am really into the new Frank Ocean album. My taste in music is pretty subpar, though; you can catch me listening to Top 40 most of the time. What is your favorite place on the internet? I read Politico religiously; I always get a good laugh from Buzzfeed and spend too much time on Facebook.

What are your intellectual strengths? Curiosity, critical thinking and reasoning

What qualities do you most admire in a person? I really admire people who are able to get back up no matter how many times they fall down. I have admiration for resilience, perseverance and drive.

Who are some of your favorite authors? Malcolm Gladwell, J.D. Salinger and Michelle Alexander

What is your motto? “Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” -Steve Jobs

What fictional character do you most identify with? I haven’t read a lot of fiction in the last couple of years, but I always resonated with Holden Caulfield from “Catcher in the Rye.”

What is your favorite meme? All of the memes that came out after Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech at the RNC always give me a good laugh.

What is your greatest achievement? This summer I represented the United States at the G20 Youth Summit in China, where I gave a speech on segregation across the world and led negotiations on behalf of our country. I also pride myself on being the first in my family to go to college, as being the Student Body President of USC was always a dream of mine. What is your most treasured possession? My passport. I love traveling and exploring new countries.

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