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Around Campus The biggest news from colleges across the country By Daniel Wilkinson, Purdue University

THE SPOTLIGHT: KILLER CLOWNS According to “Rolling Stone,” fear of killer clowns began in August after children in North Carolina claimed creepy figures dressed in makeup were trying to lure them into the woods. ¶ Since then, clown sightings have been reported at several universities, including Penn State and Belmont. Students are even forming search parties to scare the clowns off. Aside from a few arrests, many police stations don’t consider the clowns a threat. Loren Coleman, the author of “Mysterious America,” credits the paranoia to social media.



UT Student Swaps Sweats for a Friend Af ter his friend Diana Le discovered she needed pants to take her lab quiz, Andrew Nguyen, a student at the Universit y of Texas at Arlington, swapped his sweats for her boot y shor ts. He t weeted, “My friend needed sweatpants in order to go in her lab and take a quiz so I’m just chilling in the restroom for 50 mins with boot y shor ts on.” The t weet went viral, and many are lauding his friendship.

Use of Black face Condoned Citing a defense of First Amendment rights, four Nor th Dakota students who posted photos of themselves on Snapchat wearing black face went unpunished.

Biden Goes Undercover for Sexual Assault Awareness In a video produced by Funny or Die, Vice President Joe Biden and actor Adam Devine address sexual assault by going “undercover” as students, though their disguises consist only of sunglasses and a sweatband. The two infiltrate a college party and try to blend in; when that fails, they cut the music and tell the students to take the “It’s on Us” pledge to end sexual assault on college campuses.


// NOVEMBER 2016

Iowa President Borrows University Airplane Early last month, Iowa State University President Steven Leath apologized for using the school’s


aircraft for personal trips, and later damaging a plane during a family vacation. Memphis Athletes Combat Student Racism Af ter a student athlete received a racist note on his car, the Black Student Association at the Universit y of Memphis protested the discrimination with signs reading, “I AM NOT A STATISTIC”

and “I AM NOT FATHERLESS.” Penn State Student Gives Voice to Voiceless While attending Penn State, Mary Elizabeth McCulloch created Voz Box, a technology that allows the voiceless to speak. To showcase the invention, McCulloch has been working with Aryln Edelstein, a non-verbal victim of cerebral palsy, to speak by reciting her poetr y at a reading.

“When I heard the comments yesterday, it was disappointing to hear such objectification of women. The conversation needs to change because no female, no person, should be the subject of such crass comments, whether or not cameras are rolling. Everyone deserves respect no matter the setting or gender.” – Nancy O’Dell addressing Trump’s sexist comments

MEANWHILE, IN TEXAS BOBCATS DITCH DIXIE: After an outpouring of disapproval from students, faculty and community members, an 85-year old memorial to Jefferson Davis on Texas State campus was removed by the university. TEXAS SCHOOLS STEM GENDER BIAS: Last month Rice University, Texas A&M College Station and the University of Texas at Austin were recognized for their high proportion of female STEM majors. The schools ranked 7th, 12th and 18th in the country respectively. ROADRUNNERS, GET IN FORMATION: In order to explore black feminism, the University of Texas at San Antonio is offering a class this semester on Beyoncé’s visual album “Lemonade.” Hot sauce not included. EYE CANDY: Researchers at the University of Houston have invented contact lenses that can detect glucose levels through their interaction with tears, eradicating the need for pinpricks in glucose testing.

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