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processing them, editing them, becoming familiar with your camera, watching YouTube videos. Like really get ting to know your camera so that it can become almost like a second nature, you know? AT: Yeah, definitely. So if you could go in any direc tion you wanted to with photography, would it take you somewhere other than where you are now? Are you content with the work that you’re doing? GF: I have a tenyear plan. I’d like to have books of my work published and have really proper STUDYBREAKS.COM

galler y openings where I’d have representation, so that is certainly a dream of mine. But I’m not in a rush. I don’t think ar tists are made overnight, and I think I’m doing pret t y well in the presence of my contemporaries and people that I admire. So, I mean, I’m not content with where I am, but I think that I’m in an okay place. AT: Are there any photographers who really influence you to do bet ter for yourself? GF: Oh, definitely! There’s a photographer named Sally Mann, and there’s also Fran-

cesca Woodman, but mostly Sally Mann. And I’ve also been in the company of some pret ty talented ar tists as well, so I feel kind of inspired by some of my friends. And also, sometimes, to be honest with you, I tr y not to look at too much photography because I don’t want to get influenced. I don’t want to look at something and want to copy it. All of a sudden, the lines are blurred. So sometimes it’s nice to kind of keep your palet te empty, you know? You got ta just go with what you want to do in your mind.

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Study Breaks Magazine Austin Issue  
Study Breaks Magazine Austin Issue