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I explain it? So, especially when you’re doing fine ar t nudes, I feel like black and white gives you more leeway to be aggressive with an image without it looking real, because monochrome is not realit y. AT: Speaking of monochrome, there’s your “ Visual Diaries” photoset. Is there a stor y behind that? GF: They’re just visual diaries. Just kind of like a look into my mind. AT: That photoset and a lot of your other work is comprised mostly of people. You seem naturally


// DECEMBER 2016

inclined to photographing them, but are there other things that strike you? GF: No. That ’s it really. People are interesting. AT: So, sor t of in the same token, what is the per fec t pic ture to you? Is there a “per fec t ” photo you could take? GF: Um, I don’t know if I ever really thought about it like that. I don’t ac tually know if I can answer that question for you. It ’s more like a feeling, or like I just felt that we really nailed it or I was on that day and I took a really good photo, but I can’t imagine the

best pic ture. It ’s just about how the photo makes me feel, I guess. AT: How would you advise someone with no solid experience with images to get into photography? I hear, “Pick up a camera and take pic tures,” but do you have any other advice? GF: No. That ’s the most impor tant thing that a photographer can do: To spend time with their camera. It ’s like the only thing that ’s gonna make you bet ter— taking photos, making mistakes, learning from your mistakes. It ’s not just taking photos, but it ’s

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Study Breaks Magazine Austin Issue