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WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WISH GUYS WOULD STOP WEARING/DOING AND WHY? Fedoras—they don’t add much to outfits. This is probably the first thing that everyone thinks about when asked this question, but flip-flops. Come on. Just don’t. I kind of wish guys would stop wearing open-toed sandals. Though they may be the most convenient shoe when it comes to the summer months, there is something about flip flops that is very unsettling to me.

WHAT DO YOU PREDICT WILL BE A POPULAR TREND IN WOMEN’S CLOTHING THIS WINTER SEASON? Kimonos! I am looking forward to sporting mine when the weather gets a bit cooler. Velvet. Whether it’s on jackets, dresses, boots, socks, hats or bags, bring out those velvet pieces. WHAT DO YOU THINK IS A SIMPLE TREND GUYS CAN WEAR TO BE MORE STYLISH? Cuf fing the sleeves to shir ts is a really good trick. It makes the shir t look more fit ted, and it can show of f arms. It pulls an outfit together to feel more polished. Bandanas! They’re so simple and make you look like you know what you are doing. A nice white, oversized t-shirt over a pair of worn-in denim jeans.

WHAT DO YOU THINK IS A SIMPLE TREND WOMEN CAN WEAR TO BE MORE STYLISH? Baseball caps. I love that look. Put a pair of glitter/metallic anklet socks under loafers, or a cropped boot for some autumn sparkle.


// DECEMBER 2016

// PAG E F O R T Y //

WHO ARE THREE MALE FASHION ICONS AND WHY? Adam Gallagher, Dany Dos Santos and Isaac HindinMiller. Gallagher has more of a classic look, Dos Santos has street wear and Hindin Miller is more casual everyday wear. All three guys have different aesthetics, but their styles are clean.

WHO ARE THREE FEMALE FASHION ICONS AND WHY? Christina Paik, a street and portrait photographer, has paved her journey without a degree, just trusting her vision to get to where she is today; Yael Aflalo, the CEO of Reformation, is a badass and found a space in the sustainable fashion sphere that is really successful; and Sarah Harris, the fashion features director of British “Vogue,” because she embraces the long gray hair and stays grounded.

WHAT ACCESSORIES SHOULD GUYS FOCUS ON MORE? Rings. They’re such an underrated accessory. Wearing rings is such an easy way to make a statement. I feel like guys should focus more on watches. They’re not only a classic accessory, but can say a lot about a person and their taste in handcrafted goods.

WHAT KIND OF RETRO LOOKS FOR WOMEN ARE POPULAR RIGHT NOW? Wide leg pants are very trendy right now, which I love. An easy trend to pull off is layering a mock neck or turtleneck shirt under a slip top. Striped rib-cuffs on bomber jackets, flared leg trousers, and matching track suits.

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