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CASSIDY FRITTS By Rebecca Friou, University of New Orleans Photography by Vincent Gonzalez, San Antonio College

CASSIDY FRITTS is a Fine Arts major with a concentration in painting at the University

of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas. After reflecting on the transformation of her artwork, Fritts shared why identity and time are essential themes to her, and how working with a local nonprofit has led her to a future in art education.

REBECCA FRIOU: When did you star t painting? CASSIDY FRIT TS: Growing up, I was always creative (whatever that means), but I began taking ar t seriously during my junior year in high school. Even in college it didn’t become my major until the end of my sophomore year when I switched from Communications to Fine Ar ts. RF: Did someone specific influence your interest in pursuing ar t? CF: My stepdad is in the army, so I spent the majorit y of high school overseas in Germany. My ar t teacher there was sor t of the one who slammed sketchbooks on my desk and really kicked my ass into gear. RF: What have been some of your favorite ar t classes in college? CF: Since UIW is such a small communit y, being close with my professors has really influenced me. Currently, my t wo favorite classes are “Sur veying Contemporar y CONTINUED “Untitled” by Cassidy Fritts


// NOVEMBER 2016

Study Breaks Magazine November Austin  
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