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By Lindsey Davis, Iowa State University Photography by Anjani Stewart, University of Houston De’andre Wigfall began his collegiate journey with dreams of playing basketball and pursuing Kinesiology, though after circumstances forced those aspirations to fall through, the Houston Community College sophomore began to search elsewhere for his calling. ¶ Now a Fashion Design major, Wigfall focuses his creative passions on his urbanwear fashion line, Yvesdre. I’ve been into fashion my whole life. I was inspired by my favorite brand, Yves Saint Laurent, and then Dre comes from my name. It’s like a street brand mixed with high fashion.People will contact me through social media. If they’re in my city, I’ll meet up with them, or if they’re in another state or city I’ll ship it out. Right now it’s in Texas, but it’s slowly starting to get out there to other states. I feel that art gives me inspiration to make something. I definitely would like to move to Los Angeles or New York. It’s just completely me. I have friends that will model for me. I prefer making urban wear. I’m not really into dresses or anything. It’d probably be A$AP Rocky or Rihanna. I would probably try to go to a major fashion school and network out there and grow my brand. I’ve hosted plenty of fashion shows in Houston. I’ve traveled to Dallas, and I went to some New York fashion shows this past summer. I plan on going back in February to do another fashion show. I know a different guy that’s throwing one, so hopefully everything works out and I go. They have what you call a workforce program and degrees that you want to pursue, so I’ll do do my two years and then I get my Associate’s degree; then they’ll set me up with different jobs. I know I would definitely want to travel to another state to do it. I started at the University of Texas at San Antonio. It was amazing. That was my first time ever going to New York. So just to see the culture and environment there, it’s so fast-paced. To see the different styles and everything was a great experience. Coming up in high school I was really good at basketball. From then on, I can try to go to Central St. Marcus or New York—a big fashion school with my associate’s. I was supposed to have a basketball scholarship, but it didn’t work out. I knew I had to go to school, of course. Especially with my mom being in the medical field, I knew I had to go. I went up there and I really looked at the campuses and their environments. I didn’t all the way want to be there because I wanted to be playing basketball. I did Physical Therapy and Kinesiology, but it wasn’t me. I didn’t feel comfortable. I didn’t think it was for me. I never took fashion that seriously. While I was up there, I started to really study it. When I came home that summer, I said I was going to create my own line, and after that it just took off. I kind of wish that I knew back then that I wanted to do this. Everything is a learning experience for a reason. I don’t drink. I’m kind of that friend where we go out and I don’t do anything. I take pride in being that friend.


// DECEMBER 2016

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Study Breaks Magazine Austin Issue