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By Aliyah Thomas, Mount Saint Mary College

Born and raised in New York Cit y, GIANNA LEO FALCON is a New York-based photographer currently at tending New York Universit y as a Mental Health major. ¶ Although photography had been a mere pastime in her early years, Falcon came to realize that by dabbling more in the visual ar t s, she found herself enamored with the medium. Falcon spoke with “Study Breaks” about her work, her st yle and her plans for the future.

ALIYAH THOMAS: When and how did you get into photography? GIANNA LEO FALCON: I star ted shooting just out of interest when I was about four teen or fif teen—I had a camera and I took some pic tures. But it wasn’t until I was in my early t wenties that I star ted to become more interested and, over the past five to ten years, I’ve kind of taught myself photography and star ted to build it up as a passion. AT: The photos on your website are amazing. I’d imagine that it takes some editing to get them the way you want them to look. GF: Ver y limited. Ver y minimal editing. AT: Really? That ’s interesting. Do you have a specific method for post-processing? GF: Exac tly. I already have a method, so it doesn’t take me ver y long. AT: Do you use any kind of editing sof t ware? GF: Capture One. AT: A lot of your photos utilize monochrome. Is there a reason why you lean toward black and white as opposed to color? GF: No, just aesthetic. I like the way that it looks better. And it ’s a lot easier to match something or—how do CONTINUED


A self-portrait of Falcon // DECEMBER 2016

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