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KELSEY CADENAS (@KelseyCadenas )

WHAT KIND OF MEN’S RETRO LOOKS ARE POPULAR RIGHT NOW? In Texas, the retro Western shirts with the pearl snaps will always be in. Also, Levi’s have made a comeback, so wearing vintage jeans or a cropped/frayed cut is pretty stylish. I think Cuban collars, heavily distressed jeans and flare pants are making a comeback. Tom Ford’s Fall 2016. You have combinations of browns and yellows, turtlenecks with blazer-type jackets, trousers and loafers. It takes you back to the 70s, where patterns and analogous colors were a big thing in the fashion world.

WHAT ARE SOME WOMEN’S BRANDS YOU’RE EXCITED ABOUT RIGHT NOW? I love Rachel Antonoff’s latest collection and its lookbook; her “Betty and Veronica” collection is also very creative and fresh. Acne Studios and Marni have always been my favorites, but currently I’m really loving J.W. Anderson, Off-White and Outdoor Voices.

AS COLLEGE STUDENTS, WHEN GUYS ARE DRESSING THEMSELVES WHAT SHOULD THEY KEEP IN MIND? I would say that we should keep in mind that comfort and style are not mutually exclusive. It’s so easy to look put together. It’s not time consuming and it really makes a difference. Guys should always keep in mind that the fit is everything. You want to wear clothes that hug you in all the right places. The days of baggy pants and oversized shirts is long gone.


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SARAH HALLAL (@sarah.hallal)

HOW BIG OF A ROLE DOES THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF A CLOTHING BRAND PLAY IN YOUR DECISION TO BUY OR NOT BUY FROM THEM? A brand’s message and identity is super important to me. I always look to see if they are involved in any recycling initiatives, where they manufacture their products and if they are a part of any ethical protection organizations like the BlueSign® Standard, BCI, SAC, The Higg Index or Fair Trade Federation. *To read more about the environmental impact of fast fashion, flip to page forty-three

HOW IS THE FASHION INDUSTRY DIFFERENT THAN IT WAS FIVE YEARS AGO? Instagram in particular has changed how blogging platforms work and how brands can tell their story. Nowadays, social media moguls, without any experience in the fashion industry, are being hired as models for huge campaigns. I feel like the fashion industry now takes a lot more risks and has a lot more to offer to us as consumers. The fashion industry has become faster than ever, but whether or not that’s a good thing is up for debate.

WILL GENDERED CLOTHING EVER FULLY DISAPPEAR? SHOULD IT? I do believe gendered clothing could disappear in the future. The concept of gender-neutral clothing has moved into the mainstream, and it’s starting to catch on. We have seen big name brands moving away from gender-specific items, such as toys, so it’s not completely impossible. I’m here for it. *To read more about genderless clothing, head to page forty-five

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