“This writer likes to say they have a ‘dark, artistic soul,’ but your class will more accurately describe it as a ‘pathological need for attention.’” Heather Ware, Bowling Green State University The Worst 5 People in Every College Writing Workshop “Jeez, why I am being so judgy in this article?” Mattie Winowitch, Waynesburg University Why Voluntourism Doesn’t Actually Help Anyone but Yourself “‘Maybe it’s because the Brits were keen enough to pull the plug on their version of ‘The Bachelor,’ cocktailf

while we keep devising new variations of it.” Daniel Wilcox, University of Texas San Antonio A Comprehensive List of Creepy Novels That You Haven’t Read Yet “Perhaps the stovetop hasn’t been cleaned in two moons, or maybe your roommate keeps leaving his weed baggies where the cat can get into them.” wegeekgirls

Josephine Werni, University of Minnesota How to Host a Roommate Meeting That Doesn’t


End in Angry Yelling

How Spock Helped Me Come to Terms with Being an LGBT Mormon Though the comparison may look odd on its face, writer Andy Winder, a student at BYU, points out a half dozen similarities between queer Mormon culture and the Star Trek savant. Even more astoundingly, the article’s comment section was soon filled with similar testimonials.

“P.S. I’m calling it now: Damian Lillard wins M.V.P. Don’t @ me.” Kevin Cordon, UC Irvine NBA Predictions Based on Very Few Facts

F OU R T I M E S “ T H E SI M PS O N S” PR E DIC T E D T H E F U T U R E By Kevi n Cordon, UC Ir vi ne

Matt Groening

A Glass Half Full: The Upsides of Being a Lightweight Written by Saint Vincent College student Jill Phelan, the article raises some serious questions about why anyone would want anything to do with an alcohol tolerance. Among others, she extols the alacrity, affordability and caloric benefits of being a lightweight.

The Ebola Virus

Tiger Mauls Roy Horn

The Rolling Stones’ Longevity

Donald Trump Presidential

(1997 Episode)

(1993 Episode)

(1995 Episode)

Campaign (2000 Episode)



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