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Responding to an Offer It is important to note that universities, and different courses, make their offers at different times. It is recommended to wait until your family member has had a response from all their applications before making a decision on which two to accept. There is no pressure or rush to make decisions as long as they meet the necessary deadlines. Look at the UCAS deadlines to understand what has to be done by when. For more information see importantdates

A guide for families 30/31

Only two offers may be accepted and the others are declined. The accepted offers are prioritised as the ‘firm’ acceptance and the ‘insurance’ acceptance. The insurance choice is the second choice in case they do not meet the requirements for their firm choice. It is highly recommended that the second choice should have lower grade requirements than the first choice. If the entry requirements of the offer are achieved for the firm choice then the applicant is automatically accepted to that course. If the entry requirement is not achieved for the firm, but is achieved for the insurance, then they will automatically be accepted to the insurance.

Once they have decided which offer to accept firmly, and which (if any) to accept as an insurance, they must decline all other offers. If they don’t want to accept any of the offers, they can decline them all. They will then be eligible to use Extra or Clearing depending upon their circumstances.

Information Events Many of our faculties hold information events, also known as Insight Nights. Prior to confirming which courses will be their firm and insurance choices applicants and their families are invited to visit the University where they are not only given an insight into the course, but are also given the opportunity to meet with staff, current and former students and employers. What if your family member does not receive any offers? If all five applications have been rejected or all of the offers received have been declined, an application to another course or university can be made through UCAS Extra. UCAS Extra operates from mid-February to the end of June. Further information is available at

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